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Objective Dedicated to create a positive learning environment and making a difference in lives of the students. Professional Profile a. An Post graduate in Sociology with B Ed over 15 years of rich experience as Primary & Pre Primary teacher b. Currently designated as Primary Teacher with ________School, New Delhi Career Highlights
I. From September’2006 Till date with _________ School, New Delhi ,

as Primary teacher Designated as Primary teacher to take classes in KG Block , Academic Coordinator for KG Classes. Managing Day to Day activities of 9 sections of KG for academics.  Preparing time table and substitutions.  Coordinating various inter and intra school functions & activities.  Allotment of sections for new session (Nursery & KG).  Invigilation Duties for _______ Entrance.  Appreciation letter for excellent coordination activities. 
 II. From July’2004 TO September’2006 as Primary teacher with

_________________School, IndiraPuram, Ghaziabad  Designated as Primary Teacher to take Nursery & KG classes  Academic Coordinator for KG.  Preparing timetable , substitutions , allotment of bus duties

 Designated as Primary teacher to take Classes 1 & 2 IV. From July’1991 To September’1993 as Primary Teacher with _______________ School . From October’1996 to April’2000 as Primary teacher with _____________. Chennai   Designated as Primary Teacher to take Classes 4th & 5th. From April’2000 TO August’2001 as primary Teacher with ____________ School. 2nd and 3rd . From June'1994 to June’1995 as Primary Teacher with ____________________. 2nd and 3rd  VII.III. New Delhi. Took Special Classes of Hindi for Kanada Students. Dyslexia Symptoms – How to recognize Dyslexia in Children by Mrs.  Workshops Attended Primary Level Workshop for Social Science & Science by ___________ Educational Forum   How to Inculcate values By Society for the Advancement of Education ( _____________ School)   Professional Development Workshop conducted by Maple Bear. VI. Noida Designated as Primary Teacher to take Classes 4th & 5th Invigilation Duties for CBSE Board Examinations (Class 10th & 12th) for Four Years . ______________ . New Delhi Designated as Primary Teacher to take Classes 1st.   V. Mumbai Designated as Primary Teacher to take Classes 1st . From July’1990 to July’1991 as Primary Teacher with _____________ .

______________ Occupation : _____________________ Husband Name & : Mr. New Delhi In Psychological counseling Year of Passing: 1996 Personal Information Date of Birth : XX th August’19XX Marital Status : Married Father Name & : Shri.Educational Qualification  BA: ABC (PG) College . _____________ Occupation : ______________________ Date: XX/XX/20XX Place: Noida . Music . New Delhi From ______________ University with Eng. New Delhi from ____________ University with Psychology. Year of Passing: 1987  MA: ABC (PG) College. Psychology. Literature. New Delhi From _____________ University Year of Passing: 1992  Post Graduate Diploma : __________________ . Year of Passing: 1989  B Ed : ABC Collage .