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The International System of Units (SI)

The goal was to streamline all the different units

of measurements in order to make scientific data
easier to compare. Designed the metric system,
which makes conversions really easy because
everything is multiples of ten.

Come up with a pnemonic device to remember the 
realtionship between the metric prefixes and the value 
they describe.

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Units and Quantities
• Length = meter (think track and field distances)
• Volume (SI) = m^3 (think cc’s), but also use liters.
• Mass  = kilogram
o Mass vs weight (weight is a force that measure the pull of 
gravity on a given mass)
• Temperature = celcius or Kelvin
• Energy = Joule or calorie (energy is the capacity to do work or 
produce heat).

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Units of Energy

Energy is the capacity of work to produce heat.  
Measured in Joules and Calories.

The calorie is the amount of heat needed to raise the 
temp of 1 g of water 1 deg C.

Conversion factors:
1 J = 0.2390 cal 1 cal = 4.184 J

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Temperature Conversions

Celsius and Kelvin are equivalent units of temperature

-- the scale is the same, but where the scale begins is

Celsius sets zero at the freezing point of water.

Kelvin sets zero at absolute zero, which is 273

degrees colder than the freezing point ofwater.

What is absolute zero?  It is the point at which molecules stop 

K = C + 273 C = K - 273

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Suppose you are getting a new carpet. You have
measured the area of your room in centimeters, but
they only sell carpet by the meter. How are you going
to figure out home many meters of carpet to order?

You need a conversion factor!  A conversion factor is a 
ratio of equivalent measurements.  That means the 
numerator and the denomenator are simply different 
ways of expressing the same amount.  

You can do cool things with conversion factors because 
they equal one.  Thus, when you multiply a number by a 
conversion factor you don't change the value of the 
number, you just change the way it is being expressed.

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Back to our problem:
Your room is 3,240 cm^2. How many meters of carpet
do you have to buy to cover the entire floor?

You know that there is 1 m/100 cm ­­ this ratio equals 1.  
If you multiply a number by one you don't change it's 
value, so if we multiply 3,240 cm by 1m/100 cm we do 
not change the value of the number, just the unit.

3240 cm x 1m/100cm = 32.4 m

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At Earth's farthest point from the sun, sunlight takes 
8.5 minutes to reach the Earth.  How many weeks is 
this?  How many seconds is this?

What do we know?

60 min/1hr
24 hrs/1 day
7 days/1 week

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The winning poodle at the Westminster Dog Show 
was sold for $12,456.00 how many nickels would 
you need to pay for the dog all in nickels?

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A camel traveling across the Sahara Desert 
moves at an average speed of 2.5 mph.  How 
fast does the camel go in feet/minute?

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Your assignment is to complete practice problems #
29 (pg 82), 31 (pg 83), 33 (pg 84), 34 (pg 85) and 
36 (pg 86).

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