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Formulating Hypothesis

1. A nutrition teacher wants to compare the food values of the nutrition and
dietetics students with those of the nursing students. She constructed a
questionnaire composed of 15 items. The teacher administered the
questionnaire to 75 nursing students and obtained a mean of 3.98, while the
40 nutrition students had a mean of 4.12. If the population standard deviation
is 0.27, what conclusion can the nutrition teacher draw about the food value
of the students? (Use 0.01 level of significance)
2. Two hundred fifty AIDS victims during 2000 had only 1% chance of survival.
After 3 years, a new medication was found and tested and 15 have survived.
Does this result show that the new medication is more successful than the old
one? Use 0.05 level of significance.
3. A pill is supposed to contain 25.4 mg of Phenobarbital. A random sample of
30 pills yields a mean and standard deviation of 19.7 mg and 0.95 mg
respectively. Are these pills accepted at the a=0.05 significance level?
4. Ten randomly volunteers tested a new diet. Mean weight before and after the
diet were obtained. The obtained mean weight before the diet was 65.4 kg
with standards deviation of 7.8 kg, while after the diet, mean weight was 62.8
kg with standard deviation of 6.3 kg. At the 0.01 level of significance, test the
claim that the diet is effective; that is, the weights become lower after the