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Classic Movie Magic Scheduling User Manual

Classic Movie Magic Scheduling User Manual


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Published by: jiaminn212 on Feb 04, 2011
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Saving multiple board swaps allows you a great measure of
flexibility. Using them, you can save multiple schedules in the
same file. If actors or crew are only tentatively available you
can, while finalizing your schedule, save different versions of
it for each possibility.

Every strip in the schedule has an unique number. These num-
bers can be reused (if the original strip is deleted) or rear-
ranged (if you renumber the strips). If you move a strip to the
Boneyard that ID number remains the same and your board
swaps which use that strip will have no problem. Movie
Magic Scheduling will simply look for the strips it needs
when opening your swap, and put them in the correct loca-

However, if you cut or delete an item, element, strip, break-
down sheet, Day Break, etc. from the schedule rather than
moving it to the Boneyard, or if you renumber the strips, the
internal strip numbers can be reused by other parts of the
schedule. Be aware that when you open a previously saved
board swap in this case, new Day Breaks or breakdown sheets
may have replaced old ones. If this is the case, you may find
yourself looking at a schedule that makes absolutely no sense.

Movie Magic Scheduling


Chapter 4 - The Strip Board

Recalculating the Schedule

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