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Statement of the Problem

Through the observations in a certain company, many

problems arise and some employees shared their personal

problems relating to the compensation they earn.

The study aims to answer the following question:

1. What are the problems that the company encountered in

computing the salaries of their employees?

2. What are the processes in their payroll system that

needs to improvement with the use of computerize


3. What are the reasons that make employees unsatisfied

to the salaries?

Objective of the Study

The study aims to design a computerized payroll system

that automatically being updated and at the same time

making a report so that the employees will know the reason

why they are getting a high or a low salary during the time.

3. Other objectives are the following: 1. . To answer the wants of the employees to make them satisfied as much as possible. To propose the solution for the problems they encountered. 2. This study will actually pertains to the changes in an old system of a company and such changes will improve the companionships of employees to each other. To determine the problems encountering by the company using their payroll system.