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Business development plan

Business development plan

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Published by: Riyaz Tasa Pallipuram on Feb 06, 2011
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This section of the business plan provides details of the workforce you need in
order to run your business. Whether you are going to start a new business or
intend to expand an existing one, you need to indicate the number of people
required and what skills they need to possess. Other important questions that
have to be answered are:

• Are there sufficient local workers available? If not, from where and how will
you recruit them?

• Are the workers trained? If not, how will you train them?

• What are your plans for ongoing training?

UNCTAD, How to Prepare Your Business Plan


• What are the labour costs, current and prospective?

• Which benefits, incentive plans and other schemes do you envisage for
motivating people to work for you? In other words, what is particularly
attractive in working for your business? (Good opportunities to learn?
Location? Pleasant working environment? Flexible working hours?
Interesting and challenging work? Encouragement to take initiative? Culture
of mutual respect? Job security? Employees' information and participation
system? Good wages and fringe benefits? Other?)

If you are continuing an existing business without any anticipated changes in
staffing (for example, no expected growth, no restructuring etc.), you still need
to answer some of the above questions in your business plan. Investors would be
interested to know whether your existing employees and present staff policies
are adequate to ensure successful continuation of your operations.

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