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INDEX. A.F. of L. Sympathy 39 Banner of Labor, The 6 Blanketstiff, The 31 Bonehead Workin man, The !" #asey $ones%%The &nion S'ab 31 #hristians at War (3 #ome $oin the )ne Bi &nion, *o !6 *on+t Take ,y -apa A.ay From ,e (" *ream, A 1( */mp the Bosses )ff 0o/r Ba'k 31 23erybody+s $oinin 4t 3" 5one Are the *ays !! 6ark, the Battle #ry is 7in in 31 6ar3est War Son " 6old the Fort 19 6ope of the A es, The (" 4nternationale, The 8 4t 4s the &nion 3( $oe 6ill 3 $oe 6ill+s Last Will 8( $ohn 5olden and the La.ren'e Strike !9 Labor+s *i:ie !( Liberty Fore3er !" ,arseillaise, The Workers+ 6 ,r. Blo'k (1 ;inety and ;ine, The (9 ;o3ember ;ineteenth 81 )ne Bi 4nd/strial &nion 89

)ptimisti' Laborites, The 39 )3eralls and Sn/ff (6 -aint +2r 7ed !! -arasites, The 36 -rea'her and the Sla3e, The 18 7ebel 5irl, The 3! 7ed Fla , The ! 7oad to 2man'ipation, The (9 Sabota e !8 S'issor Bill 11 Sho/ld 4 23er Be a Soldier " Solidarity Fore3er (8 Stand &p, 0e Workers (( St/n 7i ht (9 Ta%ra%ra%boom%de%ay 11 There is -o.er in a &nion 11 They Are All Fi hters 16 Tramp, The 13 &nion S'abs !" &nite, Workers of the World !3 &p From 0o/r <nees 36 Wa e Workers, #ome $oin the &nion 38 Walkin on the 5rass !1 We #ome 1! We Will Sin )ne Son 33 We+re 7eady 3! What We Want 9 White Sla3e, The (6 Where the Fraser 7i3er Flo.s !9 Workers+ ,arseillaise, The 1 Workers of the World Are ;o. A.akenin , The !3 Workers of the World, A.aken 3 Workers of the World (! Workers of the World, &nite !1 Workers+ Battle #ry for Freedom !8 Workin man, &nite 19

$)2 64LL
,/rdered by the A/thorities of the State of &tah, ;o3ember the 19th, 1918

High head and back unbending-fearless and true, Into the night unending, why was it you? Heart that was quick with song, torn with their lead; Life that was young and strong, shattered and dead. Singer of manly songs, laughter and tears; Singer of Labor s wrongs, !oys, ho"es and fears. #hough you were one of us, what could we do? $oe, there were none of us needed like you. %e ga&e, howe&er small, what Life could gi&e; %e would ha&e gi&en all that you might li&e. 'our death you held as naught, slander and shame; %e from the &ery thought shrank as from flame. (ach of us held his breath, tense with des"air, 'ou, who were close to )eath, seemed not to care. %hite-handed loathsome "ower, knowing no "ause, Sinking in labor s flower, murderous claws; *oastful, with leering eyes, blood-dri""ing !aws . . . +ccurst be the cowardice hidden in laws, -tah has drained your blood; white hands are wet; %e of the .surging flood. /(0(1 2314(#, 3ur songster, ha&e your laws now had their fill? 5now, ye, his songs and cause ye cannot kill? High head and back unbending--.rebel true blue,. Into the night unending; why was it you? 1al"h 6ha"lin. W)7<27S )F T62 W)7L*, AWA<2;= *y $oe Hill %orkers of the world, awaken, *reak your chains, demand your rights. +ll the wealth you make is taken *y e7"loiting "arasites. Shall you kneel in dee" submission 2rom your cradles to your gra&es? Is the height of your ambition #o be good and willing sla&es? 6H31-S8 +rise, ye "risoners of star&ation, 2ight for your own emanci"ation; +rise, ye sla&es of e&ery nation. In 3ne -nion grand.

3ur little ones for bread are crying +nd millions are from hunger dying; #he end the means is !ustifying, #is the final stand. If the workers take a notion #hey can sto" all s"eeding trains; (&ery shi" u"on the ocean #hey can tie with mighty chains. (&ery wheel in the creation, (&ery mine and e&ery mill 2leets and armies of the nation, %ill at their command stand still. $oin the union, fellow workers 9en and women, side by side; %e will crush the greedy shirkers Like a swee"ing; surging tide; 2or united we are standing, *ut di&ided we will fall; Let this be our understanding-.+ll for one and one for all.. %orkers of the world, awaken, 1ise in all your s"lendid might; #ake the wealth that you are making, It belongs to you by right. /o one will for bread be crying, %e ll ha&e freedom:, lo;&e and health. %hen the grand red flag is flying In the %orkers 6ommonwealth.

T62 72* FLA5 *y $ames 6onnell #he workers flag is dee"est red, It shrouded oft our martyred dead; +nd ere their limbs grew stiff and cold #heir life-blood dyed its e&ery fold. 6H31-S8 #hen raise the scarlet standard high; *eneath its folds we ll li&e and die, #hough cowards flinch and traitors sneer, %e ll kee" the red flag flying here. Look round, the 2renchman lo&es its bla<e, #he sturdy 4erman chants its "raise;

In 9oscow s &aults its hymns are sung, 6hicago swells its surging song. It wa&ed abo&e our infant might %hen all ahead seemed dark as night; It witnessed many a deed and &ow, %e will not change its color now. It suits today the meek and base, %hose minds are fi7ed on "elf and "lace; #o cringe beneath the rich man s frown, +nd haul that sacred emblem down. %ith heads unco&ered, swear we all, #o bear it onward till we fall; 6ome dungeons dark, or gallows grim, #his song shall be our "arting hymn,

T62 4;T27;AT4);AL2 *y (ugene =ottier >#ranslated by 6harles H. 5err.? +rise, ye "risoners of star&ation, +rise, ye wretched of the earth, 2or !ustice thunders condemnation, + better world s in birth. /o more tradition s chains shall bind us, +rise, ye sla&es; no more in thrall, #he earth shall rise on new foundations %e ha&e been naught, we shall be all. 1(21+I/ #is the final conflict. Let each stand in his "lace, #he Industrial -nion Shall be the human race. %e want no condescending sa&iors, #o rule us from a !udgment hall; %e workers ask not for their fa&ors; Let us consult for all. #o make the thief disgorge his booty #o free the s"irit from its cell, %e must oursel&es decide our duty, %e must decide and do it well. #he law o""resses us and tricks us, %age systems drain our blood; #he rich are free from obligations, #he laws the "oor delude.

*e ye men. the battle draws nigh. till they sink in their gra&e#hat robbers may fatten and add to their treasure..il are buried In the strong coffers of a few. coming near and more near. (quality has other laws. 6H31-S +nd the *+//(1 32 L+*31 will surely soon wa&e 3 er the land that is free from the master and sla&e. /o room here for the shirk. remember each toiler his neighbor.#he Star S"angled *anner. long has the s"oil of labor and toil *een wrung from the workers by "arasite classes. 6ome. +nd the *+//(1 32 L+*31 will surely soon wa&e 3 er the land that is free from the master and sla&e./o rights. *ut how they "lundered toil? 2ruits of the workers :sti.. . the workers. Long..27 )F LAB)7 >#une8 .without their duties. )esolation and %ant . *ehold them seated in their glory #he kings of mine and rail and soil. throughout all the land *id toilers. you come forth in your manhood and might. How many on our flesh ha&e fattened. say can you hear. workers. %hat ha&e you read in all their story. says she. #he union we of all who work. *ut if the noisome birds of "rey Shall &anish from the sky some morning. T62 BA. #he blessed sunlight still will stay. #he blood and the li&es of children and wi&es +re ground into dollars for "arasites "leasure. /o claims on equals without cause. #he earth belongs to us. #he Industrial band. %hile =o&erty gaunt. . In working for their restitution #he men will only ask their due. tis Humanity s fight.? 3h. #he children now sla&e. %e call.6ome all ye who labor?. See. %ill you idly sit by.#oo long we &e languished in sub!ection. unite. #oilers from sho"s and fields united. unheeding their cry? +rise. #he call now resounding8 .

'ou star&ing member of the unem"loyed. *ut 9an is 9an. would they load us. #hrough bloodshed and tears. what myriads bid you rise. %H' S#+10(? . I/)-S#1I+L -/I3/. ye bra&e. hark. our day star a""ears. %ith hireling hosts. Hark. thy noble s"irit tame? 3r whi"s. #heir thirst for gold and "ower unbounded #o mete and &end the light and air. all hearts resol&ed 3n 0ictory or )eath. the wage sla&e now cheers. %hy star&e? %e ha&e "roduced enough. Like beasts of burden.Ha&e dwelt in the bowels of earth s toiling masses. wi&es and grandsires hoary-*ehold their tears and hear their cries. insatiate des"ots dare. and who is more? #hen shall they longer lash and goad us? 3. 'our children. to arms. can man resign thee? 3nce ha&ing felt thy generous flame. march on. %hile "eace and liberty lie bleeding? 6H31-S #o arms. thy noble s"irit tame? #oo long the world has we"t bewailing. 9arch on. +nd all their arts are una&ailing. a ruffian band-+ffright and desolate the land. awake to glory. #he warehouses are o&erflowing with the things we need.A7S24LLA4S2 'e sons of toil. Shall hateful tyrants mischief breeding. #hat 2alsehood s dagger tyrants wield. %ith lu7ury and "ride surrounded. #h a&enging sword unsheathe. *ut 2reedom is our sword and shield. #o mete and &end the light and air. Like gods would bid their sla&es adore. 6an dungeon s bolts and bars confine thee? 3r whi"s. Liberty. #he &ile. T62 W)7<27S+ . *ehold their tears and hear their cries.

3ur +rmy. . #o fill the master s coffer.9y 6ountry. $oin the army of the toilers.3ur /a&y.? %e re s"ending billions e&ery year 2or guns and ammunition. 9en and women fall in line. %here hostile fleet could ne&er run-+in t that a funny notion? If you don t know the reason why $ust strike for better wages. +nd then.. %hile brawny. It s to crush the tyrant s might. %hy do they mount their gatling gun + thousand miles from ocean. %hile millions li&e in misery +nd millions died before us. 2rom tender youth he squee<es. Should the gun I e&er shoulder. .men must walk the street +nd face the wintry bree<es. )on t sing . 2or Land and Liberty.6olleen *awn.S6)&L* 4 2>27 B2 A S)L*427 *y $oe Hill >#une8 . my friends--if you don t die-'ou ll sing this song for ages. )o your duty for the cause. /eath the 1ed 2lag I would fight. 6H31-S Should I e&er be a soldier. #he gold that "ays the mighty fleet. dear. +nd many a maiden. and . tis of thee. Her lo&e and "ride must offer 3n 9ammon s altar in des"air. #o kee" in good condition. +rouse. *ut sing this little chorus. %age sla&es of the world. "ure and fair.

1ainbow. 'ou &e "aid the going wages. 2or nigh on fifty years or more. 'ou say you &e done your duty.6A7>2ST WA7 S). %e ha&e sent your kids to college. and to hell with 2armer $ohn. It is dri&ing us to action--we are organi<ed today. $ohn 2armer. +nd call us tram"s and hoboes. (&ery worker should ha&e an ambition to li&e to be a healthy old man or woman and hear the whistle blow for the bosses to go to work. we are coming back to stay.T *y $oe Hill >#une8 .#i""erary. +nd the long drawn days of hunger try to dri&e us boes insane. %e &e heard you wondering where in hell s them "esky go-abouts? 6H31-S It s a long way. we ha&e heard your morning shout. now understand me. %e ha&e sle"t out in your hayfields. you chin-whiskered son of a gun. -" goes machine or wages. and the hours must come down. -s "esky tram"s and hoboes are coming back to stay.? %e are coming home. we &e gathered u" your hay.5 *y =at: . and we want no scabs around. *ut now the wintry bree<es are a-shaking our "oor frames. 2or we re out for a winter s stake this summer. W6AT W2 WA. but still you must ra&e and shout. it s a long way to town. and "esky go-abouts. that s what ke"t us on the bum. It s a long way across the "rairie.rennan >#une8 .? .

+nd the trucker and the mucker and the hired man +nd all the factory girls and clerks. %e want the guy that di&es for "earls.-- . #he "retty maid that s making curls. #he class that li&es in lu7ury. 'ou cannot see your enemy.-'ou workingmen are "oor.1ed %ing. In one union grand.4T2= *y (. +nd some of you are sad. &.? 6onditions they are bad.A. %e want the man that s climbing "oles.%e want all the workers in the world to organi<e Into a great big union grand +nd when we all united stand #he world for workers we ll demand If the working class could only see and reali<e %hat mighty "ower labor has #hen the e7"loiting master class It would soon fade away. 6ome from e&ery land. #hen for the workers we ll make u"on this earth a "aradise %hen the sla&es get wise and organi<e. W)7<4. +nd all the cooks and laundry girls..5. 6H31-S 6ome all ye toilers that work for wages. S. we want e&ery one that works. 'es.-%ill be fore&ermore. $oin the fighting band. +nd the baker and staker and the ch@mneyswee" %e want the man that s slinging hash. In one union grand. %e want the man that s"ikes on soles. #he child that works for little cash In one union grand. /elson >#une8 .. %e want the man that s digging holes. %e want the sailor and the tailor and the lumber!acks. %e want the tinner and the skinner and the chambermaid.

If they they:sic. 'ou ll always run across the same old Scissor *ill. when he starts to talk. =ennsyl&ania. he is a little di""y. 3ur class is marching on. *ut you will find he isn t.#his is my country. 9ichigan.. %est 0irginia and all the other innumerable scenes of labor s shambles? /ot 3-1 country. unite.. he is on the hill. Shall we still be sla&es and work for wages? It is outrageous--has been for ages. #his earth by right belongs to toilers. he has a funny face. He looks !ust like a human. resist we ll use our might. +nd not to s"oilers of liberty. 6H31-S Scissor *ill. %e &e got a world to gain. . homeless. *ut they ha&e lots of . He s found in e&ery mining cam" and lumber mill.Steamboat *ill.? 'ou may ramble round the country anywhere you will. +nd ser&e your enemy? 3ur 6ountry? #he country of millions of hunted. #o make us free from sla&ery +nd ca"italistic tyranny. hungry sla&es. %orkingmen. %ill you be a fool. . #here is no middle ground #his fight must be one round #o &ictory.+s long as you "ermit the few #o guide your destiny.gall. for liberty. S#4SS)7 B4LL *y $oe Hill >#une8 . Scissor *ill. %hile all the co"s they chase him out of e&ery "lace.#e7as. he can eat and walk. Louisiana. with an honest face. He s found u"on the desert. %hen we unite to gain our right. #his fight is not in &ain. %e must "ut u" a fight. #he master class is small. a ca"italist tool. He ll say. #he country of 6olorado.

6H31-S 3ne union. He says that e&ery co" would be a nati&e son If it wasn t for the Irishman. he wouldn t !oin the union. 'es. and right here I ll tell. He says he ne&er organi<ed and ne&er will. +nd Scissor *ill. +nd *ill. A *72A.foreigners. the sonna fur gun. Scissor *ill. )on t try to talk your union do"e to Scissor *ill. He ll get it.#his country must be freed 2rom /iggers. he says. It was a trium"hant anthem--an anthem filled with !oy.Scissor *ill should drown in 9ississi""i. Scissor *ill gets his reward in Hea&en. the bushmen and the man in the moon. by Heck. %hen he gets u" to Hea&en on the streets of gold.. %ith coffee and a doughnut and a lousy old bed./ot me. the . 6H31-S Scissor *ill. I marked these toilers "assing by.? 3ne day as I lay dreaming. #o make us free from sla&ery +nd gain each man his right. 6H31-S Scissor *ill. industrial union. %orkers of the world unite.. Scissor *ill. It was a trium"hant anthem--an anthem filled with !oy. If Scissor *ill is goin to Hea&en. *ill would be a smart guy if he only could think. Scissor *ill is down on e&erybody #he Hottentots. He always will be satisfied until he s dead. sure. He sits around all day and s"its tobacco !uice. 3h. this &ision came to me8 I saw an army streaming. . +nd Scissor *ill. he couldn t li&e without the boo<e. he says8 . $a"s and )utchmen and the gol durn Swede.I hate a 6oon. I ll go to Hell. but he ll get in the neck. He takes a deck of cards and tries to beat the 6hink. . He is the missing link that )arwin tried to trace. *y 1ichard *ra<ier >#une8 . he says8 .. I listened to their cry. is cussin . he says he gets rewarded thousand fold. *ut I don t care who knows it. singing of liberty.#he Holy 6ity.

. +nd he said. #hat was broke and u" against it. T62 T7A.I saw the ruling classes watching this grand array 3f marching. He walked u" and down the street.? If you all will shut your tra". *ut he heard the same old story e&erywhere.How do you do. the workers said. tram". #hen into their ranks came the masters and !oined the workers song. .#ram". +ll workers. too. tram". color or se7. ye shirkers. regardless of age. creed. . the *oys +re 9arching. 5ee" on tram"ing. %ork or star&e. #ram". /othing doing here for you. He was not the kind that shirk.*y $oe Hill >#une8 . He was looking hard for work. +n in!ury to one is an in!ury to all.#he +rmor of =roduction. %ith "allid cheeks and trembling limbs they ga<ed u"on this throng +nd e&er as they marched along the workers sang the song. for you must earn your bread. in 3ne *ig -nion. is in&incible. 6H31-S #ram". that s the best thing you can do. #ill the shoes fell off his feet. If I catch you round again. for fair. Labor is entitled to all it "roduces. for we now rule this land. toiling masses "assing on their way. 'ou will wear the ball and chain. I will tell you bout a cha". +nd e&er as they marched along the workers sang the song8 6H31-S 9ethought I heard the workers call to that ruling band-6ome into our ranks. In a house he s"ied a lady cooking stew. kee" on a-tram"ing. #ram". #hen into their ranks came the masters and !oined the workers song.

3h fudge. %e rise again. #hough ground down "itiless. #he 9asters call in &ain. %orkers..%e 6ome..9ay I cho" some wood for you?.#oreador Song. so it said. +nd to the call of millions crying from the de"ths. %hat the lady told him made him feel so blue. %e march and sing our refrain-Singing ho"es of a million sla&es8 .%hen did you blow into town? 6ome with me u" to the !udge. +nd the co""er made him sto". +nd he asked him.? %orkers. 6H31-S 6ross the street a sign he read.. . Law and the bribings of a cruel.. Slammed the gate right in his face and loudly cried8 W2 #). I ll surely try.Here is my chance. mean old skate. be bra&e. des"otic class. . Santa =eter. 3""ression and sla&ery. the %orld. =riest..%ork for $esus. He was sure he d go to hea&en when he died. #ill his knees got rather sore. +nd he said. *ut at eating-time he heard the "reacher cry6H31-S )own the street he met a co".2 >+ir8 . . . gun and chain. 6H31-S 2inally came that ha""y day %hen his life did "ass away. %hen he reached the "early gate. +nd he kneeled u"on the floor. %e shout our message to man-+nd from the hearts of all the land 6omes loud and clear #he answering call. *ums that ha&e no money needn t come around. . *ut the !udge he said. #hrough nights of toil and "ain.

. In that glorious land abo&e the sky. +nd the star&ation army they "lay.Sweet *ye and *ye. the %orld. . %orkers. +nd they sing and they cla" and they "ray. %orkers. %orkers.. #hen they ll tell you when you re on the bum8 Holy 1ollers and !um"ers come out. #hough 9asters call in &ain. %ork and "ray li&e on hay.%e 6ome. #ry to tell you what s wrong and what s right. unite. unite -nite.. 'ou ll get "ie in the sky when you die.. 5ee" us enchained. %e ll rise again. 4rind us down "itiless. #ill they get all your coin on the drum. they !um" and they shout. be strong.* T62 SLA>2 *y $oe Hill >#une8 . *ut to humanity s call we answering come. . =romise and trick us.? Long-haired "reachers come out e&ery night.%e 6ome. +nd to the call of millions crying from the de"ths %e fling our challenge for right-+nd from the hearts of all the land 6omes loud and clear #he answering call. +nd they holler.%orkers. 6hanting our far flung refrain-+nd from the hearts of all the land 6omes loud and clear #he answer to us. T62 -72A#627 A. bye and bye. *ut when asked how bout something to eat #hey will answer with &oices so sweet8 6H31-S 'ou will eat.. #hey offer bribes in &ain.

+nd to the master #hey ll bring disaster..4i&e your money to $esus. #hey "ro&ed themsel&es to be labor s sons In all of the workers fights. T620 A72 ALL F456T27S *y 1ichard *ra<ier >#une8 . +nd if you ll !oin them #hey ll let you know $ust the reason the boss must go. #heir organi<ation is known to the nation +s the Industrial %orkers of the %orld. our foes are confounded . +nd you ll eat in the sweet bye and bye.San +ntonio. they tell.He will cure all diseases today. %hen you die you will sure go to hell. 2rom 9aine to the 1io 4rande. *ut all are astounded. -"on them the soldiers were hurled. twill do you good. .. they say. #hey ha&e been hounded by "ower unbounded 3f ca"italists throughout the land. bye and bye. #hey &e faced star&ation. 6H31-S #hey re all fighters from the word go. hunger. %orkingmen of all countries. If you fight hard for children and wife-#ry to get something good in this life'ou re a sinner and bad man. %hen you &e learned how to cook and to fry 6ho" some wood. "ri&ation.? #here is a bunch of honest workingmen. #hey &e faced the =inkertons and 4atling guns In defense of their natural rights. 4ood luck to their union grand.. #hen hail to this fighting band. #hey re known throughout the land. Side by side we for freedom will fight8 %hen the world and its wealth we ha&e gained #o the grafters we ll sing this refrain8 L+S# 6H31-S 'ou will eat. #hey &e seen the horrors of the bull-"en. unite.

'ou work ten hours a day and li&e in huts. #hen when will you e&er get wise. there is "ow r In a band of workingmen.the blood of the lamb. #he *oss li&es on "orterhouse steak. Shake hands with your boss and look wise. %ould you ha&e mansions of gold in the sky. *ut the *oss is always well fed. way in the back? %ould you ha&e wings u" in hea&en to fly.nuff. %hen will you o"en your eyes? T6272 4S -)W27 4. %hen they stand hand in hand. #he *oss li&es in the "alace you make.2or we still remain a union grand.? %ould you ha&e freedom from wage sla&ery. #hen come. If you like sluggers to beat off your head. A &. like a man. like a man. . all unions des"ise. that s a "ow r #hat must rule in e&ery land3ne Industrial -nion 4rand. #hen come. #hen don t organi<e. 'ou li&e on coffee and on doughnuts. +nd li&e in a shack. #hen !oin in the grand Industrial band.#here Is =ower in the *lood. +nd star&e here with rags on your back? If you &e had . #hen hail to this fighting band. #hough of low station. do your share.4). If you want nothing before you are dead. hunger. )o your share. you would ha&e eggs and ham. If. 'ou face star&ation. 4ood luck to their union grand. #hat s a "ow r. *y $oe Hill >#une8 . for a change. 6H31-S #here is "ow r. #hen !oin in the grand Industrial band.. "ri&ation. %ould you from mis ry and hunger be free. you &e built this nation-*uilt it u"on your dead. of .

.%hy should one man s belly be em"ty when ten men can "roduce enough to feed a hundred?.:sic. +nd mad enough to fight. TA%7A%7A%B). It made a noise that way. 9y "itchfork went right in between some cog wheels of that thresh-machine. like a man.accidentally. #hat rube was sure a sight. S(63/) 6H31-S #a-ra-ra-boom-de-ay. +nd wheels and bolts and hay. #hen we our share of this earth shall demand. 'ou grease my wagon u".%ell. *ut I did slee" that night. #hat stingy rube said. . %ent flying e&ery way. sli""ed and fell. 6ome. I . /e7t day that stingy rube did say.I ll bring my eggs to town today. they ke"t me working all the night. !oin in the grand Industrial band. from e&ery land. all ye workers. I hate to tell.. + thousand gone to hell. I greased his wagon all right. I needed it all right.*2%A0 *y $oe Hill I had a !ob once threshing wheat.. . +nd when the moon was shining bright. +nd when he started on that tri". the wheel sli""ed off and broke his hi". It made a noise that way. 3ne moonlight night. 6H31-S #a-ra-ra-boom-de-ay.. His whiskers and his legs %ere full of scrambled eggs8 . but I "lumb forgot to screw the nut.6ome. worked si7teen hours with hands and feet. and don t forget to screw the nut. 6ome on. you mutt. )o your share.

+nd "art of that machine Hit 1euben on the bean. he dro""ed his "itchfork. +im true and kee" your "owder dry. +nd "on my word.. ga&e ham and eggs for e&ery day. He learned his lesson quick.. . #HI1) 6H31-S #a-ra-ra-boom-de-ay. these things did o"en u" his eyes. (ducation is ammunition.'ou turk. He cried.3h me. #hat rube is feeling gay. /e7t day when threshing did commence. #a-ra-ra-boom-de-ay. 9y "artner said. He cut the hours and raised the "ay. . He "aid me off right there. 3rgani<ation the wea"on. . *y 4um. that awkward kid.#here must be something wrong. $ust through a sim"le trick.#hat s too badI m feeling &ery sad. . 2or fi7ing rotten !obs +nd fi7ing greedy slobs. my chum was $ohnny on the fence. oh my. *ut still that rube was "retty wise. So I went home and told my chum.. at all.accidents.. I bet you are an I-%on t %ork.'ou re rightIt s bedtime now. I think I work my men too long. +nd then that farmer said. I nearly lost my eye. He said. and has no . /ow gets his men from union hall. #his is the only way. like I did.. It made a noise that way. 23-1#H 6H31-S #a-ra-ra-boom-de-ay.I told him. . 6)L* T62 F)7T >(nglish #rans"ort %orkers Strike Song? . good night.

my 6omrades./inety and /ine. In hunger and want and cold. +t last shall the morning bring. 0ictory is nigh. 6H31-S Hold the fort for we are coming-nion men. Side by side we battle onward. 2rom the sweat of their brow the desert blooms +nd the forest before them falls.4. 0ictory will come.2T0 A. T62 . #o battle or to die.%e meet today in 2reedom s cause. +nd ninety and nine in their ho&els bare.4. *ut the night so dreary and dark and long. *ut we will not fear. +nd raise our &oices high.? #here are ninety and nine that work and die. +nd be la""ed in the silken fold. . #heir labor has builded noble homes. 1einforcements now a""earing. 6heer.2 *y 1ose (li<abeth Smith >#une8 .* . cheer. *y our union we shall trium"h 3&er e&ery foe. 2ierce and long the battle rages. +nd one in a "alace of riches rare. +nd cities with lofty halls. Look. Hear the bugle blow. #hat one may re&el in lu7ury. see the union *anners wa&ing high. be strong. See our numbers still increasing. my 6omrades. %e ll !oin our hands in union strong. +nd the one owns cities and houses and lands +nd the ninety and nine ha&e em"ty hands. Hel" will come whene er it s needed.

A. . and do your duty. )on t be a ser&ile scissor bill and lick the bosses feet.#i""erary. 6H31-S It s the road to (manci"ation. 5ick in. the masters they ha&e no more !obs to gi&e. and take them like a man.+nd o&er the land the &ictor s song 3f the ninety and nine shall ring. %hite and *lue. . it s the right way to go. So organi<e to get the goods.1e!oice.It Looks #o 9e Like a *ig #ime #onight. So !oin the union of your class.. =ost"oning meals is suicide on the installment "lan. )on t be a meek and lowly sla&e like lots of those you meet. )on t let them star&e you off the earth. for Labor shall ha&e its own.7. 'ou must form the taking habit if you e&er wish to li&e.3ur 1ed. +nd echo afar. don t fear their "rison cell. workingmen.? =lease gi&e me your attention. *ut organi<e u"on the !ob and "ut him on the bum. )on t let the master gouge your li&es for many years to come. workingmen. He is a common worker and his name is 9r. ? /ow. from <one to <one. determined to be free. for it s u" to you and me-It s the 3ne *ig -nion of the %orkers that will bring "ros"erity. . and solid as a rock.#4-AT4). His head is made of lumber. I ll introduce to you + man that is a credit to . *y Lone %olf > #une8 . BL)#< *y $oe Hill >+ir8 . +nd *lock he thinks he may *e =resident some day. both high and low. /ow. 2or the toilers to run the nation and the world. 9ake your laws in the union hall--the rest can go to hell. you know you li&e a life of misery. T62 7)A* T) 2.. *lock.

. *lock is lucky... *ut *lock got awful angry and blamed it all on S"ain.. . 'ou make me ache. *lock hiked back to the city. #ie on a rock to your block and then !um" in the lake. 1ockefell. I m &ery glad to state. 9r.I ll see Sam 4om"ers and he ll fi7 that foreman right.Is that so? 'ou ll meet them down below. .comrade. I ll fi7 them with the law. =eter. =oor *lock he died one e&ening. but wasn t doing well. He said. #he money kings in 6uba blew u" the gunboat 9aine. He said. . . #hey shi""ed him to a desert and dum"ed him with his truck. Hurrah. He said.. . He shouts.? ..I ll !oin the union--the great +. 3ld =ete said.* &-= 02 W)7<27S *y (thel 6omer >+ir8 .. #he . *lock. STA. He got a !ob ne7t morning. got fired in the night. Sam 4om"ers said. #o hell with S"ain. *ut after the election he got an awful shock. 9r. He climbed the golden ladder u" to the "early gate. one word I d like to tell. 5indly do that for Liberty s sake. + great big socialistic *ull did ra" him on the block. +nd 6omrade *lock did sob. you were born by mistake.I hel"ed him to his !ob. 'es. I d like to meet the +storbilts and $ohn ).2.6H31-S 3h. *ut when he tried to find his !ob.#hat s too raw. 9r. . #he sharks got se&en dollars. of L. He went right in the battle and there he lost his leg. (lection day he shouted. . 'ou &e got our sym"athy.+ Socialist for 9ayor.3h. for !ob and fare and fee. he sure was out of luck. 'ou take the cake. He shouted. . got elected. he ha""y was for fair.1emember 9aine... . he found a !ob. by gee.'ou see.Stand -" for $esus. +nd now he s "eddling shoestrings and is walking on a "eg.

2or Liberty and right. "retty maidens sei<e. #hen all the greedy tyrants %ill ha&e to earn their bread. Stand u" in all your might. #o win the world for labor +nd &anquish e&ery foe. +rouse. =ul"iteers are s"outing effer&escent swill. Stand u".? 3nward. 6hristian soldiers. 'e toilers. Let the gentle $esus. 2rom &ictory unto &ictory #his army sure will go. ri" and tear and smite. 3nward. . Stand u". "ray and die. 2olks who do not s"eak your tongue. -nite beneath our banner. =ut on the workers armor. %hich is the card of 1ed. #674ST4A. #he ne7t the &ictor s song. Stand u" in e&ery land. 6hristian soldiers. )uty s way is "lain8 Slay your 6hristian neighbors. +ll ye that sla&e for wages.Stand u". go murder. Smash the doors of e&ery home. -se your might and sacred right to treat them as you "lease. bless your dynamite. deser&e the curse of 4od. or by them be slain. +ll your acts are sanctified by the lamb on high.S AT WA7 *y $ohn 5endrick >#une8 . #he strife will not be long. Stand u" and break your chain8 -nite in 3/( *I4 -/I3/-you &e got a world to gain. 'e workers. 6hristian Soldiers.3nward. fertili<e the sod. 'e workers. #his day the noise of battle. S"linter skulls with shra"nel. -nite. 4od abo&e is calling you to rob and ra"e and kill. and fight for freedom. If you lo&e the Holy 4host. +rouse. In 3/( *I4 -/I3/ grand. Stand u".

6hrist 3. 9ercy is a weakness all the gods abhor. *urn the "easant s cottages. %hy. (&en though the children star&e. *ayonet the babies. Steal the farmer s sa&ings. =raise the Lord whose dollar sign du"es his fa&ored race. 4od decrees your enemies must all go "lumb to hell. #oiling in snow and rain. 9ake the foreign trash res"ect your bullion brand of grace. Hoist the cross of 6al&ary to hallow all you do. 5. 6hristian soldiers. 3nward. In $eho&ah s holy name. too. #rust in mock sal&ation. take their grain and meat. 3r hoodwink d fore&er by twaddle and cant? #hink of the wrongs ye bear. 6hristian soldiers. History will say of you8 . )rench the land with gore. wreak ruin right and left.#hat "ack of 4-. #hink on the insults endur d from your birth. 'e &e bra&e hearts to teach you to laugh at disasters. -sing not brain or hand. 6hristian soldiers. In swiftness and strength ye sur"ass them by far.fools. then. why crouch ye like cra&ens? %hy clutch an e7istence of insult and want? %hy stand to be "lucked by an army of ra&ens. 'e &astly outnumber your tyrants in war.3nward. 1ob with bloody fingers. ye toilers. 2ile your bullets noses flat. !ab the mothers. like cowards stand. 1earing u" hea"s of grain.Lillibulero. ser&e as "irates tools..d--. #hankful like dogs when they throw you a bone? %hat right ha&e they to take . (at and drink your fill. the Sa&iour s bums must eat. +ll for the tyrants who grind you to earth. "oison e&ery well. #hink on the rags ye wear. 'our brains are as keen as the brains of your masters. ? *y 6onnell Stand u". 3nward. #ram"ling human freedom under "ious feet. *lighting all you meet. or"hans lea&e bereft. W)7<27S )f T62 W)7L* > +ir8 . s the bill.

.#hings that ye toil to make? 5now ye not. #hro 6astle. 'et what force on earth is weaker than the feeble strength of one? *ut the -nion makes us strong. Show these inca"ables who are the stronger %hen workers and idlers confronted shall stand. 3&er their acres all. 2or the -nion makes us strong. S)L4*A74T0 F)72>27 *y 1al"h H.#he "oor--is any country his? %hat are to me your glories and your industries--they are not mine. that all is your own? 1ise in your might. Labor shall trium"h and mankind be free.$ohn *rown s *ody. Let us make the 6lass %ar a nightmare for the masters. workers. Solidarity fore&er. . Is there aught we hold in common with the greedy "arasite %ho would lash us into serfdom and would crush us with his might? Is there anything left for us but to organi<e and fight? 2or the -nion makes us strong. for the workers. (nding the s"oiler s trade. Solidarity fore&er. 6ha"lin > #une8 . 6ourt and Hall. brothers. 6H31-S Solidarity fore&er. bear it no longer.. #here can be no "ower greater anywhere beneath the sun.%ar is Hell. 6laiming the wealth we &e made. +ssemble in masses throughout the whole land. . 3nwards we ll "ress like wa&es of the sea. ? %hen the -nion s ins"iration through the worker s blood shall run.

+n old "rocuress s"ied here:sic. %e can break their haughty "ower. and not to sla&e in. built the cities where they trade. . there. %orked e&ery day in a laundry. T62 W64T2 SLA>2 *y $oe Hill > +ir8 . ? 3ne little girl. +ll that she made for food she "aid. mid the wonders we ha&e made. when we learn #hat the -nion makes us strong. endless miles of railroad laid. *ut the -nion makes us strong. )on t slee" out in the cold. my girly.It is we who "lowed the "rairies. magnified a thousand fold. gain our freedom. She came and whis"ered in her ear8 6H31-S 6ome with me now. outcast and star&ing. 4reater than the might of armies. +utomobiles to ride in. It is ours. #hey ha&e taken untold millions that they ne&er toiled to earn. So she sle"t on a "ark bench so soundly. 'our face and tresses curly %ill bring you fame and gold. /ow we stand. %e ha&e laid the wide foundations. stone by stone. *ut without our brain and muscle not a single wheel can turn. %hile the -nion makes us strong. 2or the -nion makes us strong. )ug the mines and built the worksho"s. +ll the world that s owned by idle drones. diamonds and silk to wear.9eet 9e #onight in )reamland. built it skywards. In our hands is "laced a "ower greater than their hoarded gold. fair as a "earl. is ours and ours alone. %e can bring to birth the new world from the ashes of the old. but to master and to own.

%e can always get some more.%earing of the 4reen. He said the way they treat them there.* S. 6H31-S )>27ALLS A. #hey re "utting men in "rison. It s the boss that "ays star&ation wages. %ho is to blame? 'ou know his name. She d hear a &oice call from the dee"8 6H31-S 4irls in this way. I d seen his face before. +nd ha&e been falling for ages. he ne&er saw the like. If they catch a wobbly in their burg. + homeless girl can always hear #em"tations calling e&erywhere. . Same little girl. w e can always get some more. I knew he was a wobbly. and it makes the bosses sore. 2or they re "utting men in "rison !ust for going out on strike. #hey ha&e sentenced 2ord and Suhr. by the button that he wore. #here is one thing I can tell you.&FF >#une8 . no more a "earl. !ust for going out on strike. !ust for going out on strike. 'ou ll make your fortune there. fall e&ery day. they &ag him there and then. %alks all alone long the ri&er. 2i&e years ha&e flown.'ou ll be a star bright. her health is gone.? 3ne day as I was walking along the railroad track. $ust for going out on strike. I met a man in %heatland with his blankets on his back. and they &e got them in the "en. we can always get some more. +s fast as they can "inch us. He took his blankets off his back and sat down on the rail +nd told us some sad stories bout the workers down in !ail. by the button that he wore. She would look at the water and shi&er. He was an old-time ho" "icker. by the button that he wore. I knew he was a wobbly. %hene er she d sto" to rest and slee". down in the red light. *y the button that he wore.

%e must free 2ord and Suhr. )on t take my "a"a away from me. #ill we "ut them on the bum. Horst and )urst are mad as hell. till we "ut them on the bum. +nd the rest of those ho" barons are all feeling mighty blue. and the scabs refuse to come. with her father she s always be-*ut then one day the great war broke out and the father was told to go. She begged. *). /obody e&er like him can be. 3h. %e ll "ick no more damned ho"s for them. 3h. . we can always get some more. cried and "leaded so8 6H31-S. for our o&eralls and snuff. for o&eralls and snuff. %e re going to kee" on striking till we "ut them on the bum.2 %ords and 9usic by $oe Hill >%ritten !ust before his e7ecution? + little girl with her father stayed. 2or our o&eralls and snuff. in a cabin across the sea. . don t lea&e me there all alone. for o&eralls and snuff. boys. /ow we &e got to stick together. no one can so with me "lay. +nd we re going to kee" on striking till we "ut them on the bum. they don t know what to do. "lease don t take "a"a away.+s fast as they can "inch us. and stri&e with all our might. we &e tied u" all their ho" fields.0 -A-A AWA0 F7). Her mother dear in the cold gra&e lay. )on t take my "a"a away from me. %e ll "ick no more damned ho"s for them. boys. He has cared for me so tenderly e&er since mother was gone. we re got to win this fight. #he little girl "leaded--her father she needed. 2rom these scissor bill ho" barons we are taking no more bluff.+T TA<2 .

2or the harder o""ression the fiercer #he current will be when it flows. #hat ri&er must seawards des"ite you-#will break down your dams and be free. +t your head our defiance is hurled.? If you dam u" the ri&er of "rogress-+t your "eril and cost let It be. 3ur cry is the cry of the ages-3ur ho"e is the ho"e of the world.Her tender "leadings were all in &ain. he heard some one crying. 6H31-S. . but his bra&e heart was "ierced one day. T62 6)-2 )F T62 A52S *y (. for he fell mid the cannon s roar. He ll ne&er kiss her good night again. and her father went to the war. 4reater a soldier was ne&er born. 2or your efforts but add to the torrent. 3r "atiently bearing the burden 3f changelessly common"lace life. 3ne kindred and brotherhood still. 3ur aim to attain and fulfill.#hree 6heers for the 1ed. %hose flood must o&erwhelm you at last. 3ne watchword we cherish to mark us. %e shall win. 2rom which the true Soldiers of 2reedom Shall gather new courage and might. %hether leading the &an of the fighters. %hite and *lue. 2or our banner is rais d and unfurled. 3ne ho"e we ha&e e&er before us. +nd we heed not the "itiful barriers #hat you in its way ha&e downcast. /esbit >#une8 . + girl s &oice from far away8 6H31-S. +nd as he was dying. In bitterest stress of the strife. %e laugh in the face of the forces #hat strengthen the flood they o""ose. and the tyrant s battalions %ill scatter like chaff in the fight.

fi&e o clock. He made us run for se&en miles as fast as we could run. 6H31-S. fleet. +nd with a "acking on our back that weighed a half a ton. #he man he said.. 9ark. 3ur watchword is . and again I m free. Stung right.? %hen I was hiking round the town to find a !ob one day. we ll go ashore and ha&e some e7ercise. new soldiers 2lock each day where her flag is unfurled.5 7456T *y $oe Hill >+ir8 . Stung right. not by any . #o scrub the deck and "olish brass and shine the ca"tain s shoes. stung right. #hey slammed me right in irons then and said. S.+ thousand men are wanted right away. I sim"ly "lugged him in the !aw and knocked him down and out. /ot all w be killed by bullets. %hen my term is o&er. 3ur cry is the cry of the ages. ST&. +nd many of the boys in blue were in the battle slain. that s me.. no. #here ll be no more tri"s around the world for me. .2reedom. I saw a sign . Some time ago when -ncle Sam he had a war with S"ain. (.#he -.#oday I ll show you something nice.. they woke me from my snoo<e. Sunlight. S-#---/-4.'ou are a case. *ut in the morning. . though. 3ne day the ca"tain said. A..%hat matter if failure on failure 6rowd closely u"on us and "ress? %hen a hundred ha&e bra&ely been beaten #he hundred and first wins success. that is no "lace for sla&es. .. I signed my name a do<en times u"on a great big sheet. 3n bread and water then I li&ed for twenty-se&en days. 3ne day a dude in uniform to me commenced to shout. +ll hands line u". #o take a tri" around the world in -ncle Sammy s fleet.Sunlight. 3ur ho"e is the ho"e of the world. #he only thing you ha&e to do is stand and watch the wa&es. stung right.

T62 )-T4. %e bring all !oys. %ith others of his class he built the road. %hen hunger s rule is "ast. %e ha&e no ties beyond the skies. %hen e&ery man shall guard the "lan #hat e&ery man be free. /ow o er it.means. conser&e all health.4ST4# LAB)74T2S *y $ohn 2. . #he biggest "art that died were killed by +rmour s =ork and *eans. Some day we ll own the fields we &e sown. our strength we ll gi&e 2or liberty and right. /o child shall sla&e to feed a kna&e.<2T ST4FF? He built the road. #he ha""y times to be.? %e ll sing the "raise of future days. %hen man is free at last.#he Har" #hat 3nce #hrough #ara s Halls. many a weary mile. for we re the boys 3f hammer. +nd while we li&e. He walks and walks and walks and walks +nd wonders why in Hell he built the road. %ith ready hand we take our stand #o ho"e and work and fight. brush and s"ade. T62 ?BLA. s"urred on by hunger s goad. #hen li&e the "art that warms the heart. he "acks his load. *y cunning craft and trade. +nd wakens manhood s "ride8 +ll /ature s laws confirm the cause 2or which our comrades died. 3ur lo&es and ho"es are here. /o holy fool can make us drool #he dismal hymns of fear. 5endrick >#une8 . %e make all wealth. 6hasing a !ob.

#he angels got together. $ust like he did to workers on the S. 6H31-S. 6asey $ones got a !ob in hea&en. 6asey $ones was working double time. =. BC. #hat s what you get for scabbing on the S. =. and its dri&ers on the bum.3h fine. line. S#AB *y $oe Hill #he %orkers on the S. He said . line. 6asey $ones was doing mighty fine. . *ut 6asey said8 . line. 6asey $ones broke his blooming s"ine. *y 1ichard *ra<ier >#une8 . 'ou can get a !ob a-scabbing any time you like. 2or being good and faithful on the S..Let me alone. the )e&il said. 6asey $ones went scabbing on the angels. #he +ngels -nion /o.#AS20 $). you d better take a hike. *ut 6asey $ones. 2or 6asey $ones to go around a-scabbing e&erywhere.. 6asey $ones ke"t his !unk "ile running. .2S%%T62 &. they sure were there.. line. Line to strike sent out a call. get busy sho&eling sul"hur.. freight.? . #hen some one "ut a bunch of railroad ties across the track. and they said it wasn t fair. +nd they "rom"tly fired 6asey down the 4olden Stair.'ou re !ust the man. 4T 4S T62 &. =. the engineer.4).4). =. His boiler it was leaking. 6asey $ones.%e Ha&e a /a&y. . . +nd 6asey hit the ri&er with an awful crack.I m 6asey $ones. 6asey $ones went to Hell a-flying. the guy that "ulled the S.. 6asey $ones was an +ngeleno.%on t you hel" us win this strike?..6asey $ones. 6asey $ones hit the ri&er bottom. they were all out of "lumb. =. #he %orkers said to 6asey8 .our musicians went on strike. 6asey $ones got a wooden medal. %hen 6asey $ones got u" to hea&en to the =early 4ate. He took a tri" to hea&en on the S. he wouldn t strike at all. +nd his engine and its bearings. said =eter. =.

cringing to those men de"ra&ed. *ut the day of liberty is dawning-2reedom now draws nigh. the strong. *ut his master rea"s the "rofits from his toil.5 ). He s toiling hard from the cradle to the gra&e. *ut on e&ery hand. a fighting union.5 *y $oe Hill >+ir8 . It is the -nion. 4reat will be the workers "ower. %rongs that make our hearts boil. the Industrial -nion-3ur banner is unfurled. #he horn-handed son of the toil. #hen we ll sing one song of the greedy master class. 2or countless years and ages we &e been ensla&ed *eneath the ca"italistic rule. %e sons of toil will make our stand. W2 W4LL S4. . %e ha&e a union. +n eight-hour day for all em"loyed workers would "ut thousands of the unem"loyed to work. It will kee" them in their "lace %hen they know they ha&e to face 3ur union of workingmen that s true. #hen in our glory will we tower. #hen in our glory will we tower. throughout this s"lendid land. too. %hat will be the secret of our "ower? 6H31-S.9y 3ld 5entucky Home.2 S).? %e will sing one song of the meek and humble sla&e.Sing a song in "raise of toiling masses. In whose hands we ha&e e&er been a tool. %e must unite to win the fight-%age sla&ery then will die. %e will unite in all our s"lendid might In the Industrial %orkers of the %orld. Sing of wrongs done to the working classes. %e. +nd our masters know that. Sing a song about our sons of toil. %e ha&e always borne the blows and lashes/o more we ll "atient stand.

In the sweatsho"s. he s not wanted round the cam". and be meek. be lowly. 6H31-S. He says. He s talking of changing the laws. #hey re taken from "laygrounds and schools. He tells you of homes in the sky.kee"ers. #hen we ll sing one song of the "oor and ragged tram". She s scorned and des"ised e&erywhere. #hey li&e by robbing the e&er-toiling mass. #hen we ll sing one song of the 3ne *ig -nion 4rand. 3h. %hile in their mansions the . mong the looms and the s"ools. %e will sing one song of the children in the mills. (lection day all the drinks and smokes he ll buy. it is swee"ing sea and land. toilers. wine and dine 2rom the "rofits that immoral traffic bear. indeed. *ut the only and thoroughbred lady Is the 1ebel 4irl. #here are blue blooded queens and "rincesses. Some are li&ing in beautiful mansions. as e&eryone knows. In tender years made to go the "ace that kills. #he ho"e of the toiler and sla&e..#hey re &agrants in broadcloth. fat and sleek. %hile he s li&ing from the sweat of your brow. 2ull of beauty. So he wanders without aim along the track. full of lo&e and health. @D@E? #here are women of many descri"tions In this queer world. %e will sing one song of the "reacher.*e generous. %ho ha&e charms made of diamonds and "earl. %e will sing one song of the "olitician sly. come organi<e your might. If you don t you ll sure get roasted when you die. #o the terror of the grafter and the kna&e. #oo old to work. Human blood they s"ill to satisfy their greed. . . T62 72B2L 547L %ords and 9usic by $oe Hill >6o"yrighted. 3rgani<e. +nd are wearing the finest of clothes. #hen we ll sing one song of the girl below the line. #hen we ll sing one song of the workers commonwealth. It s coming fast. He carries his home on his back.

3ur hearts shall cheer him and cry . her hands may be hardened from labor. >#une8 . *ut a heart in her bosom is beating #hat is true to her class and her kind. . %hile their flag went marching on. =rice. 2or the only and thoroughbred lady Is the 1ebel 4irl. 2or it s great to fight for freedom %ith a 1ebel 4irl. W2+72 72A*0 >+ir8 .2 $)4. hel"less. BF cents. but we need some more In the Industrial %orkers of the %orld.#he 1ebel 4irl. +nd her dress may not be &ery fine. we re ready to die 2or Liberty. #hat s the 1ebel 4irl. %. come !oin the union.+ll Hail. #). may be obtained in "o"ular sheet from by a""lying to I.. %e ha&e seen a mighty armor dying. that s the 1ebel 4irl. "ride and !oy #o the fighting 1ebel *oy. one by one. %ords and 9usic of . 6H31-S.? 6ourage and honor to him who s !ailed. %e ha&e seen his children needy when the har&esting was done.Soldier s Song. =ublishing *ureau. 3ur hands shall hel" to win the fight-%e re ready to fight.? %e ha&e seen the rea"er toiling in the heat of summer sun.6H31-S.*attle Hymn of the 1e"ublic. %e &e had girls before. +nd the grafters in terror are trembling %hen her s"ite and defiance she ll hurl. #o the working class she s a "recious "earl. %age workers. 'es.4). She brings courage. %. T62 &. WA52 W)7<27S.

3. *ut no longer shall the children bend abo&e the whi<<ing wheel.+nnie Laurie. #hen lift your eyes. In the mines and in the forest worn and hel"less man shall feel #hat his cause is marching on. lice from honest labor s sweat. Hark. the ri&er s &oice is near.? =arasites in this fair country. come !oin the union. %e ha&e shuddered in the darkness at the noises of their feet. 3ur sla&ers marts are em"ty. *ut their cause went marching on. clothed and sheltered. human flesh no more is sold. #hey ne&er star&e or free<e. T62 -A7AS4T2S *y $ohn (. %here the dealer s fatal hammer wakes the clink of lea"ing gold. nor face the wintry bree<e. /ordquist >#une8 . +nd they do whate er they "lease. . yet labor s "roduct get. %e will free the weary women from their bondage under steel. #here are some who ne&er labor. come !oin the union. *ut the sla&ers of the "resent more relentless "owers hold. #hey are well fed. in the desert hot and drear. %age workers. Industrial %orkers of the %orld. the army of the wretched. how they swarm the city street-%e ha&e seen them in the midnight. where the 4oths and 0andals meet.%age workers. 6atch the cool winds from the mountains. Soon we ll rest beside the fountain and the dreamland will be here +s we go marching on. ye toilers. #hough the world goes marching on.

%elcome the fray with ringing cheers. +fter the winter comes the s"ringtime. +fter the darkness comes the day.? -" from your knees. /othing can sto" us nor dismay. #he "arasites will &anish. 9aster the earth. *reak ye your chains. then s"eed the &ictory. 6ha"lin >+ir8 . . $oin in the fight--the 2inal *attle.#hese "arasites are li&ing. 3 9en of Labor. 6H31-S + thousand years. ye cringing serfmen. 6rush him or ser&e a thousand years. #hese are the times al 2reemen dreamed of-2ought to attain a thousand years.-*ought with your blood a thousand years. the working class shall stand. &. strike off your fetters. arise and crush him. they can ne&er break our s"irits #hough they should try a thousand years. %hile millions star&e and shi&er. *e ye "re"ared. #hese "arasites would &anish and lea&e this grand old world. %hen in 3ne -nion grand. in lu7ury and state. 0)&7 <. nor do they e&er try #heir lot in life to better. and the scarlet flag unfurled.22S= *y 1al"h H. be not unworthy. If the workers fought together. %hat ha&e ye gained by whines and tears? 1ise. See. #hey know not why they die. *eat them to swords--the foe a""ears-Sla&es of the world. #hey only mourn and sigh. +nd the workers rule the land.F7).Song of a #housand 'ears.-4reater the task when trium"h nears.-Long ha&e ye learned--a thousand years. at your feet the world is waiting. and moan their wretched fate. 3&er the hills the sun is rising 3ut of the gloom the light a""ears.

+ll the agonies you suffer.T62 B)SS2S )FF 0)&7 BA#< *y $ohn *rill >#une8 . singing-)eath to tyrants might.9arch of the 9en of Harlech. forlorn and hungry? +re there lots of things you lack? Is your life made u" of misery? #hen dum" the bosses off your back. #ho we wield not s"ear nor sabre. Hel"ing e&ery man his neighbor. the battle-cry is ringing.. Shirk not from the fight. hits the boss in the latitude of his hi" where he carries his greenware. *ids us !ourney forward. Salt >+ir8 . #he I.? +re you "oor.%. %e the sturdy sons of Labor. +nd swell the dauntless chorus8 6H31-S .*&. So firm we stand in heart and hand. 'ou can end with one good whack-Stiffen u". See our homes before us. you orn ry duffer-+nd dum" the bosses off your back. Ho"e within our bosoms s"ringing. +re you almost s"lit asunder? Loaded like a long-eared !ack? *oob--why don t you buck like thunder? +nd dum" the bosses off your back. +re your clothes all "atched and tattered? +re you li&ing in a shack? %ould you ha&e your troubles scattered? #hen dum" the bosses off your back.%. %i&es and babes im"lore us.#ake It to the Lord in =rayer.5= *y H.? Hark. S.54. 6A7<= T62 BATTL2%#70 4S 74.

$ustice. shout with all your &oice. If you would be informed of the e&ery-day struggles. 9ake a noise. (&erybody s !oining it.(&erybody s )oin It. (&erybody s !oining it.4. Heroic deeds. the theory and ultimate aim of the 1e&olutionary Labor 9o&ement. for life. $oining what? $oining it. $oining in this union grand. that s the only noise.5 4T *y $oe Hill >+ir8 . (&erywhere you walk. $oining what? $oining it. 2reedom. Long in wrath and des"eration. (&erybody s !oining it. 3ne *ig -nion. 3ne *ig -nion. 2>270B)*0+S $)4. /ow. young or hoary. Ho"e from brighter thoughts we ll borrow. Shall herald 2reedom s morning. /obler days are dawning. +ll are !oining it now. (&erybody s !oining it. sublimer creeds. for glory. %ould ye win a name in story? Strike for home. 3ften shines the fairest morrow +fter stormiest night. Ha&e we borne the degradation 3f the rich man s s"ite. disdaining useless sorrow. #hey ha&e got a way to strike #hat the master doesn t like-(&erybody stick. make a noise. take warning. you must read S3LI)+1I#'. $oining what? $oining it. boys. . 6H31-S. Long in hunger. #yrant hearts. make a noise. shame. 1ight. "ri&ation.? 2ellow workers. that s the only trick. e&erybody talk *out the I.9en of Labor. that s the workers choice.%. $oining what? $oining it.%. can t you hear. 3ne *ig -nion. #here is something in the air.

and he was not a fool. +nd fools there are many. we know. !oin the fighting bunch. %hat do you think. 3ne day *ill *rown s union went out on strike. 6ome and !oin with us--e&erybody does-'ou &e got nothing to lose. %ill the 3ne *ig -nion grow? 9ister *onehead wants to know.2. 3r else they would ha&e struck with glee. #h *oss is feeling mighty blue. of L.? *ill *rown was a worker in a great big sho". )F L. A. %here there worked two thousand others. *ill *rown was a thinker. +ll the others had craft autonomy. So we were bound to lose. L.. 2ight for 2reedom and 1ight. +nd *ill *rown did sadly say8 6H31-S +ll we got was sym"athy. *etter take a hunch. . +nd they went out for higher "ay. 4ee. $oin I. in the +. F.. %ell. of that funny gink +sking such foolish questions? %ill it grow ? %ell. 2. %e ha&e got his goat. you see. Soon he ll work or go star&ing. Look a here. +nd they called each other . #hey all belonged to the +. )on t let bosses trouble you. S0.%.*oys and girls in e&ery land. So he decided the +. of L. got him by the throat. *ut I got good and hungry.. +in t it hell. +ll you get is sym"athy. +nd no craft unions go for me. +ll the other crafts remained on the !ob.brothers.2. *rand new unions e&erywhere. %eber >#une8 .-AT60 *y *.%. of L. +ll the workers hand in hand-(&erybody s !oining it now. He don t know !ust what to do.+ll I 4ot %as Sym"athy.

* T62 LAW72. He said8 . $)6. $ohn 4olden "ulled a bogus strike with all his .+nd its craft di&isions must go. when the star&ing masses struck for more to eat +nd wooden-headed %ood he tried the strikers to defeat. 3ne (nemy--#he *oss. %here the workers can all !oin the fight. #he "reachers. 3ne *ig -nion. He told him how to bust u" the .#2 ST74<2 *y $oe Hill >#une8 . . Still things were looking blue.+ Little #alk %ith $esus. %ood a "ri&ate inter&iew."inks and stools. #he boy in blue. co"s and money-kings were working hand in hand.. A. He ll settle any strike. So now on the soa" bo7 boldly he stands. If there s coin in sight. all right. $ust take him u" to dine +nd e&erything is fine-+ little talk with 4olden 9akes it right. Industrial -nions are !ust the thing. 3ne acti&e agitating worker in the industry. cause e&ery striker knew #hat wea&ing cloth with bayonets is hard to do.. is worth a do<en in the !ungle. +nd this is !ust the answer that the mailman brought8 6H31-S + little talk with 4olden 9akes it right. with stars and stri"es were sent by -ncle Sam. 5)L*2.? In Lawrence. + singing with all of his might8 6H31-S #here are but two nations..I double double -. He came out in a while and wore the 4olden smile. #o Sammy 4om"ers wrote and asked him what he thought.I &e got all labor leaders skinned a mile. $ohn 4olden had with 9r. a nation of 9asters and a nation of Sla&es. all right. He thought the rest would follow like a bunch of cra<y fools.

+nd let the rich man o er you rule? It is time that you were waking. workingmen. #he earth belongs to Labor.4T2 *y %alquist >#une8 . +ll this wealth belong to toilers. See the dawn is breaking. In a land so rich and fair? 6H31-S -nite. what must we do to li&e? Shall the workers face star&ation. unite.*ut to his great sur"rise the . unite.? I wander u" and down the street. 6H31-S 32 L+S# 0(1S( #hat s one time 4olden did not 9ake it right. oh. #here s millions like me wandering.Lo&e 9e and the %orld Is 9ine. %orkers of the %orld. 6ome now. . when. 3h. #ill I ha&e blisters on my feet. wake u" from your dream. %hen all the workers stand -nited hand in hand. &. 6H31-S -nite. I &e no bed.foreigners. my 2ellow 9an. /o "lace to rest my weary head. when will you get wise? +re you still going to be a fool. %age sla&es throw your chains away. all right. 9y belly s em"ty. unite. #he world with all its wealth %ill be at their command. W)7<27S )F T62 W)7L*. In s"ite of all his schemes #he strikers won the fight. my 2ellow 9en. +nd not to the s"oilers. In one big solid union they were organi<ed. #ake back your freedom and your right 'ou ha&e nothing to lose now. 3h. mis ry and "ri&ation. were wise. 3h. %ho are dee"ly "ondering. +nd crush the greedy tyrant s might. come organi<e.

In )i7ie land let s take our stand +nd li&e and die for )i7ie. In )i7ie land the children toil +nd the mothers moil in )i7ie land. . day by day. but he s now grown bolder. %ork away. nary "ay down South in )i7ie. In )i7ie land is the )emocratic "arty. it will "ay down South in )i7ie. nary "ay. %ork away. In )i7ie land he drags white .%orkers of the %orld. 3rgani<ed to make the darkie %ork away. )i7ie land. %ork away. 3ff to his cam"s in )i7ie land. )i7ie land. Soon results will be sur"rising. *ut in )i7ie land we re organi<ing. 1obinson %ork away down South in the land of cotton. day by day. %ork away. work away. )i7ie land. and all that s rotten. )3/ # 2314(# that you ha&e been u" against it this winter. nary "ay. 6H31-S %ork away. %ork away. nary "ay. )i7ie land. day by day. away. nary "ay. away. %ork away. . %ork away. How about ne7t winter? LAB)7+S *4@42 *y 6harles 9. %ork away down South in )i7ie. nary "ay. %ork away down South in )i7ie. nary "ay down South in )i7ie. In )i7ie land it grinds and grabs +nd burns and stabs in )i7ie land. %ork away down South in )i7ie. %ork away. day by day. nary "ay. day by day. it will "ay. In )i7ie land is the thief land-holder--sed to be bold.6iti<en s Leagues. +way down South in )i7ie. %ork away. day by day. day by day. unite. %ork away. day by day. %ork away down South in )i7ie. it will "ay.tram"s. %ork away. nary "ay down South in )i7ie.

It s the workers own choice. #he sword of )amocles hangs o er their head.#he Shade of the 3ld +""le #ree. #he "roduct of their labor to retain. #he master class in great fear now are quaking. 6ome and !oin us today. It s for girls and for boys. %e are fighting for 2reedom and *read. Industrial unionism now is calling.)W AWA<4. #he toilers of the world they hear its cry. )3/ # 2314(# that eight hours a day would "ut thousands to work. It s a union for you and for me. #he toilers in one union are uniting. In one union now they all are fighting.2or in )i7ie land we ll strike the blow-#he boss must go from )i7ie land-- T62 W)7<27S )F T62 W)7L* A72 . 6H31-S It s a union for true Liberty. 6ause the blood of all nations is red-6ome and !oin in the fray. +nd we march with a 1ed 2lag ahead.5 *y 1ichard *ra<ier >#une8 . *ut the fight the Industrial %orkers are now making %ill make our chains a relic of the "ast. *y their "rinci"les to stand or fall and die. #he earth is shakin with their mighty tread.? #he %orkers of the %orld are now awaking. #he master class in fear ha&e ke"t us shaking. %hy does a short work day and a long "ay always go together? . %ho want freedom from wage sla&ery. #o o&erthrow their cruel master s reign. 2or long in bondage they held us fast. In line with the Industrial %orkers they are falling.

.2 A72 T62 *A0S *y 1ichard *ra<ier >#une8 . . and !oin the rebel band. 6H31-S Hurrah.. %e hate their rotten system more than any mortals do.T +27 72* *y 1al"h H. 5). you workingmen. %e ll work you all day and half the night as well.3ld *lack $oe. *ut when we hit their "ocketbooks we ll s"oil their smiles of mirth-%e ll sto" their dirty di&idends and dri&e them from the earth %ith 3/( *I4 I/)-S#1I+L -/I3/. 3ur aim is not to "atch it u". Hurrah. hurrah. 1ed s the color of our flag. we ll fill the boss with fears. Is 3/( *I4 I/)-S#1I+L -/I3/.%e ll work you long hours for little "ay.working "lugs.'ou will. and gi&e a hel"ing hand. *ut I hear the workers &oices saying. they call us .. 6ome on. Is 3/( *I4 I/)-S#1I+L -/I3/.. when the master class could say. 6ha"lin >#une8 . inferior by birth.? 6ome with us. . but build it all anew.Sla&es. 6ome. 2or the beacon that shall guide us out of darkness into light.-A4.? 4one are the days. we re going to "aint er red. like Hell.9arching #hrough 4eorgia. %e march against the "arasite to dri&e him from the land. . when finally we re through. the way is clear ahead-%e re gaining sho" democracy and liberty and bread %ith 3/( *I4 I/)-S#1I+L -/I3/. you fellows. %e re on the !ob and know the way to win the hardest fight. get in line. In factory and field and mine we gather in our might. it s stained with blood and tears-%e ll flout it in his ugly mug and ring our loudest cheers 2or 3/( *I4 I/)-S#1I+L -/I3/. you discontented ones. +nd what we ll ha&e for go&ernment. hurrah. %ith 3/( *I4 I/)-S#1I+L -/I3/.

. #o shout the %orkers battle cry for freedom. /ow. boys.6H31-S 2or we re going.%ar is Hell. Secure a bundle order of Solidarity each week for distribution.. Let s all !oin together and to the *oss all say. %e shall rally to the call. boys. +ll you ha&e to do is to !oin our -nion grand. #o shout the %orkers battle cry for freedom. Let s raise the %ooden 6law. and fields of wa&ing grain. on e&ery sea and shore. T62 W)7<27S+ BATTL2 #70 F)7 F722*). we are with you heart and hand. %e surely will sur"rise the *oss some first of 9ay. Sto" the endless court trials by using the %ooden Shoe on the !ob. 6H31-S 3ne -nion fore&er. we are working far too long. +llen >+ir8 . from brush to =oor 9an s Lane. . one and one-half cents "er co"y. #o shout the %orkers battle cry for freedom. 6H31-S SAB)TA52 9ake it too e7"ensi&e for the boss to take the li&es and liberty of the workers. #hen we ll rally from the sweat sho"s. Hurrah. 6H31-S /ow. Hurrah. #hat s why we &e got this &ast unem"loyed throng. workingmen. Let the ca"italists go to war to "rotect their own "ro"erty. 4i&e e&ery worker a chance to work each day. 4. we ll rally from the mines. +s soon as you are ready. boys. #o shout the %orkers battle cry for freedom. +nd we ll rally from the worksho"s where millions ha&e been slain.Shouting the *attle 6ry of 2reedom.? 'es. it s u" to you to say If you want a general eight hour day. )own with #radition. we re going to take an eight hour day. workmen. *y 4eo.

4). and the children working in the mills. #heir labor "ower sell. when they met these workingmen who knew #hat 3ne *ig -nion true. #he women in the sweatsho"s. in 5irby s "eon hell. %hen he dons the o&eralls then the working class will cease #o shout the %orkers battle cry for freedom. 6H31-S %hen the world is standing still and the 9aster cries for "eace. In Little 2alls. Hurrah. 6ome !oin the 3ne *ig -nion. Let s shout the %orkers battle cry for freedom. in all weather.. for you your wrongs we re righting. +nd shout the %orkers battle cry for freedom. 6H31-S %orkers. boys. T62. Hurrah.2 B45 &.%e shall stand with folded arms and for 9asters sla&e no more. they won the day. 2or you our -nion is fighting. in the $ungle. %hen we &e gathered in the 6am". where the fighting lumber!acks do dwell. too. Let s shout the %orkers battle cry for freedom. *) >#une8 . in 3ne *ig -nion they must fight . )own with the 4unmen. Let s raise the %ooden =aw. 9assachusetts. #). S(63/) 6H31-S 3ne -nion fore&er. #he stockyard s man who kills. do. 9ust stick together. on the #rain. the miner in the hills. could win the fray. %here the workers showed the shirkers !ust what they could do. where we held the %oolen #rust at bay +nd won a shorter day. and a big increase in "ay. oh workers.? *y 1ichard *ra<ier )own in Lawrence. let s show this gang of shirkers %hat we can do with 3ne -nion true.9y Hula Hula Lo&e. %here the masters met disaster. )own in Louisiana.2 $)4.

always go together. +nd a "eaceable assemblage is declared to be a mob. #he "a"ers said the union men were all but anarchist.. they must unite. and big "ay. .It ser&es him right. shorter hours and better conditions. 3rgani<e yourself and fellow workers on the !ob for higher wages. when a fellow look s for work.5 ). *ut the ne7t day when the hungry horde surrounded city hall. )3/ # 2314(# that a short work day. #he chances are a co" will grab his collar with a !erk. %hen the court decides against us we are filled with wholesome awe. He hedged and said he didn t "romise anything at all. %hen the dudes of state militia are slow to come to time.+gainst the master s might. So they are clubbing men and women !ust for walking on the grass. WAL<4. In this year of slow star&ation. So we let the ruling class maintain the dignity of law. He will run him in for &agrancy. +nd all the well-to-do will shout8 . he is branded as a tram". #he law u"holding =inkertons are gathered from the slime.? In this blessed land of freedom where 5ing 9ammon wears the crown. So the !ob trust "romised work for all who wouldn t enlist. #here are wisely framed in!unctions that you must not lea&e your !ob. T62 57ASS >#une8 . So let s fight together. *ut we cannot stand the outrage without a little sauce %hen they re clubbing men and women !ust for walking on the grass. +nd 6ongress "assed a measure framed by some consummate ass. the scam".#he %earing of the 4reen. )3/ # 2314(# that our fight is your fight. #here are many ways illegal now to hold the "eo"le down.

L4B27T0 F)72>27 >+ir8 . $. . #hen "ut your wooden shoes on. "ard. #hey ll sto" clubbing men and women !ust for walking on the grass. no doubt. I am sorry to be under contract to hang you. Shall be our battle cry. 9r. all around and see. listen to the call. Liberty for e&er. Hill. /ow you need the light and might to free all homeless working men. +nd when mene tekel at length shall come to "ass. Liberty for e&er. +nd no more shall a king or a crown remain--nited fast are we with bonds that naught can se&er.4). loud and clear and far our battle cry rings e&er-Liberty for aye and aye. &. Is &ery good--that s true. Look around. take the world for all.So the "owers that be are acting &ery queer to say the least-#hey should go and read their *ible and all about *elsha<<ar s feast. Long. +nd you won t hurt your corns. +nd we burst all asunder our bonds and chains. +nd strewn with rocks and thorns.? %e broke the yoke of a "itiless class. 9r.262A* W)7<4. S#ABS 9y dear brother. If 2reedom s road seems rough and hard. the ro"e bears the label and here is my card. 3f the bra&e to the bra&e.+n&il 6horus.A. Sla&e. 3ur organi<ation will win when it strikes. *ut still we can t succeed without #he 4ood 3ld %ooden Shoe. Sla&e. but I know it will "lease you to hear that the scaffold is built by union car"enters. T62 B). #o organi<e and teach.5 .

2or it is the fi7ed intention of the %orkers of the %orld. If you cannot s"eed u" you re fired then. get a book. then you ll "robably /ot let the bosses cry8 6H31-S 4. 9an. for shorter hours and .? 2ellow workers "ay attention to what I m going to mention. Sla&e. you sure will make him wealthy.W. and for decorating halls. read the word of light. it s a wa&e rolling through the land. It s 4od darned hard to wake you u". +nd we re going to find a way. Sla&e. =rice BF cents each.%here the 1i&er Shannon 2lows. "ost"aid. 9r. It s a wa&e. boys.. Hurry u". 3ne *ig -nion. %. -2. +nd I ho"e you ll all be ready. hear the sound of machinery. you re slow. each fellow worker knows.1( + *3/(H(+) %315I/4 9+/. on my new machine.Hear the "ound. 9r. W6272 T62 F7AS27 74>27 FL)WS >#une8 . #hey ha&e bullied and o""ressed us. etc. 4et a book.TS 2ull si<e red felt "ennants with large I. It dis"laces se&enty men. $ust hear the bosses blow. but still our -nion grows. !oin the band of might. 4o and look. '3. %ith the design and wording in three colors this makes an attracti&e a""earance for demonstrations. #ake a look.W.A. go and look for another master. label and the wording. boss is losing money. 4ood or bad. 6H31-S Hurry u". 6ome and be a wobbly. #o gather round our standard when the 1ed 2lag is unfurled. how they rule you. true-hearted. hear the union grand. take a look. %. 6H31-S %here the 2raser ri&er flows. How the owners fool you. bra&e and steady. #his the masters fear we are here to free our class from sla&ery.

#o 3ne *ig Industrial -nion. Hooray. %hen will you workers see? #he only way you ll gain your economic liberty. Sing it to the wage sla&e who has not yet !oined the throng 3f the re&olution that will swee" the world along. 4. we ll sing another song. 6H31-S Hooray. /ow the har&est String #rust they would mo&e to 4ermany. *ut why their mothers reared them. +nd we will show no white feather. each fellow worker knows. %hy should any worker be without the necessities of life when ten men can "roduce enough for a hundred? ).? *ring the good old red book. they also want to flee 2rom strikes and labor troubles.2 B45 4. Hooray. where the 2raser ri&er flows.4). +re questions we can t answer. where the ri&er 2raser flows.*&ST74AL &. How the masters holler when they hear the dreadful sound 3f sabotage and direct action s"read the world around. *y 4. /ow the boss the law is stretching. boys. and why the de&il s"ared them. +nd they re not our benefactors. +nd they are a fine collection. #hey s getting ready to &amoose with ears close to the ground. as $esus only knows. 2or these gunny-sack contractors ha&e all been dirty actors. +llen >+ir8 . boys. bulls and "im"s he s fetching. Hooray. Is 3ne *ig Industrial -nion. but they cannot get . 2rom 3ne *ig Industrial -nion. where the 2raser ri&er flows. So we &e got to stick together in fine or dirty weather.better "ay. #he truth will make you free. #he Silk *osses of =aterson.9arching #hrough 4eorgia. boys. +nd we re going to win the day.

Let her go..2T22.4. %ith e&ery &ictory %e ll hum the workers anthem till you finally must be In 3ne *ig Industrial -nion. /ow Salt Lake 6ity s 9ormon throngs 9ust list to $oe Hill s rebel songs. /ordquist >#une8 .T6 *y $ohn (. you mighty host. you "roletarian. march on. 9arch on. Let s set the wage sla&e free. %ith 3ne *ig Industrial -nion.B27 . *ut all his songs are here to stay. #he flag for which his life he ga&e. /o more $oe Hill shall "en the songs #hat "ictured all the workers wrongs. Hooray. Hooray. +nd organi<e from coast to coast.I m ready. fellow workers.)>2. 2or bra&e $oe Hill died without fear. . /ow.#he 1ed 2lag. . 6H31-S 3n high the blood red banners wa&y. His mighty "en shall rust away. 'ou migratory workers of the common labor clan. his life has fled. #he master class shall rue the day #hey took $oe Hillstrom s life away. +nd $oe Hill s s"irit soon shall see #rium"hant Labor s &ictory. *ut his bra&e s"irit ho&ers near +nd bids each fellow worker cheer. He told the bosses gunmen.away 2rom 3ne *ig Industrial -nion.? #hey &e shot $oe Hill. Hooray. shed no tear. 6H31-S Hooray. fire. 'ou must emanci"ate yourself. low8 . #hey &e filled his manly heart with lead. %e sing to you to !oin and be a fighting -nion 9an. %hile angry sabs shall "rowl the night #o show the 3ne *ig -nion s might.

3ne *ig -nion of the working class will be sufficient .)on t #ake 9y =a"a +way from 9e.W.)on t waste any time mourning-314+/IA(. #his is my last and final will.. Any wage worker wishing to become a member of the Industrial Workers of the World. F for H@. 4ood luck to all of you.I ha&e li&ed like an artist. If I could choose.9ilitary "re"aredness. I would to ashes it reduce. /o&ember @G. apply to the secretary of that union.II. Single co"ies.. is a "art of the . =erha"s some fading flower then %ould come to life and bloom again. . 6)W T) $)4. 2or there is nothing to di&ide. -. +nd let the merry bree<es blow 9y dust to where some flowers grow. EI for H@I. BFc. I shall die like an artist.#he 1ebel 4irl. $)2 64LL+S LAST W4LL >%ritten in his cell. . 9y kin don t need to fuss and moan-.W. I. $e will furnish you with an application blank containing the .$oe Hill . ..9oss does not cling to a rolling stone. . may proceed in the following manner !. If you live in a locality where there is a union of your industry already in exisence"sic#. 9y body? +h. @D@F.%orkers of the %orld. +waken."re"aredness of the ca"italist class..--$oe Hill %31)S +/) 9-SI6 I/ =3=-L+1 SH((# 2319 32 the following songs written by $oe Hill8 ."re"aredness.. to enable the working class to o&ercome their enemy-3/ +/' 2I(L)..%. %. on the e&e of his e7ecution? 9y will is easy to decide. =ublishing *ureau. for larger and more intensi&e e7"loitation of labor. $3( HILL.II. T62 4.

. is. &onstitution and the two 'uestions which each candidate must answer in the affirmative.!.. and is usually ..! W. 1et no less than TW9:T5 signatures thereon.W.. &hicago. 4upplies. but cannot be more than . charter fee. and pay an initiation fee of6 .W./.. 7. 8etter still write to the 1eneral 4ecretary for a &harter Application 8lank.. ). If there is no union of the I. with the .oin the I. The monthly dues cannot exceed .%reamble to the I. constitutions and instructions will then be sent you. whose address is given below.-.. The monthly dues are -. W. W.. in your vicinity. 0adison 4treet. in any instance.c for membership. you may become a 0ember of the 1eneral 2ecruiting 3nion by making application to the 1eneral 4ecretary.W.!. W. W. /. . )o it now< The address of the 1eneral 4ecretary=Treasurer of the I. $aywood... Wm. 5ou will be re'uired to answer affirmatively the two above 'uestions. cents. Ill. and you can proceed to organi*e the union. The 'uestions are as follows ()o you agree to abide by the constitution and regulations of this organi*ation+( (Will you diligently study its principles and make yourself ac'uainted with its purposes+( The initiation fee is fixed by the union..W.. of bona fide wage workers in any one industry and send the charter application with the names to the 1eneral 4ecretary. .. !./.. and are in most unions -.

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