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Our name is Equality 7-2523

We woke to the sound of a bell.

And slept to the sounds of screams and sobs.

Day in, Day out was the same routine.

Living in a society where everyone is controlled.

A society with no individualism.

And as we watched the saint light up in flames….

We started to wonder.

Are we truly happy living a collective life?

Do we even know the true meaning of happiness?

Working under the control of my brothers…….


This is NOT happiness! This is fear!

That is why I absconded from this society.

Because it is only I who can control my life.

It is only I who will gain individualism.

My name is Prometheus!

The Unconquered!

Paul Trimor
Collective Satire
We are all in one

Indivisible and forever.

We are the ones who truly understand.

We are the only ones who can establish creations and ideas.

Together, we will achieve everything as a whole.

We created this world, and this perfect society.

And together we will maintain this utopia.

And those who separate from us will face a life of chaos.

And that one individual will be punished!

Because those who separate become individual.

And one cannot achieve happiness alone.

Because they are cursed.

They are damned.

And they truly do not understand.

Paul Trimor