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Architecting Your Personal Vision

Part I – My Vision

A) Who are my heroes, my role models?

B) What are the occasions and events that have given me a great sense of
satisfaction, joy and aliveness?

C) What are my core values?

D) How would I like to see my life unfold over the next 10, 20, 30 years, in
terms of work life, family life and my own personal life?

Work life

Family life

Personal life
Part II – An assessment of self: Here and Now

A) List down the feedback that you received from your Professors, Teachers,
Fellow Students, Friends, Parents and Siblings.

B) My own thoughts and feelings about the feedback received.

C) In the process of exploration during DC, what have I discovered in myself?

D) What are the areas that I need to improve upon?

E) What is it that I wish to

I) Start doing

ii) Do more of

Iii) Stop doing

My Goals

What are my life goals in the

Next 10 years

Next 5 years

Next 3 years

Next 1 year

What are my career goals?

Next 10 years

Next 5 years
Next 3 years

Next 1 year

In the next one year,

A) What is that I want to acquire as knowledge / skill / attitude?

B) How will I make that happen?

C) What do I need to do to make it happen?

D) What kind of support do I need to make it happen?