TURKEY • Duties 0-20% (avg.

5%) • VAT 18% • Consumption Tax 7-40% (some luxury items & motor vehicles)

source: http://www.nation.com.pk/pakistan-news-newspaper-daily-englishonline/Business/18-Jan-2011/52pc-duty-to-stop-export-to-Turkey
LAHORE – The garments manufacturers and exporters have sought the government help after the Turkish government’s decision to raise import duty on Pakistani garments to 52 percent from 9 per cent, saying that the decision will result into stopping the export to Turkey. The initial duty on fabrics will increase from 6.4 percent to 35 percent and on garments from 9.6 percent to 52 percent. This is expected to be implemented with immediate effect, said Pakistan Denim Manufacturers & Exporters Association Chairman Shahid Soorty. He added that the Council of Ministers in Turkey is meeting on Tuesday (today) to approve the proposal. He said that the $341.6 million worth of Pak textile export to Turkey has already been put on stake, as Turkish government has increased custom duty by 28 percent on the import of raw textile from Pakistan, a couple of days earlier. At a time when the decision regarding the EU market access concession for the Pakistani products has been deferred till March/April the Turkish government action of increasing custom duty to facilitate its local fabric manufacturers will add to woes of Pakistan textile exports, he adde. He said presently in USA import duty on Pakistani cotton garment is 18 percent, in EU it is 9.6 percent while in Turkey it is going to be 52 percent, stopping the import of garments from Pakistan entirely. He lamented that this was least expected particularly after the visit of the Prime Minister of Turkey to Pakistan. He said that the Council of Ministers is also considering to increase custom duty on the import from other countries, including. India, China, Indonesia, GSP countries and Thailand. He observed that Turkey was just becoming leading hub for Pakistan for textile after USA and EU. Huge quantities are being shipped in grey and denim qualities to Turkey.