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Conference of the Americas on International Education
Internationalization: Essential Building Block
2010 to Quality in 21st Century Education

Year of Great Events October 20-23 Calgary, Canada
Contact: José Vásquez
Building Common Spaces for @ Tel.: 1 514 343 6111 ext. 3860
Higher Education Visit the website!

IGLU International Conference Inter-American Forum of International Conference on Higher II Meeting on
Financial Executives Education VI CIDU
The Social and Ethical Collaborative Doctoral VI Ibero-American
Towards New Models of Commitment of Universities: Programs, Research Conference on
Governance and University Local thinking,
International and Regional Incubators and Doctoral University Teaching
Management Global networking
Perspectives and Challenges Colleges

May 27-28 August 18-19 September 27-29 September 29 – October 1st November 4-6
Veracruz, Mexico Sao Paulo, Brazil Buenos Aires, Argentina San Juan, Porto Rico Lima, Peru

Contact: Pilar Velasco Contact: Adriano Dias Souza Contact: Amparo Ghio Contact: Evelyn Álamo Contact: Trinidad Montero Leiva
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Tel.: 52 228 8 42 27 31 Tel.: 55 48 3621 3259 Tel.: 54 11 4813 7310 Tel.: 787 763 5845 Tel.: 511 626 2044

Visit the website! Visit the website! Visit the website! Visit the website! Visit the website! www.oui- cidu