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ABC of Diabetes

ABC of Diabetes

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Further information


Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International,
120 Wall Street,
New York,
NY 10005-4001,
Tel: 001-212-785-9595

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation,
19, Angel Gate,
London, ECIV 2PT,
Tel: 0044-20-7713-2030
Fax: 0044-20-7713-2031

National Diabetes International Clearing House,
1 Information Way,
MD 20892-3560,

New Zealand Society for the Study of Diabetes (Professional),
East Riding,
Whiterocks Road,
6-D RD Oamaru,
New Zealand.
Tel and fax: 0064-343-48110

Society for Endocrinology, Metabolism and Diabetes of South Africa (Professional),
PO Box 783155,
Sandton 2146,
South Africa.
Tel: 0027-11/202-0500
Fax: 0027-11/807-7989
e-mail rsh@novonordisk.com

South African Diabetes Association (Patient),
PO Box 3943,
Cape Town 8000,
South Africa.

Useful websites

Clinical Standards for Diabetes (Scotland)


Exeter Genetic Screening Service


Heart Protection Study


National Service Framework for Diabetes


Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network (SIGN)


Warwick Centre for Diabetes Education and Research


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ABC of Diabetes


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abdominal pain39
acanthosis nigrans4
ACE inhibitors
cardiovascular disease reduction72–3
nephropathy reduction66, 68, 69, 70
pregnancy and79
A-cells3, 35
acute painful neuropathies51, 57
adrenoceptor stimulants2, 17
albuminuria66, 66
drug interactions16, 17
plasma lipids and74
alprostadil preparations55
amputation59, 62, 67
anaemia, in nephropathy66, 69
metformin contra-indicated16, 62
angioplasty62, 76
angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors seeACE
angiotensin receptor antagonists66, 73
for microalbuminuria68, 69–70
ankle/brachial pressure index60, 61–2
ankle reflexes51, 56, 58, 64
antibiotics, for foot ulcers61
antibodies, in Type 1 diabetes2, 3, 4
for acute painful neuropathies57
hypotension aggravated by54
antihypertensive agents
choice of69–70, 73
see alsoACE inhibitors; angiotensin receptor blockers
apomorphine, sublingual55
arterial imaging, ischaemic foot62
arteriography, renal protection during62, 71

benefits of73, 75
drug interactions17
associations, patients and professionals92–3
autoantibodies, in Type 1 diabetes2
autoimmune disorders associated with diabetes3
autonomic function tests56
autonomic neuropathy53–6
with nephropathy67

Banting, Sir Frederick Grant (1891–1941)19
B-cells2, 3
in hypoglycaemia32, 32
manipulative30, 31, 32
biguanides15, 16
see alsometformin
birthweight, and Type 2 diabetes4

bisphosphonates, for Charcot foot63
blindness47, 49–50
difficulty in use of braille52
blind registration50

hyperglycaemia exacerbated by17
for hypertension in nephropathy70
hypoglycaemia exacerbated by2, 17, 17, 33
blood glucose control, in Type 2 diabetes14–18, 44
blood glucose monitoring25–9
equipment25, 27
in surgery40–1
blood glucose profiles25, 26–8
hypoglycaemia risk34, 35
unstable diabetes30
blood ketone meters37, 38
blood pressure
progression in nephropathy66, 66
targets44, 73
see alsohypertension
blood tests, annual screening programme44
bone scans, for Charcot foot62–3
bovine insulins19, 21
braille, difficulty in use of52
breast feeding80
British Diabetic Association seeDiabetes UK
“brittle diabetes”30–1

caesarean section79
calcium channel blockers70
daily intake (portions)12
dietary adjustment28, 35
emergency supply34–5
cardiovascular disease72–6
exercise benefits13
cardiovascular system, autonomic neuropathy53–4
carpal tunnel syndrome51, 52
cataract formation43, 49
Charcot’s joint62–3

hospital clinics for83
bad behaviour25, 32
long-term effects32
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation87
Type 2 diabetes4
see alsoyoung people
chlorpropamide, obsolete15
cholesterol, targets74

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