Download the Android SDK From the link above download the latest version of the Android SDK and unzip it to the folder C:\AndroidSDK
Figure 1: Forcing HTTPS Souces in

Setup the Android SDK
Run SDK Setup.exe from C:\AndroidSDK In most cases you’ll receive an error about being unable to fetch packages. Figure 2: Clicking Environment Go to SETTINGS and check the box for “Force Variables from Advanced Tab (WinXP) https:// … sources to be fetched using http:// …” (See Figure 1) Go to AVAILABLE PACKAGES and click on Refresh Select ALL of the available packages and click on Install Selected (this will take a while)

Set a Windows Environment Variable
Right-click on My Computer or Computer (depending on your version of Windows) and Left-click on Properties Go to Advanced Tab (WinXP) or click on Advanced System Settings (WinVista or 7) (See Figure 2) Figure 3: Locaiton of NEW button for Click on Environmental Variables (See Figure 3) Click on New (See Figure 4) In the Variable Name field enter: PATH In the Variable Value field enter: C:\AndroidSDK\tools\ Click OK and close out Figure 4: Variable Name and the open windows Value

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