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© Greek Orthodos: Patriarchate of fllexandria $l Africa Tuesday February 2011 Saturday Stigphon “st Perpetn ee | Fellow Mariyrs St Bas of “hessalonlka- 9 asiasion St Timothy Confessor St Brldget of etand Wednesday “Thursday Sriday a a stabi New ary cocci tew tat | sau, simenoin ee | st Abromiostesomaror ‘St John the Righteous ‘St Agatha of Sicily 5 St Polyexhton Contos St Anthony New Marr ‘thems St theodostos of shopelos ‘orm Cavteee Wom St Barsonuphios - St Theodosios of Lampsakos St Luke the Righteous 7 ‘Sr Tarooone | Ccownanoen & Gear Marre St Zachariah Holy Prophet St Nicephoros mgs natn 3 stamatioe ——- newt tamales Lax tneodostos ne Righteous mieee'y oy ty | Couosus 3:4-11 | Siuonuams 3: 12-16 time 222-40 line 228-38 Man 1024-32 roo Sf Sr emanamos AO} SPARE TANI 44 ine PRESENTATION is “ Y St Theodora the Empress. sineperer er keoch | st Anastasios of Jerceatem Finding of Holy Relies of StMarkellos, Sti St Zachariah Holy Prophet ios & | St Porphyrios & St Baptos 12) 1 Antonios of Constantinople St Christos the New Martyr [even 2 2-369 A Peren 420-10 ‘eren 1 oun ey ‘Brarnsine oF Taos Stauxentios qq St Onesimos: 16) sr twcovone vm Teo 17] 8|s¢ Phitemon, St Amphias 19| ‘St Acqua & St Priscila -St EMogios of | of Slavs & Equal to the Righteous Elder of Chios bt Fiavianos of Constantinople] St Auxentios the Righteous | St Agapitos Confessor of Sinai | St Philothea the Righteous He Prooiaat 508 set forcatnia St Besar the Great: StMtnos- S Again of| Tove (6) Puscat 2 Lone 15 111-32 fan Sunpay or Taiopios 20) 24) St Zachariah of Jerusalem Adon 2:18-3:89 Finding ofthe tot Retes 2] ofthe Marys of Eugenio. Constantinople St Thatasios fe St Baradatos Righteous Fathers st anthousa & her Twehe Faithful Mon 14: 10-42 ‘Mirxonanrm® oF ‘mma ‘St Jom rat Bar Sse ot ee meats Beas sicongnathenigiteowe | st omanos of tglich sterof¥Oraan eTeoaan | st Cumetn Abba of fona Soames er arte " 24) StTarasios 25] of Constantinople St Reqlnos of Skopelos St Alexander of Thrace St Markellos of Apamea St Walburga of Hleidenteim ‘of Noun Athos Lone 7117-30 ohn 3121-4111 2 Conimrmans 41 6-15 ee ‘Savenoar oF tHe Sous 26| St Forphyrios of Gaza St Photini Phesseenemise") ‘St Phot, St Paraskev! 6 St Kyrlaki- St Theokletos Stohn New Martyr of xeophs & Cavatantinope tans 15 : 20, 22, 25, 33-41 Le 2118-9: 28-27:33-36 Senoay oF Tronion 27] “JuDcenene O€ MEATrARe ‘St Prokopios Confessor StRaphact of Brooklyn Sttepen the Monk Tone (7) Vana T Cons 8 8: 8-92 Marmnew 25: 31-46 St John Cassian the 28) Confessor st yranna New Sioned = 18 Who grants us Resurrection. Hail O Virgin Theotokos Sull of Grace ! For Christ our God ~ the Sun of Righteousness - has dawned from Thee, granting Light to those in darkness.,And Thou, O Righteous Elder, rejoice! Taking in thine arms, the Deliverance of our souls, (Ge G Rl oy Cana PLS cba B Teche by Dobe Ge» Ahinose Gal Tape - PO Box 28588 - Sunridge Park - Port Elizabeth 6008 - RSA - or