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Installation Steps of R/3 in Unix and NT with CI & DB and what are the
parameters to be chosen while installation? 2. What is the directory name of the WP trace, System Log and Backup Logs files created? 3. What are the post installation steps of R/3 and B/w? 4. Does the production system will allow creating new client? If yes, what is the procedure? 5. How do you fine tune the ABAP reports incase these reports are running long time and consuming system performance? 6. How do we solve the print problems? 7. What are the *.CAR files to be down loaded to upgrade the Kernel? Ans: File with K as starting Letter should be downloaded E.g. Kd62020.car 8. How do we ensure the monitoring of CCMS? 9. How to install Hot Packages and Add-on’s? 10. What is Add on which contains Dependent and Independent Objects? 11. What is the Domain Controller in STMS? Of all the hosts sharing the same Transport Directory, one must be a domain controller to control the transports. It contains all the Logs regarding the Transfer. 12. How to transport the Request from OS Level? What are the commands to be used to transport request from OS Level? Requests can be transferred from OS Level using a special program called tp program Tp import <transportable change request No><target SID> 13. What are the JOBS that are running while transporting Request? In which client jobs will run? 14. How the application server does communicate to the CI? (Central instance) Using Message Server 15. What is the difference between Application and CI Servers? The CI contains all the work processes Application server contain only dialog work process 16. Does Enqueue process sits in Application Server? 17. How to enable the load balancing? By creating user groups, Application servers load balance can be achieved 18. What is the starting profile for Instance? Startup profile (START_DVEBMGS00_host name) 19. SAP Instance is having some problem to start from OS. ? How do you check the log files and where does it stored? Located in work folder \usr\sap\<SID>\DVEBMGS00\work\log 20. Where does the DB Log Alert file reside? \oracle\<SID>\sap trace\background 21. How to refresh the clients? What are those methods? 22. What is the difference between system refresh and homogeneous copy / db copy? 23. Explain the procedure of the System Copy?

When will request goes to repair mode? When the object is modified in the system in which it is not created. the STMS Buffer file stored? /usr/sap/trans/buffer 43. How to solve the background job. Why the data is not getting filled up in STAT and STAD transactions? 30.24. What is the name of the configure file in STMS? TPPARAM 42. What is the ratio of Swapping space in R3 Server? 3 times the main memory Eg for 512 of MM we need Min of 2 GB Swap space 44. What is the default P/w for SAP* and DDIC users? 06071992-SAP* 19920706-DDIC 32. When modified in the same system in which it is created – CORRECTION MODE 35. What is the use to check the DB periodically? How to update the statistics and Adapt Next extents in Oracle? 25. Why the Update Modes are terminating from the process? 27. Does the BW system allow us to create multiple clients? Yes 26. Can you stop CCMS service tools in the SAP System? 41. What are the uses SAPU and SPDD transactions while applying hot packages? 36. Does the system allow us to apply the patches incase repository objects are in repair mode? Yes 46. What is the purpose of using OPS$-user? 31. How do you define the roles and authorizations? PFCG 45. What is dispatcher role in R/3 Architecture? Handles the Work Processes 47. What is the purpose of SAPXPG and SAPEVT? 40. How do you solve the ABAP dumps? ST22 49. How do you manage the locks in R/3? SM12 51. In which directory. What is the purpose of V1 and V2 update modes? V1 time-critical updates. What is the name of the system log file and where does it stored? D:\usr\sap\<SID>\DVEBMGS00\log 37. In which client do you configure the sap connect? 34. What do you understand of Roll Wait Time? 33. V2 not time critical. if fails? 50.V1 has priority over V2. How do you increase the table spaces? Using BRTOOLS 28. What is the Technical Terminology for R/3 and BW? . How many help viewers SAP and how do you define them? (Trans Code) 39. 29. What is the Transport Groups in STMS? 52. What is memory profile parameter for ABAP processor? 48. What is the difference between SPAD and SPAT transaction? SPAD –to configure and add printers. 38.

What is the difference between Ready and Release Mode in Job Monitor (SM37)? 64. What are the contents that stores in Co / Data files? 65.53. When the request goes in repair mode? 69. Do we have different System Logs incase we have more than one application server. START_DVEBMGS00_host. What is the transport layer in STMS? 68. There is some problem while importing SPAM. Which user to be used for Local Client Copy when you create a New Client? SAP* 63. Object to a Transaction? And check indicators to a transaction. What is the functionality of PSAPTemp and PSAPRoll back table spaces in the database? 74.sap file? 72. What are the Deadlocks in the Oracle Database? . What are the different profile files? And what is the use of them? DEFAULT.sar) 59. Where does the Profile Parameters in R/3? Table -TPFYPROPTY 54. What is the difference between Client Export /Import and Remote Client Copy? 57. How to choose Auth. List some parameters contains in init<SID>. How to schedule the jobs in OS Level (Unix System)? 73. Object incase user says no authorization available for the required transaction? 66. Is the STMS configuration is Client Dependent / Independent? Client independent 58.created by users after installation of SAP 55. What is difference between SAP_ALL and SAP_NEW profiles? SAP_ALL –objects provided by SAP SAP_NEW. How to enable password from OS Level? 62. What is the procedure to upgrade the Kernel? Take backup of the folder /usr/sap/sid/sys/exe/run and download the newer version from service market place and replace into the run directory (. why and what is the reason? 56.start 60. 70. 67. What is the SAPDBA control file and where does get stored? 71. Does one instance have more than one Default Profile? No 61. How to check Auth.

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