SECOND PERIODICAL TEST IN MATHEMATICS 5 Name: ____________________________________________ Score: ___________

I. DIRECTION: Write the letter of your answer on the blank before the number. ____1. Which of the following is exactly divisible by 2? a. 17 b. 16 c. 16 ____2. Which are exactly divisible by 3? a. 24, 36, 12 b. 18, 19, 20 c. 32, 33, 41 ____3. Which are similar fractions? a. 3/5, 1/5, 1/2 b. 4/5, 2/5, 3/5 c. 1/3, 2/3, ½ ____4. Which are improper fractions? a. 2/5, 3/2 b. 5/3, 3/2 c. 1/5, 2/3 ____5. Change dissimilar fractions to similar fractions: ½, ¼ a. 2/4, ¼ b. ¾, 2/4 c. 2/4, 2/4 ____6. Which are equal fractions? a. 1/3 and 2/6 b. ¼ and 2/3 c. 2/5 and 3/10 ____7. Change 4/5 into higher term. a. 8/10 b. 8/12 c. 16/10 ____8. 16/20 when reduce to lowest term is ____. a. 4/8 b. 4/7 c. 4/6 ____9. Express 15/25 to lowest term. a. 5/25 b. 3/5 c. ¾ ____10. Which group of fractions close to 0? a. ½, 1/3, ¼ b. 1/8, 2/3, 2/4 c. 2/10, 1/8, 3/15

d. 21 d. 12, 18, 16 d. 8/10, 2/5, 3/7 d. 4/3, ½ d. 2/4, 3/4 d. 1/3 and 1/6 d. 16/25 d. 4/5 d. 5/3 d. 7/8, 8/8, 6/10

____11. Which fractions arranged from greatest to least? a. 2/3, ½, 3/5 b. ½, 3/5, 2/3 c. ½, 2/3, 3/5 d. 3/5, 2/3, ½ ____12. Which are improper fractions? a. 5/4 b. 2/3 c. ½ d. 1 2/3 ____13. Reduce to lowest term: 3/9= n a. ½ b. 1/6 c. 1/3 d. ¼ ____14. Which are fractions close to 1? a. 2/6, ¾ b. 7/8, ½ c. 2/8, 1/8 d. 8/8, 3/7 ____15. The numerator is greater than the denominator refers to __________________________ a. Improper fraction b. proper fraction c. mixed fraction ____16. What is the first step in adding dissimilar fraction? a. Reduce to lowest term b. multiply c. subtract d. find the LCD ____17. Add: 2/3 + 1/3 + 2/3 = n a. 5/3 b. 1 2/3 c. 2 1/3 d. 3 ½ ____18. Add: 5 + 4/5 = n a. 5 4/5 b. 6 1/5 c. 5 5/4 d. 5/4 ____19. Change 1 3/5 into improper fractions. a. 6/5 b. 8/5 c. 7/5 d. 10/5 ____20. Subtract: 7/8 – 3/8 = n a. 4/8 b. 3/8 c. 2/3 d. ½

3 + 2/6 = 6. 8 – ¾ = 13. Direction: Solve the following using the four fundamental operations indicated. 4 2/3 – 1 1/6 = 18. 10/14 – 5/14 = 12. 3/5 – ½ = 17. 2 4/6 . 5/10 + 8 = 7. 6/5 + ¾ + 2/4 5. ½ x ¾ = 15. 3/6 + 1/3 + ½ = 4.II. Corn is planted on the 2/3 hectare. 9/10 – 4/10 = 11. 5 2/6 + 3 + 4 ½ = 8. Trono has 2 4/6 hectares of farm land. 3/5 – ¾ = III.1 5/6 20. 6 ¾ .3 ½ = 19. What part of the farm is planted with vegetables? . 13/20 + 5/20 = 2. 3 1/6 + 4 5/6 + 1 ½ = 9. 1/3 + 2/3 + 2/3 = 10.Problem Solving Mr. 1. mango on 1/3 hectare and vegetable on the rest. ¾ x 4/15 = 16. 2/3 – 3-4 14. 3/1 + 2/1 + 4/10 = 3.

a. The eyes of the child in possessive form is _______. I will lend you my toy _________ take good care of it. if d. Did you find the car key? What kind of sentence is this? a. people’s of choice ____14. sad d. and c. children c. Which word is best in the sentence? a. sick c. Eye’s of the childb. Childs b. interrogative c. Which part of the story when it asks when and where the story happen? a. places or animals is called ______. What is the plural form of choice? a. ending ____6. Father – in – law d. qoorum c. noun c. c. DIRECTION: Write the letter of your answer on the blank before the number. Mr. What is the plural form of child? a. interrogative sentence c. childrens d. teeth d. exclamatory d. Which correct the sentence? a. What is the meaning of ill? a. adjective d. knifes c. Wow! That’s good news. Choice’s of people b. b. Sleepy b. babyies ____4. I love green plants. Reyes is his _________. things. Which word is correctly spelled? a. a. setting b. father – ins. a. Father – in laws c. Write choice of the people into correct possessive noun. Fathers – in – law ____12. I like gardening so that I love green plants. imperative ____7. if c. imperative ____10. Combine the ideas into a complex sentence.SECOND PERIODICAL TEST IN ENGLISH 5 Name: ____________________________________________ Score: ___________ I. A word that refers to the names of person. or ____11. adverb ____2. d. exclamatory d. The little kids play in the game zone. Verb b. I like gardening before I love green plants. teeths ____17. people’s choice c. I like gardening. Which shows the correct usage of possessive form of noun? . qourum d. but b. baby b. Many _________ were victims during the typhoon. One of my tooth is destroyed. What kind of sentence is this? a. The plural of the underlined word is ___________. lonely ____18. quoroom ____9. choices b. declarative sentence b. characters d. choyces c. toothes c. He reads the story twice _____ he can’t understand it. or ____13. a. climax c. Declarative b. a. interrogative c. Which conjunctions complete the sentence? a. ____15. Declarative b. but b. child ____3. choiuyces ____16. and d. child’s eye ____19. Danny went home because he felt ill. If loaf is loaves then knife is _________. ____1. choicees d. child’s of the eye c. knives d. a. baby’s d. wives b. knieves ____8. quorum b. exclamatory sentence ____5. I like gardening although I love green plants. babies c. tooths b. I like gardening because I love green plants. Which kind of a sentence is this? a. a.

hat’s farmer You need a job to work. Chapter I: Life Science Unit I: Classifying Living Things What is a group? Grouping Living Things Kingdom of Species Unit 2: Green Plants Green Plants produce food Making Food Plants and Oxygen 3 4 5 6 10 13 15 18 ____24. a c. It can be molded into figurines and statues. Water is used for drinking. biking Study the Table of Contents below. Water is good. Classified Ads d. ____21. 1 My brother loves biking since he was seven years old. fats. people are the same c. a. A good deal of care is given to it. hat farmers c. The body needs food. Water has many uses b. Uses of cement b. Write an Outline Taking Care of our Bodies The human body needs both rest and exercise. Water works . page 18 Identify the key sentence of the following. B. Which is the gerund? a. Headline b. Proper Care of our Body A. People have learned of the good used of the unwanted lahar. Henry tells funnier jokes to anyone. Life Science b. Enamel of the teeth = ____________________________________ II. brother b. What information is given on page 10? a. Good use of lahar c. It also needs nourishment. ____26.____20. It can be made into hollow blocks. as the machine needs fuel as oil. carbohydrates and minerals. Sports In writing an outline. a. since d. 2 d. People have different talents b. Editorial c. farmer’ hat d. Page 10 b. . ____22. a. Green Plants c. Farmer’s hat b. c. all people are one Write the Correct possessive noun ____29. I b. Bananas of the monkeys = ____________________________________ ____30. a. page 15 d. Which part of the newspaper you will read? a. Lulu knows how to draw. Good use of people ____28. ____23. What unit is classifying living things? a. We also use for bathing and washing clothes. Kingdom of Species ____25. Danny can spell any word. page 13 c. The body requires an adequate amount of basic nutrients such as protein. ____27. I. loves c. how to write the topic or main idea? a.

the younger woman 4. How did Binya feel about the umbrella? a.” c.C. Which of the picnickers seemed to be the kindest? 5. “Isn’t she pretty?” b. III. hatred c. attracted a. C. How did Binya appear to the picnickers? a. someone to embrace b. which of the following expressions would be insulting? . Carbohydrates B. repulsed b. II. “The very poor from the hills. “What lovely eyes she has. If you were Binya. disgusted c. What did the older woman feel about Binya? 3. Listening to a Story 1. someone to be pitied a.” b. someone to play with c. anger c. a man 2. D. ________________________________ A. sympathy b. The older woman a.

mother – ins – law c. Eloisa will seek for a job b. forums c. I. Which of the following compound noun is correctly written? a. Philippines ____4. Setting b. Statistics _________ that our population continues to rise. fora b. showed ____3. c. compound subject c. Fishbowl b. c. mother – in – laws ____8. ____17. 1. shows c. politics d. What is the plural form of mother – in – law? a. 1. What is the plural form of forum? a. ____6. enthusiasim c. Crying is the best exercise. Digna is eating while watching. What kind of sentence is this? a. Eloisa has no more plans. since c. forumes ____2. conclusion ____10. entwosiasm ____11. climax d. a. ____13. Volcano is volcanoes while chico is _____________. Lani and Liza went to the market. 1. 3. Tricia smiled. Which is a simple sentence? a. or ____16. What kind of subject use in the sentence? a. come to the front door. 2. chicoos c. 3. d I. Baby smiles and giggles with mother. chicos d. What is the correct possessive noun of the underline word? a. b. Exercise b. a. Simple predicate b. and b. compound sentence c. b. simple subject c. How to organize your ideas in an outline? a. c. 2. complex sentence ____12. Chicoes b. ____1. characters c. B b. Eloisa now finished her studies. Enthusiasm b. Simple subject b. but d. After a long time. fishes bowl d. compound predicate ____15. What will happen next? a. Which best word that complete the sentence. Idea’s Nestor b. A. idea of Nestor c. DIRECTION: Write the letter of your answer on the blank before the number. simple predicate ____14. chico ____7. C. mothers– in – law b. foras d. a. The idea of Nestor was brilliant enough to be suggested. fish bowl c. show b. Which word is correctly spelled? a.SECOND PERIODICAL TEST IN ENGLISH 6 Name: ____________________________________________ Score: ___________ I. Which elements of the story refer to the actors and actresses in the story? a. Resty sings while Alice dances. a. Nestor’s idea . ________ is common to aging people. Arthritis b. best exercise ____5. best c. Ducks are birds _____________ they cannot fly. Eloisa will run for President c. Which is the gerund phrase? a. enthoosiasim d. Nestor of idea d. fish –bowl ____9. Which complete the sentence? a. shown d. billiards c. Simple sentence b. I. Describe the predicate. crying c. Which word best in the sentence? a. When you arrive.

The possessive form is ___.___________________ for me to leave. 6. Earliest Spices known to mankind A. Direction: Complete the story by writing the proper gerund on each blank. To kind c. What infinitives that complete the sentence? a. Bear fruits in four years. ________________________________ B. Direction: Write the possessive of proper nouns. I enjoyed 7. We haven’t seen the baby of my aunt since he was born. 10. The coin bank of Renz was broken by his brother. It was also made as payment of taxes. It produces heavily for fourteen years. III. and II. Watching the Farm has been an Amusing Saturday Activity The crow likes 1.______________________ the corn filed form the crows. Pepper plants were considered rich property. maybe d.__________________ it in a good spot is important. Love _____ as God loves you. the scarecrow is doing its job. Which complete the sentence? a. Direction. __________________________4. Brother’s Thea b.______________________ our corn is its favorite past time. ________________________________ C. Unripe berries produce black pepper and ripe ones produce white pepper. protecting guarding being placing driving watching waiting flying doing ____18. __________________________5. Mike. a. To see d. ____________________________________ . obeys traffic rules. ____________________________________ A. Thea’s brother c. To forgive b. each other c. Thea’s of brother ____19. I. Pepper is a tropical vine. ____________ is to believe. C. To do ____20. its usual activity is 9. __________________________3..__________________ in the filed. It begins to bear fruit in four years. __________________________1. ________________________________ II.The winner in the chess tournament was the brother of Thea. the driver of Mr. It never gets tired of 2.______________ the fence. Tan. __________________________________ B. One another b. My job is 4. Randy borrows the guitar of Moriz every Saturday night. Now. 3. It was so expensive that a pound served as royal gift.______________________ above the corn. brother of Thea d. __________________________2. _________________ the crow away. The room of the ladies are clean. Write an outline Pepper Peeper is one of the earliest spices known to mankind. Staying Standing Picking IV.

Bakit kaya ang Bundok Apo ay kilala sa lahat ng mga bundok sa bansa? Dahil ___________. Sa anong direksiyon matatagpuan ang Pilpinas sa Ekwador? a. Pandan. DENR c. sawayin sila c. Surigao c. Ang likas na kalamidad na may kinalaman sa mabilis na pagkasira ng kagubatan ay ____. Ano ang dapat mong gawin? a. Ito ang pinakakalbong bundok sa bansa c. a. Antique 10. kanluran c. ewan . pagtrotroso c.IKALAWANG MARKAHANG PAGSUSULIT SA HEKASI 6 Pangalan:_______________________________________________ Iskor:_______ I. Cavite c. hindi sila papansinin 14. Para maubos ito b. Pagkakaingin b. Hilagang – kanluran 4. Aling likas na yaman ang di. Saan matatagpuan ang rhineodon typus na pinakamaliit na isda sa Pilipinas? a. Panuto: Salungguhitan ang titik ng tamang sagot sa bawat bilang. ano naman ang pinakahabang ilog sa Mindanao? a. pangisdaan 7. Mahalaga ang pamahalaan sa isang bansa. mali c. Ito ang pinakababang bundok sa Pilipinas 6. torso. Pabayaan ang mga ito b.puso b. mais at palay 8. Zambales b. saan matatagpuan ang pinakamalaking deposito ng marmol sa bansa? a. semento. aksayain ang paggamit nito 15. Palawan 13. Saan matatagpuan ang bansang Vietnam? a. Bakit mahalaga ang matalinong pagpapasay hinggil sa paggamit ng likas na yaman? a. Hipon. Anong mineral ang matatagpuan sa Bukidnon? a. Sinong ahensiya ang naatasang mangangalaga sa ating kalikasan? a.napapalitan at nauubos? a. Naglunsad ang pamahalaan ng palatuntunang “Clean and Green”. para masira ito c. Mineral b. Romblon b. Dagat Timog Tsina c. Lake Buhi. Ano ang dapat mong gawin? a. Rio Grande c. Karagatang Pasipiko 2. Bukidnon 11. Ilog Pasig 5. Dagat Celebes b. Langis b. Lumahok ng taos. nickel 12. Ito ang pinakamataas na bundok sa Pilipinas b. Prepared by: 1. Tama b. gulay at alimango b. Anong malaking baybayin ang matatagpuan sa silangan ng Pilipinas? a. Ginto b. silangan 3. Bacoor. Palawan c. mga hayop c. timog c. Mahalaga ang pinagkukunang. Maraming mineral na matatagpuan sa bansa. Kung ang ilog Cagayan ang pinakamahabang ilog sa Luzon. kagubatan c. bagyo 18. Hilaga b. tumulong sa pangangalaga nito c. ginto 9. Hilaga b. a. manganese c.yaman sa kaunlaran ng bansa. Alin sa mga sumusunod ang mga yamang di – napapalitan? a. DEPED 17. Alin ditto ang yamang nauubos ngunit napapalitan? a. Saan matatagpuan ang pinakamalaking deposito ng chromite? a. Lawa ng Taal b. a. DPWH b. karbon at langis c. Camarines Sur b. para may magagamit pa sa sususnod na henerasyon 16.

19. Monarkiya c. Totalitaryan 20. ____7. Pinakamahabang ilog sa Luzon e. ____2. ____5. ____5. Chocolate Hills (2) Paraan ng Pangangalaga sa mga Likas na Yaman V. Ang yamang mineral ay napapalitan Madali na ngayon na maabot ng transportasyon ang hiwa – hiwalay na mga pulo ng bansa Ang Pilipinas ay napapaligiran ng mga malalaking baybayin Dapat nating gamitin ang mga likas na yaman sa matalinong paraan. ____9. ____7. Iisang partdio ang umiiral b. Demokratiko b. Hanay A HANAY B a. Ang pagtatapon ng dumi sa ilog ay isang mabuting kaugalian. ____6. gimamit ng dinamita Maglagay ng babala sa parke Ang bansang demokratiko ay malayang nipapahayag ang kanilang opinion Pamahalaang totalitarian ang umiiral na pamahalaan ngayon sa bansa Itambal ang Hanay A sa Hanay B. ____9. ____3. ____4. Aristokrasya Maliit kaysa karagatan d. Monarkiya Tinaguriang salad bowl ng bansa b. ____8. iginagalang ang mga opinion at kaapatan ng mga tao II. IV. ____4. hari ang pinuno ditto c. at di. Isulat ang A kung tama at B kung mali sa bawat patlang. ____8. Demokrasya i. Ilog Cagayan k. Ipaliwanag Bakit mahalaga sa isang bansa ang may pamahalaan? . III. Anong uri ng pamahalaan ang umiiral sa Pilipinas? a. ____1. ____10. ____10. Isulat ang titik sa patlang. Komunista Ang kapangyarihan ay mula sa isang pangkat ng mga matatalinoNueva napapalitan f. ____2. Magtanim ng puno/gulay sa mga bakanteng lupa. Upang makahuli ng marmaing isda.Ecija Anyong lupa na makikita sa Bohol Pamahalaang mula sa mga tao Ibigay ang hinihiling (3) Sangay ng Pamahalaan g. ____1. j. ____6. Dagat Pinamumunuan ng hari o reyna c. ____3. Alin sa mga sumusnod ang nagpapatunay na ang pamahalaan ng Pilipinas ay isang demokratiko? a. h.

Score: ____________ 1. Making a grassy area as dumping site b. all of these 4. both a & b 16. all of the above 8. flood c. She wanted to preserve 1 kilo. Why is citric acid added to juice drink preparations? a. citric acid c. soap 17. Home of wild animals b. Forest stop rain 7. Salt b. additive 12. kill the animals 2. all of the above 9. not polluting the river 6. Planting trees b. What are some of the beneficial effects of materials? a. synthetic c. Because it is good b. Forest protects the rain b. Deforestation b. Using dynamite in fishing c. they will be healthy c. To enhance the color and taste of the food . To provide sour taste b. poison a man c. endanger the life of a man 15. Planting trees b. Why do we manufactures ass additives in food – making? a. How does forest prevent flashflood in a plain? a. additive c. what household material can she use to preserve the fish? a. they will be happy 19. What are some strategies for coping with the rapid increase of population? a. Which is likely happen in an overpopulated area? a. Which activity that disrupts the cycle in an ecosystem? a. Which of the following is a food additive? a. Which of the following is the effect of deforestation in the environment? a. planting trees c. illegal logging 10. ammonia c. to give sweet taste 18. global warming c. Direction: Encircle the letter of your answer. To ensure the health of the family b. Insecticides b. taking good care of the nature b. To make more materials c. Forest absorbs excess rainwater’s c. to dissolve the solids c. paint 13. Sodium chloride b. Aling Marta bought 3 kilos of galunggong in the market.SECOND PERIODICAL TEST IN SCIENCE & HEALTH 6 Name: _______________________________________ I. Which common materials at home will you use to kill harmful insects like mosquitoes? a. reforestation c. population 3. additive 14. destroy the soil c. How can you help restore ecological balance? a. soap 11. To stop abortion c. What may be effects of the continuous cutting of trees? a. Cooking oil b. There will be a food shortage b. Why forest important to animals? Because it serve as a. Soil erosion b. How can we protect our watershed areas? a. both a & b 5. cleaning the rivers c. Why is it important to follow warnings in product labels? a. doing recycling activities c. Mang Carlo bought a new iron gate what common household material can he use to protect it from rusting? a. Why should rapid population growth be controlled? a. Which of these human activities deprives the natural homes of animals? a. Soil erosion b. Makes work easier b.

b. gas. ________6. Rapid population growth affects the balance of nature. Shortage of food b. Why is detergent in toothpaste beneficial to man? a. ________8. Closely packed together b. Overpopulation can cause pollution. a. ________10. family planning c. Materials make work fast and easier. wood 29. Explain: As a pupil. chalk. How should non – biodegradable waste be disposed ? a. ________4. Buy dead animals b. acid rain c. III. This build-up of carbon dioxide traps the heat of the earth is called ______? a. ________7. it prevents dental carries 25. Reread labels of materials before taking them. Which is an example of biodegradable materials? a. vinegar 21. c. ________5. air – borne particles 26. ________3. both a & b 23. How are particles in a block of wood arranged? a. ________2. by recycling . Which is an example of solid particles? a. Our overpopulated country is a progressive country. bag 28. by burning 30. Both a & b II. By composting b. It reduces the disease b. Monosodium Glutamate is an example of preservatives. Forest prevents flash floods and soil erosion. To enhance the spoilage of the food c. ________9. Label poisonous substances properly b. Conserving the ecosystem is the government’s official responsibility only. What problems may NOT occur due to a growing population? a. very far apart 27. tin can c. It feels good c. Water b. To protect the food. The following are good way to dispose materials except one. Deforestation b. What should you do to avoid taking poisonous material by mistake? a. how do you protect our environment? . mix all plastic and dried leaves c. far apart c. water c. ________1. Which is considered the universal solvent? a. Plastic cup b. Cutting down trees make the Earth beautiful. 20. Direction: Write True or False on the space provided. paint c. Bag. Which of the following upsets the ecological balance? a. Greenhouse effect b. shortage of water 24. reforestation 22. satisfaction of basic needs c. chalk b. Adding additives to food makes the food tastier. Family planning is one strategy to cope up with the rapid population growth.