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Patient’s Name: Age: Hospital No.: Room No.:

Impression/Diagnosis: Attending Physician:
Allergy to:
Generic &
Dose, Strength Indication/Mechanisms of Drug Adverse/Side Effects Nursing Client
Brand Name, Rationale
& Formulation Action Drug Interaction Responsibilities Teaching

Generic: Ordered: Indications: Adverse Effect: Assessment: >Advise patient to

take medication as
Amlodipine Give 10 mg 1tab, Angina pectoris due to coronary CNS: Dizziness, BEFORE:
directed, even if
artery Spasm, Chronic stable lightheadedness,
angina, alone or in combination headache, asthenia, • Obtain patients *To indicate if the feeling well.
history to patient can have this >Take missed
with other agents, Essential fatigue, lethargy
allergy of medication. doses as soon as
hypertension, alone or in CV: Peripheral edema,
Brand: Timing: amlodipine. possible unless
combination with other arrhythmias
• Assess vital *To obtain baseline almost time for
Norvasc 8 am antihypertensive, Dermatologic: Flushing,
signs before data. next dose; do not
therapy. double doses.
GI: Nausea, abdominal
DURING: > Caution
Duration: Discomfort
• Monitor *Drug can cause patient to change
Mechanism of Action:
Classification: 24 hrs. patient’s BP, hypotension, careful positions slowly to
Inhibits the movement of calcium cardiac rhythm monitoring needed. minimize
Calcium Interactions:
ions across the membranes of • Monitor intake *To assess hepatic orthostatic
channel-blocker Drug-drug
Other forms: cardiac and arterial muscle cells; and output. impairment. hypotension.
Antianginal Possible increased serum
inhibits transmembrane calcium AFTER: > Advise patient to
Drug Tablets: 2.5 mg, 5 levels and toxicity of
flow, which results in the • Monitor vital * To stop medication notify health care
Antihypertensive mg, 10 mg cyclosporine if
depression of impulse formation in signs. if BP is < 90 mmHg professional if
taken concurrently.
specialized cardiac pacemaker cells, or heart rate < 50 irregular heartbeats,
• Be alert for
slowing of the velocity of bpm. dyspnea, swelling
adverse effect.
conduction of the cardiac impulse, *to establish proper of hands and feet,
depression of myocardial precautionary pronounced
Nursing diagnosis:
contractility, and dilation of measures. dizziness, nausea,
>Acute pain related to
coronary arteries and arterioles and constipation, or
increased oxygen
peripheral arterioles; these effects hypotension
demand in cardiac
lead to decreased cardiac work, occurs or if
decreased cardiac oxygen tissue. headache is severe
consumption, and in patients with >Risk for injury related or persistent.
vasospastic angina, increased to hypertension > Caution patient to
delivery of oxygen to cardiac cells. >Deficient knowledge wear protective
related to drug therapy. clothing and use
sunscreen to