Amalgamation Group TAFE: Mallika Srinivasan

‡ Corporate headquarter is in Chennai. ‡ Sales volume. hydraulic pumps.TAFE ‡ TAFE is an Indian manufacturer of tractors and other farm equipments. panel instruments. ‡ Established in the year 1960.Over 1 lakh tractors during 09-10 ‡ Manufacturers of Diesel engines. engineering plastics . transmission components.

Eicher and Massey Ferguson.‡ Manufacture tractors under three brand names. ‡ Acquired Eicher tractors in 2005 ‡ 2nd largest manufacturer of tractors in world by volume ‡ Turnover-4850 cr for year ended March 2010 . ‡ 5 decade old collaboration with Massey Ferguson. TAFE. ‡ Has 4 tractor plants in India.

About Mallika Srinivasan .

Sivasailam ‡ Education-MA(econometrics) from Madras University.1959 ‡ Eldest daughter of Industrialist A.CMD of TVS Motor in 1982 ‡ In 1986-Joined family business ‡ Made GM of TAFE ‡ Turnover increased from 85 cr to 1200 cr ‡ Converted TAFE into Hi-tech oriented company .Life history ‡ Born-Nov 19.MBA from Wharton School of University of Pennysylvania ‡ Married to Venu Srinivasan.

‡ Economic Times Businesswoman of the year 2006. ‡ First lady to assumed the role of a president of the Madras Chamber of Commerce and Industry. ‡ Prominent member of the governing board of the Indian School of Business. ‡ Serving as the president of Tractor Manufacturers Association and the Madras Management Association . Hyderabad.

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