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Anti Kritik File

Anti Kritik File

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Published by: darius24564544 on Feb 06, 2011
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The crusades do not make the US culpable for terrorism.
Jeanne Elshtain, 2003, Just War Against Terror, 47

Some of those who claim American culpability for the creation of Islamist terrorism make an
allegation of historic vintage, namely,. that the beginning of Western offenses is located in the
medieval Crusades, which they pronounce to be a Jroot cause' of September 11. I have no
interest in defending the Crusades. I oppose any triumphalist undertaking, and the Crusades
were a kind of holy war, hence unacceptable. But it is a real stretch to go all the way back to the
eleventh century to start building a bill of particulars against the West, as ifWestern perfidy
popped out of nowhere in the high Middle Ages and has continued unabated ever since. As the
historic evidence shows, the Crusades were a complex series of events that began as a direct
response to four centuries of conquest and attack by an energetic and expansionist Islam.
Christians had been routed and expelled from Palestine, Syia, and Egypt. By the eigth century,
Christian North Africa, the home of St. Augustine, was gone. You would never know about this
prehistory of the Crusades, however, if you read and listened to contemporary reports. Some
critiques of the West "reach back a millennium into Christian crusades into Arab homelands,"
notes the Ney York Times, without adding that these were Arab homelands because the
indigenous Christian population had been attacked, defeated, and displaced.


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