´Every situation is what you make it to be.

Confidence is half the battle, and leadership is making the impossible look possible.µ

staying in a house in the middle class area of Jayanagar in Bangalore with his engineer wife Sudha and their two children. with an estimated net worth of Rs 2.  Master¶s in Technology from IIT Kanpur.  Bachelor of Electrical Engineering From University Of Mysore.  Murthy a very wealthy man. 1946 in Kannada Madhva Brahmin family in Mysore. Yet he continues to cling to his roots.500 core.  Founder of Infosys.  He also serves as the director on the Central board of RBI.Narayana Murthy  Born on august 20. . Akshata and Rohan.

Entrepreneurship Qualities Self leadership Confidence Communication Knowledge Respect Vision Attitude .

Charismatic Leadership Style Trust is the foundation of leadership. . highly ethical. High influence on employees. ³Employees satisfaction leads to organization¶s success. Visionary in his approach. hard working.´ Dedication and commitment towards work.

Advantages  Developing Charisma Communicate a Vision  Make frequent use of metaphors and analogies Inspire trust and confidence  Be highly energetic and goal oriented  Be emotionally expressive and warm  Make ample use of your true stories  Smile frequently. even if you are unhappy  Be candid Make everyone feel that he/she is important  Make non-verbal signals of self-confidence  Be willing to take risks .

Shares authority & responsibility with the employees. Encourages ideas and suggestions given by the employee. Arranges meetings and conferences at a regular interval with employees.Eg: Suggestion box .Participative Style Of Leadership Believes in employee participation.

Advantages Positive work environment Successful initiatives Creative thinking Reduction of friction and office politics Reduced employee turnover .

Narayana Murthy has an opinion that rich people should have determination to be treated as ordinary people in society.Leadership By Example Narayana Murthy lives a simple life. He used to ride in company bus to office on Sunday. .

Employee Champion Narayana Murthy once said ³ My assets walk out of door each evening . Narayana Murthy regards all jobs as respectable & important for smooth functioning of society. . We have to make sure that they return back next morning´ Narayana Murthy is against overtime working by employees.

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