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Suborbital Astronautics Workshop

Frontiers of Flight Museum, Dallas, TX — June 20-24, 2011

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona Beach, FL — July 18-22, 2011
AERO Institute, NASA Dryden Flight Research Center, Palmdale, CA — July 25-29, 2011

US companies are developing the next generation of space vehicles. Suborbital reusable Workshop topics
launch vehicles (RLVs) will bring about a revolution in low-cost access to space. In the near • Principles of unpowered aircraft flight
future, these vehicles will enable thousands of Americans to fly in space and create jobs for • Aviation weather
the next generation of space pilots. Some of those future pilots may be students in your • Theory of flight simulation
own school right now. • Off-the-shelf flight-simulation software
• Principles of rocket propulsion
Developed by Teachers in Space, in cooperation with NASA and other partners, the
• Structure and characteristics of the
Suborbital Astronautics Workshop will provide secondary-level STEM teachers with a
upper atmosphere and near-Earth space
glimpse into the exciting world that awaits these new space pilots. Participating teachers
• Spaceflight dynamics
will experience an unpowered aircraft flight to simulate the glide landing of a suborbital
• Space math
orbital vehicle such as the Lynx, now under development by XCOR Aerospace. Later, they
• Classroom applications
will have a chance to fly a flight simulator developed by XCOR to train Lynx pilots.
• Much more
Instruction will be by expert pilots, including Col. Rick Searfoss, former NASA Shuttle
commander and XCOR chief test pilot. At the conclusion of the workshop, teachers will
For application forms and additional
receive a copy of the Lynx simulator software to take back to the classroom.
information, visit:

This workshop is presented at no charge to participating teachers. Subsidized housing will
be available for $14 per night (shared rooms). Meals are not provided, but a limited number
of stipends will be available to defray meal and transportation costs. If you require a travel
stipend, you are urged to apply early. The deadline for workshop applications is April 15,
but selection may close early based on the number and quality of applications received.
Only 25 spaces are available in each workshop, so apply today.

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