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Space Medicine and Human Factors Workshop

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona Beach, FL

July 11-15, 2011

At last, a cool space workshop for both physical- and life-science teachers. Workshop topics
• High-altitude physiology and respiration
Developed by Teachers in Space, in cooperation with NASA and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical
• Decompression and vacuum exposure
University, this exciting summer workshop will provide secondary-level STEM teachers with a
• Space weather and radiation in the
concentrated, one-week introduction to the human side of spaceflight.
space environment

In this workshop, you will not only hear from and interact with subject-matter experts, you will • The effects of weightlessness, including
participate in hands-on experiments and experiential learning activities. To witness the effects “space sickness”

of high-altitude flight, for example, you will step into a normobaric altitude chamber after • Spacesuits and escape systems
receiving a medical clearance from an FAA designated medical examiner. (The medical • Gee forces, vibration, and noise
clearance is equivalent to an FAA class 2 pilot’s physical. If you have any questions about • Psychological factors in spaceflight
your ability to pass such an exam, we suggest you to talk to your physician.) • Simulation and training devices
• Space math
This workshop is presented at no charge to participating teachers. Subsidized housing will
• Much more
be available in Embry-Riddle dorms for $14 per night (shared rooms). Meals are not provided,
but a limited number of stipends will be available to defray the cost of meals and
transportation. If you require a travel stipend, you are urged to apply early. The deadline for
workshop applications is April 15, but selection may close early based on the number and
quality of applications received. Only 25 spaces are available in this workshop, so apply

For application forms and additional information, visit:

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