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Lovely School of Engineering Department of Management

Name of the faculty member: Haritika Arora
Course No: MGT412 Course Title:
Class: Semester: Section: Batch:
Max. Marks: 15 Date of Allotment: Date of Submission:

S.No Roll No Objectives of Topic Industry/Sector Model*

Academic Activity
Students will submit a
The objective of the (i) report and must be in
academic activity in Media watch and accordance with the
the subject analysis of the objective of academic
“Advanced Financial current financial activity.
Managment” are as movements in the
business world for
follows: the better The credentials that will
understanding of be taken into
1. To build upon the financial world. consideration for
concepts and to make Evaluation based evaluation are as
them well averse with on the file follows:
the industry maintained as the
problems. collection of the Collection of articles
news articles and from newspapers
2. To develop logical the analysis based /magazines with source.
and reasoning skills. upon them & viva. ( 5 marks)
The topics to be
3. To imbibe the assigned by the Viva (7 marks)
habit of analysis and teachers concerned.
rational thinking On time submission ( 3
among the students. marks)

4. To inculcate the
habit of Interpretation
and decision making. Academic Integrity:
Students found to have
copied both, the one
who copied and from
whom copied, will be
awarded ZERO marks.

Note : Assignment will not be accepted after the date of Submission and Zero marks will be awarded.
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