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The Successful
The Student will be able to . . .
ODefine entrepreneurship

OIdentify and analyze characteristics of a successful entrepreneur

OIdentify the reasons for planning in entrepreneurial businesses

OGenerate ideas for business


O eople who own, operate, and take the risk
of a business venture.
O c   is the process of running a
business of one¶s own.
O Entrepreneurs try to   
   of the
marketplace and to meet those needs by
supplying a service or product.
O Entrepreneurs i  .


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÷haracteristics of
Successful Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs continually look for new ways

to solve old problems.
÷haracteristics of
Successful Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs do not ³pass the buck´. They

take responsibility for their decisions and




÷haracteristics of
Successful Entrepreneurs

÷haracteristics of
Successful Entrepreneurs

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Entrepreneurs like to take risks, but they are

not reckless. They seek opportunities that
offer both a challenge and a reasonable
chance of success.


›nce entrepreneurs achieve their goals,

they begin looking for new challenges.

O Entrepreneurs are doers as opposed to

spectators. They make decisions and act on