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Required Concert Attire for 2009-10

Wind Symphony
Name _____________________________ Phone ________________ M/F

Girls must purchase full-length gown. See size chart below. Size _________

Purchase price of $73.00 includes shipping to STAGG. $ 73.00

Boys can rent Tuxedo but must purchase accessories. This is also used for Madrigals.

Black Tuxedo Jacket _____Rent ($10) $__________ Size _________

Black Tuxedo Pants _____Rent ($10) $__________ Size _________

White Tuxedo Shirt _____Purch ($15) $_________ Size _________

Black Cummerbund _____Purch ($12) $_________ Size _________

Black Bow Tie _____Purch ($5) $_________ (One Size Only)

TOTAL DUE $____________

Measuring will take place on Tuesday, August 25th, during ZERO HOUR class time.

*Please make checks payable to A>A>STAGG H.S. Payment is due when uniforms are issued.
No student will be issued their concert attire until it is paid for in full.
If you have any question please contact Linda Campbell (448-7134) or Gina Kearns (671-0412)

Payment info: Check # __________ CASH Amount $ _______________