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  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Learning to Channel One’s Self
  • Chapter 2: Discovering Our True Essence
  • Chapter 3: Time and Ego
  • Chapter 4: The Source Of It All
  • Chapter 5: Living Beyond Belief
  • Chapter 6: Following Spirit
  • Chapter 7: The Language of the Soul
  • Chapter 8: What Is Love?
  • Chapter 9: Low Self-Esteem & High Egos
  • Chapter 10: The Limitless Soul
  • Chapter 11: Living Between the Boxes
  • Chapter 12: Recognizing Your Perfection
  • Chapter 13: Separation from the Ultimate
  • Chapter 14: Belonging Where We Are
  • Chapter 15: The Human Belief in Death
  • Chapter 16: Guilt and Other Emotions
  • Chapter 17: The Earth Illusion
  • Chapter 18: What’s Real About Nothing
  • Chapter 19: Dreaming Your Life






This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 License. 2008 Gordon Rosenberg You may also download a copy of this manuscript for free at http://lightreport.org

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About the Author

Gordon Artrias Rosenberg reawakened his natural intuitive and vibrational energy abilities through years of self-discovery work with leading edge transpersonal technologies and ancient spiritual disciplines. As a hands-on practitioner and energy guide, he has conducted some 6000 individual balancing sessions and taught many students in self-discovery and healing modalities. In his metaphysical and healing arts books, articles and poetry, he encourages others to explore their own higher self and learn to express their true essence. Gordon lives in Bend, Oregon. You may see his creative work at http://lightreport.org.


so much there is to do here that so often we forget the wisdom that’s inside us and what’s not created yet the illusions of this life are but matters of recourse when we’re ready to give up we return once more to source

................................ 61 Chapter 14: Belonging Where We Are ............................................... 6 Chapter 1: Learning to Channel One’s Self.............................. 10 Chapter 2: Discovering Our True Essence ................. 87 ..... 53 Chapter 12: Recognizing Your Perfection....... 35 Chapter 8: What Is Love?................................................................................................................................................... 13 Chapter 3: Time and Ego ............................................................... 74 Chapter 17: The Earth Illusion ......................................................................... 49 Chapter 11: Living Between the Boxes ...................................... 23 Chapter 5: Living Beyond Belief ....................................... 56 Chapter 13: Separation from the Ultimate .................................. 18 Chapter 4: The Source Of It All................................................................................. 40 Chapter 9: Low Self-Esteem & High Egos ................................... 79 Chapter 18: What’s Real About Nothing...........5 Contents Introduction ............ 27 Chapter 6: Following Spirit .......................................................... 66 Chapter 15: The Human Belief in Death........... 82 Chapter 19: Dreaming Your Life........ 43 Chapter 10: The Limitless Soul .................................................................. 69 Chapter 16: Guilt and Other Emotions ..................................................... 31 Chapter 7: The Language of the Soul ...........................................

6 Introduction Each person on this planet has the ability to learn how to access the Source of wisdom with and return to his or her essential. If you’re to expand your consciousness and become aware of yourself on higher planes of knowledge and existence. Enlightenment is not what you think. . by learning how to let go of all the aspects of your being which keep you trapped in this worldly illusion. or real. so they can control your life. Even though your soul is permanent and your human condition is only temporary. your fears. You must see yourself as fully capable of expanding your awareness as far as possible. By contrast. there’s no other way to be. You can begin to do this today. but these parts are real. You must transcend the need to identify with your past. wherever you find yourself on this planet. your human parts often want you to be a struggling human. They want you to stay lost in the human maze. and allow your soul to express itself fully. by releasing all that you’re not. Ultimately. You can become what you are by being what you’ve always been. These parts conspire to try to make you believe that what you see in the physical world is your real self. You don’t need to leave your body to become enlightened. which wants you to be your authentic self. while you’re in human form. You need only stop pretending you’re less than what you came here to be. You’ve always been your higher self. To realize your full potential. It’s not what others have told you. with your own expanded reality. your mind and its many “associates” such as the ego want you to believe that they’re real and the soul is a product of your imagination. Enlightenment is what you feel inside when you’re fully connected with your universe. This is backwards. Pretending you’re less than what you are is confusing to your soul. beyond the cloudy veil of human illusion. in terms of ultimate reality. self. you must transcend the fears of this world and see your true and exalted self. The soul is the real part of you that never changes. Your human condition is but a fleeting reality that’s here one moment and gone the next. as well as with other people and their fears. you must learn to be what you are. You are what you were when you came here. your emotions. your cultural conditioning. You can access this place of higher knowing. You may not completely understand these higher or deeper parts while you’re in human form.

You need only access this higher part of yourself and let the answers you need come through you. You can access your own inner wisdom. enlightenment may be a process more than a destination. This is why I speak to myself and of myself as if I’m one with all-that-is. and you can begin enjoying the fruits of recognizing your part in everything. There is no longer any sense of separation in my mind. The process of opening to one’s higher knowledge can take many years. You can learn to channel your own higher awareness however you choose. It takes only practice and a commitment to knowing your own highest . and you can learn to do it just as easily. something for which we aspire but which we can never define. and the confusion of those around us. and you can become enlightened in this lifetime. You can become what you are today. But you don’t have to stay astray. Why wait until later to be yourself? Essentially. This is the place where we know we’re done with all the painful learning of this earthwalk. and hopefully. and mine to explore fully. perhaps unreachable time and place before expressing your true and expanded self. You can become fully aware of all of consciousness merely by asking for that and allowing it to happen. I don’t see the universe as separate in any way from our own individual intelligence. They’re conversations with my own higher self. our higher wisdom comes to us from the Source of everything. Once we learn to access this higher knowledge and express it through our actions and our words. I see all of existence as one great functioning whole entity. This is where we can release all the negative aspects of our personality and become who we are on the expanded levels of reality. we have found our way home. in my actions. There’s nothing keeping you from seeing your life in this way. with all parts moving and interacting simultaneously to the mutual benefit of all. You can stay on the path to higher consciousness. Enlightenment isn’t something reserved for gurus or yogis or saints. are not conversations with another entity at all. We each have our own unique ways of manifesting universal reality. Perhaps it’s in deeds rather than words. You can do it now. too. presented as questions and answers. It’s for you and me here and now. We come here to live such lives. and you can put it to use in this world now. In fact. in order to be that wise being who is inside your body waiting to be discovered. that leads us astray. I approach life as if it were me. You can speak to yourself in this way. because being enlightened – seeing all that we need to see to live happy fulfilled lives – is our birthright. At the same time. I don’t believe in individual anything. It’s only our confusion at being in human bodies. but you can do it if you want it badly enough. You can discover enlightenment in your own terms. You don’t have to wait until some far-off. Hopefully. the conversations I have with myself in this book will help you get back in touch with yourself. I can access this part of myself easily now. if it’s your way.7 My conversations with Source. while in your present form.

You can be that which you’ve always been. I use a question and answer format here. You can learn to see a whole new landscape of reality. while you still have time to enjoy it here. Give it a chance and you may find that you’re not so far removed from your spiritual essence as you may have thought.8 truth. You can turn that corner in this lifetime. I hope it may help you recognize that conversations inside your own head may be your own spirit trying to speak to you. because it lends itself to such discussion. . Higher consciousness is always waiting patiently just around the corner.

9 Section 1 WISDOM .

or whatever you call that part of you that’s inside. . or all of reality. Your spirit will tell you everything you need to know. as long as it seems appropriate. it’s your natural way of being. that’s all. WHAT IS SOURCE? The Source of all-that-is. ARE YOU SAYING EVERYONE COMES HERE TO CHANNEL SOURCE? Yes. After that. It’s easy to do. however you wish to see it. everyone can. and there's nothing you can’t learn to channel for your own guidance and well-being. unless it feels right to you. it comes pretty easily. This is true whether you hear it from another person. from your own mind. the origin of all information from all the universe. or from what you might call spirit. you’re supposed to “channel” all the time. HOW DO I KNOW IF IT’S APPROPRIATE TO ACT? You should run everything you hear past your own discernment abilities. and act on what you hear. In this sense. You have to get past the self doubts and delusions. Source is what is. and therefore able to find out whatever information one needs. One need only believe that one is more than human.10 Chapter 1: Learning to Channel One’s Self HOW DOES ONE LEARN WHO THEY ARE? The best way is to learn how to “channel” information directly from Source. if not impossible. It takes time to learn to channel yourself accurately. CAN EVERYONE CHANNEL THEIR HIGHER SELF ACCURATELY? Yes. There’s nothing outside of Source. Channeling simply means acquiring information from beyond the human realm. as long as you listen and take action. The only difficult thing about it is that most people have forgotten how to do it. Don’t take anyone’s or anything’s word for anything. and so it appears difficult. HOW CAN I LEARN TO CHANNEL MORE ACCURATELY? Listen to your spirit. but often they don’t want to. Listen to what it tells you. Then act when you’re reasonably sure you’re hearing the truth. to those who think they can’t.

Channeling is no different from anything in this regard. or anger. There's always plenty of time. our lives would go much more smoothly. if we used this resource more often. we run it through our human experience. it can be quite confusing. But learning to channel. But because you’re a free being who can decide for yourself which voice you want to hear. until you learn how to deal with these voices and let them go. People often get frightened during this stage of the process and stop doing it altogether. you can decide if it seems right. yes. Of course. then try it. takes practice. or to hear what your higher self wants for you. WHY ARE OUR EARLY VOICES OFTEN QUITE FRIGHTENING? This is because everything you’ve ever repressed inside you needs to be released before you can channel your real self accurately. the conscious mind gets involved and plays all kinds of “tricks” on you. HOW DOES ONE BECOME MORE ACCURATE? By listening and practicing and trying out what seems right and seeing if it works out for the better. In other words. IS THAT WHY MOST PEOPLE DON’T LISTEN TO THE HIGHER SELF? Yes. No one is mandated to respond to the voice of one’s higher knowledge. and you get better at it. you have a relatively foolproof system. Don’t worry about what you’re missing. but you may really be hearing the voice of fear. When most people begin “channeling” in this way. As you first practice listening to something other than your conscious mind. You may think you’re listening to spirit. then you were probably hearing accurately. if you “hear” that you should be doing something. The mind keeps feeding you all the other voices. It’s part of the learning process. you probably will. Often. Your spirit will never expect you to do anything in a rush. so when you combine wisdom and experience. HOW DO WE AVOID THE “CHAOS” WHEN WE FIRST LEARN TO CHANNEL? You can’t. It’s difficult to know who or what you’re hearing. You practice what you need to learn. which is a good thing. You must release all the fear and judgments however they want to come out. You can decide for yourself when it’s time to get information from a higher power. If it works out well. People are here to experience their human-ness in terms of the higher self. you may be acting on something other than the voice of your soul most of the time. In other words. or illusion. they do listen . by whatever name one calls it.11 WILL I MISS SOMETHING IMPORTANT IF I’M NOT CHANNELING ACCURATELY? If you mean. and it’s also the fear that they will look “stupid” or that they will frighten someone else. or any number of other voices. DOES THE SOUL ONLY SPEAK TO US WHEN WE LISTEN? Your soul is trying to speak to you all the time. will you fail to do something your spirit is recommending.

that’s one way to put it. You know it’s said that half of all the words attributed to channeling are really just nonsense. You’ll have to be very diligent in continuing to listen to the wisdom and weed out the nonsense. your true essence. and you manifest that essence in any way you can in the world. won’t go down easily. or stupid. WILL I BECOME PROFICIENT ENOUGH THAT I WON’T HAVE TO LISTEN TO MY ORDINARY MIND ANYMORE? Yes. yes. In the beginning. or your ego. but your mind. It’s letting go of the mind and knowing how to act every moment. There’s really no reason to do anything here but channel your higher wisdom and be universal love. and some of them are downright foolish. Many people have done things that appear foolish. and that’s probably true. Letting go of anything that may have made you feel unworthy. When you stop listening to any other voices. Our minds are full of all kinds of ideas. WHAT IS MY TRUE ESSENCE? Once you’ve accurately released your past conditioning and fears. . WHAT’S IT LIKE TO CHANNEL ACCURATELY ALL THE TIME? It’s like knowing who you are and not holding onto past conditioning and beliefs. But you get more accurate as you practice.12 to those other voices a lot. less than productive. your so-called channeled words are probably mostly nonsense. shall we say. you are the essence of love manifested in human form. DO YOU MEAN IT’S COMMON TO MAKE A FOOL OF ONESELF AT FIRST? Well. and they may act on something that’s. IF I PRACTICE ALL DAY. or anything else that kept you from being your authentic self. in the name of channeling. based on your true wisdom. you become the essence of love.

You’re not anything that the mind can think or believe. But you can if you want. Thoughts are always about the past and they have no clue about the truth. First. but they are not your essence. You are also not your future. for instance. Thoughts don’t get one to the truth. Is this difficult for you to realize? That you’re a highly evolved being when you come here? Most people never break through their illusions of who they are. you . Why is this? Usually it’s because there’s too much fear of the unknown clouding the truth. The past is simply something that happened in human terms and time. not really. or the emotions and feelings of those around you. anything related to the physical world around you. though you may have used these ways to identify yourself. or child. imagined. you must give up these beliefs before you can find who you are.13 Chapter 2: Discovering Our True Essence WHY DO WE COME HERE? You come here to better understand what it’s like to be human. In fact. You’re also not your feelings. envisioned. You’re not your past in any way. CAN I DEFINE MYSELF IN SOME OTHER WAY? No. You’re not your job. that you’re a parent. you’re not your beliefs. your possessions. or employee. your house. your car. If you think. or spouse. Thoughts are the way the mind uses to stay anchored in what’s gone before. HOW DO I KNOW I’M THIS CONSCIOUS EVOLVED BEING? You know it because you know it. Thoughts keep you stuck in your past. before you can discover your true self. when you’re ready to accept it. You need to get beyond the past. You’re not what you’ve been working toward. Let’s look for a moment at who you aren’t. They stay enmeshed in delusion and fear and never discover themselves. your desires. They never break through this fear. You’ve never been what you thought you were. so you can transcend human consciousness and become the exalted. You can discover who you are. high being that you’ve always been. or what others have said you needed to be. You’re also not what others may think you are. You may be pretending to be these things while you’re here. BUT DOESN’T MY PAST DEFINE WHO I AM? No. neither of which is real. what you thought you needed to have before you could be complete. You’re not your emotions. You’re not what you’ve felt. or feared. Thoughts are total delusion.

and what can never be faked or pretended. in order to be who you are. You must become limitless. yes. It nags at you in countless ways until you take steps to find your real self. Delusion keeps you stuck in the past. Because you’ll never be fully happy as long as you’re living in delusion. Your energy is your own energy. You are more than anything you can know. You must let go of trying to identify yourself in any of the common ways. before you can find yourself. and you can discover this truth if you’re willing to let go of everything else. HOW DOES ONE DISCOVER LASTING PEACE? Peace comes when one lets go of the past and discovers the truth. We can call this essence “love” because love covers a wide range of emotional states and realities which go far beyond what humans can experience. but you’ll have no lasting peace until you embark on a diligent search for yourself. and you can never define this essence. Truth is what never changes. HOW DO I LEARN TO LET GO OF ALL ELSE? You need to continue asking yourself “Who am I?” until you tire of making up answers and see yourself for who you are. You must let go of the need to be anything. You are much more than anything that can be seen as part of any third dimensional reality. You must get beyond the need to define yourself in any way. SO WHAT IS THE NATURE OF MY ESSENTIAL SELF? You are the essence of life itself. Those who are bold enough to take this path – and stick to it . you’re right. as in the form of exalted feelings. you’re cheating yourself. what goes on forever. and any time you define yourself in the terms of your thoughts. Truth is the unchanging way of the universe. But emotions as humans feel them are pretty much unexalted feelings caught up in fear and delusion. and you always know when your soul is less than fulfilled. WHY BOTHER TO REALIZE MY TRUE ESSENCE? WHY NOT JUST GO ON LIVING IN DELUSION? Do you mean that it might be easier to live here in delusion than to realize your true self and all your magnificent gifts? If so. They are real on some level. other people’s ideas of you.will find their way home to . That’s all there is to it. It’s very frustrating on the soul level. This may take years or lifetimes. by whatever name they choose to call it. You must go beyond all the known and into the complete unknown.14 can’t define who you are at all. or the norms of the culture in which you live. BUT HOW ARE WE TO KNOW WHO WE ARE IF WE CAN’T IDENTIFY IT? This is the entire point. Emotions run very deep. it would be easier. You’re failing to see your independent and interdependent energy in its own light. DO YOU MEAN THERE’S MUCH MORE TO EMOTIONS THAN HUMANS CAN FEEL? Yes.

WHAT IS ILLUSION? Illusion is the belief that you must do one thing or another in order to be here. IF WE DIDN’T NEED TO FIT IN. you can learn to live as a free being. Once you learn who you really are. This is why worldly reality is an illusion. Illusion comes from the belief that if you don’t participate somehow in life on this planet. and it’s there waiting whenever you’re ready to discover it. HOW WOULD WE LIVE HERE? You would live freely. if you ask. The dweller within is you. Souls don’t pay any attention to mass hysteria. You would decide what to do based on your need to see yourself as you truly are. in order to buy into the physical world in some way. Hence.15 the inner self. But they often forget they’re automatically loved by spirit. CAN WE LIVE HERE FREE OF ILLUSION? Yes. Such agreements are the basis of illusion. Let go of the need . You learn to do only what’s mandated by spirit and stop concerning yourself with anything else. being created each moment based on their thoughts and fears. This worldly reality grows out of the mass consciousness of those living here. Your soul will tell you what you need to know. So everyone goes about believing something which they think they must believe. everyone goes about trying to impress others by fitting into a world which nobody created. And you go about expressing yourself as the illusions you believe you are. You give yourself the opportunity to relax on a daily basis. rather than on universal knowledge and higher awareness. You don’t have to follow the thoughts and fears of this place. you give up the need to impress others. and illusion creates the need to fit in. You can get beyond the illusion of this place whenever you want. You don’t need to do anything to deserve it. love is always available to them. WHO DID CREATE THIS WORLD? No one person or thing created anything here. This creates agreements of how things are here. to where the wisdom of the universe dwells. Love is a given. They forget that no matter what one does here. and that they must do something to justify that love. WHY DO WE NEED TO IMPRESS ANYONE ELSE? Everyone wants to be loved. you won’t be able to be here at all. because it’s based on fears and thoughts. But most people think they need to be loved by others. You no longer need to express yourself in less authentic ways. Why would you need to see yourself as any less than you are? It’s because you don’t know yourself enough to express your true reality. HOW DOES ONE BEGIN? You learn to sense what’s in your body and what your spirit wants to tell you. You need only to begin living as your soul wants you to live to find yourself living freely.

as best you can. IS THAT OKAY? Sure. Don’t fight the need to rest. BUT I SEEM TO BE RELAXING. Bodies also tell us when the soul wants to speak to us. You can stop thinking that you should or shouldn’t think a particular thing. Let the sensations come from deep inside you. it’s not good. it really doesn’t matter exactly what you do. do a meditation practice or yoga. Take a hot bath. Let it happen. or simply lie down and relax somewhere. rather than from the mind’s fears or delusions. The important thing is to sit or lie down whenever you feel like it. WHEN I’M TIRED THESE DAYS. Letting a thought arise from the body always lets you know that it’s real. try to feel them in the body. They no longer have the need to sleep in order to release all the busy thoughts which most people’s minds accumulate during the day. It’s possible to release each thought and its effects as it occurs so the mind won’t need to replay it and release it later. Close your eyes for a few minutes. or the middle of the night. until you’re so confused you don’t know what you thought in the first place. be silent. because they’ve learned to slow down the mind all the time. WHAT DO I DO WITH THE THOUGHTS WHICH ARE ALWAYS THERE? If you find yourself “thinking” in some way. Your soul may want to speak to you in the middle of the day. . HOW CAN ONE LEARN TO RELAX MORE DEEPLY? People often take classes in relaxation or meditation or yoga or tai chi or whatever. Our minds pay attention to time. and so you try to think something else. The best approach is to think whatever you think. If you can’t feel a thought in the body. if we let them. The more you can relax. even if it doesn’t seem like the appropriate time. CAN I STOP THINKING AND STILL BE HERE? No. Do you know what I mean? If you think it’s not right to think something. We’re used to having the mind be asleep while we’re resting. But this isn’t necessary. You can also stop thinking that if you think one thing instead of another thing. the greater will be your ability to hear the wisdom of the body and soul. your mind doesn’t always need to be “asleep” in the old way for your body to relax. you can know it’s coming from the mind and isn’t accurate in terms of guidance and higher awareness. Thoughts which you can feel in the body are telling you that your soul wants you to know something. but you can stop thinking about thinking. then you end up in a vicious circle of thinking and then thinking about thinking.16 to know or do anything. Just sit and relax however it works for you. let the answers come to you. seek to access thoughts which come from a place of higher knowing. When thoughts arise. The important thing is that you allow yourself to relax and begin sensing what the body has to tell you. SOMETIMES I DON’T SLEEP. sit in the sun. The mind can do whatever it wants. our bodies tell us when they’re tired and want to rest. Some yogis and the like don’t sleep at all.

sleeping. so it’s better to let the thoughts pass through the mind. but it’s all related to living a basic existence. HOW CAN I BE MOTIVATED IF I DON’T THINK ABOUT THINGS? You can find motivation inside you. So you could say that thinking is inevitable. thinking is really pretty much a waste of time and energy. Beyond this. etc. IF THINKING IS SUCH AN OBSTACLE. There’s a lot to think about.. at your core. basic survival skills. and don’t pay too much attention to them. so it doesn’t much matter what you think. other than in your thoughts. True motivation comes from knowing who you are. doing the things you must in order to live.17 and always bear in mind that everything here is an illusion anyway. and letting your inspiration do anything come from that core place. This includes such things as eating. but you can still access a higher source of knowledge and let the thoughts come and go. WHY DO WE DO IT? Humans have to think in order to be here. . Thinking confuses this process.

All we must do is transcend the need to cling to earthly reality as if it were real. They may see things which remind them of a universal reality that exists beyond this place. There may be many changes within forever. beyond this physical dimension. in that it doesn’t last forever and isn’t known on higher levels of consciousness. an earthly or third dimensional reality. But earthly life is an illusion. earthly reality isn’t real. With all the chaos and delusion. But the image of something greater than this third dimensional reality is not delusional.18 Chapter 3: Time and Ego WHY DO WE LOSE SIGHT OF OURSELVES? Most people forget who they are when they come here. it’s easy to fall into the trap of believing one is deluding oneself about higher realities. but there’s so much confusion around them that it’s difficult. It’s part of the human illusion. The earth doesn’t exist any more than any of the rest of what’s seen or believed in human terms exists. Therefore. The earth is simply a perceived reality in which beings perceive themselves to be alive in a certain physical form. Forever is what never changes. But their visions are rarely confirmed by others. You must transcend the tendency to live only in this reality before you can see other realities. WHAT IS OUR ‘HIGHER VISION’? It’s a way of seeing unlimited reality. We can enter this higher state whenever we want. It’s not part of existence. DO YOU MEAN IF SOMETHING DOESN’T LAST FOREVER. so it’s common to let them go. but the key aspects never change. They may try to remember for a time. what’s always one way or another. exactly. Higher mind is a state of reality in which we see more of what’s real. Earth is but one location in a galaxy of realities. IT’S NOT REAL? Yes. it’s a message about the way things truly are in other places. It’s an illusion created by the minds of those who live here. HOW DOES EARTH LIFE FIT INTO THE WHOLE OF EXISTENCE? It doesn’t. . You’re part of a changing reality as long as you’re alive on this planet. The mind as we often speak about it is limited to physical reality of which it’s part.

. one starts living in a more time-free reality. There’s no other way for things to be. We may think we’re expressing ourselves in a new or unique way when it’s still our egos controlling us. HOW CAN WE BECOME TIMELESS? Imagine a reality in which everything happens at once. you break free of the illusion that you’re controlled by time or anything else. There could never be anything else. You exist beyond the norms of this place. just experience each moment as it comes. You begin to understand that you’re now living in a way that’s far less dependent on any aspect of “worldly reality” including the illusion of time. HOW CAN I KNOW WHAT AND WHEN TO DO? When the frustration with old ways of living one’s life gets too big to ignore. Forever is just what is. With practice. we can learn to express the authentic self as it wants to be expressed each moment. You do what you want and become the multidimensional being you were when you came here. though it may seem incredibly fast in human terms. forever can never be distinguished from what simply is. Since time is also an illusion of the human realm. If everything is experienced as happening at once. WHY IS THERE SUCH A THING AS TIME HERE? People invented time as a way to perceive that everything wasn’t happening at once. This isn’t the kind of action where one’s “ego” feels the need to express itself in some way. When you do what you want each moment. or true. No need thinking about what’s next or what might be. so it can keep track of everything. How could any linearlybased object like the mind keep up with this reality? A person must transcend the need for linear time and linear physical life entirely before being ready for timeless living. self is one of the most important things you can do here. You can just accept what is and be in that form each moment. HOW DOES AUTHENTIC SELF-EXPRESSION HELP ONE EVOLVE? Learning to express your authentic. WITHOUT TIME. rather than functioning as a being who is dependent on other people or events to shape your life. You must let go of the need to identify yourself by any physical means. doing what your heart or your soul tells you to do. the mind will become very confused. You begin living more in the present moment. The mind really functions very slowly in cosmic terms. The mind wants the events of this world to happen in a nice controlled order. You don’t have to put a label on it. Time is then no longer a factor of existence for you.19 WHAT’S THE NATURE OF ‘FOREVER’? Forever itself is but a state of mind.

because to keep you safe in it’s limited context. You can learn to express yourself in a way that’s truly unique for you each moment. rather than acting from the ego. The best way is to insist on expressing yourself in new ways all the time. and likely help others around you grow. from your authentic self’s need to express in the way you’re expressing yourself. it’s keeping you within the box of “acceptable” behavior. The secret is to learn to sense your true motivation to do anything. it may be because the ego has lost control and is trying to get you back into your box where it can be in charge again. You may actually feel fear when you’re stuck in an old reality that’s no longer serving you. it must control you. But it’s still a box within which you’re functioning in relative security. or of the cultural norm. For most people. you’re still being controlled by the ego and its attachment to this world. one way or another. and not who other people or society in general may think you are or may want you to be. they back off. Therefore. It doesn’t matter how large or how small a group to which you’re conforming. And fear is usually quite prevalent in people. even if your actions seem far outside the norm.20 HOW CAN WE DO THAT? You can learn to be who you are. You bring through new energy and express it in the world in ways that help you grow. your ego will try to make you feel uncomfortable. you won’t really express yourself in very imaginative ways as long as you allow the ego to set the tone for your expression. which is not the way it was intended to function at all. The ego is not a very creative thing. This may include doing your life “too normally”. When you take chances. You’re part of all existence and anything you do to facilitate the expansion of that existence helps all who are within it. You must be willing to take those chances anyway. This may be the acceptable behavior of a small group of people. The secret is to get in touch with your body and your . the ego is very much in control. WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN EGO-CONTROLLED AND SOUL-BASED SELF-EXPRESSSION? When the ego controls your response to anything. Know that when you’re feeling this discomfort. and let the ego fume a little on occasion. Fear actually pretty much controls this world. whether it feels unique to you or not. Each time you express yourself in a more authentic way you expand your consciousness. If you’re not acting from spirit. DOES THE EGO ALWAYS SEEK TO CONTROL OUR BEHAVIOR? Yes. When fear arises in them. You may also feel fear when you make changes that don’t feel quite right. even if those ways may feel a bit uncomfortable. WHAT DO WE FEAR CHANGE? Fear as it relates to personal growth is here to tell you when you’re doing something you shouldn’t be doing. HOW DO I GO BEYOND EGO? You let it die.

When you stop making decisions based on fear. like a virus. that’s pretty much it.” This is all very true. you’re ready to move forward and be your fully expressive higher self. it continues to live on and do its damage here. 3) the need to gain anything. CAN I LIVE HERE NOW AS MY HIGHER SELF? Yes. . HOW DO WE LEARN TO LET THE SOUL GUIDE OUR LIVES? By listening to it every chance you get and letting it know you will follow what it tells you. 7) delusion. 5) sorrow. Fear drifts around this planet and attaches to people who are open to experiencing it. that’s it! You go beyond the need for fear to ever control you. to maintain its existence. from the soul’s perspective.21 soul and let them tell you when you’re doing what you need to be doing. Until you’re ready to do that you’ll be frustrated. You let the decisions come from deep within you. There’s a quote from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras of many centuries ago which goes like this: “The final stage [of the self-realization process] is when one comes to the end of 1) the need to know anything. By giving up fear and delusion and doing what you’re here to do. But as long as people are willing to give it a home inside them. DO YOU MEAN FEAR HAS A LIFE OF ITS OWN? Yes. you begin to find that fear will not longer be so significant in your life. it must go someplace else. because living as less than who you are is not very fulfilling. If everyone on this planet refused to allow fear into their lives. 6) fear. as long as you feel those risks are guided by the soul and not the mind. 2) the need to stay away from anything. When you’re ready to give up all this. it would die a natural death and would no longer be part of the human reality. WE GO BEYOND FEAR AS MOTIVATION? Yes. By taking chances now and then. It will simply drift away and attach itself to someone else’s life. IN OTHER WORDS. When you decide to no longer be motivated by fear. 4) the need to do anything. and you do what your heart wants you to do. you can live however you choose and express yourself as you truly are. You make your decisions based on your own need to know what to do next.

22 Section 2 ILLUSION .

WHY DO I HEAR FROM SOURCE IN HUMAN TERMINOLOGY? Source is you. and what we all aren’t but could be. Without this knowledge. You can discover this place if you try. Source can give you the advantage of knowing what you came here to do and how to do it. and that is indefinable in that it goes beyond whatever can be imagined. Source is all that is. IF SOURCE IS SO ABSTRACT. happier life. It’s the place from which you come. You don’t need to understand Source to benefit from what it has to say to you. Source is your path to higher consciousness. Source can tell you what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong and where you need to change and where you can never change … in order to be yourself. Source is everything and it is nothing at all. CAN’T WE JUST IGNORE SOURCE AND LIVE HAPPILY HERE? No. Speak to yourself in ways you understand and know at the same time that your energy and your wisdom extend far beyond human consciousness. that’s all. . From the place where all awareness resides. you’ll never be fully satisfied with your human life. Source has all the important answers which you need to live a better. WHY TALK ABOUT IT AT ALL? Because Source can tell you all you need to know. Source is what we all are. and it’s what we can never know. It’s everywhere that anything is and everywhere that nothing is. not really. WHERE DOES SOURCE’S INFORMATION ORIGINATE? It comes from the Source of everything. WHERE IS SOURCE LOCATED? Source is everywhere.23 Chapter 4: The Source Of It All WHAT IS THE SOURCE OF HIGHER KNOWLEDGE? Source is the state of things that goes beyond all that is. How would you speak to yourself in terms you can’t understand? This would make little sense. It’s outside you. It’s in between you. and it’s where you go when you leave here. It’s inside you. that includes all that is.

24 IS MY SOURCE THE SAME AS EVERYONE ELSE’S SOURCE? Yes. There’s no difference for anyone here. All here are (as is said) one. One being. One awareness. One knowledge. One set of instructions and one manual for success. You need only to do what all others need to do, to be successful here in your own way. DOES THIS MEAN ALL OF US ARE HERE TO DO THE SAME THING? In a sense, yes, everyone comes here to do the same thing. That thing is to get in touch with oneself and know who one is. Do you all look and act the same? No, of course not. You each have particular ways of learning who you are and what you’re here to do. WHY DO WE APPEAR IS SO MANY DIFFERENT FORMS? Because Source likes it that way. Source is infinitely creative. No way is better than any other. No body is better or worse than another. It doesn’t matter what body you’re in or what body anyone else is in. Each body is made of the same stuff. Nothing! That’s right! You’re all made of nothing. The fact that you see a body at all is really an illusion, in the sense that you see one being as being different from all other beings. It’s an illusion to see people as separate from each other and from all the cosmos and all that lies beyond it. DO YOU MEAN SOURCE INCLUDES MANY OTHER REALITIES? Of course. There are many universes. By the way, your universe doesn’t exist, either. Just as you don’t exist. Though there are many universes, there are also no universes. Just one big reality that includes nothing physical. All universes are illusions that don’t exist. DO YOU MEAN ALL THE STARS AND PLANETS AND ALL THE THINGS ASTRONOMERS HAVE DISCOVERED REALLY DON’T EXIST? That’s right. All illusion. You don’t exist and neither does your universe. WHY DO WE SEE ALL THESE THINGS THEN? Because you want to see them. You want to believe something exists, so you pretend it does. Everyone has gotten together and believed these things exist, and pretty soon they started existing, at least in your imaginations. But beyond this illusion, nothing exists, and when you go beyond it, you begin to approach the key to everything. By accessing the place where the illusion ends, you reach the place where reality begins. IF NOTHING IS REAL ABOUT THIS WORLD, HOW CAN WE REACH A PLACE WHERE SOMETHING EXISTS? By going inside the illusion so far that you realize you can never get to the end of it; then by giving up the illusion for whatever it is and going even further. You have to surrender all that you see around you before you can discover what really is. Most people never take this path because it’s too threatening to them. Most are content to sit where they are and refuse to budge beyond

25 what’s comfortable. Lifetime after lifetime. Returning to the same place and sitting there for an entire lifetime without moving an inch. WOULDN’T THAT GET BORING? Yes, but most people do it nevertheless. They don’t know it’s disheartening, because they’re afraid to look far enough to see what’s in their own hearts. So they sit in one place, not feeling what they don’t want to feel, until they leave again. They’re certain they’ve been part of something real - usually painfully real. IS THAT WHY PEOPLE COME BACK HERE TIME AFTER TIME SEEKING ENLIGHTENMENT? Sure, that’s it exactly. If you’re afraid to grow and expand, you stay where you are … forever. But that’s okay, because remember, it’s all an illusion. Forever never happens. BUT WHY COME BACK HERE TO EXPERIENCE THE SAME THING? Well, first, they’ve forgotten that it’s the same thing, because they don’t remember they were here, until it’s too late to stop the process. Then, they start looking around and things seem painfully familiar, but they don’t really know why. And since most people are afraid to consider the possibility of an expanded reality that includes much more than this one, they cling to an imagined reality, thinking it’s better than nothing. But regrettably, they have the wrong idea of what nothing is. True nothingness is really a very beautiful state-of-being. WHAT’S THE NATURE OF NOTHINGNESS? Nothing is a magnificent place in which you are everything, and you are also nothing. It frees you from having to be anything in particular in order to exist. When you accept that you are nothing, you’re free to be whatever you want. HOW CAN I BE ANYTHING IF I’M REALLY NOTHING? You just be it. You decide what you want to be, and you be it as fully as possible. You’re free to be whatever you want while you’re here, or anywhere. IS THERE A PLACE WHERE THERE’S SOMETHING? No. There’s nothing anywhere. You decide what’s real, and you make it as real as you want. But there’s nothing real anywhere, in terms of one reality which you have to be a part of. You decide your reality and make it real, however you want. BUT HOW CAN THINGS APPEAR SO REAL HERE? This is only because people have agreed that they’re real, and they don’t imagine things to be different. All that happens here is really an illusion perpetuated by thoughts and beliefs and fears of those who are here. Most people are controlled by their beliefs and thoughts and this perpetuates an

26 entire reality that really doesn’t exist, except in the combined imagination of people. If you can imagine one reality, then you can learn to imagine another (and perhaps more positive) reality for yourself.


Chapter 5: Living Beyond Belief
IS IT POSSIBLE TO LIVE HERE WITHOUT BELIEFS? Yes, but it’s very difficult. It takes great perseverance to get beyond beliefs because they’re so pervasive here. Most people buy into the mass belief system and go about their lives not knowing they’re living a reality generated by other people and their thoughts. WHAT’S IT LIKE TO LIVE BEYOND BELIEFS? When you don’t let beliefs control your life, you’re free to have whatever beliefs you choose. And you’re free to have no beliefs at all. You’re not controlled by your beliefs unless you want to be. Living without beliefs is living freely, without the need to think or believe anything in particular. HOW CAN WE DO THAT AND STILL BE WHO WE ARE? Your question implies that people must believe something, in order to be here. This is not true. You can believe anything you want and still be here, but these beliefs do not need to define you. You can learn that having beliefs is merely a circumstance of life here, and as such, beliefs can be given up as easily as they’re accumulated. Why would you need to have beliefs to define yourself, if you knew you’re more than you see? There’s a big difference between having beliefs and being attached to them, and having beliefs and not being attached to them. The difference is that you form the intent to not be controlled by your beliefs. You just let them go through you, like thoughts on the wind, and you continue to be what you really are. BUT AREN’T MY BELIEFS AN IMPORTANT PART OF WHO I AM? No, your beliefs have nothing to do with who you are. Your beliefs are only a circumstance of being here. All people have beliefs, but their beliefs and opinions are but dust on the wind. They can be given up as easily as they’re acquired. IF I HAD NO BELIEFS, HOW WOULD I LIVE EACH DAY? You would let spirit, or your soul, be the guiding factor in your life. You would give up any attachment to the way you perceive things to be, and stop living according to beliefs and opinions. You would live each moment as if it were your first moment here; not needing to know anything, or be anything, just living in that moment.

being what you are and not having to be anything in particular. but rather allowing yourself to think positively. and any belief that resonates with those fears is more apt to attach to them. there’s no such thing as fear because fear is only existent in human consciousness. . not as in trying to control your mind. HOW DOES ONE NOT BE FERTILE GROUND FOR NEGATIVE BELIEFS? You learn to not allow beliefs to form your opinions. If you can guard against negativity in your life. their innermost awareness. but they’re also the product of what’s been called “universal consciousness”. Negativity can’t attach so easily to one who believes in an ultimately positive reality. Human consciousness is limited to what happens in the third dimensional physical world. which includes the thoughts and beliefs that are prevalent in that world. What would it be like if you didn’t define yourself? What’s so good about defining yourself at all? Why not just live according to spirit and be what you are? This is all there really is to life. for instance. but some are more receptive to negative beliefs. In positive reality. or fear. A reality in which you go far beyond beliefs or anything else that’s prevalent on this planet. In other words. beliefs will have a difficult time attaching to you. Beyond human consciousness lies all the wisdom and awareness that supercedes everything. anywhere that’s fertile ground for them. optimistic thoughts. They may believe in negativity. WHAT IS “POSITIVE REALITY”? It’s a reality in which beliefs are only one way of defining oneself. DO YOU MEAN THERE’S A CONSCIOUSNESS THE SUPERCEDES HUMANITY? Of course.28 HOW DOES ONE DO THAT? By giving up the illusion that one needs to define oneself in any way. It’s a reality in which all those here are free to express themselves according to their innermost wisdom. they don’t care where they land. They have no real connection with any one being. It really is as simple as thinking kind. they attach themselves to as many people as possible. Beliefs are contagious. HOW DO BELIEFS BEGIN? Beliefs originate in each person’s mind. keep yourself from thinking negative thoughts so often. most people are receptive to beliefs of one kind or another. from person-to-person. ARE SOME PEOPLE MORE RECEPTIVE TO BELIEFS? Yes. they fly around in the air.

Arrogance also keeps people disconnected from the rest of the human race. the belief that to survive we must be “really smart”. They attach themselves to the belief that they’re smart enough to live without higher guidance. Until one day. WHY DON’T MORE PEOPLE LIVE BEYOND BELIEFS? Often. which was something far beyond belief. AM I FREE TO DO THAT TODAY? Yes. If you allow arrogance to keep you from yourself. You don’t have to be a realized master to live free of beliefs. choosing instead to go on believing you can handle this place on your own. You’ll realize what the energy deep inside you. They go on living as if they knew everything. And you’ll begin doing your life in ways that bring you much more satisfaction. It’s a much freer form of being. They think they know what’s right for themselves – better than their spirit knows. Existence is merely what it is. separated from all of existence. consciousness has no need to believe in anything. IS SOURCE FREE FROM BELIEFS? Yes. You need only to decide that you can do it. You fail to transcend human consciousness. You’ll see yourself as a more expanded being. yet knowing deep down that they know very little. once you decide not to be controlled by beliefs of any kind. WHAT KIND OF CHANGES? Your awareness will immediately shift. WHAT CAUSES PEOPLE TO BE SO ARROGANT? Arrogance stems from the need for survival. wants for you.29 HOW DOES ONE LIVE IN THAT CONSCIOUSNESS INSTEAD OF THE WORLD OF BELIEFS AND FEAR? You simply decide that beliefs no longer have power over you. you can do it anytime you want. your soul. it’s because they’re arrogant. often fearing anything new or unusual. and there’s no need to put labels or thoughts on it. Beliefs are merely a human preoccupation. You decide to be what you were when you came here. they give up the illusion and begin to see through their arrogance to the place where the human self doesn’t exist. Start living your life today as if you’re free to be free of belief. . Arrogance keeps people trapped in past ways of thinking. They begin waking up to their arrogance and go beyond the illusion. You decide to let go of anything that feels like it’s controlling you irrationally in some way. and you’ll notice changes happening for you. You energy is freed up considerably. you never learn what your soul wants you to learn. At all other levels of reality. and even afraid of one’s own higher wisdom. You’ll notice that beliefs no longer control you. and then do it. They block innovative ideas from coming through.

that everything you’ve believed may be either untrue or limiting. You see.30 HOW DOES ARROGANCE KEEP US ISOLATED? When we believe we have all the answers. You let go of the need to be right about anything. Humility allows us to expand our consciousness and become witness to greater and greater versions of reality. Humility is the opposite of arrogance. humility opens us to all that life has to give us. You learn to see everything. Strong belief systems and arrogance are often very connected. when you need to see it. We stay trapped in our own small world of limitation. But you learn that you need hold onto none of it. we close ourselves off from new input. While arrogance keeps us trapped in the past. Humility opens you to all that is. through humility. Not in an expanded context. simply knowing what you need to know each moment. When you close yourself off from your higher self. . It belongs to a small world. because what’s real is always there for you. How can any human being know everything. HOW DOES HUMILITY LEAD US TO THE TRUTH? While arrogance is limited to what’s in one’s mind. HOW IS ARROGANCE PART OF THE WORLD OF ILLUSION? Arrogance can never see the light of expanded consciousness. when there’s so much happening beyond human awareness? You must open to your complete awareness and transcend the limitation of arrogance. waiting until you’re humble enough to discover it. There are very few answers of any real importance in this world. We’re usually afraid to consider anything outside of our current belief system. and take credit for none of it. There’s no room in arrogance for consideration of higher consciousness. because beliefs need arrogant attitudes to protect themselves from expanded possibilities. as the light being you are. HOW DOES ONE TRANSCEND ARROGANCE? One learns humility. but in a limiting human context. because it’s a world based on past beliefs. humility opens the door to the entire universe and all its information. Arrogance limits you to a small world of illusion inside your head. you begin to see yourself as the ultimate source of all information.

We block all that could come to us from all the universe. But it’s really useless. we may forget it. memory doesn’t serve us as we think it does. IS MIND ALWAYS ABOUT THE PAST? Yes. We tap into universal consciousness and learn something that’s floating about. of course. Actually. you act from the deeper place where all the universe is connected in a magical dance of energy. and then take . DO YOU MEAN OUR MEMORIES ARE INACCURATE? Yes. HOW CAN I DEPEND ON “OTHER THAN MIND” TO GUIDE ME? When you follow your spirit. The mind knows only its own past. You need only to reach a place where you can hear or feel this deeper part of yourself. On the other hand.31 Chapter 6: Following Spirit CAN YOU EXPLAIN HOW KNOWLEDGE IS UNIVERSAL? Yes. No one is alone here. if you believe you can know whatever the universe wants you to know. Your spirit knows what you need to do. If we try to file anything away for future knowing. you’re limited to what’s stored in it. Depending on what’s in your mind to accurately inform you about present circumstances is at best a random occurrence. We often see or learn something and think it’s ours to keep. What a silly thought this is! Yet many people act as if it’s their truth. Wisdom is to be shared and never horded. Wisdom isn’t personal. Do you see the distinction here? If your memory tells you what it thinks you need to know. We horde the information in the mind as if it’s so important. each is here to share what they’re given with all others. It’s universal. you open yourself to the entire universe of information. But our memory only tells us what it thinks we need to know. It’s always universal. This is how arrogance limits our reality. we serve memory. because it’s about the past. a real grab bag. But knowledge isn’t to be claimed and filed away like a possession of some kind. and act from a place of “non-doing”. to be shared with others. We think we know what we need to know. Mind can never tell you anything appropriate about what’s happening right now. except as it may happen to relate to something from the past. Or we may get it wrong the next time because it may not appropriate to know it in that later moment. It keeps us trapped in the information that’s already in the mind. not because we’re the only one that can know it.

it comes from following spirit and doing what you’re really here to do. rather than knowing that it will happen “now” when you take action. See what your body has to say to you. There’s really nothing you HAVE to do here. and act only from that place. you would never do anything wrong. But when you’re really in touch with your higher self. or productivity. because minds can’t know what the soul wants for you. Feel them in your gut. really. because they’re so caught up in the trappings of the world. or meet someone new. and not until then. You sit and you listen and you act when you feel the impulse to act coming from deeply inside you. you’re acting from a place of wishing or wanting something to happen. Don’t go on what the mind thinks. Effectiveness. and act from a place of inner knowing. You would stop trying to think your way through life and do what spirit wanted. however it does. each moment. If you were to truly follow spirit. . and it’s infinitely more effective and. ultimately. Minds can easily delude us. or in your heart. You just do what comes into your mind. You stop taking action just to be doing something. You need to wait until the impulse to act comes from that place of deep inner knowing. or start a new line of work. WHAT IF THE WRONG THINGS COME INTO MY MIND? The mind may have in it the wrong things. You’ll learn to do what the higher part wants you to do. You may sense that something new is coming for you to do. Maybe you’re to move to a new place. the wrong things will stop coming to you. you take action immediately without questioning the Source. and still be productive. Then. you need only to allow it to speak to you. HOW DO I KNOW WHEN I’M FOLLOWING SPIRIT? You know because you stop trying to think of things to do. This is the simple way to live one’s life.32 appropriate action. but it’s not quite the right timing. from the perspective of what your higher self really wants for you. all the things of the third dimensional world which people usually follow. You can be here and no nothing at all. You’ll know the difference between lower thoughts of the mind and higher inspiration of spirit. Let your impulses to act come from deep in your body. IS THIS WHAT YOU MEAN BY NOT TAKING ACTION UNTIL IT’S TIME? Yes. isn’t a product of thinking or doing. or your awareness. It can become very easy. HOW CAN I LEARN TO ACT FROM TRUE KNOWING? Sense your body and see what it has to tell you. HOW DOES ONE BEGIN TO LEARN TO FOLLOW SPIRIT? You stop following fears and delusions. You and your spirit are one. much more enjoyable. If you act too soon.

When you get it. . The mind doesn’t really want to be in control of things it knows nothing about. they will begin to quiet down. The impulse will come rather quickly once you give up the need to act in any particular way. It can be tricky to learn. The soul is your source to higher consciousness. Next. You must learn to discern between the mind’s thoughts and the wisdom of the soul. you act. You’re acting from a nervous energy which you believe you must express somehow. if necessary. Once we stop listening to them. IF I WAIT UNTIL MY MIND IS QUIET BEFORE I ACT. HOW DO WE DO THAT? You begin by sitting and waiting for what feels like an authentic impulse to act. We’ve just put them in a position of needing to try to be in control. HOW DOES THE “NEED” TO ACT CONTROL US? The need to act keeps us doing everything for the wrong reasons. Its message to take action of any kind comes from deep within you. one which comes from spirit. Or you may know instantly what to do next. WON’T I BE WAITING FOREVER? Not necessarily. It goes on like this until you learn to trust your impulses more and more and act from that place of knowing. WHAT IS THE VALUE OF “NON-DOING”? When we feel as if we must act in some way. so it will encourage you to act only from the place of inner knowing.33 WHY CAN’T OUR MINDS TELL US WHAT TO DO? Minds will tell us everything they want. Or make lots of money and be outwardly happy. Or impress someone. once you’ve done the first thing. as long as we’re willing to listen to them. The soul wants you to be happy on a deeper level. You need only cultivate this ability and then your mind will be happy to quiet down and let the soul speak to you. we attract the mind’s fears. and allow them to go about their business. or Source. Nothing really needs to happen in this world. for this is where fear lives. Eventually. Sitting and relaxing can bring about an instant state of awareness. These are not good reasons to the soul. WHAT HAPPENS IF WE DON’T WAIT TO ACT? If you take action from a hasty impulse – usually one which comes from the mind – you’re not doing what your soul wants. then act. Everything works much better if we let them be in their true position. and seek deeper answers elsewhere. you sit and wait for another impulse to act. Nondoing is when you decide what to do by not doing anything. Perhaps you want to be successful in the world. You’re reverting back to doing what the mind “thinks” it wants. Never trust the mind’s thoughts solely. you can learn to wait until you receive the bodily impulse to act. You’re here to learn by not doing anything from a place of need or compulsion.

You need to relearn how to get in touch with yourself on a deep level where you can tell the difference.34 Sit and wait for the answers and follow that guidance immediately. The soul will never tell you to do anything dangerous or frightening. as long as it’s something that won’t put you in peril in any way. . though sometimes the mind and ego may believe it’s frightening.

When you act from the wrong place. when we stopped trusting ourselves to know on the soul level. most just don’t wait quietly and allow them to surface. WOULD WE KNOW OURSELVES BETTER? No. Minds can never know on the higher level what’s right for us. you feel discomfort of some kind in your body. doing all the little necessities of life. It means you sit and wait for the impulse to act and then act. or delusion. Minds are supposed to do ordinary. They’re inside everyone. and inner wisdom can never be known by the mind. or the culture’s idea. It doesn’t mean you never doing anything at all. no matter how secure or practical your action may seem to the rational mind. They’re supposed to know how to get us through the day. We began asking them to do things for which they were never designed. you must let go of the need to do anything. HOW CAN I TELL WHEN I’M ACTING FROM THE RIGHT PLACE? First. That role . This is their role. Rather than acting from your own place of knowing. You take someone else’s idea of what’s right. or something other than your soul’s expanded point-of-view. or happenstance. They’re basically the working part of our nervous system. because they’re constantly listening to and observing the physical world.35 Chapter 7: The Language of the Soul WHAT IF I CAN’T GET THE ANSWERS I NEED FROM MY SOUL? You’ll get answers . it’s their job to observe and comment on it. you give up your power to decide what’s right for you. It means non-doing in terms of not doing anything you “think” you should do. Minds are often confused about what’s right. Answers and soul impulses are inside you. When you act from anywhere other than the soul. that’s their true role. Non-doing means giving yourself the chance to know what to do – before you act. SO THE RATIONAL MIND CAN’T KNOW BEST FOR US? Exactly.if you quiet your mind and allow them to come. IF OUR MINDS WERE “SMARTER”. The mind alone can never know what the body or soul wants. Minds aren’t supposed to be smart in the higher sense. Minds were never intended to do the things we ask them to do. They were intended to help us get through the days. you’re acting out of fear. daily tasks. Your inner wisdom has the answers. You’ll know your body wants you to be doing something else. They belong to that world.

all those things which the mind thinks it knows but really has no knowledge of at all. WHY DOES THE MIND WORK THIS WAY? The mind is trapped in a reality in which nothing happens that isn’t mandated by the third dimensional physical world. Minds can’t go to the place where all information is available to us every moment. That is. So. It doesn’t have your real practical needs in mind. it’s but a product of past events. they have no concept of universal reality. it’s not alive. Don’t question what you’re doing. The mind tells you to do things which put you at risk. Once you respond only to physical reality. you’re following the wrong impulses. bodily sensations. this means living in the past. It has your fears in mind. creativity. feelings. the mind really doesn’t have your true security in mind at all. It has your overwhelming desires in mind. This inspiration to act will have a definite influence over what plays out in your future. whatever one chooses to call it. Minds have to stay basically in the past. Mind are trained to do things linearly. WHEN THE SOUL SPEAKS TO US. rather than from your alive and vibrant spirit. spirit. you see. hunches. It’s not part of what’s really happening in the present moment. When you follow your past and let the mind determine how you shall act. Essentially. finished impulses. This means it’s not vibrant. WHAT’S THE LANGUAGE OF THE SOUL? Impulses. the inner self.36 belongs to the soul. This part of us is real. forms of self-expression. as long as you’re not doing anything which may put you physically at risk in some way. because they’re dead. inner knowing. the reality which includes everything happening at once. it’s too late to have any real influence over anything. no matter how impractical that action may seem. you act from a place which knows what you really need to manifest in your life. for the physical world is an outgrowth of past thoughts and past conditions. for all thoughts are references to the past. It has your judgments in mind. Minds can never learn what the soul knows. it can never know feelings or hunches or all those other things. When you follow your soul. because they don’t speak the same language. and it’s the part that should be guiding our lives. DO YOU MEAN PHYSICAL REALITY IS ONLY AN ILLUSION? Yes. The mind knows thoughts and only thoughts. The game is over once action occurs on the third dimensional playing field. They’re impulses which come from fear or delusion about how things are manifesting in the world. The soul never does this. you can’t affect third dimensional reality because it’s already over by the time you notice it. because it thinks you may “need” to have such an experience. awareness. on the level where manifestation originates. . WHAT SHOULD WE DO? Take action immediately.

37 IS THERE SUCH A THING AS “THE FUTURE”? In one context. You would go from task to task knowing that it was exactly right for you to be doing in that moment. instead of a battle. Peace comes when we’re ready to accept . again out of fear or delusion. But fighting keeps us trapped in old realities. In another context. HOW DO WE ACHIEVE PEACE? We don’t achieve peace. The key is that you do what you “know” you should do. Minds can never know peace. etc. or whatever. It’s convinced most people that it must be in charge. Our minds want to fight for everything. it’s following your intuition to everything that really needs to happen for you. Impulsive living is not what most people think. Nothing could be further from the truth. Life would take on the image of a dance. in order to facilitate that next thing in happening. Most people battle their ways through life. or take a walk. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? The mind has been a good salesman. The mind needs to pay attention to its own work and let the other parts make the major decisions. there is something to come. something that will take place based on your soul’s impulses today. the answer is no. We allow peace to come to us. ARE YOU SAYING MOST PEOPLE ARE ALWAYS AT WAR IN SOME WAYS? Yes! Most people fight with each other on some level constantly. and waiting for the next impulse to come to you. HOW WOULD OUR LIVES CHANGE IF THE MIND DID ONLY ITS WORK? Your lives would work very smoothly. whether it’s to write these words. There is only the present moment and the things you choose to do in it. But minds can never be satisfied. No one would do anything based on what they thought they should do. we need only to learn to listen to it and wait for it to give us peace. or they won’t know how to live their lives. If you act a certain way which the soul wants you to act. Even if you don’t think you’re doing anything at all. there is no future. Impulses and intuition have been given a bad name in this mind-oriented world. IS THIS WHAT LIVING INTUITIVELY IS ALL ABOUT? Yes. or because someone told them to do it. Life would be far different. competing for things they don’t even need because they think they must fight or they won’t have anything. then follow the soul’s impulses to the next thing and the next. something will happen next. or chaos will result. making all the wrong decisions and doing all the wrong things based on the wrong information. We let ourselves receive what the soul wants for us. The mind needs to relax and let the body and soul run the life. you’re still going from thing to thing. Most people believe they have to follow the mind. They just fight for the next thing. once we’ve “achieved” the last thing. The soul knows peace.

You’ll do what’s right. when you don’t listen to your soul. It’s a very simple. we must learn to imagine with a higher part of us which has nothing to do with the mind. You’ll do what you need to do to live a happier. Peace comes when we’re ready to have it fully in our lives. you’ll do what’s right on the deeper level. The body and the soul know how to imagine. Live your life this way. mind can never imagine anything. you’ll have everything you really need. SO THE MIND AS DEFINED THIS WAY CAN’T REALLY IMAGINE? That’s right. You only have to take steps to get to the place where you can accurately feel it. Humans are at peace deep inside. IF I FOLLOW MY GUT FEELINGS. But they’re really imagining by thinking about what it might be like to imagine. more fulfilled reality. but it doesn’t know. You’ll do what’s right. and it can never think about what hasn’t already happened. your higher self. When you let go of the fear of not having what you want. because it transcends the mind. to experience what it needs. to see what might happen or not happen if we do or don’t do one thing or another. . to learn how to be more of your expansive and aware self while you’re here. CAN OUR MINDS EVER IMAGINE WHAT WE REALLY NEED? No. until after that thing has already happened. The mind can only think. But it really doesn’t know. When you listen to the soul. Do you see how confusing this can get.38 it. You’ll do what you need to do. Peace is the true nature of the inner self. once you truly learn to follow your inner knowing. Your ‘gut’ knows what you need to do. and much more effective. The soul is very simple. and you’ll find all the peace you could ever imagine. THEN IT’S OKAY FOR THE MIND TO NOT KNOW WHAT WE’RE GOING TO DO NEXT? The mind never knows what we’re really going to do next. you merely do what it tells you to do in the moment. Peace is the product of letting ourselves know what the soul wants. and so on. way to live. and then in the next moment. It may think about what it might be like if we did one thing or another. Minds may imagine that they can imagine. to help you learn more about life and how you may live here more productively. in order for your soul. Imagination is a very powerful thing. Imagination gives us the chance to dream about the future. WILL I ALWAYS DO WHAT’S RIGHT? Yes. It may think it knows. The mind can only see what it thinks. your psyche. and a lot more.

39 Section 3 PERFECTION .

Expanded love. Love and universal energy are really the same thing. Human energy is fine by itself. or from the Source of all-that-is. this is love which transcends all aspects of human reality. ARE YOU SAYING MOST PEOPLE SEE LOVE AS SOMETHING IT ISN’T? Most people see love as less than it is. DID RUMI MEAN THAT WE ARE ALL EXPANDED BEINGS? Yes. but it’s not the love which one speaks of in expanded. exactly. Human love is dependent upon personal likes and dislikes. terms. by feeling the body deeply and letting love – powerful energy that it is – carry them out of the body.40 Chapter 8: What Is Love? WHAT IS THE NATURE OF REAL LOVE? Love is intended to be a way to connect oneself with the universe. Love can also come from outside the body. or cosmic. You can learn to release energies that aren’t needed. but not only in the body. You use the energy of love. In these terms. He meant that universal love comes to all who expect to have it. In a sense. Most people feel human love and ignore the greater possibilities. love is really a way to sense one’s body and to learn about oneself. the love that Rumi and other mystics have written about. as a way of feeling your body and your soul. Any time one feels both human love and universal love at the same time. this is the higher use of love. things that can’t be determined on a cosmic level. whether that energy comes to you through another person or directly from the universe. BUT DOESN’T LOVE ORIGINATE INSIDE US? Love is inside the body. You can’t avoid love unless you try to not have it. one who can accurately sense both the body and the higher self. . one is in full contact with the universe. That there’s no way to avoid having love. SO IT’S NOT ENOUGH TO FEEL “ONLY” HUMAN LOVE? Not if you want to be a complete being. if one lets all the love possible come to them easily. It comes from the universe. This kind of love can be used for feeling the energies of the body. This is the kind of love we call “universal” or “unconditional” love.

you need only to relax and let it come to you. They work hard for most things they don’t need. If people could only realize how beautiful they are. wherever they are.41 SO LOVE IS AVAILABLE TO US WITHOUT TRYING? Yes. and . they don’t value it. You need only to know that you’re worthy of having love. just to validate your ill-gotten beliefs. you try to not have it. all that they need would be right there in front of them. To have all the love you could ever need. it won’t be worth having. WHAT WOULD IT BE LIKE IF PEOPLE LET THEMSELVES HAVE ALL THEY NEED? It would be magnificent! People would simply allow themselves to be who they are. WHAT ARE PEOPLE SEARCHING FOR SO MUCH? Generally. If they would only relax. including love. Isn’t that silly? Most people find that if they’re given something. They wouldn’t go anywhere in search of anything. Most people work really hard at having anything. HOW DOES ONE RECEIVE ALL ONE NEEDS FROM THE UNIVERSE? Simply relax and let it come to you. life wouldn’t be worth living. WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY THAT? I mean that most people are confused about the need to work hard to have anything of value. and it usually eludes them. you don’t need to go anywhere to have love. Because there’s this image in most people’s minds that if love were so easy to have. DO YOU MEAN WE MAY THINK WE DON’T DESERVE LOVE? Yes. They think that if something comes easily to them. and this belief keeps you from having love. it is love itself. So they try really hard to have it. WHY DON’T WE JUST HAVE WHAT WE NEED WITHOUT TRYING? You can. in order to not have something your universe makes readily available. For instance. Self-esteem issues are at the basis of most unhappiness. But usually people believe they can’t have it. and let the universe give you all that it can give you. You don’t need to attract anyone in particular to you. it comes back to not feeling worthy. your natural state is love. WHY DO WE BLOCK LOVE FROM COMING TO US? Again. The key is that you allow yourself to receive love when it comes to you. that they have to work hard for it. When you believe you don’t deserve something. But people are taught at an early age that they can’t easily have what they want. because it would be right there for them. You must try really hard. and downplay what they’re given. with love. People are very strange creatures in this regard. and the very work itself keeps them from sensing their real needs and having them met by the loving universe.

BUT WHAT CAN WE DO TO STOP THIS? First. In between. The more your light shines through. You can have everything you need. You’re feeling your own connection with the all-that-is. they want to be light. This is how each of you can teach all the others about light and love. on some level. or for the energy that runs all creation. you’re a being of light. This is who you are: You’re a light being whose light is shining brightly. even if you don’t notice it in yourself. competition. as light or color. there will be confusion. Isn’t that silly? YES. Light makes everything happen. This is where the rub happens. too. You can stop believing you’re an inferior being. just like love. As I said before. . and all other creation. and lots of regret. WHO AM I REALLY? You are light. you fall into the trap of believing you’re just this physical being. because you can’t see them. and you can enjoy it as much as possible. Your soul knows when you’re unhappy. this world would be a very beautiful place. You leave here as light. which comes from not having what you think you should have allowed yourself to have. You come here as light. Yes. As people notice. They actually cause the disenchantment by not having what they believe they can never have. You can let Source give you the essence of universal love. and it tries to give you what you need. people deny themselves having light and knowledge and love because they don’t think they deserve them. the more people want to experience it. And you don’t need to do anything to deserve it. But most people block themselves from receiving it. light comes to you when you ask for it.42 stop trying so hard to have what they think they can’t easily have. You can’t deny yourself having all the light of awareness you need to live beautiful. You can have all the love your universe can give you. It comes to all who want it. SO LIGHT COMES TO ALL WHO ASK FOR IT? Yes. You are a grand and glorious being who is fully capable of having all that you need. so they can justify themselves in feeling poorly about themselves. Until then. When you feel a state of love. you can stop thinking you’re not worthy of having anything you need. Color is actually a very powerful medium. love is another word for light. You think you don’t exist on other planes. exalted lives – unless you try to deny yourself. But when you begin opening to the possibility that you’re much more than a physical being. unhappiness. you’re in touch with the light of creation. your light begins coming through. DOES LIGHT MEAN THE SAME THING AS LOVE? Yes. Light is a way of seeing the universe. The sensation of love comes to individuals to let them know they’re in the light. People notice this change in you. It really all begins with seeing yourself for who you are.

Most of the time. one is simply living one’s life when something that appears “bad” may happen to them. the sooner you’ll discover yourself and get on with your real growth. It believes it must feel powerful in order to justify its own existence. They thought that because this was a harsh place to live. the ego wants to be in charge.43 Chapter 9: Low Self-Esteem & High Egos WHERE DOES LOW SELF-ESTEEM GET ITS ROOTS? Low self-esteem comes from a misperception that one shouldn’t be in human form. nor to leave here before one can become more awake. and the sooner you realize this. People make it difficult by believing that it needs to be. But it’s not powerful at all. it’s only happened. ARE YOU SAYING THE EGO THINK IT MAKES THE WORLD HAPPEN? Yes. when you get rid of the ego you dissolve all belief that you’re causing anything to happen. when of course it really had nothing to do with it. As if one shouldn’t be here at all. they’ve done nothing to cause this thing to happen. But this isn’t the case at all. So it “pretends” it caused the event to happen. it’s with the idea that they’re being punished in some way by being here. Once again. and it can never control the events of this world. Do you see how this belief in cause-and-effect can lead one to the conclusion that they must have done something to cause the event? Do you see how your ego plays a part in this? As mentioned previously. Yet. it meant they’d been sentenced to it for something they did wrong. There is this misperception that this life isn’t as worthy as angelic life. When many people come here. there’s no need to feel mistreated. etc. so that it feels all powerful. This place is simply what it is. People often believe they’re being punished when they’re not. but has been subjected to this place in order to learn lessons of some kind. the ego thinks the entire world revolves around it. . BUT WHY IS IT SO DIFFICULT TO LIVE HERE? It doesn’t have to be. HOW WOULD SUCH AN IDEA ORIGINATE? This belief got its start in the first beings who became conscious here. The ego is never in charge of your life. good or bad. The ego pretends it can control events in this way.

DOES BELIEF IN KARMA FORM PEOPLE’S ACTIONS? Yes. then you don’t do your life as if karma will have any influence. it’s another part of the illusion of this place. A Buddhist may believe in it.44 DOES OUR SOUL GROW BECAUSE WE EXPECT OR DEMAND IT? No. You need to let go of holding onto beliefs about how things should be. that you never again need to deal with it. Yet. This is not just about the concept of karma. karma isn’t part of their belief system. of course. All will happen in its own time. CAN ONE STILL BREAK FREE OF IT? Sure. But for much of the world. very much so. Your beliefs determine how you act. once you stop thinking about how it should happen. If it’s “real” one place on the planet and not “real” another place. It becomes just another reason to feel badly about themselves. or lifetimes. Karma is a manmade phenomenon. like everything else. if you don’t believe in karma. It may seem real for those who believe in it. like so many other things here. such as if your religion makes no mention of it. What people don't usually recognize is that they can choose to not have karma if they want. HOW DOES THE IDEA OF “KARMA” PLAY INTO LOW SELF-ESTEEM ISSUES? Karma is a belief system. It’s only real when they choose to believe in it. and that makes it an illusion. For instance. You don’t have to control anything for it to happen according to the natural flow of the universe. There’s nothing to do. Growth is a relatively easy thing. Your expectations have nothing to do with it. and let things be as they will. then it’s part of human creation. Belief systems of any kind will generally have great influence on people’s actions. You’ll do whatever you want with little fear or regret related to karma. If you decide that you’re free of karma. However one believes pretty much determines what’s real for them. You can focus on allowing the process to continue naturally. So they go on “undeserving themselves into karmic misery”. is an illusion made manifest by some people’s belief in it. the soul grows when you let it grow. then you . You don’t even have to think about growth for it to be happening on the soul level. another manmade illusion. HOW WILL I KNOW I AM? The point is to let go of the control of thinking you know how the growth process should be happening. it is good to focus on your body’s needs and learn what it’s like to be as fully conscious of your growth as possible. People who believe in karma often believe they don’t deserve to be free of karma they’ve built up over the years. stop believing in it. while at the same time letting it happen at its own pace. Karma is not a given here. IF ONE BELIEVES IN KARMA. So karma. You just need to stop impeding this growth with your thoughts and actions. KARMA IS ALSO ILLUSION? Sure. BUT IF I DON’T FOCUS ON GROWING. A Christian may not.

but you can’t. You may think you can control your life. It’s another belief system. Control is. to help them see that they can make a difference in their lives. People who believe in absolute control usually aren’t much fun to be around. You can decide to not believe in anything and it will disappear out of your life. Control also keeps you trapped in your own limited consciousness. another tool caused by fear and the belief that to be safe. Effort doesn’t get one anyplace. except back into the mind and all its trappings. and you just think about not having it. then it will disappear from your life. Willing is the same as thinking. you can be controlled by the idea of being in control. If you stop believing that anything can be controlled. you will notice that control . what really exists beyond the belief that you’re a separate and independent being here. but you must be sincere about it. Will-power gets you only as far as yourself. DO YOU MEAN IF I DON’T WANT SOMETHING. DO YOU MEAN THAT WILL-POWER ISN’T GOOD? I mean that will-power doesn’t exist in true reality. and you create for yourself an entire life that’s free of it. HOW IS ONE TO CONTROL ONE’S LIFE? You can’t control your life. Will-power is another illusion. It’s a tool used by those who are trying to discover themselves. If you decide you don’t want something in your life. CAN I “WILL” ANYTHING OUT OF MY LIFE? I didn’t say will. you must become aware of the tremendous power of the thought process. You never could. I said know. I CAN JUST STOP BELIEVING IN IT? Yes. one must not let others into one’s life. Just as if you let the belief in karma affect your life.45 are free of it. It keeps you cut off from those who may be able to help you. based on fear that if you don’t have something. except with more effort. There’s no way to control anything here. that won’t necessarily eliminate it. But ultimately it’s still buying into the illusion that one must be in absolute control of one’s life. You must let go of the idea that you can control your life before spirit can reach you and help you. HOW CAN I STOP TRYING TO CONTROL MY LIFE? You must stop thinking you can control anything. IF WILL-POWER DOESN’T EXIST. Willing something out of your life is still part of the thought process. it doesn’t exist for awakened beings. then you have to start all over again to learn what’s really important. But if you decide for certain that you don’t want it. in effect. You can become karma-free by believing you’re karma-free. You can become free of karma or anything else by knowing that it’s not part of your life. and you must decide for yourself how to manage without it. apart from universal wisdom. of how you determine your future by your beliefs today. To do this. you won’t be okay.

Safety is an illusion that’s so far from obtainable that it’s a colossal waste of time to even think about it. and you’ll still be at the mercy of cosmic forces. Remember how much you once tried to control your life? How you were afraid to deal with things or people or places which were threatening to you for one reason or another? Remember how you made what you thought were mistakes because . You can be what you are all the time. not when you think you know how to have it. Trying to guarantee your future is as fruitless as trying to predict how many stars there are in the sky. You can do anything you want to control any aspect of life. a force which assures that everything will happen in and of its own time. Do you see how this is such a big issue for most people here? BUT IF WE’RE NOT IN CONTROL. You can never guarantee your safety. It’s better to let go and let reality come to you as it does. and there’s no reason to try. In its place will arise the realization that all vibrates here to a universal force of some kind. and they lose their imagined sense of balance. You must let go of control and let everything happen when and how it does. Safety comes only when the universal force ensures it. But you have nothing to fear. nothing can threaten your true essence. Safety. You’re here now and then you’re no longer here. it may not. HOW ARE WE TO LIVE HERE IF WE’RE UNSAFE? Human reality is an unpredictable thing. If humans could learn that they don’t need to be in control. WHY THEN DON’T WE STOP TRYING TO BE IN CONTROL? Because most people are afraid to live out-of-control lives. or grains of sand on all the beaches in the cosmos. whether you believe in the need for some kind of imagined security or not. it’s still only illusionary on their part. You go and do what you do here. which is another way of saying “control”. You can’t control time and you can’t control outcome. You may come to an end tomorrow. Problem is. Who knows what may happen next for anyone? No one knows. plays no part in your life. It may happen.46 and the need for it will vanish. It comes and it goes. and you’re still not going to guarantee your safe existence. They can’t deal with feeling like they’re not in control so they lose their bearings in this uncontrollable world. You can never guarantee anything. and then it’s only as effective as they believe it to be. something may happen which makes them feel out-of-control. HOW CAN WE BE SAFE? No one can ever be safe. BUT AM I NOT MORE SECURE IF I CONTROL CERTAIN FACTORS IN MY LIFE? Nope. they’d free up great amounts of energy which could be used for far better pursuits. whether you’re here in human form or not. You can do anything at all. or security. Yet. You can’t know any of this. WHAT ABOUT THOSE WHO THINK THEY’RE IN CONTROL? Control is only effective for those who think they’re in control. Safety is also an illusion.

Do you see what I mean? YES. Wrong is not a real concept. Others tell them it is. your spirit may even head you down blind alleys just to see what may happen. If something other than what you may have wished for happens. things happened to you because you were out-ofcontrol. instead of taking risks that could bring them great joy. Spirit wants you to discover how magical existence really is. takes risks all the time. They think control is a good thing. by finding new and enlightening ways to live. and then quit doing those things so you wouldn’t make the same mistake again? These were all incidents in which you believed that bad. They think controlling things will keep them safe. we only judge outcomes as good or bad depending on our prior notion of how things should be.47 you weren’t in control. But control had nothing to do with these occurrences. without being in control. we know nothing bad can really happen. It wants you to see yourself for who you are. It goes way beyond the idea that anything is in control of . It’s not because you did anything “wrong” at all. If you let it. or to control your outcome at all. The amount of joy in one’s life is usually equivalent to the amount of risk one takes. even though it may seem that way on the third dimensional plane. You’re really free to make any “mistakes” you want here. time doesn’t really exist beyond the human plane. so you can waste any of it you want. But yet again. Most people settle for fairly boring lives. Since time and control aren’t real. you don’t need to be in a hurry to do anything. Remember. You can do whatever you want here. BUT DIDN’T THOSE THINGS AT LEAST WASTE MY TIME? No. and they think it’s working if nothing really bad happens to them. SO A SPIRITUAL LIFE IS A CONTROL-FREE LIFE? Yes. there’s no such thing as control. BUT STILL. They settle for a relatively challenge-free existence in the belief that it’s safer than doing potentially risky things. Spirit wants you to learn that it’s impossible to live a controlled life. in terms of human control. or the belief in control. so we take risks constantly. Your spirit. Taking risks definitely takes one out of the realm of control. the idea of control isn’t really an accurate way to see existence. so they believe it. you don’t really “waste” any time here at all. and we’ve quit pretending there is. They keep making the same efforts to control things. or essential self. Of course. there is a great force “in control” of everything. and the only way to do that is to stop trying to control anything. I’M WONDERING HOW PEOPLE FALL INTO THE TRAP OF BELIEVING THEY NEED TO BE IN CONTROL? Basically they don’t know any better. without worrying about something “bad” happening. or non-productive. even though these things may bring them great satisfaction. it’s only because that’s what the human-thought-created world mandated. in the name of control. On the spiritual level of reality. IS OUR HIGHER SELF A RISK-TAKER? You bet it is. On this level.

the very concept of control is.48 anything else. . You see. once again. a product of human imagination.

in terms of the all-that-is. as long as you believe it is. You can imagine any aspect of reality you want as being the real reality. The true universe as we refer to it is really an enormous compilation of many realities. Black is black. it is. the universe. The mind is only capable of seeing pieces of the universe. Unless you’re clear about which is which. Or go so far beyond this place that the mind will give up and let you have whatever experience you have. Your universe as a sort of boxlike reality bounded by stars and planets and invisible space and ending who-knows-where. your human mind can become quite confused. and white is white. but let’s look at it for a moment. but you’d have no context in which to view either. so you have to settle for these little glimpses for as long as you’re attached to human reality. First. which is really an enormously large proposition. Yet. WHY DO WE CHOOSE TO LIVE IN A LIMITED REALITY? To experience all that you can experience in limitation. then to experience an unlimited reality and see the difference. BUT ISN’T THE UNIVERSE ONE REALITY ON SOME LEVEL? Yes. But sometimes black can be white and white can be black. yet it’s such a big thing that the mind can never understand it. even when . you break down the entire process to the point where it no longer makes sense. That is a far limiting reality. this is a rather large question. this universe is an illusion created to help the mind understand its own reality. etc. WHY AREN’T PEOPLE CAPABLE OF SEEING MORE? Humans are designed to function within this particular reality in which you find yourselves. There’s so much more to existence than you can realize here that this world would never satisfy you.49 Chapter 10: The Limitless Soul HOW DOES THE UNIVERSE FUNCTION? Well. you can expand your consciousness and live relatively free and expressive lives here. But anytime you shorten the imagination by believing one universe is everything. Do you understand? YES. Your mind can only see what you perceive to be reality. It’s as if you can’t know what black is without seeing white. If you could see everything. one must stop at a place where the mind can understand it. isn’t what people see it as being. Any time one endeavors to see the entire universe. as we’ve said before. Black and white mixed together would just seem like a big mix of color of some kind. you’d have no interest in staying in this limited world.

HOW DOES THE SOUL EXPERIENCE EVERYTHING AT ONCE? By being everything at once. by experiencing all that’s available and making a choice to experience more when it’s ready. By living in a reality which includes all experience. and certainly not any one reality that defines everything. it can’t even see it. It’s actually a bit confusing to explain until one sees it for oneself. life as you know it on this planet is full of cause-and-effect reality. as the soul. All that’s ever happened is happening right now. Your soul can experience everything in the universe at one time. Sure. HOW CAN EVERYTHING HAPPEN AT ONCE? This is one of those concepts which the mind can’t grasp. In limitless living. The soul is limitless and indefinable. CAN I BE DONE WITH LIMITATION? Yes. or linear existence. There’s no beginning and no end. there is no beginning and no end. . it goes everywhere and does everything. You can never define what the soul is doing or being. you’d no longer have one. The mind sees only beginnings and endings. This might get you in trouble with some people. since it understands only linear reality.50 it envisions an unlimited universe. Everything ends and begins. and this is very difficult to do while one is in human form. seeking. HOW CAN LIMITLESS LIVING OCCUR? It occurs within a frame of reference in which past is something that only occurs in third dimensional worlds. Your soul is always on the move. but most people don’t do it easily. giving and receiving love and light. The mind thinks everything has to have a beginning and an end. Beginnings and endings are on top of each other. there would still be people around you who believe in a past. you’ll have a better understanding and appreciation of the wonder of limitless living. It’s just the way the soul experiences things and grows. and never looking back because the soul doesn’t know how to look back. But you don’t have to pay much attention to them. everything happens at once. But that’s not the way the real universe functions at all. but you wouldn’t have to believe in it. All physical realities such as that on earth exist to give you. You could live your life each moment. but you need to allow it to happen. looking. Everything is happening all the time. therefore. that’s all. IF THERE’S NO PAST. It’s just the soul. ONCE I HAVE THAT APPRECIATION. It has no conception of the past. in the context that there was nothing that went before. Otherwise. If you stopped believing in a past today. Past is limited to belief systems in which there is cause and effect. who insist that the past is real. starting and stopping simultaneously. the chance to experience limited realities. Most have to get really tired of limited living before they can move into limitless reality. By expressing itself as if there’s no such thing as reality. This is so that when you leave this reality. It just happens. The soul only moves forward. defining and redefining. Past occurs because people believe in it. such as yours.

That’s just an illusion created by the mind. Your mind does perform many necessary functions for you. it’s invaluable to you. or ego. This is why it tries to keep such a tight reign on your life. If it were to see unlimited reality. of course not. What a very limited and judgmental creature it is! Your mind gets you into trouble when you see the world through its eyes only. The mind is a product of physical reality. AND SO THE MIND BELIEVES IT’S THE ONLY THING THAT’S REAL? Sure.51 DO I HAVE A BEGINNING OR ENDING? No. “this is just another part of me”. the mind has no role in any of this. the mind thinks that in order to be safe. You became a slave to the mind and its illusions of reality. “Forever” leaves . In that role. the mind created the ego to help it keep everything in check. and this is the only dimension which it can ever know. to try to keep things in a perspective which it can understand. Do you see how you have feared your demise in the past? This was because the mind had control. It sees your body and thinks. so it has no role in a non-physical world. functions which keep you alive each moment. If the mind and the ego don’t even exist. because it believes it has to do this to keep you safe. the mind thinks it’s the important part of you. Of course. and told you that you would die if it didn’t keep you alive. The ego has a lot to gain by the idea that things will end someday. You forgot how to see all of reality because the mind blinded you from a greater vision. Ultimately. IS THE MIND LIMITED TO THIS REALITY TO KEEP ITSELF SAFE? Yes. The ego is actually a great schemer. it would become very confused. The mind likes to keep things under control by convincing us that it sees everything for us. the problem again is that the ego doesn’t go forever. it thinks that all it sees or knows is all there is. WHAT PART DOES THE EGO PLAY IN THIS ILLUSION? It tells you that you’re too frail or stupid or something to control your own destiny. The ego convinces the rest of your being that the only way to be here is to trust it and give it all your power. The problem comes when we see the world through the mind’s eyes. It convinces you that it knows all there is about life and that you should follow it forever. If you can never end. It wouldn’t know how to do the many things it needs to do to keep you healthy and alive. You’re much more than the mind can ever see. and begin thinking that’s all there is to anything. it must pretend that this reality is all there is. The mind is very provincial in this respect. Do you see how this aspect of mind keeps you trapped in a limited reality. as long as you believe it exists? YES. because it’s the only part that can think like it does. WHEN DID PEOPLE START SEEING REALITY THIS WAY? When the mind got control of the organism by convincing it that if it weren’t in control something bad would happen to the entire being. because it knows it’s going to end when you leave here. It’s also a product of third dimensional reality. there’s no reason to control anything. that it must be in charge if you’re to live here.

You as the expansive being you really are must be the one to see more and tell them to leave you alone. WHY DOESN’T THE EGO SEE MORE? It can only see what the mind sees. and it knows this. etc. It tells you all these things in the name of keeping you safe. once you’ve told the mind that you’re safe without its help. so it tells you how bad you are.52 the ego in the dust. in order to keep you in its camp. until you’re ready to discard it and live a limitless reality. it’s history. so it tries to prolong the illusion of the mind’s reality as long as it can. how the visions of your higher self are false. how others will take advantage of you. . how inept you are. because it’s a lot more fun and rewarding than depending on this imaginary ego to run your life for you. and the mind can never see what’s not part of this physical world. It believes it’s helping you. HOW DOES THE EGO CREATE PROBLEMS FOR US? The ego tells you lots of things that aren’t true. the ego will dissolve and you won’t have to deal with its conniving again. Then. how stupid you are. I recommend that you explore living a limitless reality. but what it really does is keep you confused and weak. Being a product of the mind. and the mind must learn to do its physical functions and stay out of your higher affairs. The mind and the ego are in this thing together. You must access your larger scale of reality. the mind can tell the ego that it’s no longer needed. Since the ego was created by the mind in theory to keep you safe. It knows that once the mind is gone. you’re killing this imagined part of you. the ego goes no further than the mind. It tries to keep you in slavery to its whims and opinions. When you decide to live ego-free. Both are products of the human imagination. how you shouldn’t take risks. and the ego doesn’t like this prospect.

not really. or everywhere at once. in terms of limitless living. IS THIS PROCESS SPEEDING UP NOW. Eventually. WHY DID I CHOOSE TO BE IN THIS PARTICULAR BOX FOR NOW? You came here to learn the lessons of human consciousness regarding how to give love to others. in one context. Since there is just . DO PEOPLE USUALLY LEAVE HERE WISER THAN WHEN THEY CAME? Well. or energies. but it’s pretty much the case. at least to the amount that you’re capable. It’s only when a being gets tired of coming and going and begins to realize that there is something more. Most people are content to live their human lives in that box and not even think about the possibility of there being anything larger. You see all of reality. one way or another. there is no beginning and ending. you come to decide that the boxes aren’t where it’s at. and you exist outside the boxes. You’re everything at once. because remember. it can actually be pretty nice. or images. or that box is it. most are content to ignore all of it and live their basic little lives. Once you transcend human reality. and how to receive more love for yourself. You can look inside any number of boxes you want. that’s all that matters. This third dimensional reality will always be here. This is when the limitless part becomes your true reality.53 Chapter 11: Living Between the Boxes HOW DOES LIMITLESS LIVING TRANSCEND HUMAN REALITY? Limitless living allows you to feel all of yourself. Most people come and go without really learning much of value. Your reality may be only one of those boxes. Reality is really like a limitless number of boxes. you have no need to live in a box at all. Since one is always growing and expanding. that one makes the necessary effort to expand beyond this place. as long as one doesn’t get attached to it being the only reality. It serves a purpose which will never go away. You’re learning those lessons nicely and when it’s time to move on. not really. THIS AWAKENING TO ONESELF? Well. There’s no need to limit yourself to thinking that this box is it. you’ll take with you the new perspectives you’ve gained by living here. So you see there’s nothing wrong with third dimensional living. In spite of the glorious pontificating of some humans. This may sound depressing. you can see only that which you’re capable of seeing each moment. You can be anywhere. You can see all that there is to the best of your ability and decide how and where you will live in each moment. All the boxes are it.

You can’t stay for long in a world where you’re no longer receiving the lessons or rewards of that world. others change and grow. Sure. You must be free to express yourself as you truly are. But all this will remain in effect someplace in the universe for those who choose to continue experiencing it. for space itself is really an illusion and there’s basically no “here” or “there”. there is a certain quickening now occurring. BUT AREN’T OTHERS WAKING UP FASTER? Yes. You change and grow. move on to a far less limited and more enjoyable reality. But most beings stay in this reality. Yet. That’s how this world’s existence will continue. only that there’s a place that serves every mind and every level of evolution. those who do transcend this reality and leave it behind will always be relatively few in number. in terms of major changes to its human-derived configurations. this third dimensional world never really changes. BUT ISN’T THIS PLACE CHANGING A LOT NOW? Actually. perhaps at a quicker pace than ever here. you will. You move to where you need to be and express yourself as you need to. there are shifts and adjustments. The idea that this reality will end soon is a concept perpetrated by the minds of those who want to be someplace else.54 “now”. and limitless reality gives you that opportunity. Many are waking up to themselves. HOW WILL I KNOW WHEN IT’S TIME TO MOVE ON? It makes no sense to be where you can’t be your real self and do your real work. WHAT’S THE POINT OF BEING HERE? It’s to learn about yourself and grow and become your limitless being and when you’re ready. When you’re truly ready to move to a new reality. coming here time after time and experiencing this reality to the best of their abilities. in order to be the highest form of you that you can be. IF THIS WORLD IS NEVER GOING TO CHANGE. . this particular aspect of now will always be here serving the souls who need this reality. but mostly things go on as always on the worldly scale. At least. because many more will always be coming here to experience this third dimensional reality than will be leaving here for good. That’s the purpose of life anyplace. and some of you move on to more expanded realities. You will always next experience the level of reality for which you are ready. there is more opportunity now on a global scale to awaken to one’s true reality. WHAT ABOUT THE PEOPLE WHO DO CHOOSE TO LEAVE HERE? They will simply leave and be someplace else. It’s really irrelevant where such a third dimensional world exists. and may very well be some place else before long.

Most don’t. You don’t need to actually leave this physical reality. In this belief system. even though it may seem painful and chaotic on the human level. CAN I DO MY LIFE DIFFERENTLY WHILE I’M STILL HERE? Yes. in order to not fall off the beaten track. These are their lessons. it’s the ego and the mind conspiring to convince the person that they’re in charge. You don’t need to die physically to begin living in new ways.55 THIS SEEMS DEPRESSING THAT SO MANY SOULS CHOOSE TO REMAIN HERE. and if you die. This is a much more preferred way to live! . Like. You’re hooked. you can just decide. It’s a very vicious circle. you might die. until you tell the mind and ego to get lost. Again. You needn’t be discouraged at the thought that many others continue to come here and learn the lessons of this place. Do you understand that death is really only an illusion. another concept in which you don’t need to believe? YES. BUT WHY DO SO MANY BELIEVE IN IT? The idea of death is another illusion that people believe keeps them safe here. you must realize that many choose to continue with these lessons. For them this place is still perfect. because once one tries to do things beyond the norm. one’s ego has them convinced that they’d better be really good and follow its instructions. that they won’t know what they’re doing. to be more aware. they must be doing something right. and that the person should never do anything to rock the boat. that you’ll take your chances with eternity your own way. They cling to the idea that because they’re living here. you’re going to hell or some other unknown frightening place. I KNOW THAT NOW. death would be the ultimate outcome of doing something wrong. If you do anything your mind and ego don’t mandate. because they’re lost in hell or some other imaginary place! As long as one believes there’s somewhere worse. it brings up the fear that they’ll be out-ofcontrol. and then live differently. in order to live differently. pity those poor souls who can’t be here. While it’s true that you’re done with many of these lessons and this planet no longer serves you in the old ways. WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN? This trick keeps one locked into old ways of seeing reality. but it is possible. Many beings have lived more expansive lives here.

You can never be less than perfect. and then move on with the full satisfaction of having lived perfectly here. You live perfectly when you realize that this life is enough.56 Chapter 12: Recognizing Your Perfection WHAT IS THE ULTIMATE NATURE OF HUMAN LIFE? Human life is actually another illusion. CAN'T WE JUST CIRCUMVENT THIS PLACE AND MOVE ON TO A HIGHER PLANE? Nope. you are perfect right now. IF WE'RE ALL PERFECT. just as you can live that way anyplace else that exists. to give love to all those in the expanded universe. You can learn to live here to your greatest fulfillment. for those here to have the experiences they need. you’re only here to learn how to transcend this place. There is really nothing imperfect about this world. All is happening in exactly the perfect way. Therefore. Remember. you can live this illusion as well as possible. But your life goes better when you realize that you're perfect. you came here to acquire the lessons of this world. Each being is having experiences which help him or her grow and learn what they need on higher planes of reality. Yet. But once you consider the bigger picture. You and everyone here can choose whatever experiences they want on some level. People's experiences may be "bad" if you're concerned only with their physical circumstances. that you can be your perfect self here whenever you choose. BUT AREN'T THESE EXPERIENCES OFTEN "BAD" FOR THEM? Perhaps. YOU MEAN I CAN CHOOSE TO BE PERFECT RIGHT NOW? Actually. and to move on with full awareness of the existence of a greater reality. WHAT IS PERFECT LIVING? Perfect living is being in a state in which one recognizes that they’re fully here. and you can't leave . you see that everything that's happening here is complete perfection. the very act of living here is part of the illusion which facilitates these things in happening. depending on how you look at it. or that you are imperfect in some way. their soul growth for instance. WHY IS THERE SO MUCH IMPERFECTION HERE? This is only because you "perceive" that there's imperfection in this world.

BUT SOME PEOPLE SEEM FAR FROM PERFECT HERE. then you haven't learned all this world has to teach you. this place is perfect. you’d come right back. from lifetime to lifetime. you are everything all the time. HOW LONG MIGHT THAT TAKE? Takes as long as it needs to take. not when you "think" you've gotten it. You can't leave until you've fully learned what it's like to be human. and that in an "unreal" world. IF WE'RE EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME? Yes. You haven’t learned to see through all the illusions. they would see that they've never been anything but perfect. You learn what you learn and you move on when you've really gotten it. this is because they haven't discovered their perfection. By ignoring the illusion and doing your life the way you need to do it. remember. WHY NOT. But you don't yet have full personal clarity about that. If you did find a way out of this place before you were ready to move on. Only when you’re sure you’re done can you really move on to another realm. one is pretty much stuck here. there is still reality somewhere. and deeply within the world itself. . no matter what you may think or say. If you’re merely frustrated with some aspect of life. and until you know with complete certainty that it’s time to move on. it usually means you still need to work on that aspect somehow. There's nowhere to go anyway. WHY IS THAT? Because. deeply within yourself.57 until you're done. You know yourself in human terms because you see yourself when you look in the mirror. HOW DO I DO THAT? By expressing yourself as you truly are. the perceived imperfection. If you're still seeing the illusions and you think they're real. Or rather allows their own perfection to shine through. Just like you. TO SEE THAT ILLUSION CAN NEVER BE REAL? Yes. But until one is ready to really see oneself in more expansive terms. You're not done until you're done. BUT WHAT IF I'M TIRED OF BEING HUMAN? Doesn't matter. that is true. This is how one discovers perfection. They're still working on seeing through the illusion to the place where they make perfect sense. But you have to look deeply to find it. You're here until you've learned the lessons of this reality. If they could only ignore the illusion. and if you did go there before you were ready you wouldn't know what to do. Yes.

BUT IF MY THOUGHTS ARE IMPERFECT. Human life is what you make of it. This knowing can never be compared with illusion. This is wisdom which comes to you from your universe. from way beyond human reality and human thoughts.58 BUT WHY DO I SEEM TO HAVE SUCH IMPERFECT THOUGHTS? Because you're still seeing them as imperfect. DO YOU MEAN I CAN BECOME PERFECT BY REALIZING I'M NOT JUST HUMAN? Yes. This is training. People have told you that you were bad if you had “bad” thoughts and did “bad” things. It's the wisdom of Source. Are you ready to express yourself this way? Are you ready to be what you are. not at all. You have no choice but to hear what others are thinking and what the world is thinking. You're still believing that if you have thoughts that seem less than loving and the like. You will be perfect everywhere that you are and you’ll recognize that you exist everywhere at once. You’ll be on your way to total recognition of your own . And being able to express one's perfection in all that one does here. because you can see yourself as a higher being. you recognize your perfection and you’ll be ready for new. and let go of the illusion? When you're ready to stop trying. You must completely let go of letting thoughts define you in any way. You’ll be free to be wherever you will be next. that you must be a bad person. more expansive experiences. HOW CAN I KNOW I'M PERFECT? It’s likely that you're no longer trusting your thoughts to be an accurate representation of you. You have always been able to do this. We just use the word "lower" to describe the thoughts which are products of the illusion. remember. those thoughts are only part of the illusion. You are lower. IS THIS WHEN I’LL BE FREE TO MOVE ON TO SOMEPLACE ELSE? Yes. You must let go of attachment to thinking and discover the wisdom inside you. conditioning of this world. Higher knowing comes from Source. and do what you're here to do each moment. but remember there’s no hurry to get anyplace. That's all there is to being here. because you will always know what to do. you are higher. That you're ready to go beyond thought. you are whatever you see yourself as being. SO PERFECTION IS KNOWING ONE IS PERFECT? That's it. You can learn to recognize your perfection in the inner wisdom that comes to you from Source. you can converse with higher consciousness. from the place of universal truth. you just had your focus in the wrong place. so they don't define you any more than anything else here does. But. That's exactly what you must do to recognize your perfection. on those lower thoughts. Then you can do anything you want. You can enjoy being here for as long as you’re here. All humans have less-than-perfect thoughts. ARE HUMANS A LOWER FORM OF LIFE? No. But there’s only what's going around.

.59 supreme being-ness. and you’ll never need to look back again. This is when you’re on the path to perfect living.

60 Section 4 CHOICES .

your thoughts may come to you in pictures. THEN HOW DOES ONE KNOW WHAT TO IMAGINE IS REAL? You can imagine anything you want. Reality on one plane of existence is no more real that reality on another plane. We must search for everything that keeps us from the truth and eradicate those things . There’s no limit on the imagination. but still something that exists in some unknowable form. and completely indefinable. always malleable. the way they really are. If you wish to imagine something totally outlandish by cultural norms. except that put there by you and your culture. You can become that self with commitment to ultimate truth. dreaming happens just as much while you’re awake as it does while you’re asleep. they may be real in terms of reflection of something that’s actually happening in your life. You don’t exist here in any particular form. There’s really no difference. As with all thoughts. You can imagine whatever you want. ARE DREAMS AS REAL AS THOUGHTS? Yes. or what any of our own voices or fears have to say. All is constantly changing. Nothing stops you except your ability to dream. WHAT IS ULTIMATE TRUTH? It is the belief that you’re part of something far greater. no matter what anyone says. in fact dreams are thoughts in a dreaming format. HOW DO WE ACCESS THIS TRUTH? By being ourselves and not stopping when things get difficult. When you give up the need to see yourself as one thing or another. you can. Your existence in this world is merely a matter of your imagination. We must be diligent in our beliefs and not give up the search for truth. by the way. You only imagine that you do. or they may be your imagination. but they’re still thoughts. And. This is the self that goes far beyond all universes and imagined realities. The key is to pay attention to your thoughts and dreams and imagine how to work out your life challenges by clearing everything that’s holding you back from being your authentic self. This is true for ultimate reality as well as for your limited earthly reality. When you’re asleep. you begin to see things as always changing.61 Chapter 13: Separation from the Ultimate WHAT IS THE NATURE OF REALITY? There is no reality.

62 from our body. and our soul. which includes the combined imaginations of all who have ever walked this planet. The center of the universe is actually the only place that exists. We must never stop seeking the truth even when we think we’ve found it. Eventually. You experience their imaginations and fears and beliefs expressed as prevailing opinion about the universe and all aspects of life. There’s really nowhere to go. label. and all the beliefs and fears of all the people who’ve been here. in terms of location. you can see the journey itself as the whole point of your existence. before we can go into the unknown where the real truth exists. You’re the center of your own universe. as you’ll ever be. IF ANYWHERE. WHY DON’T WE REALIZE THIS? Because as humans you’re limited. you can sit down right where you are and be in the perfect center of the universe. but rather something you can never know. Search with an open mind and a vast joy at the prospects of becoming more of who you are with each step along the way. or even seek. and you can never be anywhere else. You see the combined imaginations of the scientists who believed one thing or another. We’re all in this together. to human realization. WHERE. IS ULTIMATE REALITY? It’s nowhere. beyond mind. Actually. Essentially. and really there’s nothing to learn. There’s nowhere to go to be who you are. You are the center of your universe. anything. in a sense. whether in human form or not. not the perceived arrival at anything in particular. HOW DOES ONE SEEK WHAT THEY CAN NEVER KNOW? By continually understanding that you’re not seeking a truth you can label. If we keep seeking beyond ego. which seeks to make us content with the way things are. Knowing that you can never really arrive at that place shouldn’t be frustrating to you. Every being. more than you may ever realize as long as you’re in human form. Instead. the joy of searching for a greater and greater reality which can bring you new realizations and new connections with the all-that-is. we’re all here on top of each other. BUT DOESN’T THIS MAKE IT CROWDED IN THE MIDDLE? You bet it does. see. We have to break free of the need to know. WHY MUST WE KEEP DILIGENTLY SEEKING TRUTH? Because the belief that we’ve found all the answers is another of the ego’s ways of trying to convince us to stop searching. you . You are as close to ultimate reality. is at the center of the universe. though most don’t realize it. they both lose control. our mind. Your search itself represents the journey. The belief that there’s all those trillion of miles or light years or something between this planet or galaxy and the next one is only a product of the fertile human imagination. everything is right here together. In fact. if you want. Discovering the truth is a very threatening thing to the ego.

You must pretty much destroy the mind. in that you remain open to all possibilities. if you want to stay physically comfortable. IS THERE A REALITY THAT MAKES MORE SENSE? No. on the other hand. SO YOU’RE SAYING THE IMAGINATION KEEPS US SAFE IN SOME WAY? Yes. struggling little human trying to make it in an unfriendly confusing world. And remember. Beliefs are not good things to have. you open to all the possibilities. if they respond to their imaginations in ways which aren’t desirable to that culture. keeps you open to all the possibilities of life and existence on all levels of being. Imagination. and you can break free of the belief that you’re just a meaningless. Beliefs are usually not malleable. to create your own reality based on your imagination. HOW CAN I SAFELY BELIEVE WHATEVER I WANT ABOUT REALITY? Notice that I didn’t say “believe”. Because you’re at the center of your universe. You must be careful not to respond to the imagination in these ways. The mind can never see what’s real. or at least its hold on your visioning process. . some people’s imaginations get them into trouble with the prevailing culture. because they seek to label and define everything. you’re free to imagine whatever you want. Minds have a difficult time understanding that nothing is real. they’re formed in stone. When you believe something. Beliefs keep you from dreaming. Imagine means that you can dream of anything you want. to dream whatever you want. Of course. I use the word “reality” here only as a way to assist your mind in understanding that there’s something much larger than what you presently see. as free as possible from all others. because there’s really nothing that’s real. when you imagine in the way I’m speaking of here. You can see yourself as part of all that is. before you can begin to see expanded reality. We’re drawing a distinction here. I said “imagine”.63 can begin seeing things in a different way. Once you break free of the mind’s limited imagination. You must let go of the idea that the mind sees what’s real. No matter what happens in your earthly reality. Beliefs are concrete ideas. But you may choose to imagine whatever you want about reality. unless you mean the reality inside you. there’s no room for reverie and expansion. from imagining. You can imagine that the world may be one way or another. you’re imagining an expanded reality. you’re free to expand your consciousness and continue exploring all of reality. which you can use to represent your own reality however you wish to see it. MUST I LET GO OF THE MIND TO SEE THIS LARGER REALITY? Yes. and because your imagination is the only one that matters. Focusing on such a reality keeps you safe. But “believe” means that you have a formed belief about how things are. you’re usually not open to considering the possible expanded state of the entire universe and all it has to tell you.

But you must accept this need to be out-ofcontrol. You’re taught to know yourself. and this fear is what often stops people before they’ve begun. The idea of not being on top of everything is difficult for the mind to accept. . But these answers rarely come in the form of concrete solutions to anything. and reach out to where you need to go. the mind listens to everything. But it doesn’t need to act on anything. other realities and bring back to you internal experiences which are not represented by your present physical reality. going wherever it needs. is trained from the beginning to know what you’re doing and where you’re going. Let your consciousness expand slowly. and your entire physical being. and will always be confused at the thought of it. letting go of all “solid” parts of yourself for a time. you can never expand far enough to see greater reality. and when it doesn’t get them. It expects concrete answers. and you’ll be gone for awhile. CAN THE MIND LEARN TO COME WITH US AND STAY RELAXED? Nope. that you’re only there for the journey itself. Minds are hard to convince. your needs. Let it travel out to other universes. and allowing your awareness to travel out to where more answers can be found. Meditation is one form of learning to release the body and mind and all their conditioning. ISN’T IT FRIGHTENING TO BEGIN LOSING TOUCH WITH THE WORLD? It can be. before you can wander the universe for higher realization. without taking the mind along. Let everything expand and reach out. Let your awareness grow and wander. As long as you hold onto the idea that the dense physical body is real. because it’s a product of third dimensional physical reality. before you can expand to the level where you’ll begin to discover the ultimate. The mind can never go where you need to go. using whatever paths or techniques you’ve learned. The trick here is that the mind. Then let yourself relax and expand your consciousness. HOW DO I CONVINCE THE MIND TO STAY BEHIND? You don’t have to convince it of anything. it thinks you’re offtrack and tries to bring you back. DOES THE MIND LISTEN IN TO WHAT WE LEARN IN EXPANDED CONSCIOUSNESS? Oh yes. your career focus. AFTER BREAKING FREE OF THE MIND? You begin to expand your reality by visualizing something larger. that there’s no reason to formulate opinions or courses of action based on what you’re learning. Simply assure it that you know what you’re doing. It can never have a concept of ultimate reality. You can assure it that action is not necessary this time.64 WHERE DO WE GO NEXT. and let it rest while you seek higher forms of knowing. everything. beyond control really. This is one reason the mind becomes confused and frightened. You must quiet the mind and assure it that you’re on the right path. You must leave the mind behind entirely.

. But you can be guided by the wonder of adventure. There can never be a map. you’re already at the center of your universe. no physical reality. once you’ve broken free of the limited earthly place and its dominating human consciousness. or believe you are. You’ve been there many times in your own inner journeys. I speak only in terms of journey and path. You’ve found the center of your universe through many processes and have seen many visions and non-visions of reality. You know what it’s like. You’ve never been able to fully define or hold onto what you’ve found. in physical reality. HOW DO WE KNOW WHERE WE’RE GOING? You’re not going anywhere. because there is no single way to go. as a way of defining the process of going from where you are. It’s a journey to a place that essentially doesn’t exist. but you’ve continued to travel and explore and you’ve seen quite a lot about yourself and this indefinable reality. Remember. You’ve traveled a long ways with no map to guide you. to a place of no-place.65 BUT IF THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS ULTIMATE REALITY. HOW CAN I KNOW WHEN I’VE FOUND SUCH AN ABSTRACT PLACE? You’ll recognize it. at least not in terms that can ever be defined. You know the sensation and the awareness. etc.

then came back with different views of realities and possibilities. WHY DO PEOPLE BELIEVE IN SEPARATION? Separation and the idea of independence are illusions caused by a perceived need to be different from other beings. WHY DO I NEED TO COME BACK? You don’t. Nostradamus. You go as far as you’re comfortable in going. there’s still the need in many to believe in separation. You could keep right on going. This is how human reality is expanded. or more beautiful. many others. or beauty. or wealthier. You come back because in some way you’re afraid of what it might be like if you keep going. is at the root of much separation consciousness. or popularity. Sometimes it’s because people want to be smarter than others. and it’s rampant on this planet. They helped rewrite human history and the human imagination with their expanded visions. they put in place an entire process of denying themselves in order to learn what it’s like to not have what one needs. Greed. Jules Verne. Eventually. you do. Or they may want to have an excuse to horde things for themselves. There’s plenty of love to go around in this . not just for the entire species but even for the individual who is doing the hording. for instance. But for now. whether it’s having or not having. The strange thing is that greed and the individual belief that one must horde things actually causes shortage. People get what they think focus on. such as material goods. You deny yourself from having the very things you need. or love. or better in some way. These people went as far as their imaginations could take them. It is a universal law that one brings to oneself what they think they’re avoiding. People such as yourself bring back new pieces to consider and the human experience continues to grow. if you wanted. in the belief that there’s not being enough to go around. perhaps the human experience will grow to such a degree that it’s no longer necessary to believe it’s separate from the all-thatis in any way. Look at people like Einstein. Things like love. This need may occur for any number of reasons. When people hold onto things because they believe there’s not enough to go around. DOES THIS GREED CONTRIBUTE TO POVERTY CONSCIOUSNESS? It certainly does. and then when you believe it’s time to come back.66 Chapter 14: Belonging Where We Are ONCE I’M FREE OF EVERYTHING. Your imagination is controlled only by your own willingness to explore it.

on the physical level. you must first master your worldly reality before you’re ready to go beyond it and have all the universe can provide you. You deny yourself having what you need because you believe you’re not worthy of having it. or think you need. You need to stop trying to control the manifestation process. Many people are afraid to deal with what’s in this world. because they believe they can’t. DO SOME PEOPLE TRY TO ESCAPE FROM THIS WORLD TOO SOON? Oh yes. and allow yourself to have it. You cheat yourself when you depend on your own mind and its whims to tell you what you need. They keep themselves from experiencing all realities fully. Probably most people to one degree or another. for sure. but you have to let it come to you fully. Until one learns to experience the fullness and beauty of third dimensional reality. The fighting. your expanded awareness is far more creative in this matter than the mind and your thoughts can ever be. one isn’t ready to travel the many dimensions of universal reality. level. On an energetic. You could never be anywhere without there being all you need there for you. allow yourself to have all this world would like to give you. SO PEOPLE ACTUALLY KEEP THEMSELVES FROM EXPERIENCING THE UNLIMTED UNIVERSE? Yes. If you think it’s difficult having all of what your earthly reality can give you. you’re certainly not ready for the great beauty and grandeur of unlimited reality. . and they keep themselves from having even the things that your limited reality can provide for them.67 universe. this is ridiculous. unaware that all they need to do is stop struggling and allow the world to give them what they really need. Again. and let yourself have all you deserve. Often you prevent yourself from having what you really need. You have to stop believing you know what you need. You confuse the world by telling it one thing when it wants to give you something else. Until one relaxes the mind and allows it to experience a greater reality. You can have all that you need if you’ll stop fighting and hording and fearing. Your world. all the competing. They try to figure out ways to outsmart this world into giving them what they need. Remember the great power of thoughts. by believing you need something else. it’s going to be striving to bring you what you need. or cosmic. In a way. But all you need to do is let go of the struggle and simply have it. but to stay out of the way and let the world manifest what it knows you need. That’s really all you need to do here. and beyond the world. the mind plays an important part in all this. is an expression of the fear that there won’t be enough of what you need. But most people are afraid to have it. DO YOU MEAN THAT ALL I NEED WILL COME TO ME IF I LET IT? Yes. or you think you don’t know how to get it. The healthy way to manifest what you need is not to go around focusing on what you think you need.

. it’s helpful if you let your mind play no role in all this. You can be your own worst enemy in these things. As long as you listen to fears and believe you don’t deserve something. beyond the human experience. you won’t get it because you’ve set up a wall between you and that thing. by personally experiencing it. you keep everything away from you. And stop fearing that what comes won’t be good for you. that your higher self and its connection with all of reality knows best for you. Here. just a form of learning that happens on the worldly plane. If you could eliminate all your fears immediately. that’s right. WHY DO PEOPLE HAVE SUCH FEARS? It’s part of the human experience. The universe can never give you anything inappropriate. you don’t need to come back to this plane and have the experience of it again.68 BUT PEOPLE OFTEN DON’T BELIEVE THEY DESERVE THESE THINGS? Yes. we run into that problem of low selfesteem. further confused by all the fears people have of not receiving what they need. whether it’s wisdom or material things. Often people are confused by what they really deserve versus what the mind thinks they deserve. But it’s not so easy convincing the mind to let go. Once you’ve mastered fear. You’d have everything you really need instantly. When you keep yourself from receiving what you need to live more beneficial and satisfying lives. Of course. you’d never have another negative experience. This is how reality is on other levels. HOW DO WE STOP BLOCKING OUR HIGHER POWERS FROM REACHING US? Stop believing that you don’t deserve anything. IS THIS HOW WE BLOCK HIGHER KNOWLEDGE FROM COMING TO US? Yes. it’s the same thing. Let yourself receive all that comes to you. It’s your fears that bring you unhappy experiences and shortages.

Death can’t even be described as something you don’t need to fear. DO YOU MEAN WE CAN LIVE HERE FOREVER IF WE CHOOSE? Yes. death is a product of human consciousness and the physical reality which that consciousness makes manifest. and if you do leave. of what really happens. You can see yourself for who you are.69 Chapter 15: The Human Belief in Death IS DEATH THE ULTIMATE FEAR? Yes. forever if you choose. to try to prevent you from doing this thing. or anywhere. at best merely an empty space between worlds of consciousness. HOW DOES ONE LEARN TO NOT FEAR DEATH? You can rid yourself of the fear of death by living a perfect life here and not worrying about whether you’re here or someplace else. people create unlimited forms of fear. and stop believing anything bad can ever happen to you. but it’s true that the fear of one’s demise. and you can be what you are wherever you are. This is partly why it’s so difficult to break away from the limited perception of reality presented to you by the mind and ego. It’s not easy. You can stop believing that you’re going to leave here and be caught in some limbo world if you don’t do it all just right. WHAT IS THE TRUE EXPERIENCE OF DEATH? Death as an ultimate experience doesn’t exist at all. you have to convince them that you’re going. Therefore. You can stay here as long as you want. literally to the death. and they may as well be quiet. you . very limited perspective. or the fear of the unknown. You can transcend this fear by realizing how beautiful and unlimited you really are. You can be here in this moment. When you try to break away from that reality. then you can come back here again if you like. This is because the ego fears its own demise more than anything else. Some call this birthing and dying. that’s exactly what I mean. Eventually. death from the ego’s perspective is the greatest fear and the perceived worst thing that can happen. It’s no experience. There is no one way to fear death. If you do anything to make the ego think it’s dying. but that is only one. and be somewhere else in the next moment. You can be here. because it’s really no thing at all. You really don’t have to leave here at all. it will fight. It’s an illusion invented by the ego to force you to toe the line. is usually at the root of one’s fears. they become frightened and try to stop you. in however many bodies you choose to inhabit.

it’s usually because they believe this is how they need to leave. or less than rewarding. But they’re not doing this at all. WHY DO PEOPLE BELIEVE IN BIRTH AND DEATH? Because they need to see themselves in a certain reality. just to prove how free they are. Hence. these things really . through the perceived individual ego. DOES THE EGO DETERMINE OUR FATES HERE? No. they need to believe they have some control over the situation. If they believe in such things. they go on doing it this way. WHY DON’T PEOPLE CHANGE THEIR THINKING? They can. Thoughts cause most of the calamities on this planet. If great numbers of people come and go at once. the ego has no real power over anything. Then. But because they enjoy determining their own reality. People believe they’re in charge of their lives. because you’re all part of one great “think tank” here. because this is how they form their reality on many levels. On some level. when we pretend enough. You go on forever. It thinks it can determine our fates. they determine the reality of the thinker. everywhere. if they really want to. Have you noticed that many people choose to die at the same time. and they think all kinds of things that don’t need to happen. they determine the realities of many thinkers at once. Everybody here is part of a great flow of energy on and off this planet. Many people believe in catastrophes of one kind or another. this is a product of the ego. IF THOUGHTS CAUSE CATASTROPHES. Or more accurately. always. There’s no need to be in one particular form or another to know that you’re real. In fact. at least on the mental. WHAT DO YOU MEAN? Reality is part of people’s imaginations. thinking level. whether you realize it or not. You’re not so separate as you may sometimes believe. People come and go in great waves. so it conjures up all kinds of unreal experiences for us to pretend are real.70 can pop right back in if you want. even if that reality is painful. which is always striving to think it can determine something meaningful for us. Again. Conscious thought brings about conscious calamity. This is why similar. BUT ISN’T DYING BEING TOTALLY OUT-OF-CONTROL? Just the opposite. thoughts are very powerful. Nobody decides to die on one’s own. As if they can decide whether they want to be here or not. most people think that by dying they’re controlling their own destiny in some way. in order to have some sense of control of the situation. those things come true. either in an act of nature or a catastrophe of some kind? This is no mistake. It just thinks it does. Birth and death are ways the ego believes it’s controlling all that’s happening for you. seemingly related calamities often happen around the globe.

in this usage. it’s lost. It’s a very rigid way of viewing reality. Hope. In this sense. They fail to escape the traumas of the past.71 happen. and it usually messes up your life by telling you all kinds of lies. Without control. The person may get sick. Imagine that you can think whatever you want. HOW CAN I STOP BRINGING ABOUT HARM IN MY LIFE? Stop thinking it may happen. so it tries to maintain control at all times. DOES HARM REALLY COME TO THOSE WHO THINK IT WILL? Well. Again. and they create it all over again. as in transition from this reality to another. The soul says to come here and have the best time one can. you are what you think. the ego mandates it by telling the physical self that it’s time to go. or be part of a major catastrophe. This is how the ego actually creates a person’s death. just as wants for one anyplace. Since most people think at least some fearful thoughts most of the time. It’s a beautiful place. but people want to have a reference point of some kind. Most are afraid to live in an uncertain reality. Don’t hold onto the past at all. But most people cling to the past as if it’s still real. on the limited physical realm. Stop thinking about the past and imagining that bad things will continue happening. And yes. not on the real level of reality. Nothing “bad” can ever happen to anyone on that level. frightened thinking brings about frightening results. and it’s accessible by all. at least on the higher level. See yourself growing beyond the need to experience trauma of some kind. You can go on beyond it any time you really want to. but basically they hold onto the fear of the past as if it’s real. But the ego thinks it needs to take control. But most people choose not to access this place. They’re too busy thinking all kinds of bad things may happen to them. Whatever the cause. the level where everything really happens. IF THE PAST IS REALLY NON-EXISTENT. and a very unsatisfying way to create one’s experiences. wherever one is. WHY DO WE HOLD ONTO IT? You’re free to drop the past at any time. or have an accident. The soul only wants the entire self to be happy. They may “hope” things will be different. while they’re busy living chaotic little human lives. The ego tells the rest of the being that it’s time to leave. is just another form of fear. The ego’s big thing is control. The past is gone the moment it happens. this is the ego being afraid of what might happen if it’s not in control. for one reason or another. . Everyone is truly safe on that level. and think only things that you really would like to see happen. to be fully what one is. or at least the perception of death. DOESN’T THE SOUL CONTROL OUR JOURNEY IN AND OUT OF HERE? No. much of what happens is frightening or harmful. and so the being leaves.

When you’re ready. the ego is out of control. you can transcend the need to control anything. Let ego die and your soul will live forever in this body and in every body you ever inhabit. the soul and the ego have no real connection with each other. that it needed to come here to earth and express itself. There are always those who need to learn the lessons the ego can give them. Ego-free existence is the most beautiful way to live. there’s no longer the need for the ego at all. as well. but that there’s no need to be safe at all. and since it has little need for control. You can transcend the need to let fear control you. When you drop fear. You’re free once control is given up. You’ve learned what it’s like to eliminate considerable amounts of fear from your own body. all of reality actually. (To Gordon) You’ve worked lots with energy in your healing work. ego-free existence is living without the need to be anything in particular. when one is ready.72 WHY DON’T WE JUST GET RID OF THE EGO? Again. Now. Yes. it’s because of fear. With fear. because fear depends on the being’s belief in control. It’s not necessary to have an ego at all to be here. BUT DIDN’T FREUD AND JUNG AND OTHERS TALK ABOUT THE NEED FOR A HEALTHY EGO? They weren’t speaking of ego in these terms. . Fear is the great driving force of the ego. the ego keeps its power over you. Many are realizing now that the ego not only isn’t keeping them safe. fear has nothing in which to root itself. while the ego serves only itself. you can go beyond those lessons. It will go away forever. without the need to please oneself or anyone else. Until you learn to transcend fear and listen only to the soul. Yet. WHAT IS EGO-FREE LIVING? By this definition. fear is lost. ARE MANY OTHERS REALIZING THIS NOW? Yes. or in charge. HOW CAN WE TRANSCEND THE NEED TO FEAR? Let go of fear as an energy in the body. They are eternally separate. It’s much healthier to learn to be ego-free. The soul serves the entire being. Only Source can be in control. This was a limited version of the soul. it’s no longer necessary to hold onto this illusion of safety. Without the belief in control. as if the soul had a human component that needed to be expressed through worldly existence. the ego maintains control. or spirit. and get healthy so it could move on. fear is primarily an energetic state. and many will continue to come here to learn about ego. You can go beyond the need for ego to keep you safe. Mankind invented the ego in order to feel safe. They were talking about ego as something related to the soul. here or anywhere. As we speak of it here. This is the true nature of eternal life: Learning to live ego-free in a perpetual state of joy.

Fear depends on your need to plan or hope or wish for things. When you listen to your soul. fear is the most motivating thing on this planet. to try to prevent something bad from happening.73 ARE YOU SAYING CONTROL AND FEAR ARE PART OF THE SAME ILLUSION? Yes. or love. you allow the negative emotions to control your actions. rather than the higher knowledge that your life will always work fine. If you come from a place of fearing that things won’t work out. . You’ll do things for the wrong reason. People label fear in lots of ways. is in charge and will provide you with all you need. When you fear anything. such as hope. Fear is also what brings most of the grief to this planet. or unmet needs. This is a key element to the entire living process. or goals. Rather than acting from a place of joy. or planning. or intention. there’s no need to wish or want. Fear is basically anything which implies that you don’t trust your soul to give you all you need. The soul. fear and control are both illusions created by the mind and ego to make you feel as if you’re out-of-control if you’re not feeling some kind of fear. because fear can never bring anything but grief and anger and an overwhelming sense of guilt. rather than to allow something wonderful to happen. in a sense. or spirit. etc. you act in the fear that if you don’t do or have something. SO MOST PEOPLE ARE MOTIVATED BY FEAR? Yes. your life won’t work out. whatever you do. But these things are all really aspects of fear. you’ll continually respond to fear instead of joy. HOW DOES FEAR CONTROL PEOPLE’S LIVES? It keeps them from living as they truly are.

they usually try to assuage the guilt by taking even more desperate actions. you can’t even take a step. believing that this perceived power will cover up their guilt. and you’re just an insignificant player. because everything comes and goes constantly. DOES GUILT CAUSE PEOPLE TO DO UNLOVING THINGS? Sure. Only the ego can think it has any power over any of this. Fear of not living up to another person’s expectations. This is another vicious circle. The world functions as it wants to. The ego may think it’s in control and wants you to feel guilty so you’ll let it have its illusions. etc. WHAT KINDS OF FEAR? Fear of being less than who one wants to be. People do whatever they want in the belief that they can do what they need. you’re continually caught up in the fear of creating harm. Fear and the ensuing guilt of doing something harmful can keep you virtually paralyzed in the belief that you may be the cause. Remember. There’s only what is.74 Chapter 16: Guilt and Other Emotions HOW DOES FEAR CAUSE GUILT? Since the ego believes it can cause things. In this perspective. It’s all fear that if you don’t do things one way or another. all power grabbing on this planet is caused by the fear that one must have what . you’re really a very impotent being. If you believe you’re responsible for any of this. And it’s all caused by fear. etc. You can’t cause anything significant on the worldly level. without killing thousands of tiny organisms. You can’t kill or harm anything because there’s no such thing as killing or harming. Which is. Nothing you do means anything. another product of ego’s need to believe it’s controlling or causing events in your life. or a breath. Fear of being something other than what God or some other religious icon wants for you to be. In fact. Guilt is a great motivation for those seeking power. by the way. They act from a place of guilt and cause grief in others. ever. ego creates the sense in you that you’ve done something that’s brought harm to someone or something else. But when they feel guilty. HOW CAN ONE BREAK OUT OF THIS CAUSE-AND-EFFECT THINKING? Give up the idea that you can cause anything. in the physical sense. You live in a perpetual state of fear that something you might do will do harm. and none of it matters. something bad might happen for you. guilt bringing grief which causes actions which bring more guilt.

you bring about a whole set of responses from others who are also acting upon guilt. Guilt keeps a person trapped in the illusion that they shouldn’t feel guilty. HOW DOES GUILT RELATE TO THE BELIEF THAT ONE CAN CONTROL OTHERS? Action which mandates control or power is action based on the belief that one can maintain control over other people. . WHY DO WE HOLD ONTO EMOTIONS TO DEFINE OURSELVES? People become attached to their emotions.75 others don’t have. This is what causes so much of the calamity on this earth. But emotions are not a proper way to identify oneself. So. Action based on feelings is always inappropriate. You can release your emotions and be yourself. When you act on guilt. which leads one ultimately to the realization that the only way to be in control is to give up control. Action based on guilt is always inappropriate action. Fear is always energy on some level. They believe that they can’t be themselves without these emotions. even control issues will lead one home eventually. that it doesn’t serve you or anyone. Fear is an emotion. No one ever wins when guilt in the motivator. WHY IS GUILT SUCH A GOOD MOTIVATOR? When you feel guilty. but it takes a diligent effort and considerable commitment to higher consciousness. is action which results in appropriate response from your world. But it doesn’t work. which is what brings up the perceived need to take inappropriate action. or as pure energy. Greed and guilt are the result of one’s ego thinking it’s in charge and is keeping you safe in some distorted way. They really play no part in the true self. you can find more appropriate ways to respond to the feeling of fear in the body. HOW CAN WE GIVE UP GUILT? Stop believing in it. On the other hand. By controlling others. Around and around it goes. Control of one’s own life would lead one to higher wisdom. some believe they can control their own lives. if it worked. When you see that guilt only leads you to inappropriate behavior. you can process the fear out of the body consciously. Confusion brings about more inappropriate action. But people are so used to identifying with their emotions that they have a difficult time seeing themselves without them. you see. and then letting it release from the body. the guilt often makes you feel as if you need to take action of some kind to try to make the guilt go away. it’s easily processed from the body. Guilt begets guilt which begets more guilt. and like all emotions. once one accepts that emotions aren’t real and that we don’t have to hold onto them to define ourselves in some way. and you can release that energy by letting it process through the body as emotion. by sensing it as deeply as possible as energy. action based on true knowing. For instance. But it takes much longer than it would if one gave up those issues. so it leads instead to further confusion. Everyone goes far beyond their emotions. the kind which comes from the higher self.

Life is a combination of energies and awareness. They believe what they feel is who they are. WHO ARE WE REALLY? You are the product of universal wisdom. your dreams are often frightening because people carry so much repressed fear in their psyches. and clear old messages and programming from body and mind. Wisdom is actually a pretty unknown quality for most people. Your wisdom will carry you a long way in third dimensional life. you learn to express yourself more accurately. your imagination can take you far into the expanded reality that includes and supercedes your ideal world. Again. few people do this because they don’t have the conscious awareness of how emotions are controlling them. You can learn how to respond to others and to life situations by sensing the true energy in the moment. But beyond this physical world. brought to you through your soul and its many ways of connecting with Source. These fears come out through the dream state and one’s visions. WHY IS THE IMAGINATION SO IMPORTANT HERE? Your imagination is the most powerful way you have of connecting with higher consciousness and all that it can show you. you’ll be pretty much controlled by emotions and beliefs. By getting in touch with the body through whichever process works best for you. existence is a mainly physical thing. life is a much more refined set of circumstances. Unfortunately. usually more like energy states than dense physical reality. by releasing the repressed energies in the body. Emotions are the most controlling aspect of most people’s lives. But properly used. For example. rather than from your fears or old belief systems. . It’s primarily a state of knowing which each individual entity carries forth onto its particular plane of existence. and responding from a place of clear knowing. most people’s imaginations are also controlled by fear and beliefs. You can see this reality for yourself. you begin to see visions that come to you from Source. so their visions are less than inspiring. once you learn how to access it. Once you express your energy. and so they react based on their feelings rather than on their wisdom. As you know it. if you close your eyes and imagine what may exist beyond your world.76 HOW CAN WE ACT BEYOND OUR EMOTIONS? You can be free to express your true self by not paying attention to your emotions. HOW CAN WE LEARN TO CLEAR OUR PSYCHES SO WE CAN HAVE MORE ACCURATE VISIONS OF REALITY? You can learn to clear anything depressing or frightening from your body and your mind. This is a very inferior way to live. other than recognize and release them. You can choose which to follow. Until you do so. CAN YOU SPEAK ABOUT THE ESSENCE OF LIFE ITSELF? Sure.

HOW CAN WE LEARN TO LIVE MORE CONNECTED LIVES? You can be more connected with your immediate world by living as if you were one with everything in the universe. You can see yourself as the expanded and expandable being you’ve always been. and nothing to do. CAN I REALIZE THIS INFINITE CONNECTION RIGHT NOW.77 DOES CLEARING OLD PROGRAMMING ENSURE THAT WE’LL LIVE IN THE PRESENT MOMENT? It may not ensure it. It’s always best to acknowledge your connection and the possibility of expanding your consciousness infinitely. Your soul knows it’s part of everything and it wants you to know it. you learn to access your natural state of being. The belief in separation often keeps people from being what they really are. you hold back vital parts of yourself and you keep yourself cut off from Source. this is the best way to live. When you see your eternal connection with everything. CAN WE LIVE FULLY CONNECTED WITH EVERYTHING WHILE WE’RE IN THESE HUMAN FORMS? Ideally. There’s nothing to work on. you dampen your true energy. all the energy you need comes to you and you see your part in the whole. You begin to see the world more as it is. As long as you know you’re connected with everything. You can live as if you were not separate from anything. You see reality from a higher perspective. but it certainly will assist it. you draw to you the energy of the universe. and not as a set of memories and beliefs. . too. When you release old programming from the body. rather than as you may have thought it was. One needs only to realize one’s capacity to enjoy life and see beyond all physical worlds to enter into one’s unlimited and infinitely expanding self. When you believe you’re disconnected from ultimate reality. Every time you fail to see yourself as part of the all-that-is. because separation isn’t good for the psyche. It keeps you from holding yourself and others in high esteem. OR DO I HAVE TO KEEP WORKING ON IT? You’re free to realize yourself as you are right now. Believing you’re separate keeps you in a constant state of confusion. This state is usually aligned with what’s really happening around you.

78 Section 5 RETURN .

you must adapt to the possibility that your expanded life can include many realms which you can never understood. These are things that can’t be verified by earthly reality. or a sense of expansiveness. and if so. . These higher impressions bring with them either bodily sensations. To do this. they’re only imaginary aspects of this human reality. In other words. They may look real but they aren’t real. CAN WE KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MENTAL THOUGHTS AND IMPRESSIONS FROM HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS? Yes. you can learn to know when your impressions come from Source.79 Chapter 17: The Earth Illusion HOW IS ILLUSION MANIFESTED ON THIS PLANET? The entire earthly reality is illusion. You must learn to accept at face value all that comes to you from beyond your mental perception. They come instead from beliefs and thoughts. those which come from beyond the ordinary human realm. that’s pretty much it. know that it’s not part of earthly illusion. HOW CAN WE INTEGRATE THIS HIGHER AWARENESS INTO EVERYDAY LIFE? First. such as a “knowing” feeling. The mind’s thoughts about this world are rarely accurate. even if it can’t be proven on the mental level. We can learn to notice if these feelings are present with a thought or impression. You might call these “paranormal thoughts”. you pretty much live in a world of illusion. These beliefs then begin to show up physically on the earth plane as what we call “manifested illusion”. They don’t come from Source. The mind hates a void and loves to fill it with any thoughts or ideas which it can. There’s nothing real about this world. in terms of ultimate reality. Since most of what occurs on this planet is part of this made-up reality. because they’re not part of that reality. They come from a place beyond this reality and will never make sense based on human affairs. the more your mind tries to make up realities. we must learn to be in touch with the body. DO YOU MEAN THE MIND IMAGINES THIS REALITY? Yes. Illusion exists where one is uncertain that it’s real. the more you’re uncertain about the nature of reality.

do a lot to affect your own perception of reality. You can learn to access ways of clearing old thought patterns and illusions from your own being. Changing such a place would be a pretty . at least not on a large scale. you can affect change. You can. by allowing yourself to change by following your own spiritual guidance. or soul-based. You really don’t change anything. The world is a pretty big place being created every second by the thoughts of billions of people. All the individual beings in the world conspire to make up worldly reality. There’s very little that one being can ever do to affect this mass delusion. but if you limit yourself to only that which the mind can prove.80 SO WE MUST REMOVE THE MIND FROM THE PROCESS? Yes. You can love others and extend your own loving essence to all who will receive it. however. you can never prove the validity of higher knowledge based solely on anything human. Does this concern you? WELL. BUT HOW THEN ARE WE TO CHANGE THE WORLD? It’s not your role to change the world. You’re here to live as best you can within a world that will be whatever it will. or more accurately put. and the degree to which the thoughts of others and the general population can negatively affect you. You may receive sensations which aren’t fully accurate by higher terms. WHAT’S THE NEXT STEP? Next. You can live here in a new state of awareness which includes more of your higher. Clearing these old beliefs is actually one of the best things you can do for your overall mental. But you can never be assured that you’re helping even one person. You don’t need to focus on making grand changes. health. wisdom. you’ll censor ALL higher awareness. Who are you to change reality? This doesn’t mean that you can’t do whatever you can to assist other individuals in their own growth. You can learn to integrate new impressions from other dimensions just as you would experience that which you experience on the third dimension. but you can only do it by changing yourself. You can become more clear about who you are. I ALWAYS THOUGHT I COULD AFFECT CHANGE SOMEHOW. So the first step is to begin to consider the possibility of receiving guidance from beyond the ordinary. you must allow the mind to explore these impressions and see how they can be adjusted to include your present life. But do you see the importance of not getting caught up in the trap of thinking you must change anything in order to justify your own existence. You don’t need to rely on either one of them alone. You can be the best being you can be here. including the aspect of mind. and you can see why you allow others to affect you. because it’s generally enough for you to make changes to your own tiny life. You can use both your intuition and your common sense together to form a new reality based on their totality. Yes. and even physical. CAN INDIVIDUALS POSITIVELY AFFECT THE WORLDLY ILLUSION? No.

Be who you are and let the world decide for itself how it will or won’t change. we should not ignore one for the other. You see that it’s necessary to expand your consciousness in order to trust the information you’re receiving. Also. This is a very important point. You receive all you need from the universe. Oriental medicine has used this information for centuries. DO ORIENTAL HEALING TECHNIQUES COMBINE WITH WESTERN TECHNIQUES? Yes. you learn that your life is greater than you. as an individual being. or spiritual guidance. You can see where these energy blocks make you unhealthy. free flowing energy can keep you well. WHAT CAN WE LEARN ABOUT OUR ENERGY FIELDS? For one thing. HOW DOES FREE-FLOWING ENERGY KEEP US HEALTHY? It brings new energy into your body at all times. you begin to see places where you’ve followed the uncertainty of human consciousness rather than your own higher judgment. First. Stagnant energy in your body’s system can make you sick. HOW WILL FOLLOWING MY INTUITION AT LEAST IMPROVE MY LIFE? Following your intuition. Ideally. You see how you can grow and be more of your real and expansive self. They can be combined to create very effective techniques. You also learn about yourself in ways that can effect permanent changes in your psyche or energy field. and one that’s little understood in the western world. and you release all the old stagnant energy back to the universe.81 monumental task for any one being. You can use your own intuition to learn to see beyond physical sight and into the body’s hidden wisdom. will enhance your life in many ways. but combine them to form the best healing approaches we can offer. . while western techniques often focus on individual symptoms and specific illnesses. you’re in the flow of the universe. you can learn where you’re blocking energies in your body. You see that there’s so much more than most people imagine reality to be. very well actually. and how clearing them can bring about a free flow of energy through the body. One definition of perfect health would be the completely free flow of universal energy through and around your body. When energy flows freely through your body. You need hold onto nothing. in order to live here. no matter how much wonderful energy they may channel. but the medicine of the west developed on other roots. Eastern techniques often treat energy flow and the holistic health of the overall being. You can learn to release old trapped energies all the time if you want.

This means that no one thing is real. and that set will dismantled once you’ve received the learning . When you’re no longer in this world. rather than what actually happens while you’re here. those things no longer exist for you. for the time you’re here. IN WHAT WAY IS LIFE HERE NOTHING? It’s "nothing" as it relates to all of existence. HOW CAN ANYTHING EXIST? Well. then they do exist. Nothing is nothing. full of sound and fury. one is free to imagine any reality at all. by way of introducing this vast subject. If you believe the objects in your physical world exist. William Shakespeare wrote "much ado about nothing" and "life is a tale told by a madman. nothingness is a real thing. As if you set a stage for your own experiences. but everything here and everywhere is really impermanent. You may have made it all up to serve you while you’re here. Harsh words – but in a way not too far from the truth. though it may not show up on this plane of reference. If you made something up to serve you in some way. IF THERE’S NOTHING PERMANENT ANYWHERE. Everything exists within the framework which one believes it exists. Nothing is real and nothing lasting can ever happen. Since reality exists only in the mind of the being holding that thought. first. it all needs to seem real for you to interact with it in a way that teaches you what you need to learn. it may not be true.82 Chapter 18: What’s Real About Nothing WHAT’S THE ENERGETIC NATURE OF THE UNIVERSE? Some words from your literature may be appropriate here. Nothing much happens here because nothing about third dimensional physical reality matters in the long run. You may not think you come here to experience nothing. You imagine permanence. it may all have been created by us and for us. but this is really about what happens. including with the sense that it seems so real to you. How can you know this world exists once you’re no longer in it? You can’t. You must accept that no matter what you think exists. You may have created everything exactly as you need it here. If each person is the center of his or her own universe. Perhaps. but it’s also real. you may have done so with great clarity of purpose. HOW CAN NOTHING SEEM SO REAL? Nothing doesn’t necessarily mean there’s nothing in physical existence while you’re here. signifying nothing". The significance of life is what you do with it and where it takes you.

This is where you can know yourself for who you are. But this is a reality that's far beyond the visible. is credited with saying many centuries ago that “real is what never changes”. not wanting to seriously consider their unlimited potential. BUT IF SOMETHING DOESN’T EXIST BEYOND ME. WHAT’S THE ULTIMATE NATURE OF NOTHINGNESS? The place of nothingness can be seen as light. it’s impervious to change.e. therefore. You can see aspects of ultimate reality while you’re in human incarnation. there’s a reality which may or may not be real based on your experience of it when you’re there. including the void. Once you’re done having all experience. You’ve heard that “space” is mostly a void.. they’re not real in the ultimate sense. HOW CAN IT BE REAL? Ah. but one only of them is “ultimate” or “expanded” reality. for most humans. when they're ready to see all that is. founder of Taoism. HOW CAN I BE PART OF BOTH REALITIES AT ONCE? You are part of many realities at once. or void. exquisite form. All others are illusionary realities manifested to help you work on particular aspects of yourself. as long as you're looking for it. that will be your limited view of reality. Lao Tzu. yet the ultimate quality of this place of great emptiness is nothing. You become your real self. This is true for the all-that-is as well. whether you’re aware of it or not.83 and moved on. There is largely nothing there. . the known. Since nothingness never changes. to human whim. Far beyond the visible for all those with eyes. There's really nothing real about third dimensional human reality. of higher wisdom. you move on and forget all that was here. If you’re content to see yourself only in human terms. Nothingness exists there in a wonderful. this place is never changed. because it’s all changing constantly. When you’re fully in that place. i. The evolved soul can see forever. free of illusion and free of the belief that you’re any kind of separate being. or to anything else which might seek to affect it. Beyond this illusion. This is a place of pure light. You can see light in everything. It’s where all beings go when the light is on for them. You go beyond the physically seen. when they're ready to stop pretending that their various other realities are real. the answer is that you begin to allow yourself to go beyond the obvious. or a great emptiness tinged with points of light. This is the place to which all beings return. this emptiness represents a quality of existence which you can’t fully know as humans. you can see forever. If you mean. Yet. HOW DOES ONE’S SOUL BEGIN TO SEE FOREVER? The soul always sees forever. to a place of higher knowing. now you’re getting at a universal truth. Many people are content with this. The eyes can see only what's right in front of them. you can see all that is. Such realities serve only a part of you for a limited time. how does a human begin to see what the soul sees. have learned all you came here to learn.

you can become that self and learn greater and greater wisdom. that you’re not the form or the maker of the form. at least not in the form of a permanent. WHEN I LOOK AT MY PHYSICAL FORM AS PART OF THE ALL-THAT-IS. You shape forms from raw material made up of the same imaginary dust that’s used to make the things you see in third dimensional reality. you’ll be magically transported to a level where you can learn this and move on to higher learning. unchanging thing of any kind. newer and greater things will come to you. But such an energy or being doesn’t exist. moment by moment. in the same instant. you can learn only what the soul can teach you as a human. WHAT IS “HIGHER LEARNING”? Higher learning is learning all you need to learn on the soul level. as humans. Just know that there’s a place where nothing changes and nothing can ever be affected by anything. Then. As long as you’re human. Both the forms. Once you’re ready to accept your higher self. once you begin accepting that it exists. and focus on being human. Then. that you’re making forms and making that which makes all the form. I CAN BECOME CONFUSED ABOUT WHO OR WHAT IS CREATING THE FORMS HERE. Humans have long sought to explain their reality by identifying an ultimate maker of form.84 IF NOTHING IS REAL. and that which is used to shape the forms are part of the same illusion. and as soon as you stop trying to do anything. that which is made into the forms you see here. . are creating both the forms and the creator of forms at the same time. HOW CAN EVEN THIS PLACE BE REAL? It’s not real. in your human terms. and you’ll never need to stop learning on this higher level. which far supercedes the human experience. It is real in that it never changes. Let that be enough for you to know. All you need do is move beyond the need to learn earthly teachings and declare yourself open to the full expression of Source through you. even if you don’t fully understand it with your human mind. Know that you need to do nothing to get there. CAN I BEGIN LEARNING HIGHER WISDOM WHILE IN HUMAN FORM? Sure. Consider this for a moment. but that you’re both. you’ll see how you can access this place. Real is what never changes. you can learn about your universe and expanded reality any time you want. You’re where you need to be to learn what you need to learn. IS THERE NOTHING FOR ME TO DO HERE? That’s right. You. that you need only to accept it and let your soul guide you there. Neither is any more real than the other. This is the more accurate definition of reality.

you’re always here and always wherever you want to be. This is all. really.85 BUT HOW CAN THE CREATOR OF FORM BE UNREAL. You can learn that you’re much more than you ever believed you were while you were focused solely on human reality. It’s a beautiful existence. You can know that you’re the essence of serendipity. HOW DOES KNOWING THIS HELP ME IN MY HUMAN LIFE? When you allow things to exist however they do. If you continually seeking for the causes of things. We know we’re part of such an ultimate reality. Your forms are always changing and the former of forms itself is always changing as well. but all was constantly changing. as in everything happening on its own. There is no one way that it ever is. Deep in our hearts. You’re no different from anyone who . and the belief in cause-and-effect reality. even though it may not exist in terms you can define or fully appreciate at this time. But serendipity is the true nature of things. in order to learn from it and move on to new experiences. no end. with no beginning. It just exists. If you believe everything needs to be caused by something else. Existence has no cause. TOO? When we speak of ultimate reality. with no cause. You can learn how you’re not in charge of anything here. ever-expanding – all within the context of this ultimate reality which you can never fully understand. ever-changing. we know all this is true. we mean that there’s a reality in which nothing changes. You can learn to do this. no form. even in the place where nothing changes. an aspect of all reality here to experience what this place has to offer you. you also believe that nothing can happen on it’s own. You can see how you can never change anything here. BUT HOW CAN THINGS CHANGE AND NOT CHANGE AT THE SAME TIME? It has to do with linear thinking. you miss the point of existence. you have no reality. or solid. This is a message to you about the nature of ultimate reality. Do you remember your recent dream in which men were building your new house using malleable forms that were no more real. your life can become much more peaceful. It may have looked real. Beyond this. or be anything other than what you are. no ending. But this place is also formless. WHAT IS MY TRUE ESSENCE IS THIS FORMLESS REALITY? You are the “experiencer”. than the material they were using for the walls of the house. It’s unchanging and it’s formless at the same time. The “forms” being used the create the walls themselves were being shaped to meet each need. that you’re completely causeless. Yet. To express yourself fully. no reality. then were once more amorphous and able to be used again and again to create new forms. You’re here to express yourself fully as an aspect of the all-thatis. no beginning. as in “serendipity”. Nothing is constant. The task is to escape the delusions of this world and access the place where higher wisdom dwells. and felt real. and stop trying to change anything. you must come to terms as much as possible with your ultimate self and see this self as ever-growing.

86 has walked the path of human consciousness and learned that there’s more to be found than what meets the human eye. .

Give your energy to the things you love and ignore those things which bring you grief or dissatisfaction. Let these parts fall away from your reality. Life is a dream. SHOULD I GIVE UP MY PRESENT IDENTITY TO CREATE NEW FORMS? No. Many people on the spiritual path get confused . you awaken to your higher self and you live with your spiritual eyes really open. You’re not the separate being most people believe themselves to be. When you “wake up”. This is the point where you begin to see that human life is indeed a dream. and you can express yourself in such a way. In this context. because it is false to those who are beginning to see with real eyes. as in not physically sleeping. this is good. When you really wake up to who you are. You’re dreaming about dreaming. just like the dreams people have at night. What one gives one’s energy to usually manifests in one’s life. and you’re no longer dreaming in the larger context. Create form which makes sense to you and ignore all that doesn’t. This is how you begin to create forms which seem more real and less contrived. not necessarily.87 Chapter 19: Dreaming Your Life IS HUMAN LIFE A DREAM WITHIN A DREAM? In a sense. There’s nothing wrong with having an identity of one kind or another. You need only to begin seeing yourself as fully awake and able to recognize reality when you see it. Perhaps your present identity isn’t large enough for you. When you’re “awake”. but you are still dreaming. you’re realizing more of the nature of true reality. Don’t get caught up in the illusion. But you don’t need to drop the need for an identity to become your expanded self. you believe you’re awake. Life on this planet is not as real as most people think. as in not recognizing yourself for all that you are. you have the ability to create your own reality as much as anyone does. pay them no mind and give them none of your energy. HOW CAN WE KNOW THE DIFFERENCE? Focus on what seems real and acknowledge that the rest is manifested illusion which you can pass by. allow it to expand. If so. except one’s eyes are open. Some of what’s happening around you will seem more real than other things. as in beginning to see more of reality whether your body is asleep or not. Much of the physical world may appear false to you in some way. this is true. You’re part of a greater whole. HOW CAN WE CONSCIOUSLY CREATE OUR OWN FORMS OF REALITY? You are fully complete as long as you’re here.

in order to become what you now believe you are. There are no boxes which contain you. Source is a way for you to maintain contact with the all-that-is. and become who you are. and allow yourself to expand gradually into who you are in the greater sense. and then you can see beyond it. and that you can be yourself. Form and formlessness merge when you become aware that you are both at the same time and that you don’t have to hold onto either. who knows what your reality will include? Perhaps even what you see as Source is a limited aspect of yourself.88 about this truth. You can go beyond this limited reality anytime you want. IS SOURCE PART OF THE DREAM? Sure. but it’s not the all-that-is. You’ll learn that you can never find more than has always been readily accessible for you. Then. Then. you can let go even of formlessness. There’s no limit to reality and your ability to discover it. Formlessness is always with you. You don’t need to worry about your form or the creator of that form. You can go wherever you want and explore all that you will. The key is that you become aware that any identity is only an illusion which serves you while you’re here and will no longer be part of you once you’re gone from this dimension. and you can let go of both of them. when you’re ready. HOW SPECIFICALLY DO I LEARN TO DO THIS? Let your psychic and spiritual self roam and travel to all of existence. in order to maintain your identity as a formless being. Why would you need to hold onto it as a way of identifying yourself? Formlessness is the true nature of your existence. by whatever name or identity you give it. in the midst this constant state of change. Eventually. Then you must become who you are. you can access your own methods for seeing beyond even Source. that you’ve been here and there all along. either. The concept of Source is merely another aspect of formlessness. this is why we say you’re creating your own reality every moment. There is no wall at the edge of the universe. You are your universe and it is you. You can access the dream reality of living on the third dimension. You can merge into formlessness and be who you are. It’s only part of the all-that-is. SO I AM BOTH FORM AND FORMLESSNESS? Yes. merely by asking Source to describe it all for you. It can be quite confusing to instantly drop everything you’ve worked toward being. free to have whatever new experiences will take you even further. Source is only part of the present reality. when you’re ready. Next moment. IS THIS PART OF CREATING MY OWN REALITY? Yes. as you seek to become more of who you are. you’ll recognize that there’s really nowhere to go. You can identify with formlessness as long as you need to. expressing yourself as you choose. Just know that all is taking place perfectly. of the reality that exists beyond your present reality but is still less than everything. Source will help you as far as it can. Nothing can ever stop you. . It’s okay to be who you are now.

89 Explore this universe to the best of your ability and you’ll find your way home to a place you’ve really never left. There is no chart. beyond the presently acceptable illusion which most people live here. no instruction manual. It’s your journey. to the center of all existence. . Ultimately. WHAT THEN IS THE ULTIMATE MEANING OF OUR EARTHLY EXPERIENCE? It’s part of your journey back to Source. IS SOURCE ALWAYS MY GUIDE? Source will guide you as far as you need guidance. Do what seems right and learn more about yourself every step of the way. Learn to enjoy the journey to the fullest. then you must jump off for yourself into the vast unknown. see where to go next. that’s why you’ve come here. and when you land. You must jump wherever you want. to go beyond the universal consciousness of this place. It’s the way you’ve chosen to rediscover your reality. Where and how you jump is always up to you.

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