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Anti Kritik File

Anti Kritik File

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Published by: darius24564544 on Feb 06, 2011
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Imagining our extinction is the only way to prevent it.
Millicent Lenz, professor of information sciences @ SUNY, 1990

~ A character inHelen Clarkson's The Last Day: A No vel o f the Day After
Tamo rro w
tells us why we need to listen to the voices from Hiroshima
and Nagasaki. As painful as itmay be to do 50, we need to imagine our
Q'Vfl extinction. Clarkson's Dr. Toel,witness to m.::.cleardevastation on
American soil, seeing many ofthe children he had attended at birth die
ofnuclear radiation, knows his own death is imminent. He questions
why nuclear catastrophe has been allowed to happen and finds lour
contributing causes: the loss of belief in immortalirv, which made life
seem meaningless and contemptible (d. Luton's loss of "symbolic im--
mortality"); paranoia over the threat orSoviet aggression and the sub-
sequent arms race (d. Frank's psychology of the Enemy); boredom, an
even. mO.refatal thi~S.than ~~d, most important, the lack of
ima~nation-the mabilfuvto 1 a= 0 w xh.,.,ctlOn.The world
portraYed in Clarkson s novel w' soon e ead eca se people suc-
cumbed to an "automatic amnesia for the unbearable" (d. Luton's
"psychic numbing"). ">-

Pudding can't fill the emptiness inside me...but it'll help"


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Cheaters Lose

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