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Media portability is the ability to transfer media from one device to anoth-
er. Media portability can range from stored media locally in a hard disk (for
personal video recorder) or by shared media through home connections
(such as a premises distribution network).

End User Device Operation

An IP set top box (IP STB) is an electronic device that adapts a broadband
communications signals into a format that can be displayed on a television.
The basic functions of an Internet IPTV set top box include selecting and
connecting to a broadband connection, separating, decoding and processing
media and interfacing the media and controls with the user.

Figure 8.2 shows a functional block diagram of an IP STB. This diagram
shows that an IP STB typically receives IP packets that are encapsulated in
Ethernet packets. The IP STB extracts the IP packets to obtain the trans-
port stream (TS). The channel decoder detects and corrects errors and pro-
vides the transport stream to the descrambler assembly. The descrambler

assembly receives key information from either a smart card or from an
external conditional access system (e.g. via a return channel). Using the
key(s), the STB can decode the transport stream and the program selector
can extract the specific program stream that the user has selected. The IP
STB then demultiplexes the transport stream to obtain the program infor-
mation. The program table allows the IP STB to know which streams are for
video, audio and other media for that program. The program stream is then
divided into its elementary streams (voice, audio and control) which is sup-
plied to a compositor that create the video signal that the television can dis-

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