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Classic Movie Magic Scheduling User Manual

Classic Movie Magic Scheduling User Manual


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Published by: jiaminn212 on Feb 04, 2011
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Almost any sort or select you can think of can be executed.

One important rule to remember is that you can’t sort or select
by category. For example, the command:

Sort Strips by “Cast Member”

O If you want
to sort by a cate-
gory, an element
must be selected
from that category.

is meaningless to Movie Magic Scheduling. Every strip usu-
ally contains cast members and most contain multiple cast
members. Movie Magic Scheduling doesn’t know which cast
members to sort by unless you tell it.

The command should include a specific cast member, and be
entered as follows:

Sort Strips by “Mary”


Sort Strips Where “Cast Members” Contains “Mary”


Sort Strips that Contains “Mary”

All of these commands are valid, provided that you have not
named multiple elements by the same name. If you have a cast
member and an extra both named Mary, you will need to spec-
ify the category.


Reference Guide

Sort and Select

Chapter 4 - The Strip Board

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