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Co-existence is the ability of a device or system to operate near or with
another device and/or system. Premises distribution systems typically co-
exist with one or more types of systems including wireless LAN, CATV,
Satellite, Home Audio/Visual and others. The PDN system may share the
same medium (cables and/or radio waves).


IPTV Basics

Figure 7.2, Home Multimedia Bandwidth Requirements

Chapter 7


To co-exist, these systems may use segmentation of medium where a portion
of the medium (e.g. frequency range) is used by one system and another seg-
ment (e.g. different frequency range) is used by the PDN system.

Intersystem Interference

Intersystem interference is the interaction of signals or data in one system
with signals or data in another system where the interaction results in the
performance degradation or unwanted changes in the operation of either
system. PDN systems may experience or cause interference with other sys-
tems that may be located at adjacent locations (e.g. neighbors home).
Intersystem interference may occur between systems that are physically
connected or it may occur by signal leakage. When interference occurs, it
may result in distortion or reduced transmission capacity.

Interference between wired systems may be reduced or eliminated by the
installation of a point of entry (POE) filter. A POE filter is a device (analog
or digital) that is designed to allow or block specific signals from entering or
leaving a building or facility (at the point of entry).


Protocols are the languages, processes, and procedures that perform func-
tions used to send control messages and coordinate the transfer of data.
Protocols define the format, timing, sequence, and error checking used on a
network or computing system. While there are several different protocol lan-
guages used for PDN services, the underlying processes are commonly based
on Ethernet and IP protocols. Protocols for distribution services (such as
RTP) simply ride on top (are encapsulated) into the data packets that

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