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Metis Firsts in North America

Many Little Known Facts About the Metis

Compiled by Lawrence Barkwell

Copyright © 2011, Lawrence Barkwell. All rights reserved. No part of this work covered by the
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Front cover: Roger “King Trapper” Carrière. (Louis Riel Institute photo collection). Roger was a member
of the team that won the longest canoe race ever held. As part of Canada's centennial year events in 1967,
Roger paddled in the Centennial Canoe Race for Team Manitoba. Following the watery trail of Canada's
famous voyageurs, they raced more than 4,800 kilometers across Canada from Rocky Mountain House,
Alta., to Montreal. Roger paddled in the fourth seat — the power seat — for the duration.

Library and Archives Canada Cataloguing in Publication

Barkwell, Lawrence J., 1943-

Metis firsts in North America: many little known facts about the Metis / compiled by
Lawrence Barkwell.

Includes index.
ISBN 978-0-9865369-5-3

1. Métis--Miscellanea. 2. Métis--History. I. Louis Riel Institute II. Title.

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Metis Firsts in North America
Compiled by Lawrence Barkwell


Academy Awards, 5 Lewis and Clark Expedition 22

Agricultural society 5 Lieutenant-Governor of Manitoba, 30
Alberta Legislature, 5 Mackinaw Jackets: 30
All-American Girl’s Baseball League, Mayor of Milwaukee, 31
5 Metis Bill of Rights 31
Anglican Priest, 6 Metis deportation from USA, 31
Anthropology, 6 Metis National Council 31
Arctic Exploration, 6 Metis recognized in the Constitution,
Authors, 7 31
Baseball Hall of Fame 7 Michif Language Dictionary, 31
Bible Translation, 8 Miss Canada 32
Boer War 8 Missouri Metis Reserve, 32
Boxing, 9 Montana recognizes the Little Shell
Business woman, 9 Tribe, 33
Canadian House of Commons 10 Montana State Legislature, 33
Canadian Senate, 10 Mountain climbing, 33
Caribou and moose hair tufting 11 National Historic Sites, 33
Cowgirl Hall of Fame, 11 National Hockey League, 34
Curator of Plains Ethnology, 11 National Hockey League Hall of Fame,
Father of Confederation 12 34
Festival du Voyageur, 12 Native Council of Canada, 34
Fiddler’s Hall of Fame, 12 Nile Voyageurs 35
Flags of the Metis 13 North Dakota State Legislature, 38
Fraser River, 17 Olympic Games, 38
Freshwater Seals, 18 Order of Canada, 38
Girl’s School in Western Canada 18 Outlaw, 39
Great Nemaha Halfbreed Tract, 18 Pembina and Turtle Mountain Metis
Grey Nuns, 18 Treaty, 40
Guggenheim Fellow, 19 Photography, 41
Indigenous People’s Counsel 19 Physicians, 41
Institute of Indigenous Government, Physicians, women, 42
19 Postmaster, 44
Iowa Metis Reserve, 19 Premier of Manitoba, 45
Judge, 20 Presbyterian Minister, 45
Juneau, Alaska, 20 Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, 45
Kansa Halfbreed Tracts, 21 Professional Women’s Golf, 46
Ladies World Curling Championship: Queen’s/King’s Council, 46
21 Red River Cart, 46
Lake Pepin Halfbreed Tract, 21 Renville’s Rangers 50
Law Society of Upper Canada, 22 Roman Catholic Priest, 58

Scientific Publication, 58
Smithsonian Institute, 59
Stanley Cup Winners 59
Suffrage Act of the Minnesota
Territory, 59
Sundance, 60
Television License 64
Treaty of Metis and Dakota, 65
Treaty Three, 66
United Nations Ambassador, 67
Vice President USA, 67
Victoria Voltigeurs 68
Winnipeg City Hall, 70
Wisconsin Metis Reserve, 70
Woman, lawyer 70
World Council of Indigenous Peoples,
York Boat, 72
49th Rangers 72