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Before you read

Here are the first words of the story - but have been joined together. Can you
separate them?

“What are you going to do, Rudolf?” said Rose. “You’re twenty-nine, but you don't work.
You don't do anything”

How much did you understand?

Chapter 1 to 10:

1. Which one of these men does not have red hair?

a) Michael b) Rudolf Rassendyll c) King Rudolf d) Robert Rassendyll

2. Where did Rudolf first see Antoinette de Mauban?

3. Who did Johan work for?

4. Who rode back to Zenda from the Palace?

5. Where did Sapt and Rudolf fight Michael's men?

6. Who waited outside Princess Flavia’s room?

Chapter 11

7. Who sent the message?

8. Who wrote on the back of the message?

9. What did Rudolf use to fight Michael's men?

Chapter 23 to 24

10. Why did Princess Flavia not marry Rudolf?

11. Where did Rudolf live at the end of the book?

12. Where did Fritz and Rudolf meet every year? What did they talk about?

New words

1. Choose a word to complete each of these sentences from the list below

a) Water is connected to the house by a ......