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Business development plan

Business development plan

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Published by: Riyaz Tasa Pallipuram on Feb 06, 2011
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As an example, assume a business of catching, processing and selling frozen fish
to supermarket chains abroad. The description of the process could be as

• Catching the fish with a fleet of four fishing boats (200 tons each) by
trawling nets through the 400 kilometres long lake.

• Transporting the fish from the harbour to the near by factory in three
refrigerated trucks (eight tons each).

• The fish is manually washed, filleted and vacuum-packed in plastic bags.
Each bag contains one kilogram of fish fillet. This work is done by 40 people
working along both sides of a 25 metres long process line.

• At the end of the process line, the fish packs are quality controlled and a label
including the price is attached to them.

• The packs are frozen by passing them for 10 minutes through a shock-
freezing machine of the “Antarctic” type (maximum capacity 1.8 tons per

UNCTAD, How to Prepare Your Business Plan


• The frozen products are placed manually in cardboard boxes with a capacity
of 12 kilograms each. Then they are placed in the main deep freezer of the
factory until delivery. The boxes are maintained at a constant temperature of
minus 18 degrees Celsius.
Source: UNCTAD.

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