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: A:20-cv-0921-LWS

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Filed 02/03/11

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MOTION FOR LEAVE TO POSSES'S TRANSLUCENT CERISE-COLORED RIBBED DILDO AT FEBRUARY 30, 2011 ORAL ARGUMENT HEARING Lawrence W. SincLIAR, Despondent, pro se, respectfully moves this Court for Leave to Poss'ess Translucent Cerise-Colored Ribbed Dildo at February 30, 2011 Oral Argument Hearing. Pursuant to the Courthouse rules: "All hungry bottoms must check their rectal devices with ribs or vibrating capabilities at the entrance unless otherwise authorized in advance and in Palmer Method Penmanship by a judge, or nubile, tanned-skinned young court stud." SincLIAR re'spectfully request written permiss'ion from this Hominable Court in compliance with the Entry (snicker) Requirements for the Courthouse and Brian's Anus authorizing SincLIAR to enter with his tranlucent, cerise-colored, ribbed dildo on February 30, 2011. SincLIAR assures this On or About court that heretowhatever the cerise, ribbed sexual device will remain outside of SincLiar's hungry bottom at all times during the Oral Agreement hearing and at no time will SincLIAR violate the fabric of his chinos.
DANIEL PARCHEESI, et al. Plaintiff's, v's. LAWRENCE W. SINCLIAR, et al. Dependents' ) ) ) ) ) Case No.: A:20-cv-0921-LWS ) ) ) ) ) UNITED STATE'S DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF LARDUMBRIA

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