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a study group of no more than four students and work on the following items. Hand in one paper per group with everyone·s names on it. Answer items in complete sentences. Questions are due the day of the test. Chapter One: 1. Who is the narrator of the story? The narrator of the story is Gene. 2. Why does Gene return to Devon? Gene returns to Devon because he wanted to see how the school was. 3. Why is Devon described so carefully? Devon is described so carefully because they want to show us how it changed. 4. Why does Finny refuse to lie about his height? He refused to lie because it was one of his rules. 5. What is the meaning of the expression ´The more things change, the more they remain the sameµ? This means that things change but in the end the results are the same. 6. How does the author reveal that Gene has finally accepted what happened and put the experience behind him? The author reveals that Gene has accepted what happened because he goes back to see the tree. 7. What part of the description of the building is emphasized and why? The tree is emphasized because by it he remembered Finny. 8. How are Gene and Finny united after the jumps from the tree? They are united after they jump from the tree because since they both jumped from the tree they both felt special.

Why does Gene state that it is ´perfectly naturalµ to envy a best friend? Gene states that it is perfectly natural because he says that there was no harm in envying. 14. 13. Why does Gene try to blame Finny for saving his life? He says that if it wasn·t for Finny he wouldn·t have been on the tree in the first place. 10. What does Gene reveal when he says 1942 was his sarcastic time.Chapter Two: 9. 12. Why is the name ´Suicide Societyµ appropriate? The name ´Suicide Societyµ is appropriate because if they fell they could die. 16. What is the significance of Finny·s attitude toward sports? . How is Finny identified with peace? Finny is identified with peace since he isn·t very concerned about war. 18. 11. What is Gene·s response when Finny ´gets away withµ wearing the tie? Gene got exited since he thought Finny wasn·t going to get away with it this time. What is significant in Finny·s instinctive move to save Gene? It signifies that Finny cared about Gene and he showed that he valued their friendship. Why doesn·t Finny believe the bombing in Europe? Finny doesn·t believe the bombing in Europe because bombs in Central Europe were unreal to him because he couldn·t imagine it. Why does Finny say they ´had toµ jump out of the tree? He said they had to do it because he said that if he did it everyone had to do it too. Chapter Three: 17. 15. but that sarcasm is the protest of the weak? Gene reveals that he is weak.

19. Chapter Five: 26. What does Finny say that makes Gene want to destroy him? He says don·t study so much and don·t try so hard. they were talking about the war. Why does Gene fell better when he thinks Finny has been sabotaging his efforts to be head of the class? He believes that Finny is jealous of him. What is the significance of Finny·s swimming achievement? He·s good at all sports even those he does not practice. 28.He says that everybody wins but in reality someone has to win and someone has to lose. What does the phrase ´for the durationµ mean? It means the time during the war. Why does Finny want them to jump side by side? It was something new and representative of their friendship. 21. Chapter Four: 22. 25. 20. Why does Gene accuse Finny of trying to pull him down? He accuses him because Finny is always interrupting Gene·s studies and making him waste time. What is Finny·s comment about the expression on Gene·s face? He says that Gene looks even worse than he does. Why does Finny say that he has to waste Gene·s time ´for himµ? He says that because Gene is always studying and following rules. 27. 23. This lets us know that Finny lives in his own world with his own rules. Why does Leper refuse the ball? He refuses it because he doesn·t like sports and does not want to play. Everytime they said that. . Why does Gene put on Finny·s clothes? He puts on his clothes because he wanted to be similar to Finny. 24.

He is in denial of bad things happening in the world. he didn·t feel obligated to do sports anymore. The significance of these is that Devon was always thought of as a perfect school and the prettiest of all schools and this ugly element shows that everything has something bad about. The difference of the summer and the winter session is that in the summer. 36. the students could go out and swim in the river. Contrast the summer and winter sessions. Finny·s evasion is that he doesn·t believe that the war is even happening. Gene thought about enlisting because he thought of leaving as being free. but in the winter. How does Finny relate Gene·s failure to take another roommate to the impossibility of his confession? 33. Gene thought that being at Devon was like being free. it·s like they can·t go out much because of the cold and the snow. 35. the atmosphere was sadder.29. but before. Not everything is perfect. Chapter Seven: 34. something bad came out of it. What is the significance of Devon·s two rivers? One of the rivers is ugly and the other one is really pretty. . 31. 32. Compare Leper·s evasion of the war to Finny·s. Leper·s evasion is that he is never thinking about the war and is always thinking of animals and other things. In the winter. Why does Gene apply for the job of assistant crew manager? He applies because he didn·t want to play sports anymore because ever since Finny got injured. Why does Gene feel that evil lurks in everything he does? Gene feels that evil lurks in everything he does because every time he did something. Chapter Six: 30. but not since Finny had fallen. Why does Finny refuse to accept the truth of the accident? Finny doesn·t want to believe that his best friend would betray him like that. Why does Gene decide to join the army? Gene decides to join the army because when Brinker mentioned it.

What is the ´separate peaceµ that Finny has established? The ´separate peaceµ that Finny has established is that there is no war occurring and that there is nothing bad in the world. Why does the exposure of Leper·s deranged hallucinations bring the two boys close together? It brings the two boys close together because thay talk about their fears of becoming adults and facin responsibilities. He was crazy. What is Finny·s attitude during the trial? Finny doesn·t care of anything and he is getting desperate because he doesn·t remember very well the incident and they keep asking him questions. Chapter Eleven 42. . 39. What is the importance of Finny·s acceptance of the war? The importance of Finny·s acceptance of the war is that he is being more aware of the world and what·s happening around society. What is significant in Leper·s change of heart toward the war? The significance in Leper·s change of heart toward the war is that the war changed a lot of people·s opinion about things that they really believed in. Chapter Nine: 38. How has the war changed Leper? Leper had mental problems. Chapter Ten: 40. Why does Gene feel that summer has returned? Gene feels that summer has returned because Finny returns and he is up to his old tricks. 41. 43.Chapter Eight: 37. Finny is like in his own little world. How is Gene·s developing maturity shown? Gene·s developing of maturity is shown when he is not afraid of sports any more and he is also no afraid of Phineas and he was also much more collected and composed than he had been before. 44.

Chapter Thirteen 47. . What is the significance of the way Finny dies? The significance is that the broken leg has in effect. and so Gene takes responsibility for his friend·s death. Brinker says that war memories are a part of a man forever? Mr.Chapter Twelve 45. broken Finny·s heart. 46. How has Brinker changed his views toward the war? Brinker at first wanted to be part of the war but when he had to be part of it he thought totally different. How does Gene redeem himself after his fall from innocence? Gene sees that he has killed his ´enemyµ in Devon meaning how he was inside and his jealousy. Brinker says that war memories are a par of a man for ever because it·s important to be proud of knowing that you fought for your country. 50. 49. What different attitudes are revealed when Mr. How is the second broken leg different from the first? The second broken leg is different from the first one because the doctor says that it is a simple fracture ´more cleanerµ than the original fracture. Mr. Brinker is disapointed in Gene and Brinker because they enlisted for things that made them far away from getting to the war. 48. he didn·t want to go he wanted to stays as far as possible of the war. What is Gene·s final assessment of Finny? Gene·s final assessment to Finny was that he said that he was going to be in his life forever.

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