A humble, neat, working-class bedroom. On the wall: small crucifix, portrait of Jesus, photo of race horse MAN-O-WAR. A wall calender says its March 1948. Two beds, side-by-side. In a large brass bed: "PAPA" PARADISE, 57, nearly 300 pounds, a proud, once-wild French-Canadian printer, with thick eyebrows, blue eyes. Dying of cancer of the spleen. A DOCTOR at Papa's bedside drains BLACK LIQUID from Papa's enormOUB belly, through a catheter, into a bucket on the floor. Watching this torture an athletically-built struggling novelist. from the other bed is SAL PARADISE, 25, former college football star, now a

Sal has sad, clear-blue eyes, a se"nsitive mouth nearly always pouting, jet-black hair: he is movie-star HANDSOME and painfully self-conscious. Hanging over Sal is the touching loneliness of the perpetual outsider and the passions and burdens of a restless mind. He smokes an Old Gold cigarette. Papa tries not to cry out in pain. " PAPA {weak, a mild French Canadian accent) Gimme a smoke, will ya Sal? The doctor gives both men a dark look. DOCTOR Don't test me, either of you. Without hesitating, giving the Doctor a defiant what-are-yougoing-to-do-about-it7 look, Sal gives Papa a cigarette and lights it. Sal and Papa smoke together -- blue haze encircles their heads. There's something almost religious about the way they enjoy this smoke together. The black, foul-smelling goo from Papa's stomach continues drip into the metal can . to



~HB ROAD, first draft, June 7, 2005



NIGHT In a corner: a wooden DESK, with a neat stack of blank paper next to an old UNDERWOOD TYPEWRITER. Pinned to the wall are little HYMNS written long-hand on notebook paper. Sal sits at the desk, facing the typewriter, SAL Thank you, dear Lord, for the work you have given me, which I dedicate to you. Thank you for the visions you give me, and thank you, dear Lord, for the world and for Thee. Sal crosses himself and looks at the silent typewriter. DISSOLVE TO: hands in prayer.





The sun RISES, fills the kitchen with warm, red LIGHT as sal, still at the typewriter, BURNS all the PAGES he's written the night before over a small candle. CUT TO: 4 INT. PAPA'S BEDROOM, PARADISE APARTMENT,


Papa is in excruciating pain, breathing hard, trying not to panic, as sal holds him tight, trying to control his own fragile emotions. You, take care of your mother, see she's happy. SAL I promise you.


Get a job, stop wastin' your life with the damn Jews and sissies and


bums ..•


ON ~HZ ROAD, first draft, June 7, 2005

CONTINUED: SAL stop talking now, Pa. Sal holds Papa tight. Papa closes his eyes. His body shudders violently -- a death rattle. And Sal feels his father's life struggle out of his dying body. Silent tears as Sal wipes spit from Papa's chin, brushes Papa's hair, and kisses Papa on the forehead.

3. 4







A gloomy,

overcast day, light rain. of the OPEN GRAVE:

All grey.

At the side

Sal and liMA" PARADISE, 52. Ma is a stout, intense, earthmother type, big blue eyes: her fingers are permanently DARKENED from years cutting leather in a shoe factory. Nearby are Sal's FRENCH-CANADIAN RELATIVES. All are unpretentiouB working-class people, somber, realistic, toughened by life. Not much poetry here. In contrast is Sal's friend CARLO MARX.

The waif-like Carlo is 21, intense, brooding, intellectual, a lonely soul, a kind one, slim, with thick black hair, wide, full lips, and eager, dark eyes under round, owlish glasses. As Ma cries, Sal holds her, lets her bury her sobbing face in his chest as he tenderly, lovingly comforts her. Ma, feeling comforted, moves away from Sal to look, one last time, at her husband's grave. Carlo takes the opportunity to go to Sal and embrace him. He's gone, Carlo. Oh, my dear boy


As Sal cries in Carlo's arms, Carlo quietly melancholy Jewish FUNERAL SONG in his ear

sings a sweet, FADE TO BLACK •


eyes large. flat two-lane highway cutting it in half. June 7. every smile. fivecent NOTEBOOK in his shirt pocket. alert. stands at the side of the highway. leather jacket. ochre landscapesj a straight black. DODGE CITY. breathing in the fresh air. CARD: six months later. Then they're out the door and gone like they never existed. Several BEAUTIFUL YOUNG WOMEN pass Sal's table and instantly he forgets the pie.DAY 7 7 Intense SUNLIGHT stabs our eyes -. CUT TO: INT. A suped-up 1945 HOT-ROD stops to give Sal a ride. Lawrence. FADE IN: EXT. e· CUT TO: .the most delicious food he's ever put in his mouth. hitching west. ROADSIDE DINER. chino pants. a little. DARK SCREEN 6 CARD: "The great home of the soul is the open road.D.the SUN blasts brilliantly on a vast. KANSAS 8 . CENTRAL KANSAS . He looks at landscapes the way monks look at visions of the Holy spirit. ragged Mexican huaraches on his feet.H. gorgeous Western vista -.ON ~HE ROAD. 2005 4. as his hungry eyes take in every curve. Sal is in awe of the amazing VISTAS. And Sal is alone with his hunger. first draft." -. flat. every inch of bare skin on their bodies. his thumb up.DAY 8 Sal sits alone eating a generous helping of APPLE PIE and ICE CREAM -. central Kansas. Sal wears a plaid shirt under a black. Sal. Exorci~ing the gloom of his father's death. inspired.blue sky. A CANVAS BAG over his shoulder filled with books and clothes. HIGHWAY.

shooting parlors around the corner. empty here. swathed in bandages. Without any friends. CUT TO: 10 EXT. chop. slouching walk. movie marquees overhead.NIGHT With his slow. 2005 5.ON THE ROAD. 30's. He passes old HONKY-TONKS. Sal smiles. INT. alone and out of place. is a big. COLORADO . chop! You think that stopped him from drinkin' and lovin' life?! Hell. Sal feels CUT TO:· • . June 7. without a guide or a mentor. tough guy with popping eyes and a hoarse. I DYNAMITE TRUCK DRIVER (cont'd) just had it amputated this morning. DYNAMITE You see that toe? TRUCK DRIVER The man's foot is The Truck Driver points to his toe. enjoying the freedom of the man's wild laugh . The bastards wanted me to stay in the hospital -. STREET. 10 red shirts: peanut shells on the ground. Sal navigates narrow. He and Sal pass a BOTTLE of ROTGUT between them. I packed my bag and left! What's a damn toe? My old man had both legs cut off! Chop. raspy voice. crooked cobble-stone streets. Sal is a very good listener. the strange. no! • The Trucker LAUGHS SO HARD he almost chokes to death at the wheel. eyes the young PEOPLE in jeans and Occasional sad HOBOS linger on the street looking for places to sleep or pee. DYNAMITE The DYNAMITE TRUCK.and stop drinkin'. CAB. HIGHWAY. first draft.DAY 9 TRUCK DRIVER. DENVER "MEXICAN TOWN" .

a spray of urine SHOOTING up in the air.DAY 12 Sal is a tiny speck in the middle of a highway cutting a vast FARM in half. Slim goes over on his side.MONTANA SLIM -. pisseall! SLIM Pisscall! Slim holds his crotch. holds on as best he can.ON THE ROAD.DAY 11 Sal shares the back of an old TRUCK with five MIGRANT WORKERS and HITCHHIKERS. NEW PICK-UP TRUCK. ~11 EXT. green acres all around him. CALIFORNIA . SLIM (cont'd) Damn. HIGHWAY IN ARIZONA . I gotta go! DRIVER (yelling from inside cab) Go over the side! SLIM Well. jots notes in (CONTINUED) . ~ SALESMAN. SOUTH OF FRESNO.bangs on the window of the cab to get the DRIVER's attention. The Driver ignores him. the truck ZIGZAGS down the road at 70 m.as Sal and the others roar with laughter. Takes out his wrinkled peeker and starts to pee. CUT TO: EXT. Sal listens. until his legs dangle over.DAY 13 Sal and a TRAVELING notebook. first draft. CUT TO: INT. One of the older hitchhikers ~. The Driver turns to see what Slim's doing. I will. Suddenly Slim falls back. FARM OUTSIDE FRESNO. smiles. The truck swings. watering himself -. CALIFORNIA . June 7. • 12 13 Slim inches his way to the back of the platform on his haunches.h. Flat.p. 2005 6.

large dark saucer eyes and lustrous black hair: TERRY FRANCO. Slightly accented English • • (CONTINUED) . would you like to use my raincoat for a pillow? Terry looks at Sal and smiles. CALIFORNIA .NIGHT 14 A cold night. Terry is emotionally fragile. tired. kicked over a few chairs. up his canvas bag and walks down the road • • 15 INT. And that thousand dollars was settin' right there on top of the safe the whole night! Mankind is a stupid beast.NIGHT 16 Sal gives the ticket to the BUS DRIVER. young CHICANA with dark skin. LA-bound. acetylene torch and all. Terry closes her eyes to sleep. What happened-a thief came in the night. He has two dollars. CALIFORNIA . first draft. Feeling sad. across the aisle. BUS STATION. broke open the safe. BAKERSFIELD. plumb forgot. He gestures frantically as cars rush by. all he wants to do is be with this pretty girl. a little dazed. lonely. deserted bus station. CALIFORNIA .LATER .NIGHT 15 Sal enters the tiny. looks around and sees a beautiful. INT. 13 • 14 TRAVELING SALESMAN So one night myoId man left the day's receipts settin' on top of the safe. LA-BOUND BUS. let me tell you! Balls where his brains should be! EXT. Sal wears a flimsy Army raincoat over a grey sweater. Without taking his eyes off Terry. Nobody stops.ON THE ROAD. Sal sits on the seat opposite her. Sal reaches into his pocket. Sal leans over. flat broke -she wears a simple dress and red pumps. June 7. SAL Miss. beaten. rifled up the papers. 2005 13 CONTINUED: 7. The bus pulls away from the station. Exhausted. 16 He picks BAKERSFIELD. and left.LATER . ROAD SOUTH OF BAKERSFIELD.

Lights a cigarette. I don't want to pick grapes anymore . leans over to her. Sal sits back.ON rH8 ROAD. trembling. you know? TERRY That's sad. first draft. Miss? TERRY If you wish. but --I had to get out everything reminded me of my dead pop. SAL May I sit with you. 16 • 16 CONTINUED: TERRY No. It's all Sal needs. June 7.. SAL (not expecting SAL • (CONTINUED) . my pop passed away and I have a lot of fine friends in New York and all. well . Terry glances at Sal. That smile is killer. SAL I'm very glad you let me sit with you. thank you very much. He gets up. 2005 B. TERRY Why are you lonely? the question) Oh.• I'm looking for work in LA. Sal sits next to Terry. I'm sorry. Where are you going? TERRY SAL LA. (touched by her empathy) What about you? TERRY (evasive) I'm. I was very lonely and I've been travelling a hell of a lot.

She holds him.NIGHTl7 The bus struggles to make it up the difficult GRAPEVINE. it's nice. your sad. I just wanna see all the people and see all the streets and know everybody in california! TERRY (laughs) Ay. LA-BOUND BUS. closes her eyes to sleep as he strokes her hair silently . BAKERSFIELD. June 7. CALIFORNIA .•. • • . you're my kind of girl. Closes her eyes . My SAL Terry. kind of girl-soul. • 16 CONTINUED: (2 ) 16 SAL You know. Dios! You want everythingl Yeah. I • TERRY love love. Sal reaches over. It's different. She puts an arm around him. takes Terry's hand. I've never seen California. huh? SAL TERRY NO. I saw you looking at me.LATER . pretty eyes . He leans his head. I thought you was a nice college boy.ON THE ROAD. am a college boyl nicel I TERRY SAL And I'm very TERRY (looking at him) Ay. Sleepily Terry leans over and puts her head on Sal's lap. first draft. Stupid. 2005 9. DISSOLVE TO: 17 INT. puts it on her shoulders.

DAY 20 20 Hand-in-hand. Sal and Terry come out holding hands. NEAR BUS STATION.he covers his nervousness with talk: SAL So when we get to New York. puts on make-up. June 7. if he's there again. first draft. 19 INT. And maybe Dean Moriarty. Sal and Terry walk to the entrance looking little HOTEL. EXT. shot. NASTY HOTEL. Sal takes a booze and gives it to Terry who takes a shot. LOS ANGELES .DAY of a nasty- 21 21 Sal Terry in front of a chipped mirror. Doors open. Do you know that guy? SAL • Terry doesn't answer.a damn poet-genius. LOS ANGELES. STREET. puts his arms around her waist. A PIMP sits at a table nearby.as if not fully trusting their romantic encounter. or the fact that Terry keeps glancing at him as she eats. sad downtown coffee-shop.DAY 19 Sal and Terry eat a meager breakfast in a smoky. The whiskey relaxes him and he smiles. SOUTH MAIN STREET. LOS ANGELES . COFFEE-SHOP. The pimp gives Terry a little salute.ON ~H8 ROAD. BATHROOM. He pours the comes in with a bottle of whiskey and a glass. PASSENGERS disembark.LATER . 2005 10. He watches Sal and Terry eat. Sal looks at Terry suspiciously now -. (MORE) in • {CONTINUED) . continues eating very slowly. Sal doesn't like the look of the man. They dance together in front of the mirror. EXT. Terry takes another shot and turns back to the mirror. DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES . I tell you. She stares out into space and smokes which just increases Sal's agitation and suspicion . Sal stands behind her. you gotta meet my pal Carlo -. INT. CALIFORNIA - DAY 1S The bus stops at a dilapidated BUS STATION in a seedy. rundown part of the city. a hotel Sal is excited and nervous about being alone with a woman -.

21 • 21 CONTINUED: Aw. sandy hair cut short. DEAN'S ROOMING HOUSE. He knocks on Dean's door. he was crazy -FLASHBACK TO: SAL (cont'd) (laughs at a memory) 22 INT. NASTY HOTEL. June 7. Waits nervously. SAL'S VOICE For Dean sex is the one and only holy and important thing in life. Sa-a-a-a-a-a-l! honey. He and Sal resemble each other enough that they could be brothers. (CONTINUED) . CUT TO: 24 INT. Packed inside his trim body is a bottomless sea of raging hormones. intelligent. Sal gazes on Dean the way a kid gazes at a hero -- • DEAN Why. energy and appetite. LOS ANGELES . 2005 11. DENVER . BATHROOM. Canvas bag over his shoulder. 22. is Dean's girlfriend CAMILLE. the last time I saw Dean. One of Camille's creamy thighs lies uncovered in the bed. and a conman's seductive smile.NIGHT 22 Sal wears the SAME CLOTHES he wore when he hitched through Colorado. A beautiful platinum blonde with startling. a bit startled. killer BLUE EYES.v. it's Sal! camille. The door opens -Standing naked in the doorway is DEAN MORIARTY.DAY Sal stands behind 24 • BACK TO -. same height as Sal. her. muscular. Sal looks in -23 SAL'S P. blue-eyed. long side-burns.ON ~HB ROADr first draft. thinhipped. revealing his living room. FIRST FLOOR.Terry in front of the mirror. holds her by the hips . 23 Sitting up in BED. a BED in the middle of Dean opens the door further. 24.o. a handsome bony face.

I swear to you on the Bible -I was so glad too! I hugged myself and said.ON THB ROAD. 2005 12. NASTY HOTEL. I am no pimp. not listening. A severe. hmmm. eh? And I saw you in your nice sweater and I said. June 7. outside: the SOUNDS of occasional traffic and POLICE SIRENS. a real nice boy for a change -TERRY • were a hooker! But I am! God! This is crazy! mean. SAL Listen. LOS ANGELES Sal pulls Terry to the bed. When we get to New York she'll show you where to get work. Terry stops dancing. Who is this six-foot redhead? do you tell me about her? Horny. 24 • 24 CONTINUED: SAL Oh. and you. but Terry angrily resists. six-foot redhead. an hour ago I thought you SAL I (CONTINUED) . first draft. you're nothing but a pimp! . BEDROOM. 25 TERRY Why Sal pulls Terry out of the bathroom. frightened look. she's a sixfoot redhead. ain't he a nice college boy? No! And no! You have to be a goddamn pimp like all of theml SAL What the heck are you ? TERRY TERRY Don't stand there and tell me a sixfoot redhead ain't a madame 'cause I know a madame when I hear about one. then there's a great girl I know called Dorie.DAY 25 INT. Turns to face Sal. hmmm. Terry. .

June 7. The door opens. you want a whore! Jesus Christ! you're nothing Mexicanl SAL Forget it! You-but a stupid little red pumps and hurls them against Sal angrily picks up Terry's the bathroom door. Sal turns to look at Terry after this bewildering statement. my own sad life. He doesn't move as she wipes her eyes. his back to the door. SAL (cont'd) Go on. He takes her in with his perceptive eyes: her sorrow so clear on her pretty face. first draft. life. • 25 CONTINUED: 25 TERRY See?! You don't want a girl. You're not a pimp. never. pushes Terry outside and slams the door in her face. Dead silence.ON THE ROAD. Terry takes off all her clothes and slips into the sheets DISSOLVE TO: SAL SAL TERRY • . Sal . How the hell would you know? TERRY A pimp would never throw a woman's shoes against the door and throw her out. and I don't need this! Sal opens the door. He angrily gete into bed. She gets into bed with Sal. You're not a hooker or a stupid little Mexican and I'm sorry I said that. tears run down her face. 2005 13. beat itl I have my own • with sal. Terry comes in.

She runs to the curb to get a better look. BEDROOM. Sal stares wide-eyed at the array of characters LEATHER-BOOTED authentic cops frisk a BLACK MAN in a brown suit. INT. 27 EXT.DAY 26 Sal and Terry sit on the bed together. __ A LIMOUSINE cruises by. broken-down PARLORS playing BOP. LOS ANGELES . looking like __ PROTO-HIPPIES desert saints.DAY 27 Newspaper under his arm. SOUTH MAIN STREET. cruise by in their cars. sal counts out all his money.LATER .ON 'l'HZ ROAD. NASTY HOTEL. wide-eyed Terry sees a MAN in dark glasses next to a BEJEWELED BLONDE. __ old DESERT RATS. TERRY Sal! That's Don Arneche! Arneche! Amused at her excitement. June 7. head for Hollywood in long beards and sandals. __ HANDSOME dreamland. just off the bus. GAY MEN.2005 14. impersonal BUTTOCKS belonging to Greek gods on the walls . GREASY CAFETERIA. circling possibilities with an eyebrow pencil. Sal and Terry travel the busy street for jobs.DAY 28 • The cafeteria is decorated to look like a grotto: metal TITS spurt water. Wearing Sal's grey sweater. LOS ANGELES . (CONTINUED) . • 28 __ BLACK MUSICIANS in bop caps and goatees. and into -Don Sal pulls Terry away from the curb INT. carry dusty packs and look for a free place to sleep. Doesn't look good. great. first draft. Terry scans a newspaper want ads. HIPSTERS come in and out of BEER COWBOYS long-haired. playing blues and jump on their RADIOS. LOS ANGELES . in broad hats and worn boots.

CALIFORNIA . There's a BED. But he was so busy sleeping with two girls. Sal and Terry stand in front of the WORK CAMP OFFICE with an old OKIE WOMAN. Sal hands the Woman a dollar and she accompanies them to a near-by TENT. TRAILERS. 31 INT.DAY 30 A cluster of ROADHOUSES. 30 EXT. Sal and Terry examine the tent. young Carlo. bags at their sides. filled with white COLLEGE KIDS holding banners and streamers. Honking their horns. TENTS. Sal and Terry.NIGHT 29 EXT. SELMA. 28 • 29 Sal and Terry have finished lunch. thumbs out. June 7. named Terry. EAST OF LOS ANGELES . and we're digging the sights in Hollywood. and a cracked MIRROR hanging from a pole • • . he had no time for me. SAL Hate them rich college bastards. Sal and Terry hold up their thumbs as a 1938 CHEVY approaches and slows down. Saw your beloved Dean in Denver. Met this fine gal. Yaaaah! COLLEGE Yaaaaahl KIDS We won! We won! The cars zoom pass Sal and Terry. HOT-ROD CONVERTIBLES shoot by.ON THE ROAD.DAY 31 Stooping to get in. No one stops for them. Scores of rickety TRUCKS and mud-spattered JALOPIES. CALIFORNIA . a STOVE. TENT. MIGRANT WORKER CAMP. and rickety MOTELSTYLE ROOMS across the highway from a large COTTON FIELD. SELMA. first draft. 2005 28 CONTINUED: 15. HIGHWAY. Dejected and tired • Their newspaper is filled with CROSSED-OUT HELP-WANTED ADS. stand by the highway. SAL which he reads to Terry: My dear. hand-in-hand. Sal finishes writing a postcard.

S~ Whoooooooooieeeeeee! Terry! We got us some work! 1 Baby! He reaches Terry. Sal and Terry. CALIFORNIA MORNING - 34 Sal and Terry each carry a long empty Canvas Bag and walk across the highway separating the work camp from the cotton field along with ORIE COTTON PICKERS. Men are born -. 34 EXT. SELMA. 2005 16.NIGHT 32 A single candle fills the tent with fragile amber light. ~32 INT. SELMA. And most guys never find it. her arms and legs wrapped around him. God makes some crazy. Terry kisses Sal sweetly on the mouth. And they come and go in the world like they were never here. June 7.DAY 33 S~ TERRY ~33 sal runs through the field like a maniac.DAY 35 The field stretches out of sight to the brown. arroyo foothills and the snow-capped SIERRA NEVADA MOUNTAINS miles away. who jumps into him. CALIFORNIA .and we don't know what to do. in bed.LATER . WOMEN and CHILDREN. holding up two white empty CANVAS BAGS that stream in the air like banners. EXT. MIDDLE OF COTTON FIELD. EDGE OF COTTON FIELD. some nice I'm happy God made you like you. 35 EXT. CALIFORNIA . MIDDLE OF COTTON FIELD. ~ (CONTINUED) . Sal in the middle of riff -You see. We spend our lives looking for the thing we can do that's pure and simple as a tiger. HIGHWAY. when a tiger is born it knows to do tiger things.ON THS ROAD. SELMA. intertwined. first draft. and BLACK COUPLES. SELMA. CALIFORNIA . TENT.

Sal heaves his bag on the SCALES. loving girl at his Sal and Terry pick cotton. SELMA. CALIFORNIA . His back aches. crackly bed. WORK CAMP OFFICE. the sky. in front of their desperately inadequate STOVE. the air. EDGE OF COTTON FIELD. postmarked New York. Sal tries hard to disengage the white ball from the hard. exhausted. 37 INT.ON THE ROAD. Terry looks sick and weak. nearly freezing. Sal's fingers bleed. CALIFORNIA .LATER - 36 At the end of the row. bread and butter as COWBOY MUSIC twangs from the tents all around them • EXT. SELMA. June 7. CALIFORNIA . She hands a surprised and delighted Sal a thick ENVELOPE. SELMA. (MORE) (CONTINUED) SAL .NIGHT 37 • Ravenous. The FOREMAN hands Sal a dollar-fifty. CALIFORNIA EVENING . EXT. MIDDLE OF COTTON FIELD. Terry leaves little clumps of cotton on the ground for Sal to put in his canvas bag. He's picked 50 pounds. Terry does it in one smooth motion. TENT. SELMA. Sal looks around the scenery. next to a busy HIGHWAY. Birds sing. Sal and Terry dig into their dinner of spaghetti and meatballs. 40 INT. Moving twice Sal's speed. SELMA. TENT. 2005 • 35 CONTINUED: 17. first draft.NIGHT 40 Sal and Terry huddle together.DAY 39 39 The old Okie Woman distributes MAIL to the WORKERS. a TRUCK waits for the pickers to bring their haul •. you have to go back to your family. Sal touches her burning forehead. Sal stops work and stares with envious eyes at the CARS and TRUCKS headed to other destinations. • Honey. 35 Before he starts picking cotton.DAY 38 38 Sal picks cotton at a row that ends at the edge of the farm. CALIFORNIA . 36 EXT. the beautiful side.

SELMA.•" Terry approaches. runs excited to Terry. first draft. VINEYARD NEAR TERRY'S FAMILY'S HOUSE. oh what we've been missing. Terry walks in shyly. 41 EXT. No one sees her at first. CALIFORNIA . Flies buzz over the sink. SAL (cont'd) Carlo says Dean's coming to New York on Christmas. 43 EXT. 40 • 40 CONTINUED: SAL (cont'd) You can't stay here as sick as you are. JOHNNY. hugging and a-kissing. (beat) And I need to get back to my book and school and friends. HOUSE. I wanna be there when he comes.ON ~HE ROAD. June 7. SELMA. Sal hides in the vineyards as Terry approaches the front door of the shack. holds Sal tighter. Terry starts to cry.~. KITCHEN. lover man •.DAY 41 A four-room SHACK on an old road running between vineyards. Suddenly little boy of FIVE. 2005 18. Mama! Mama! a JOHNNY Terry scoops Johnny up in her arms and hugs him tight. Several of TERRY'S BROTHERS sing and play guitar. CALIFORNIA . Sal reaches into his pocket for the letter he received. TERRY'S FAMILY. Terry's FATHER drinks wine. • 42 INT. TERRY'S FAMILY'S HOUSE. SELMA. holding Johnny's hand . Sal sings Billie Holiday'S "Lover Mari. • (CONTINUED) ." SAL "Someday we'll meet and you'll dry all my tears and whisper sweet little things in my ear. Terry's large MOTHER sews clothes. CALIFORN~DAY waiting alone.

ROAD NEAR VINEYARD. Terry doesn't answer. CALIFORNIA SAL 45 EXT. He and Terry look at each other. both stop to turn and look at each other one last time. Sal walks in the opposite direction. finally at a -- • . Another man in and out of her life. See you in New York. 43 CONTINUED: • TERRY Sallie. He's looking for you now. Arriving. and walks away. I got nothing to give you but my SAL own confusion. . HIGHWAY. pal. He wants me back. Johnny. Terry. first draft. After a few paces. June 7. She tUrns away and heads silently home as Sal watches her get smaller and smaller. Terry goes to Sal and holds hiro. she kisses him goodbye. Sal holds out his hand for Johnny. passing a water tower and a FACTORY. He follows the tracks east. SELMA. • 44 EXT. this is my son.DAY 44 Sal and Terry stand at the side of the road. Knowing this is good-bye.ON PHE ROAD. CALIFORNIA . Where's his dad? TERRY SAL (cont'd) He hits me. Sal holds his canvas bag. EAST OF SELMA. SAL Como estas? This is Johnny shyly hides behind Terry. Emotionless.DAY 45 Sal picks black walnuts from a walnut tree and eats them hungrily. Hi. toward the vineyard. 2005 43 19. He walks along the road until it crosses RAILROAD TRACKS.

we notice something in his look has changed. Sal rides with HENRY GLASS. Judge said. EAST OF SELMA. 20 year old EX-CON with enormous ears and front teeth. a wiry. a gaunt. HENRY When I was thirteen I was in a movie with a boy and he made a crack about my mother -. which he signs. The Ticket Master looks at Sal's signature. I did. EAST OF SELMA.you know that dirty word -. CUT TO: 47 EXT. June 7. • CUT TO: ." So I didn't get no parole and went straight to reform school. first draft. bemorrhoids! As Sal looks out the window. 2005 20. Worse part of solitary confinement? Hemorrhoids. Your Honor. I wanted to kill the sonofabitch and still do.ON THE RQAD. then counts out FIFTY DOLLARS which he gives to Sal.and I took out my jackknife and cut up his throat and woulda killed him if they hadn't drug me off. curly hair. HIGHWAY.DAY 46 At the window. Gone is the cynical. amazed.DAY 49 Early winter SNOW falls.seen-it-all-gaze of the New Yorker. old TICKET MASTER hands Sal a receipt. WHITE FORD COUPE. WASHINGTON BRIDGE. country eyes. CALIFORNIA . He looks at his city with fresh. CALIFORNIA . "Did you know what you were doing when you attacked your friend?" "Yessir. TELEGRAPH OFFICE. CUT TO: 47 Sal climbs into the back of a brand new PICK-UP 48 INT.DAY TRUCK. NEW YORK . man. INT.

The door opens. Ma. Pleased with that remark. a worn out sofa. He sits to write. Crosses himself. calling to him. OZONE PARK. June 7. 1948. Ma Paradise sits near a window. Over-stuffed chairs. Ma looks up at him. She sews a huge rag rug made of the family's old clothes and drinks BEER.ON PHS ROAD. (smiles) I didn't meet anyone like you on that entire road. his road clothes make him look like a tramp. an upright PIANO under the PHOTO of Sal's deceased younger brother GERARD. 2005 21. FADE TO BLACK. Ma prepares Sal some food as he looks around at his father-less apartment haunted with memories. Reads the hymns pinned to the wall. pristine room. QUEENS. FADE IN: __ The TYPING SOUND segues • . dignified. CARD: Christmas. you smell like the Gowanus Canal and you're nothing but bones and eyebrows. PARADISE APARTMENT. MA SAL 50 DARK SCREEN 50 The sound of VERY FAST TYPING. He wanders to the large unfinished MANUSCRIPT next to his typewriter." William Blake. CARD: "The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom. N3W A small. INT. They speak to each other in FRENCH CANADIAN: Poor little Sal. into the sound of loud KNOCKING. ••. LIVING YORK DAY ROOM. Sal stands there. relief in her eyes. first draft.

NEW YORK . Sal notices.is Dean.ON THE ROAD. Well. PARADISE APARTMENT. dented. QUEENS.NIGHT OZONE p~~ Like a giddy little kid. The loud KNOCKING. S~ His soul-brother's It's Dean here. maroon-and-silver 1949 HUDSON HORNET in a ragged t-shirt despite the cold and white gas station coveralls. Sal's beautiful. LIVING ROOM. coming from downstairs.back in New York! Hel-lo. unshaven and red-eyed -. frost-covered windshield. with Sal smokes a PIPE. a MAN and a WOMAN in the Hudson. NEW YORK . hel-lo. sal rushes down the stairs four at a time. 51 TREE Snow falls gently outside. 52 He excitedly goes to the INT. man! DEAN Sal and Dean embrace. standing there in front of a mudspattered. we're dog-tired. through the car's opaque. their peaceful moment. 2005 22. to the front door. S~ ~ (CONTINUED) . Ma listens to mellow music on the RADIO. man. reads Celine's Journey to the End ot Night. door. There's a CHRISTMAS unwrapped presents underneath. Who's in the car? DEAN We gotta have a place to wash up immediately.NIGHT OZONE PARK. bright smile. June 7. QUEENS. I'll be goddamned! -. MA Who on earth? jolts them out of sal thinks he might know who it is. STAIRS TO FIRST FLOOR. ~51 INT. PARADISE APARTMENT. first draft. 53 AT THE FRONT DOOR 53 Sal opens the door.

ON THE RQAD. bobby socks and saddle shoes. affable. 53 Sal watches ED DUNKEL and MARYLOU dirty. (holds out hand) Sal Paradise. MARYLOU Gee. with heavy ringlets of golden hair down to her waist and hazel eyes: a quiet. wearing a LEATHER JACKET. concerned. Mal!!!!!! and 23. Sal looks at the exhausted. first draft. There's no heater in that California car. ED • We haven't MARYLOU elept since Denver . Marylou is 18. tired. ED SAL SAL (kissing her on cheek) Hiya Marylou. June 7. gas-station cover-aIls. She's in white. natural beauty. hungry. Or eaten in thirty hours. Ed Dunkel. 2005 • 53 CONTINUED: without another word. it's good to see a sane face • • . long and lean. shivering pair. Dean barges into the building rushes up the stairs. good-looking.stumble out of the car. Ed is tall. like Dean's. DEAN'S VOICE Howdy. after the worst drive o:f their lives -. agreeable. a bit bland and passive. ED MARYLOU And we don't have penny one. Plenty of turkey inside.

Marylou. Just so I can rest my soul with her until we both get old. SAL I'd sure like to find a girl to marry. June 7. Sal is always amazed at Dean's sexual appetite and success with women. SAL can't meet a girl without saying to myself: what kind of wife would she make? I DEAN • (CONTINUED) . I'm a father now. man -working the railroads. anyway? DEAN (offended) I bought it on my savings. and Ed. I annulled my marriage to Marylou and hitched up with Camille and now we have Amy. wonderful things about your soul. But it always reminds him of his failures. Empty plates in front of Dean. did I tell you? (confused) What? You and Marylou SAL -.? DEAN Not Marylou ~. OZONE PARK. QUEENS. Dean.camille. Ah. I've been digging you for years about home and marriage and all those fine. and Ed are crammed around the kitchen table. man. SAL So where'd you steal that car. YORK . Hey. Ma. Marylou's the only honeycunt I'll ever truly love.NIGHT PARADISE APARTMENT. NEW54 Sal. KITCHEN. Marylou. 2005 24.ON ~HE RQAD. first draft. (whispers in Sal's ear) But as God's my witness. INT.

as if taking in the whole room in an embrace. LIVING ROOM. man. I'm sweating. I begged her to kill me. NEW YORK . soon as Dean dumps me again for good.NIGHT OZONE PARK. crossing and uncrossing his legs. 55 The big phonograph plays the bop classic "The Hunt" by Dexter Gordon and Wardell Gray. 54 • is asking for Dean leans over and kisses Marylou. I tried for fourteen hours. darlings. QUEENS. first draft. DEAN (laughs) The little so-and-so it! 25. I'm nauseous. June 7. PARADISE APARTMENT. 55 • INT. man. Camille found me like that. Sal.ON THE ROAD. You don't know that feeling. Sal. first thing tomorrow. Dean smokes a cigar.38. sitting. 2005 54 CONTINUED: MARYLOU (baiting Dean) I'll marry you. shaking his head. standing. Dean is hyper-animated: nodding. we must absolutely find time for kicks in New York. rubbing his crotch. old saint Camille. and she couldn't. I stole a . to pull the trigger.LATER . I'm burning up! (MORE) DEAN • (CONTINUED) . Sal drinks whiskey. rubbing his hands. Ed asleep on the floor. expansive. Opens his arms. rnan~ when all you want to do is kill yourself. I do stupid things. What happened to Carlo? He's back from Africa and we all get to Bee Carlo. hitching up his pants. I think in all these distorted ways. bopping to the music. DEAN (cont'd) Oh. I don't know what's wrong with me. gun to my temple. sat in the car.

getting high. SAM. I met this black boy. She does a dance for us. takes off her panties. grabs the boy's ears and forces him down on her. 55 Dean laughs: it starts low and ends high. He sleepily goes to the door. "I love your cock. • Phone call for you downstairs • SAM . like a couple of weeks ago. A KNOCK at the door awakens Sal. 2005 • 55 CONTINUED: DEAN (cont'd) Scared I'm gonna lose all the wisdom I ever learned and then. Jumps on the bed! Does another impossible split! Grabs mine and swallows it. PAFADISE APARTMENT. balding ex-soldier. socks sticking out. twat. appears at the door. I. he's twenty-five. NiIW Sal sleeps on the floor. And three hours later she's a little drunk and the world's greatest show started. June 7. leaves on her dress. hairy. then spreads the black girl's legs. Then I meet the sweetest gone gal. LIVING ROOM. Susie. 56 INT. lifts out his long black beauty. first draft. she stands on her head does splits -. QUEENS. opens it. YORK DAY OZONE PARK. I want your cock!" Then she gets on her knees besides the bed and opens the black boy's pants. I swear she's a virgin. I tremble allover. kisses it. Dean's battered suitcase lies opened on the floor. he's living with his sugar mama. digging great music. right? I take her to the house. the owner of the drug store downstairs. then the black girl grabs me! It's a four-way orgy Sal! Goes on for four hours! 26. jacks him off. only faster. when I see a girl. man.she's moaning the whole time. I get lost. Ed sleeps on the sofa. and I stay with them. like the voice of a radio maniac. kisses her black.ON THB ROAD. early 40's.

GALATEA'S VOICE Hello? It's Galatea. first draft.DAY junky. those people are insane. ~ BULL LEE'S VOICE Christ -. abandoning me like this. We're going to pick her up on the way to California. world-weary aristocratic On the phone we hear the VOICE of a BULL LEE'S VOICE Sal Paradise? It's Bull Lee! Calling you from New Orleans! Bull Lee? S~ How the hell are you? BULL LEE'S VOICE a problem that needs immediate rectifying.now the girl wants to talk to you! Make it fast. and he's simply got to get me out of here as soon as he can because. 2005 27. We have ourselves S~ Galatea and Ed are with Dean and me. I got a girl here who just showed up at my doorstep. ~57 INT. QUEENS.ON THE ROAD. he's sleeping. they're insanel ~ S~ . the telephone cartels don't do this free. NEW YORK . tell him to come get me because I'm running out of money and Mr. 57 Sal in the phone booth. This Galatea Dunkel's looking for some character Ed Dunkel and I don't know who the hell these people are. OZONE PARK. June 7. God help me. Lee and his wife don't seem all that happy to have me around and I should kill Ed for what he did to me. DRUGSTORE. GALATEA'S VOICE Well. Is Ed there? How is he? Ed's fine.

Dean turns the corner and rushes to Carlo. OZONE PARK. I am at the moment one of those people who goes around showing his cock to juvenile delinquents! SAL • DEAN'S VOICE Is that the finest. CARLO MARX APARTMENT. pinches Marylou's ass. looks out the window. Marylou. young ape? CARLO If you want to know my true nature. NEW 58 Ma and Marylou prepare a big BREAKFAST as Sal and Ed read the paper and Dean. Carlo screams with joy.DAY PARADISE APARTMENT. 2005 28. This old jazz-hound digs the world and all the good people in it and the first order of business is to score some tea and find Carlo Marx. YORK . first draft. {CONTINUED) . around the corner. The door opens • CARLO MARX appears at the door. How's my fine. Dean. smartest in the world? 1 fellow Before anyone can respond.DAY 59 • Sal knocks on the door.ON ~HE ROAD. paces. QUEENS. KITCHEN. unable to sit still. my friends 1 There's nothing to talk about anymore -. HALLWAY. June 7. CUT TO: 59 DEAN INT. and Ed hide.the only thing to do is go and go and go. HARLEM . CARLO lights up: he has a (delighted) Sal! My angel-headed Sal! The light has returned to New York! Sal and Carlo embrace. giggling. INT. Upon seeing Sal his gloomy face instantly radiance few men of any age can match.

(We recognize this as the bed Pa Paradise died in). INT. LIVING ROOM. Giggles like a mad freak . CARLO'S APARTMENT. He drops another for Sal. and drinks. Sal sits on a chair. truth I need to • • DEAN Sal's sitting here. wraps his arms and legs around him. Tons of books. Marylou and Ed sit on the floor nearby. Ed. Sal. HARLEM - NIGHT 61 High on benny. A radiant smile of pure male mischief follows. 2005 29. and Marylou follow. facing the bed. • 59 Jumps into Dean's arms. Dean carries the giggling Carlo into the room and sees a BENZEDRINE INHALER on Carlo's little Formica table. 61 INT. CARLO (to Dean) Are you being honest with me in the bottom of your soul? (groans) Why do you have to bring that up again? CARLO DEAN That's the ultimate know. first draft. (to Sal) What do you say? (CONTINUED) . wads it into a ball. HARLEM DAY 60 60 A make-shift ICON on the walls. Drinking intently stoned on weed. ask him. drops it into a cold cup of coffee. BEDROOM.ON rHE ROAD. facing each other. Dean quickly tears into the inhaler's plastic case and pulls out a two-inch roll of PAPER saturated with benny. in their underwear. whiskey. Dean tears off a tiny strip. pellet into the coffee cup and holds it out CARLO'S APARTMENT. 59 CONTINUED: June 7. watching Dean and Carlo. With Carlo still wrapped around him. in the middle of the old bed. . A sparse. Dean and Carlo sit cross-legged. zen-like apartment.

61 That "ultimate truth" is what you can't get. I love the God within you. (to Dean) I don't know if I love God more than I love you. I mean. who holds back slightly. (cont'd) •.ON rHE ROAD. Carlo. Carlo Beems to enjoy this more than Dean. who wants to love a melancholy Jew dragging around the weary load of his queerness all the time? Be honest CARLO • stung by this. Ugh! You/re talking bullshit and Wolfean CARLO SAL absolute romantic crap! Then I don't know what you two are driving at or trying to do! I know it's too much for anybody. Sal and Marylou look at each other • (CONTINUED) . you'll wordsl both go crazy! Carlo and Dean start giggling. June 7. these all-night marathons of talk! Everything you say is negative. CARLO SAL holding each other tight. Carlo and Dean start kissing. 2005 • 61 CONTINUED: 30. CARLO (giving up) SAL • There's nothing to tell! It's just If you keep this up. you don't really care if I live or die. Nobody can get to it. for that. Dean holds Carlo's face in his hands and kissed him passionately.. but its an illusion. We keep on living in hopes of catching it. first draft. But you have a star on your forehead and. I don't know if you're a temptation or an angel. (to Dean) Tell him what we/re trying to do.

61 Marylou gets up. and pulls him into the bed with she. dancing. grabs Sal's hand. ARTISTS. MARYLOU Lets under all the weight and everyone CUT TO: 62 INT. JUNKIES. Dean. Ed. . say. and Carlo. I found them out west. ain't it New Year's Eve? go find ourselves a party! The little bed collapses laughs. An eclectic crowd.. move her to him. short hair. where did you find these absolutely wonderful people! I've never seen anyone like them. passing joints around. an erotic rhythm timed to the relentless BEAT -. open-hearted. • CARLO We are inexistent until we make an absolute decision to close the circle of individual thought and begin to exist in God. __ . Sal pushes his way through the crowd to -SAL TOM • ___----_. Dizzie Gillespie's "Sal Peanuts" on the phonograph. sal.. (2) first draft.. Drinking. 2005 31. then away.his big hands take her hips. brilliant. HIPSTERS. Dean.• 61 CONTINUED: ON THE ROAD. square glasses. With Sal is TOM SAYBROOK. STUDENTS. TOM SAYBROOKS' S APARTMENT. with a HANDSOME ACTORS. Dean walks around like Groucho Marx. Carlo in a heavy conversation YOUNG MAN.until everyone in the room is watching them dance.. LIVING NIGHT ROOM. June 7. MANHATTAN - 62 A wild New Years Eve party in full swing. (to sal) Sal. and Marylou in the middle of the crowd. Dean grabs Marylou -. MUSICIANS.

Marylou. Then she looks at Sal a long moment. Marylou isn't listening to this. I'd be a really good girl for you. leaves the kitchen and goes to the living room. stumbles into the kitchen. We only live once. pours a drink. Lucille. there's loud YELLING coming from the living room -it's Dean and Marylou FIGHTING. it's sad and I don't like it. Sal. Suddenly. SAL Ah. I (CONTINUED) . 22. re Dean and Marylou) I don't like you when you're with them. LUCILLE No. first draft. pretty. Italian. Waiting there. You and me we could live together. off-again girlfriend LUCILLE. sees Sal and pulls him away from Lucille.NIGHT 63 PEOPLE everywhere.ON ~HE ROAD. looking darkly at Sal is his on-again. 2005 32 • • 63 INT. June 7. SAL • MARYLOU think you should come to San Francisco with us. frustrated. a little drunk. LUCILLE (to Sal. She reaches over to the bar. downs it fast. dark. but square and judgemental. We got to have a good time. it's just kicks. (to Marylou) What happened? What's the matter? MARYLOU All he can think about is himself! You know fathead promised Camille he was going back to San Francisco to live with her? SAL They do have a baby together. MANHATTAN . Sal goes to the bar. KITCHEN. TOM SAYBROOK'S APARTMENT. it's all right.

TENEMENT BACKYARD 1 MANHATTAN - LATER- NIGHT 66 Sal. 2005 33. 65 INT. near the door. bed. NIGHT LIVING ROOM. the six-foot redhead Sal mentioned to Terry. drinking. Sal Bees Dean talking to Lucille. Just before stepping through the door. TOM SAYBROOKS NIGHT S APARTMENT. He sweetly kisses Marylou on the forehead. BACKSEAT. first draft. 67 INT. Sal gently resists. CUT TO: EXT. Lucille turns and makes eye contact with Sal. A LIVE BAND plays "slow Boat to China. taking her hands off him. and couch. making her laugh. Then she follows Dean out the door. climb the first escape to the third floor and crawl through the window into another wild PARTY. Lucille and OTHERS rush through this small BACKYARD. 63 CONTINUED: • 64 Marylou kisses Sal and starts to push him into an adjacent room. Dean carries Carlo on his back. MANHATTAN - LATER - 67 Nearly ONE HUNDRED PEOPLE crammed into every inch. Marylou. talking. How's that book of yours coming? DORIE • (CONTINUED) . on every chair. Dean opens the door." Smashed together in a corner are Sal and DORrE. takes his drink and goes to -INT. making out. The entourage comes to the bottom of a FIRE ESCAPE. He whispers something to her. Torn.MINUTES LATER . HUDSON . Carlo hoots like a monkey. MANHATTAN 64 I Across the room. Carlo. 63 June 7. LIVING ROOM. She nods yes. leaves the apartment. TENEMENT APARTMENT.NIGHT 65 Dean and Lucille make out so hot and heavy they steam up the windows of the old car. Ed.ON THE ROAD. Dean.

- (CONTINUED) _ .. Dean is in the b. Sal. More pot. Both are drunk and trying to talk sense. first draft.NIGHT 68 SAL SAL Carrying bottles of booze. CUT TO: 69 INT. carlo. Dean. but you're going to hear about him someday. and Dorie pile into the Hudson.LATER . The one thing that we really want in our lives -. He's the genius and a hundred percent better writer than me. DORIE What's he written? Nothing you'd find in a bookstore. headed for another party. Sal lies on the sofa with Dorie. Lucille. STREET NEAR TENEMENT. Charlie Parker's "Koko" plays.g. LIVING ROOM. More PEOPLE.NIGHT More noise. Ed. EXT.ON THE ROAD. making a flock of YOUNG WOMEN laugh.is the memory of a lost happiness we had in the womb of our mothers -that can only be felt one more time -.the thing that makes us sigh and groan and go through all kinds of nonsense -.and that's in death . MANHATTAN . BASEMENT APARTMENT. Marylou. SAL • • . smoking joint. More booze. June 7. • 67 CONTINUED: 67 You mean that clumsy valentine I'm Nuts 1 Have you met my writing? out there? pal Dean Shirtless.. muscles rippling. 2005 34. Tom. GREENWICH VILIAGE 69 LATER . DORIE a SAL Quite the cowboy.one time -.

2005 35. and fuck CUT TO: INT. Marylou by the hand. in a haze. STAIRWELL. first draft. pulling DEAN INT. Loud music. LATER . in need of sleep. Muffled MUSIC the party heard on the other side of the heavy door.NIGHT GREENWICH VILLAGE ~1 Carlo lights little FIRECRACKERS in an ashtray and says to the room full of PEOPLE passing around an OPIUM PIPE: CARLO You know what I am? I'm the only eccentric dope in a world of mechanical supermen • • (CONTINUED) . • 71 Well. Dorie kisses Sal. me. c'mon! CUT TO: Dean. 69 CONTINUED: DORIE June 7. 69 • 70 (whispers) Fuck death. They make out.LA~ from PARTY-GOERS crowd the narrow stairwell. BEDROOM. Sal.NIGHT GREENWICH VILLAGE . Lucille is an angry drunk. rushes out. my husband isn't a bastard like the likes of youl I can't even get you to go out and find a jobl Maybe you should trying writing about real people for a change 1 Oh and don't ever call yourself a religious writer again you don't know your ass from a hole in the ground about religionl The steel door bursts open. . fuck talking. LUCILLE Sal listens patiently. Ian McArthur's got something cooking at his place. IAN MCARTHUR'S APARTMENT.ON rHg ROAD. BASEMENT APARTMENT.

• 71 CONTINUED: 71 Drunk and stoned. Ma's health.she's poor and she has a daughter. my angel-boy.ON THB ROAD. delighted. June 7. As • DEAN (cont'd) we roll along this way. and that's what you control. sal likes this idea and smiles despite his blues • CUT TO: . if you go like this all the time you'll get it. you see. is the generalization-word for what God exists in. energized. Marylou. man! All I can think about is trouble with my book. MARYLOU What are you breaking? Mozartl DEAN AND SAL Dean and Sal smash the last record in the collection. trouble. Get what? SAL • DEAN It! It! It's everything and nothing and it's all happening right now. first draft. I am positive beyond doubt that everything will be taken care of for us. pure thought. How poor we are. this is the end! You see. 2005 36. Sal and Dean raid Ian's record collection and smash MOZART ALBUMS over their heads. the way Sal stroked his dead father's hair. The thing is not to get hung up! SAL DEAN Dean holds Sal close. Even Lucille -. It's all pure thought. DEAN Man. Strokes Sal's hair. watches. Ah. exhausted.

sweats. every riff -. HARLEM . with each beat.this is their heaven and they're one in the warped music-space around them. every phrase. Shearing rocks back and forth as he plays. INT. feeling it all in their joints and muscles. Blind GEORGE SHEARING.LATER . CARLO'S APARTMENT. chord progression upon chord progression. the party is far from over as Sal and Dean throw Marylou back and forth over the sofa and she SCREAMS with joy. and a genius at the keyboard. Ed. Sal. June 7. BIRDLAND. the boys sweat.MORNING The sun comes up through the windows. Stoned. laugh. he's beefy. white shirt. 2005 37. CUT TO: 74 INT. LIVING ROOM. the great Jazz pianist. blonde. Shearing wears a stiff. first draft. faster and faster. GREENWICH VILIJ!l. jump up and CUT TO: 73 INT. listening to quiet Jazz • (CONTINUED) . giggle. rises.NIGHT 74 • Smoking joints.ON THg ROAD. Sal mimes playing an invisible base. Dean. drinking booze. As Shearing's music rolls over them like the sea. plays standing up. LIVING ROOM. and Carlo Bit in a circle on the floor. NEW YORK - NIGHT 73 Sal and Dean sit at a table near the tiny stage. Dean and Sal make stupid faces. down in a frenzy like wild boys at play. That's it! That's perfection! That's God! Old God Shearing! Yes! Yes! Yes! DEAN Shearing hears Dean's exclamation and smiles.E . IAN MCARTHUR'S APARTMENT. plays for an adoring CROWD. sweating hard. left foot jumping Sal and Dean's faces seem to visibly process every note.

why are you travelling around the country like this and what are your womanly intentions? What is this ill-starred obsession you have with him? Marylou giggles. Marylou Carlo's dishpans. Dean. why did you Camille and pick up Marylou? Dean only giggles. first draft. but it to me the time has come to what you are and what you're to do. why did you abandon your new wife in Tucson and what are you doing here sitting on your big fat ass? Where's your home? Where's your job? Ed hangs his head. CARLO (cont'd) Ed Dunkel. 2005 38. CARLO makes SPAGHETTI He and in one of Now I'm not trying to take your hincty seems decide going leave sweets away from you. silk bathrobe. continues cooking. CARLO (cont'd) Sal -. 74 • 74 CONTINUED~ solemn Carlo wears nothing but an old. You'll all go flying to the west coast and come staggering back in search of your stone .ON rH8 ROAD. June 7. but it's an abstract balloon. bewildered.how come you've fallen on such sloppy days and what have you done with Lucille? Carlo makes mad. Dean jumps to his feet • (CONTINUED) --------~-. seems changed since Dean's arrival -.-- ---- --- . glittering in response. While the men sit and talk. CARLO (cont'd) Marylou -. eyes at Sal who can only giggle • • CARLO (cont'd) The days of wrath are yet to come.a gentle dignity weary skepticism seems to hang over him.

ON TRB ROAD. TIMES SQUARE. first draft.NIGHT Nothing but YOUNG MEN in all varieties of hoodlum clothes. committal JUNKIES. petty THIEVES and Dean Sal drinks gin and tonic. DEAN Then listen good because this comes straight from the heart and no (MORE) (CONTINUED) . 2005 • 74 CONTINUED: (2) DEAN 39. CUT TO: ED 75 INT. right? You know you can ask me anything. Sal nods to Ed in sympathy. is it! CARLO What you (to Dean) And for Chrissakes. Sal and Dean at the bar. sullen GANGSTERS. blushing slightly. nonDETECTIVES. weary. Last night I walked clear to Times Square and just as I got there I suddenly realized I was a ghost I was my own ghost walking down the sidewalks of Time Square. June 7. DEAN I have to ask something of you -I don't very important to me know how you'll take it -. 74 Yes! Yes! That's itl said. from red shirts to zoot suits: GAY BLACKS. undercover FENCES. 75 knife-packing SAILORS. why don't you just sit down and relax? Why do you jump around 80 much? Ed turns to Sal. Carlo. NEW YORK . nurses a beer. SAL • bull . RITZY'S BAR. Dean looks away.we're buddies.

His enormous weight has caused a permanent SAG in the middle of the bed. turns to look at Dean. he pulls back. SAL Ah hell. my darling. CARLO'S BEDROOM. I want you to work her. which Marylou occupies. Dean's hand gently shakes her awake. 75 DEAN (cont'd) I want you to get together with Marylou tonight.ON THE ROAD. But myoId I DEAN MARYLOU SAL man died in this bed! DEAN don't think he's going to mind you having a little fun for a change. Reaches out to stroke his hair. ~ho's all smiles. Marylou turns to face Sal. that's great. June 7. enjoying it. Go on. on either side of Marylou. what do you think? DEAN • (CONTINUED) . Sal said yes. man. Dean watches. HARLEM APARTMENT . 76 76 INT. Takes another drink. Sal -. the water's fine. She sits up. I can't do this. laughing nervously at the absurdity of this. Behind Dean is Sal. He strokes her shoulders. under the covers. first draft. blinking. After another half-hearted kiss. But Sal is far too self-conscious to continue: far too aware of Dean's eyes on him.LATER . Dean strips to his shorts.NIGHT Marylou sleeps in the big brass bed Pa died in. kisses her gently. The boys get into bed. SAL What about Marylou? Come on. (sleepy) Gee. Marylou. sal doesn't answer. you promised. 2005 • 75 CONTINUED: 40. sal reluctantly follows suit.jump in.

Dean gives Sal an honestly hurt and disappointed look . and Dean's back with camille.Dean turns around. Sal looks like he could slug or kiss him. KITCHEN. You need to go back to her. Marylou. • 77 Dean taps with Dean MARYLOU Honey. June 7. smokes a cigarette. HARLEM . and stop acting so base. SAL (cont'd) I'm sorry. Dean. 76 • She embraces him and tries to pull him on top of her.though I don't know how I'm going to wait that long. buddy. slamming the door. I told him I wouldn't do it with anyone else • think we should wait until San Francisco. 2005 41. 76 CONTINUED: MARYLOU I think it's swell. Why don't you go wait in the kitchen? Dean grumbles to himself as he gets out of bed and leaves the bedroom. only inches apart. DEAN We all have to goddamn SAL re~ax. Dean throws up his hands. SAL • (CONTINUED) .MOMENTS LATER . I SAL MARYLOU you're right -. CARLO'S APARTMENT. I guess INT. first draft. but Sal can't do it. Sal is more relaxed. is eye-to-eye Sal. now that Dean's gone. I can't make it like this.ON THE ROAD.77 NIGHT stares out the window. Sal's hand Dean on the shoulder -. he just wants to see what it's like with me and another guy.

Oh! These Harlem doldrums are killing me! Carlo kicks aside some of the debris as he goes into his bedroom. NEW YORK . 78 78 79 INT. Sal. The living room is a mess: jam on the floor.DAY 80 Sal in the phone booth. Benzedrine inhalers. 77 77 I have feelings too. Ian. CUT TO: 80 INT. June 7. hiding in her room and she won't talk to Joan or me. The door opens. then hears Marylou and Dean climax. NIGHT HARLEM . Marylou's dresses. CARLO'S APARTMENT. Dean pushes past him toward the bedroom. Carlo crawls into bed with Dean and Marylou. CARLO'S APARTMENT. LIVING ROOM. BEDROOM. Dean in the sag in the middle. Marylou. Soon Carlo has his head on one of Dean's shoulders. listens to Dean and Marylou making love in the next room. the days of wrath are yet to come. Have you got this character Ed Dunkel with you? (HORE) say. Carlo comes in after a long night of work. what do you boys expect me to BULL LEE'S VOICE (CONTINUED) . OZONE PARK. Carlo.79 stripped down to his shorts.NIGHT Sal lies awake on the couch. HARLEM . Dorie.MOMENTS LATER . QUEENS. pants. INT. Sal listens to: • keep doing with this Galatea Dunkel? She's been here two weeks now. DRUGSTORE. cigarette butts.• ON THE ROAD. CARLO Yes. Dean. beer bottles. 2005 CONTINUED: DEAN 42. and Tom wait outside. open books. first draft. Marylou on the other. dirty dishes. Ed. He looks at the sad state of his apartment. yes. at Salon the couch.

QUEENS.but all I'm trying to do. She slams the receiver. driving. Bull. IN FRONT OF PARADISE APARTMENT. 82 DEAN DEAN Hurt.reflects moonlight on a crisp. OZONE PARK. the owner. I received your postcard. in his leather jacket. DRUGSTORE. shut up! I never want you back. you know there are certainties our minds can grasp and some it can't -CAMILLE'S VOICE Oh.NIGHT 81 It's late and dark. From Denver. Don't you dare corne back here -. climbs in the back • (CONTINUED) . Marylou who? Now. sweetcakes.ON PRE ROAD. and Marylou. talking to Camille. • 80 CONTINUED: BULL LEE'S VOICE (cont'd) For Chrissakes bring him down and get rid of her! This ain't no hotel! S~ We'll be there in a few days. is just tell you I miss you.parked in front of Sal's modest. cold January night. in the phone booth. up. ~ The Hudson -. OZONE PARK. Ed. in all sincerity in my soul. Sam. Dean hangs YORK .ever. QUEENS. and will be right back in those ar.NIGHT EXT. NEW YORK . like a little boy. June 7. Do you think I'm an idiot? I know Denver means Marylou. han'. come on. 2005 43. CUT TO: 80 81 INT.ms -CAMILLE'S VOICE Look. He waits for Dean. -. • Excited about the trip. is tired and wants to close up for the night. nondescript apartment building -. Sal kisses Ma good-bye and climbs into the front seat of the Hudson along with Dean. first draft.

really.h. Every time he pumps a dollar of gas. 2005 • 82 CONTINUED: DEAN'S VOICE Now. NEAR BALTIMORE. As quiet as possible. No other people are around. NEW JERSEY TURNPIKE . 82 Dean revs up the motor. will you. (MORE) (CONTINUED) . just before the bell rings. Radio loud. A very unsure. Sal. doing this until the tank is full. deserted Turnpike. turns on the radio. honey. he runs the meter back to zero. 83 EXT. and pulls away as Ha waves good-bye from the stoop. Marylou steers. you know that I'm hotrock capable of everything at the same time. Dean and Marylou • DEAN (to Marylou) Now listen. HUDSON. on the straight. Radio loud. merely by miles and inclinations. Dean. SOUTHERN NEW JERSEY .p. make out in the front seat.NIGHT 85 Sal drives. 85 INT.NIGHT 83 The Hudson does 70 m.AN HOUR LATER . nervous driver. Dean pounds the dashboard so hard he starts to put a dent in it. dammit. look here all of you. DEAN'S VOICE What we did in New York? Let's forgive. 44. That's behind us. We're riding our slow boat to China down to New Orleans to dig Old Bull Lee and ain't that going to be kicks and listen. in a Engine off. June 7. to this old tenorman blow his top 1 • 84 EXT. They stop at the gas pump. and Ed push the Hudson silently to the GAS PUMP. we must all admit that everything is fine and there's no need in the world to worry.NIGHT 84 Through the gas station windows we can see an ATTENDANT chair fast asleep. Dean starts fueling up. MARYLAND .ON THE ROAD. GAS STATION. first draft. We all had our spats.

and what thoughts he shall think. It decrees what information he shall receive. Meanwhile.DAY 87 The Hudson is stopped at the shoulder. D. first draft. 2005 85 45. He'll never completely have Marylou as long as Dean is still around. and for twelve hours at a stretch. are their reward. and. CONTINUED: • 86 DEAN (cont'd) So in San Francisco. I know just the place for you and I'll have just a cut-hair less than every two days. r'll go right on living at Camille's like nothin'. punishment without trial. Sal.C. Marylou. The Hudson pulls into the highway . Communism subjects the individual to arrest without lawful cause. man. INT. a look of disappointment on his face. darling. see. what are these people up tOt EXT. He and Marylou make split-second eye contact. DEAN NORTH OF RICHMOND.C. June 7. 85 Sal glances over at Dean and Marylou. you know what we can do in twelve hours. what art he shall produce.MORNING 86 Dean drives slowly through the crowded streets of washington D. . That false philosophy is communism. HUDSON." Man. and forced labor as chattel of the state. • .LATER . she won't know. what leaders he shall follow. VIRGINIA . Then Sal concentrates on the road. we must go on living together. The radio broadcasts HARRY TRUMAN'S inaugural address: • 87 HARRY TRUMAN'S VOICE " poverty and tyranny. WASHINGTON. Ed gets out of the backseat and climbs into the driver's seat as Dean gets into the backseat to sleep with Marylou. and Ed are silently riveted to the display of World War II MILITARY VEHICLES lining the street.ON THE ROAD. HIGHWAY.

2005 46. SOUTH OF RICHMOND. BACKSEAT. If there's one thing in the world Dean is truly terrified of. driver's seat. COP 2 VIRGINIA Who's car is this? It's my car. lights flashing. June 7. pulls out a bag of marijuana. the 1 Virginia Cop his licence.DAY 90 EXT. siren wailing. • 2 VIRGINIA COP (to Dean and Marylou) Why don't you two step out of the car? (CONTINUED) . HUDSON.THAT MOMENT . EXT. HIGHWAY. TWO tough-looking.LATER . VIRGINIA . it's the police. HUDSON . first draft. VIRGINIA . thrusts it at Marylou. red-neck VIRGINIA COPS approach Ed in the 1 VIRGINIA COP (to Ed) You guys think you can rush through here as fast as you want just because you're from California? anything. Now! DEAN Marylou 90 takes the bag of pot and shoves it down her pants.DAY 89 Dean looks out the window at the Police Car pursuing them. DEAN The 2 Virginia Cop stares at Dean. The 2 Virginia cop can smell jail all over Dean.ON THE ROAD. Stick it down your underpants. HIGHWAY SOUTH OF RICHMOND.DAY 88 The Hudson is being pursued by a VIRGINIA STATE HIGHWAY PATROL car. Ed hands ED I didn't see a speed sign or sir. Marylou looks like she's fifteen. He reaches into his pocket. Dean's so tense he looks like he could snap. 89 INT.

She's my ex-wife. 2 VIRGINIA COP What the hell are you doing with your ex-wife if you're going back to your wife? DEAN It's not important. Marylou reaches certificate. Dean and Marylou walk back to the Hudson. Marylou. 1 VIRGINIA (to Marylou) How old are you? Eighteen. 90 Dean and Marylou look at each other. Sal. 2005 • 90 CONTINUED: 47. DEAN 2 VIRGINIA COP She just told me she's your wife. The two Cops walk Dean and Marylou away from the Hudson. Dean. COP MARYLOU 2 VIRGINIA COP with? Who's this guy you're My husband.pulls out her wedding 1 VIRGINIA COP (to Dean) Who are you going to see in California? .ON TH8 ROAD. and Ed watch the Cops talk between themselves . apprehensive. They get out of the car. (CONTINUED) . June 7. It's just enough for you to know that I'm on my way back 2 VIRGINIA COP You telling me what's important? DEAN • The two Cops confer. The Cops walk back to the Hudson. first draft. trapped . MARYLOU into her pants -. My wife.

I'll take you in myself. 90 It's going to be twenty-five dollars for speeding. The number hits the group of travellers But we only have forty dollars get to California 2 VIRGINIA COP Makes no difference to me. I was the one speeding. Dean turns red with anger. 1 VIRGINIA COP • What charge? DEAN 2 VIRGINIA COP Never mind that what charge. • (CONTINUED) . Hands it to the Cop. Here's one situation he can't charm or manipulate his way out of. It's twenty-five dollars. you hear that? 1 VIRGINIA COP Another speeding ticket in Virginia and you lose your car. wise guy. to Dean) If you let your partner go to jail for you.ON THE ROAD. right now. 2005 • 90 CONTINUED: {2J 1 VIRGINIA COP 48. to Or what? Or we take you in right now and slap a special charge on you. Reaches into his pocket to pullout twenty-five dollars. Don't (afraid Dean is going to lose his temper) Look. DEAN DEAN (to Dean) like an atomic bomb. Ed? ED 2 VIRGINIA COP (angry. boy. June 7. Dean. Yeah? DEAN You'd do that. I'll go back with them and do the time if I have to. worry about that. first draft.

Neal. Dean seethes with anger. PAWN SHOP I COLUMBUS. around Dean's shoulder. ROCK HILL. the Cops pocket the money. man. CUT TO: 91 EXT. and Ed push the silent Hudson to the unattended gas pump as Marylou steers. get out of here. SOUTH CAROLINA .•• he can feel the tension drain from his body. 2005 • 90 CONTINUED: (3 ) 49. Worried. Doesn't move. CUT TO: • . that boyish smile returns. 2 VIRGINIA COP (laughs. first draft. June 7. We're going to open this country like an oyster. GAS STATION. GEORGIA . tal Virginia Cop) C'mon.icks. lets Laughing. letting himself sink into Sal's sincere. 90 I 1 VIRGINIA COP (cont'd) thought you said you had forty. CUT TO: INT.ON raE ROAD.DAY 92 Ed pawns his leather jacket for gas money. that's enough. Lets get what we can get and screw the rest of it. get in their car and drive away. Sal. They'll out and shoot you if you complain. Time for k. too. Sal's never seen Dean so fragile and scared. compassionate eyes . Those fucking guys have it so easy. and see inside • Dean looks at Sal a long moment. Sal gets out of the car.NIGHT 91 SAL DEAN He puts an arm • 92 Dean.

first draft. with a girl named Milly Mayfair in back of Rod's garage on Grant Street. MARYLOU Poor tragic Dean. if I'd only known you then! Wow 1 How sweet you must've been at nine. Ed and Sal in back. Everyone SMOKES cigarettes. Radio plays JAZZ.ON THE ROAD. we were all in a hobo jungle. CUT TO: 94 EXT. Oh honey Marylou. Ed stuffs his pockets with packs of cigarettes. I didn't see my father for months. I DEAN Dean reaches over and rubs Marylou's crotch.I was eleven years old. ALABAMA . putting her head on Dean's lap. GAS STATION OFFICE.DAY Dean drives. GEORGIA . INT. I started at nine. HUDSON.DAY sign. tell you it's true. HIGHWAY WEST OF COLUMBUS. Marylou lies down. kisses his bulge • She • (CONTINUED) . June 7. She smiles serenely at him. 95 94 The Hudson rockets past the "Welcome to Louisiana" 95 INT. lost my father at the siding. OUTSIDE NEW ORLEANS . DEAN (cont'd) One time I road a freight from New Mexico clear to LA -. MOBILE. 2005 50. Marylou in front. but there's a dangerous little edge to that look in her eye.DAY 93 In an unattended gas station. When I got to LA I was so starved for milk I got a job in a dairy and the first thing I did I drank two quarts of heavy cream and puked.

love. 96 EXT. LOUISIANA Dean. with its sagging wrap-around PORCH. Artaud.ON ~Hg RQAD. The Hudson stops. . BULL'S HOUSE. Dodie opens the door.EVENING 96 An overgrown swampy road takes the Hudson to Old Bull Lee's dilapidated heap of a house. faded oriental rug. Marylou. stone fireplace with empty tubes of Benzedrine in rows on the mantel. DOOlE LEE. Yeats. ALGIERS. Bull? and Ed behind The sound of little feet. Genet . appears at the door. FRONT PORCH. filthy matted hair. Without 98 INT.EVENINm LIVING ROOM. Sal. • (CONTINUED) . LOUISIANA . 2005 • 95 CONTINUED: RADIO VOICE you're listening to the Chicken Jazz'n Gumbo Hour direct from New Orleans where our motto is. Dean. BULL'S HOUSE. car and approach the house. ALGIERS. BULL'S HOUSE. bare foot. LOUSIANA . naked from the waste up. Marquis de Sade. Her left arm is black and blue: self-inflicted BITE MARKS. run-down charm: louvered shutters. Kafka. I love. A room with wacky.EVENENG Sal knocks on the screen door. Spengler. Cocteau. ALGIERS. Books everywhere: Celine. Marylou. June 7. don't worry 'bout nothing! Dean sees several PRETTY YOUNG WOMEN walking DEAN Oh man. first draft. 95 down the street. rough-hewn furniture. and Ed get out of the 97 EXT. look at her! And dig herl Oh. lush vegetation and grass a high as the rickety fence around the property. a word. love women! 51. 8-years-old. Rimbaud. a huge DEAD TREE out front. Blake. him. Her big eyes look up at the strangers with no reaction. Proust.

Jane tries to sweep the THOUSANDS living in the grotesque dead tree. Benzedrine. an old black necktie as a tourniquet. a drug addict's junk smile at his visitors. Dean. With his free arm. Bull injects MORPHINE into the ar. FRONT PORCH.. Sal looks out Jane leaves the house through the front door. with sharp sunken blue eyes. Bull's wife. first draft. loose trousers and a homburg hat. June 7. brilliant drug addict. straight hair tied back with wisps hanging. (CONTINUED) . BULL'S HOUSE. Ray is asleep. OLD BULL LEE Have you boys read Westbrook Pegler? Here's a man who knows the rancid pulse of the liberal organizing class. calmly walks into the room from the adjacent KITCHEN. aristocratic and criminal. thin sandy hair.m holding Ray. once beautiful.ON THE ROAD. 99 • EXT. We're here with Ed Dunkel. LOUISIANA . JANE LEE.NIGH~9 OF LIZARDS Under the moonlight. Hey Jane. stranqe. Jane. the unions and all the corruption •. 2005 52. and naked about her. She stops in front of the cluster of visitors. JANE SAL High on Excuse me. Marylou. She walks with a limp. He sits with his naked one-year-old son RAYon his chest. Where's Galatea? How's Old Bull doing? It's all right. a withered. Her face is gaunt. ALGIERS. shoeless. something childlike. stony. has a heart-shaped face. 98 • 99 CONTINUED: Sal. and Ed stand in the room with Dodie looking with worry at OLD BULL LEE sitting in his special chair in a dark corner of the living room. holding a broom. she's braless. wearing a vest. red. Old Bull Lee is 35 going on 95. the door to see what she's doing. deeply damaged. 29. On Bull's lap is an opened copy of the MAYAN CODICES. the boy's blonde head on Bull's shoulder.

Ed's wife. wants to tag along. pale. scared. passes his hand through his hair. smart woman. 2005 53. first draft. GALATEA Get out of my sight. It I do love you too. marry the bitch!" I. GALATEA (to Sal) You know what these bastards did to me? Dean leaves his wife and baby. Hello. Covers him with a blanket. and seething with anger and indignation. a plump. penniless. BULL'S HOUSE. Marylou picks up little Ray and sets him gently on the Bofa. Without ED looking at anyone else. babe -- ED • (CONTINUED) .ON THE ROAD. because he wants to visit his little friend Sal Paradise and Ed.NIGH~OO Out of the bedroom comes GALATEA DUNKEL. and Dean says. Dean leaves. only they have no money so Ed asks me for the money and I say I'm not giving him any unless we're married. stupid ass. LOUSIANA . Sal is caught between Ed and Galatea. 100 LIVING ROOM. you're an animal~ DEAN (couldn't care less) I think I'll go out and help the missue sweep the tree. being a sheep. June 7. ALGIERS. 23. Ed looks at her. sick of crying. "Hey Ed. Galatea barks at Dean. • 99 CONTINUED: GALATEA'S VOICE Is that you? 99 Ed? INT.

Sal is looking at something. smoking marijuana the whole way. then goes for the bedroom. • CUT TO: . first draft. SAL AND MARYLOU'S P.V. little Dadie sits on a large red Revere Ware cooking pot. in the adjacent kitchen. . • 101 (to Marylou) Where are you going? Can I watch you screw? Ed's too tired to dignify MARYLOU ED the bedroom.O. He goes into closing the door in Marylou's face. anything for you! GALATEA You've got a lot of work ahead of you. they dump me in Tucson! In Tucson! ED Honey. I'm 90 sorry. Marylou goes to Sal to look. and won't even stop to let me use the ladies room and when I say something about it.ON THB ROAD. Ed sighs. that with a response. Ed! A lot of work! Galatea turns away so Ed can't see her cry and runs into the bedroom. She's pulled down her pants and is TAKING A PEE in the pot. chaos and 101 On the floor. Behind the door we quickly hear Ed and Galatea Marylou laughs and turns back to Sal. lOG Shut up. So he marries me for the money and we get in the car and Dean drives like Satan. baby. June 7. Marylou giggles and follows Ed. FIGHTING. 2005 • 100 CONTINUED: GALATEA 54.BOLL'S KITCHEN The kitchen is in the same state of charming helplessness as the rest of the house. disgusted. I'm so -I'll do anything.

first draft. throw KNIVES at a HOME-MADE target. SAL But Dean gives everyone a damn good time just being himself. EXT. If you go to California with this madman you'll never make it. Marylou plays with the children.ON rHB RaAD. OLD BULL LEE Dean does not feel responsibility toward others. Bull has a REVOLVER in his shoulder holster. you know. Sal and Old Bull Lee in the grassy front yard. What I see in him is compulsive psychosis dashed with a jigger of psychopathic irresponsibility and violence. He does not know the concept. LOUSIANA . And I'm not lending him moneyl Ha! Bullis eye! CUT TO: • . Then of course he feels that others are under some mysterious obligation to support him. ALGIERS. FRONT YARD. so he's a holy man nowl religious figure! Gawd! SAL SAL A He's got the secret we're bursting to find and its splitting his head open.g.MORNla~2.totally beat -and that's. 2005 55. June 7.. the root of "beatific." OLD BULL LEE Oh. In the b. OLD BULL LEE He gives illusions! Tricks! • And Dean's beat -. BULL'S HOUSE. OLD BULL LEE Bullshit.

LOUSIANA . first draft. INT. old Bull Lee shoots the tin cans one by one. SHRIEKING CATS together with string and bathe them in the bathtub. In the distance. LIVING ROOM. rifle in hand. he presses a button on it and a SWORD jumps out of the cane. CUT TO: 105 INT. Marylou shampoos Dodie's filthy hair. BULL'S HOUSE. CUT TO: 104 INT. In the b. ALGIERS. LOUSIANA . Jane opens up two Benzedrine inhalers and swallows two benny strips. • CUT TO: .approving the advice. ALGIERS. Jane and Galatea furiously scrub the kitchen floor with Lysol and steel brushes. Sal and Dean put TIN CANS on the fence posts. June 7. BULL'S HOUSE. Honey. At the sink. BULL'S HOUSE. KITCHEN.g. ALGIERS. you have to blow him.DAY 105 On their hands and knees. JANE Marylou 106 EXT. ALGIERS. Ed and Galatea can be heard FIGHTING in the bedroom. 2005 56.DAY 103 Utter bedlam as Old Bull Lee attempts to tie THIRTEEN SCREAMING.DAY106 FRONT PORCH. laughs -. Dean examines an old CANE. BULL'S HOUSE. simple.DAY 104 As Dodie and Ray run around the house screaming (Ray is naked). GALATEA (to Jane) I just don't know how to make Ed happy. LOUISIANA Old Bull Lee sits on a rocking chair on his porch. LOUISIANA .ON THB RoaD. BATHROOM. nodding "yes!" .

Old Bull Lee. Dean. A decrepid little SHACK.NIGHT 107 Sal and Marylou lie side-by-side on the levee. and Sal stare at the branch-covered mystic outhouse. I could listen to them all day.. LOUSIANA .g. hot.BULL'S HOUSE.ON rHB ROAD. ALGIERS. your dreams. the lowest criminals and junkies. They stare at the lovely night sky. the beautiful old RIVER in the b. It's not a pretty OLD BULL LEE {cont'd) You've got to try it with mel It puts some juice in your bones! (MORE) ~ (CONTINUED) . No more wars or suffering. and write about it.DAY 108 Humid. We'll love one another. ~l07 EXT. something will come of all the beat-down Americans searching for love. MARYLOU I think lOB INT. June 7. Captures the vibratory atmospheric atoms of the life-principle. all of us. Folks get cancer because they run out of orgone. Sal. we love them like the holy saints they are. S~ (in his own world) All I want to do is see God's face. BANKS OF MISSISSIPPI . over-run with vegetation and bugs. Yeah. Old Bull Lee strips off his clothes. BACKYARD. OLD BULL LEE (proud) My orgone accumulator. first draft. sight. (enthralled with him) Oh. love Him. gorgeous stars in the sky. S~ all America's going to get high and be a sweeter country. 2005 57.

(CONTINUED) . ALGIERS. ALGIERS. ALGIERS.ON THB ROAD. He takes it. these two love each other. har-hor-hort 58. first draft.• in Jane comes in and hands Old Bull Lee a martini. FRONT PORCH. On the floor listening to him like the guru he is are Sal. trying not to betray her shock. BULL'S HOUSE. smoking and drinking.. Both on the porch. LOUSIANA . as Jane uses the Revere Ware pot Dodie peed in to cook dinner. and Chinese smoked opium in their evening windows and the country was wild and brawling and free.actually wearing clothes. Marylou pours herself a stiff drink and swallows benny. Dean. Ray runs by -.NIGR~l • Marylou is high and drunk. Sal strikes a movie pose. you look lovely and fetching tonight. BULL'S HOUSE. Now this nation is dead in its soul: it eats death and it shits its death allover the world.EVENING 110 Marylou looks on. 108 CUT TO: INT. In Southern accents: SAL Why Miss LOU. KITCHEN. June 7.DAY 109 109 old Bull Lee in his special chair. and Marylou. CUT TO: 110 INT. Despite the many dysfunctions in the house. kisses Jane sweetly.. OLD BULL LEE (cont'd) . BULL'S HOUSE. So is Sal. Ed and Galatea can be heard happily HAVING SEX in the bedroom. LOUSIANA . LOUISIANA . Mayan Codices on his lap. CUT TO: III EXT. LIVING ROOM. In 1910 you could get morphine OLD BULL LEE the drug store without a prescription •. 2005 • 108 CONTINUED: OLD BULL LEE (cont'd) I always rush up and take off ninety miles and head for the nearest whorehouse. Blinds drawn.

June 7.MORN~ old Bull Lee in the special chair. Old Bull Lee. OLD BULL LEE'S VOICE . Dean. Jane. CUT TO: • . Right now we could predict. and Dodie (drastically cleaned up) in a semi-circle around him on the floor.. Marylou. Blinds drawn. Galatea. Ray. ALGIERS. Galatea. When a man dies he undergoes a mutation in his brain that we know nothing about but which will be very clear someday if scientists get on the ball. thank you crawford. what is going to happen in the next hundred years and be able •. I do appreciate the nice things you do say. Ed. Jane. • 113 EXT. Sal. Old Bull wears a long Chesterfield coat that makes him look like a nutty undertaker. if we only had enough mental will.. The bastards right now are only interested in seeing if they can blow up the world. CUT TO: INT. Dodie. to take steps to avoid all kinds of catastrophes.. 2005 59. Ed. ALGIERS. and Marylou in the Hudson. FRONT YARD. The Hudson pulls away from the fantastic house.ON THB ROAD. BULL'S HOUSE. LOUSIANA . 112 LIVING ROOM. and Ray wave good-bye from the porch. first draft. whatever it is. LOUSIANA . BULL'S HOUSE.DAY 113 Dean. sal. OLD BULL LEE Mankind will some day realize that we are actually in contact with the dead and with the other world. 111 • 111 CONTINUED: MARYLOU Why.

. TEXAS . I don't know what I'm doing. stealing loaves of bread CUT TO: 116 INT. CUT TO: 115 INT.DAY 115 Sal is in a small. (CONTINUED) . (uncomfortable) Darnmit.ON THE ROAD.. MARYLOU SAL When are you going back to Denver? I don't know. SAL 'till don't care. rockier: the sun-shining flatness of the American West. he's nice. TEXAS . The Hudson screams down the highway at 80 m. unattended and chunks of cheese.DAY 114 The geography has changed from the sultry. Eating bread and cheese. Sal sits next to Marylou.DAY 116 • . WEST OF TUCSON. Or. first draft. HUDSON.. Dean lies stretched out on the backseat. . but he's been away. can't you wait we're in Frisco? I . HIGHWAY. steering with her left hand and running her right hand up and down Sal's thigh .. EXT. to something drier. GROCERY STORY. Dean's going to leave me anyway. (off Sal's surprised look) He's a sailor. snoring loud."". SONORA. can I go back east with you? MARYLOU • SAL We'll have to get some money in Frisco . verdant swampworld of Old Bull's sequestered paradise. Lou. 2005 60. ARIZONA .p.h. store. Maybe I should go back to my fiance. OUTSIDE SAN ANTONIO. June 7. Marylou drives.

V. the Elderly Couple gape at him and take pictures • (CONTINUED) . S~ What are you sad about. Sal and Marylou run back into the Hudson. laughing. Oh damn. Marylou next to him. June 7. in the middle. Dean stays outside. Gee. An ELDERLY COUPLE inside. Sal. 116 MARYLOU I know where you can lunchcart behind the I'll be a waitress. 119 ON THE REARVIEW MIRROR 119 The truck can be seen nearly swerving clear off the highway.ON ~HE ROAD. Dean strikes a statuesque pose and remains absolutely still.DAY 120 Still naked.THE HIGHWAY 11B A big TRUCK approaches them on the opposite LANE. and Marylou climb out of the oven-hot car to stretch their legs and check out the old Indian stones and ruins. first draft. where we can stay on I'm sad. CUT TO: 117 INT. Sounds of a CAR APPROACHING. kid? MARYLOU Everything. • A CAR pulls up. slamming the door. has her hands on both their thighs. lIB FROM THEIR P. PECOS CANYON. As the car crawls slowly past the naked Dean.LATER . I wish Dean wasn't so crazy now. The three are completely NAKED. .DAY 117 It's sweltering hot. 2005 • 116 CONTINUED: 61. Then Sal. Dean. PECOS CANYON. TEXAS . Marylou. Dean drives. get a job in a counter and I know a hotel credit. 120 EXT. HUDSON. As calm as can be she moves her hand towards each man's genitals. The threesome dance and cavort stupidly among the tumbleweeds and sagebrush. TEXAS . The disbelieving TRUCKER catches sight of naked Marylou fondling the naked men.O.

How much money you got. The Hudson slows and passes him. DEAN (to Sal) Aint' he sweet? (to Alfred) Come on in. kid? Nothin' . thumb up.ON THE ROAD. thin. HIGHWAY OUTSIDE EL PASO. 122 EXT. pale. TEXAS . HUDSON. OUTSIDE EL PASO. Then stope. we'll take you out. June 7. first draft.LATER . grinds into reverse. ALFRED DEAN Where you going? ALFRED Been going from Alabama to Oregon. with a WITHERED HAND. fella. 2005 • 120 CONTINUED: ELDERLY MAN Isn't that amazing? What a magnificent EXT. and stops at his side. making notes in his little notebook. 123 INT.EVENING Sal in an overcoat covering his nakedness waits outside the Hudson. TEXAS . 62. a 17-year-old hitchhiker. turn to look at Alfred. TEXAS . • What were you up to in Alabama? (CONTINUED) .NIGHT 122 ALFRED.NIGHT sal and Marylou SAL DEAN 123 From the frontseat. 120 ELDERLY WOMAN statue 1 121 121 PECOS CANYON. as Dean and Marylou have loud sex in the backseat of the bouncing car. Happily Alfred climbs into the backseat. stands at the side of the road.

125 An OKIE HITCHHIKER leans against the driver's tells Dean his story. COT TO: PAWN SHOP. gain' home. ARIZONA . 63.ON THE ROAD. Pass. HIGHWAY OUTSIDE TUCSON. CALIFORNIA . You see. nodding his head. OK IE HITCHHIKER Hot damn. red mountainsides. we'll take you as far as Frisco. Sal smiles as he looks at the amazing view out the window: ~n the • Cool purple air. He said he'd had a job for me in a lumber mill.NIGHT 124 DEAN Sal pawns his POCKET WATCH for gas money. emerald pastures valley below. BENSON. I was headed for Arizona to play with Johnny Mackaw's Sagebrush Boys. 123 I went to visit my uncle.MORNING 126 The Hudson grinds slowly up the MOUNTAINS of the Tehachapi And finally makes it to the top.NIGHT side window.gui-tar and cowboy dudes. Job fell through so I'm comin' back home. The OLD PAWNBROKER examines the nice watch. yes. I know. how much you want? CUT TO: 126 INT. HUDSON. June 7. 2005 123 CONTINUED: ALFRED • 124 INT. You boys drive me back to Bakersfield and I'll get some money. I'm a moo-sician. CUT TO: 125 EXT. TEHACHAPI PASS. first draft. ARIZONA . I left Bakersfield with the travel-bureau car and left my gui-tar in the trunk of another one and they never showed up -. yes. transmuting clouds of gold • (CONTINUED) . Gain' horne.

inches from other cars.MORNING taking every 127 127 The Hudson careens wildy down the mountain. hairpin turn and passing CARS. regret. sal. different FARM WORKERS -. TEHACHAPI PASS. STREET IN DELANO. gazing out sadly as they past the COTTON FIELDS he and Terry once worked together.DAY 128 The Hudson waits in front of an AUTO REPAIR SHOP. and the Okie Hitchhiker hold on for their lives. Alfred. down and down as Sal. Sal at the window.runs along the side of the road waving at Sal.Sal's eyes wide with regret and sadness. EXT. June 7. CALIFORNIA . HUDSON. 126 • 126 CONTINUED: DEAN Listen to hear. CALIFORNIA .ON ~HE RaAD. Dean is having the ride of his life. They pass the MIGRANT FARM CAMP -. He goes to the car and counts out THREE DOLLARS in Dean's outstretched hand.same vehicles. CUT TO: • . Sal's face seems stabbed by sadness. Alfred in back. and guilt. CUT TO: 129 EXT. A little MEXICAN BOY OF SIX -. brothers and sisters -. CALIFORNIA .hold on to your girdles. getting faster and faster. The Okie Hitchhiker comes out of the Auto Repair. Marylou. STREET IN SELMA. same tired tents. Marylou in the ~ddle. Dean leans FAR TO THE LEFT every time the car curves to the left and FAR TO THE RIGHT every t~e it swerves right. CUT TO: 128 EXT. a few feet from the perilous cliffside. 2005 64. Dean. Marylou in front.could it be Johnny? -. Dean cuts off the gas and throws in the clutch. first draft.DAY 129 Dean driving.LATER . money in hand.

That's • MARYLOU it. HUDSON. 0' FARRELL DEAN Right on STREET. CALIFORNIA . O'Farrell. first draft. MARYLOU What hotel? DEAN Don't you know a hotel? I MARYLOU know the Blackstone. Dean gets out of the car and goes to embrace Marylou. 2005 65.ON THE ROAD. as the Hudson pulls into traffic CUT TO: INT. June 7. we have no money -- (CONTINUED) . You and Sal. CALIFORNIA . first thing. • 132 sal and Marylou look at each other. buy a paper for the want ads and workplans. DEAN Now Marylou. her mystic hills. That's perfect. you're just going to dump us here? SAL Dean. darling. the blue Pacific. EXT. and an advancing wall of fog in the distance. EXT.NIGHT 132 Sal and Marylou and their meager suitcases on the sidewalk. concerned .DAY 130 and Alfred waves good-bye speeds away. HIGHWAY OUTSIDE MADERA. OAKLAND. you and Sal go immediately to a hotel and wait for me to contact you in the morning as Boon as I have definite arrangements made with Camille. SAN FRANCISCO .EVENING 131 131 The fabulous white city of San Francisco.

2005 66. they are deflated. talks with a gray- HOTEL CLERK All right. clueless. what you can't believe MARYLOU SAL doing it to you. SAN FRANCISCO . • .ON ~HE ROAD. I can't believe he's doing this. Sal and Marylou stand at the sidewalk feeling utterly helpless and alone. MARYLOU Yeah. 133 INT. Marylou is livid. Without Dean's energy around them. Marylou picks up her suitcase and walks down O'Farrell. old. June 7. Sal picks up his and slouches after her. fleabag hotel. without a glance he quickly the Hudson. MARYLOU (cont'd) You see what a bastard he is? Dean will leave you in the cold any time it suits him. NO. 132 • 132 CONTINUED: Dean says nothing. Marylou faced HOTEL CLERK. SAL is he's welcome to the Where are we going to stay? we eat? How do Without a word. LOBBY. better hurry up. make it to camille's by dinner so she can feed your lazy ass! goes back to The Hudson pulls away. by the end of the week. club.NIGHT 133 A crumbling. MARYLOU By the end of the week you will have your money and who knows what else? The lecherous Hotel Clerk smiles and hands Marylou a key . flirting outrageously. first draft. BLACKSTONE HOTEL.

MARYLOU • Come on. Sal looks at the tiny room.NIGHT 134 Marylou throws her ratty suitcase on the bed. which she plugs in. opens it. She bends the hanger and puts it over the iron. I stole There's no kitchen. SAN FRANCISCO . June 7. • 134 INT. She opens the closet and pulls out a METAL COAT HANGER. SAL (CONTINUED) . the only food they've had in days.ON THE ROAD. it. Is there an iron? it. ROOM. SAN FRANCISCO . BLACKSTONE HOTEL. Sal and Marylou lie in bed. MARYLOU ( cont 'd) (to astonished Sal) You live with Dean. Fully dressed. starving Sal can't believe his eyes. ROOM. Jane gave it to me. MARYLOU Okay. he's got everything. BLACKSTONE HOTEL. Marylou opens the can puts it on the hanger. Sal opens cupboards MARYLOU SAL and finds and old iron.NIGHT 135 The empty can of pork and beans on the floor. Dean wouldn't be jealous of any guy. you learn a few tricks to survive. first draft. rummages inside and pulls out a CAN of pork and beans and a can opener. I don't know if you knowhow jealous Dean is of you. which is getting hot. MARYLOU Marylou looks at Great. 135 INT. (cont d) I Marylou takes the iron and puts it upsidedown in a TRASH CAN. 2005 67 .

they pull each other's clothes off and are soon making love. (MORE) (CONTINUED) . June 7.•• Come on. (not listening) Where is he? Why doesn't he care about us? Sal starts to cry. first draft. MARYLOU It's not that way at all. the sailor. passionately kissing her -. Sal -. to my fiance. MARYLOU Why are you always holding back? Sal responds. No more road for me. Sees a note on the pillow. SAL sits up. Marylou kisses him. my sweet lover. 136 INT. ROOM.for you. MARYLOU'S VOICE Reads it. scans the room. BLACKSTONE HOTEL. hungrily.MORNING 136 Sal wakes up to find himself alone. You're a very beautiful man in every single SAL SAL SAL way. 135 • 135 CONTINUED: MARYLOU He doesn't have your knowledge or how you can sit still for hours and write.ON THE ROAD. SAN FRANCISCO . And with girls . Thanks for an amazing night. Going back to Denver. Marylou? No answer. We HEAR: • Darling Sal. he's -MARYLOU He knows girls like you a lot and that's what makes him jealous. with girls. Girls like you. Looks in his eyes. 2005 6B. the ones he gives away. The only girls I get are the ones he doesn't want.


first draft, June 7, 2005




MARYLOU'S VOICE (cont'd) Kick Dean in the ass if you ever see him again. Good luck with your book. I love you, Marylou.

sal folds the letter neatly. EXT. O'FARRELL STREET, SAN FRANCISCO - DAY


Sal wanders, aimless, disenchanted along the dark, narrow, trash-covered streets, slouching along, scanning the pavement for cigarette butts. He picks them up one by one. He peers into restaurant windows and trash cans for anything edible.


Sal empties his pockets and takes out two DOZEN CIGARETTE BUTTS. He carefully opens them one-by-one and puts the tobacco into his old pipe. 139 EXT. MISSION DISTRICT, SAN FRANCISCO - DAYS LATER - NIGHn39

Alone and hungrier than ever, Sal walks the Latino streets of the Mission District, RANCHERA MUSIC plays from apartments, cars; KIDS on stoops play guitar; OLD MEN argue about cars, women, and politics. A group of YOUNG MEXICAN WOMEN walks toward sal. ONE MEXICAN GIRL sees Sal, her eyes light up, she runs to him. Joe! MEXICAN Hey Joe! GIRL sal,

The Mexican Girl reaches Sal and realizes he's not Joe. happy for any human contact, smiles at her. MEXICAN GIRL (cont'd) I'm really sorry, mister, I thought you were Joe. I could be Joe. Joe?


You want me to be

Embarrassed, blushing, the Mexican Girl leaves Sal to rejoin her chatty friends, who proceed, laughing and glancing back at Sal, down the street .


ON ~BE ROAD, first draft, June 7, 2005

139 .


CONTINUED: SAL (cont'd) (to the Girls) Do you know a girl named Terry, from Selma, California? (beat, quiet) I don't know her last name.

The Girls are gone. Sal's words hang in the air like a vague echo. Sal pushes on, strolling the violet dark street on this unbearably sweet night.



Sal walks down the lonely street. Softly, familiar MUSIC plays. It's George Shearing. An ironic smile comes to Sal's face. He approaches the night club door. Listens. Can hear a familiar VOICE shouting "Gol Go!" 141




Sal lingers around the edge of the crowd. George shearing stage, playing his heart out. Sal scans the room for a familiar face . .Sure enough, in the middle of the crowd, is Dean, his arm around a TALL BLONDE, digging the music, oblivious to the hurt, sad eyes of Sal Paradise. Sal smirks, disgusted with Dean's hedonism and immaturity turns to leave the night club.
142 EXT.






Sal walks over the tracks toward the EMPLOYMENT OFFICE of the railroad line. Talks to a couple of RAILROAD EMPLOYEES.
143 EXT.





Sal and ANOTHER WORKER stand on an old BOXCAR which they have to move down the rail by hand with a huge jack-gadget that makes it move a few inches with each backbreaking pull.

ON raE ROAD, first draft, June 7, 2005






CARD: "Will you give me yourself? Will you travel with me? Shall we stick by each other as long as we live?" -- Walt
CARD: Six months









A small,


two-level, crooked, Hill. It's 2 a.m.

rickety wooden cottage

Sal knocks on the door. Canvas bag at his side. He looks like hell, tired, dirty, hungry, lonely. A little notebook in his shirt pocket. The door opens. Dean stands there in the nude. Sal laughs. My God, Dean, what if I was someone else? Sal! I didn't think you'd actually do it: you finally came to me. Yep. Everything fell apart in me. How are things with you? How's Camille? DEAN Not so good, not so good. But we've got a million things to talk about. Sal, the time has fi-nally come for us to talk and get with it. Sal enters.


A small room, a view of the Bay, doors open to a grassy courtyard with laundry hanging on wash-lines. Sal looks around, taking mental notes.


• (CONTINUED) . and are coming to know things . twenty-five percent German. lights it. each of us. hanging on the wall. enormous dangle and Dean goes to a chair and puts on an ornate. of Dean. I hear he's out there looking for my throat with evil malice and a revolver. and one hundred percent wonderful. seven percent Scotch. The hell with her! She was nothing but a whore! (laughs as pot kicks in) Hey. we're growing older. is twentynine inches long.ON THE ROAD. first draft. sell my book. you know I'm going to be a father again? And Amy. 2005 72. He pulls out a joint. Ready for some eyeball kicks. Sal. little by little. ha. my terrific beautiful daughter can now stand alone for thirty seconds. I figured out she's thirty-one-and-one-fourth percent English. it's DEAN Marylou? SAL DEAN That dumb little box married that sailor. SAL How's the Slow Boat to China? BO beat -. Need to get back to New York. Ah man.I couldn't make the payments. embroidered Chinese smoking jacket that barely covers his ass and penis. DEAN We know life. You? SAL Ready to move on. twenty-aeven-andone-half percent Irish. 146 • 146 CONTINUED: Sal smiles at the nude PORTRAIT all. left it on Market street for all the vultures. passes it to Sal. June 7. eight-and threefourths percent Dutch. she weighs twenty-two pounds.


~HB ROAD, first draft, June 7, 2005



(2 )

73. 146



What you tell me about your life, I understand well, I've always dug your feelings and now in fact you're ready to hook up with a real great girl if you can only rind her and make her mind your soul as I have tried so hard with these damn women of mine. Shit! Shitl shit! Yes! Yes


(laughs) I am so glad to see you, my fine gone wonderful Sal.



Sitting up in bed -- listening to Sal and Dean downstairs laughing and talking -- is Camille. camille seems like ahe's aged a decade since we saw her last. Normally polite, well-educated, and graceful, life with Dean has stressed her nearly beyond endurance. The stress builds as the laughter downstairs gets more frantic, mixed with giggles and shouts of "Yes!" terrible look of dread and forboding comes over Camille. As she rubs her belly, we notice she's three months PREGNANT. She starts to sob.







Sal and Dean hear Camille Bobbing upstairs. sal, all-too conscious of the disturbance he's creating in Dean's life by showing up like this, looks at Dean concerned. What's the matter with her?


ON THB ROAD, first draft, June 7, 2005




She's getting worse and worse, man, she cries and makes tantrums, won't let me out alone to hear bop, gets mad every time I'm late from work, then when I stay home she won't talk to me and says I'm an utter beast. Dean is unable to stand the sound of a woman crying. rushee upstairs. He








Dean rushes to the bed.



at the sight of him.

Just relax a little and leave it to Daddy here.

150 INT.

CAMILLE You're a liar, you're a liar, you're a liar!

(nervous) So -- are we straight in the deepest and most wonderful depths of our souls, dear darling? Little AMY in the next room starts to CRY. Dean tries to comfort Camille, who pushes him away as she goes into the next room to pick up the crying baby. Camille continues to cry. Unable to deal with this, Dean starts to put on his clothes.

Dean, dressed,

rushes down the stairs.

You see? It goes from worse to worse around here. Heeby-jeebies! Let's go out and find same kicks.

Before Sal and answer,

Dean rune back upstairs .


first draft, June 7# 2005








Camille holds baby AMY# trying to rock her to sleep, trying to control her own intense crying. Dean comes in.

to some music -(lamely) you want to come?

Hey, we're going to go out, listen


CAMILLE Who's going to stay home and watch Amy? Are you crazy? DEAN All right, then, we'll

just go.

Don't try to make yourself feel good by asking me along! If you and your sweet, gone Sal want to be alone, then gal
152 INT.






- NIGH'D.52

A sawdust saloon with a little bandstand where a BLACK JAZZ COMBO plays for an almost all-BLACK AUDIENCE. Dean and Sal, the only white faces. several BLACK MEN in Saturday-night suits whoop it up in front of the stage. BLACK WOMEN, some dressed to the nines, some in bathrobes, drink and laugh. Everyone is rocking and roaring. Dean rubs his chest, his belly, sweats fiercely, as the DRUMMER kick his drums down the cellar, rolls the beat upstairs with murderous sticks. The PIANIST pounds the keys with spread-eagle fingers, chords, at intervals as the TENORMAN draws breath for another blast. The Tenorman wears a tattered suede jacket, purple shirt, cracked shoes, zoot pants. The Tenorman jumps down from the platform and stands in the crowd, blowing around, hat over his eyes.

He hauls back, stamps his foot, blows down a hoarse blast, draws breath, raises the horn, blows high, wide, screaming in the air.


Hi Camille. sweats. DEAN'S COTTAGE. crazy note -. Camille comes down the stairs.MORNINGS3 Empty living room. She hasn't slept all night. Still a little drunk and high. . Like two foolish school boys in love with life. angel •.just get Now. a hell-hath-no-fury look on her tragic face. Congratulations on another baby. re-living.the Tenorman blows his top. his face lowered The horn lets out a long. CAMILLE SAL smile. Sal and Dean. It's good to see you. nearly blushing with guilt. man! 153 INT. her eyes puffy. there's a cat who can really bend his girll Dean goes directly in front of the Tenorman.right into Dean's ear. scheming. claps. June 7. haunted. laughing. joking. stumble in. first draft. arm-in-arm.ON ~HE ROAD. and re-enacting the jazz performance. Are you hoping for a boy or a girl? Camille gives Sal a brief don't-try-to-con-me Get out! out. Just go -. LIVING ROOM. and sore from crying. sound of keys. 152 • 152 CONTINUED: DEAN (to Sal) Man. quivering. crouches down and holds a high C for an eternity -. (MORE) DEAN CAMILLE • (CONTINUED) .• You said you would take care of us you were done fooling around. Dean looks like he's just had sex with the Tenorman's DEAN (cont'd) (to Sal) There ain't nothing left after that. to the bell of the horn. 2005 76. SAN FRANCISCO horn. Sal looks at her.

cardboard suitcase with designs on it to make it look like leather. work day after day -.MORNING 154 Camille sobbing in bed. 153 Enraged Camille runs up the stairs. And you're so stupid about it.and a sea-bag on the floor. Amy screams upstairs. Dean gathers his clothes. CAMILLE Dean DEAN As Camille cries. unable to speak. belongings and takes them downstairs. comes in.just be your housekeeper? Your convenient screw? camille runs back up. 154 INT. In a moment. CAMILLE (cont'd) He's all you want and that life is all you care about! What do you think I'm made of? You expect me to sit here night after night.a beat. She throws Dean's suitcase -.I'm going.the man who means more to you than I ever will -. books. tied together with rope -. BEDROOM. dear -. All you think about is what's hanging between your legs and how much money or fun you can get out of people and then you just throw them aside. SAN FRANCISCO . upstairs. Amy wailing in the next room. just looks at her. first draft. Camille screams at his back -- • I never want you backl want to see you again! CAMILLE I never . Dean runs DEAN'S COTTAGE. she's back down. It never sinks in that life is serious and there are people trying to make something out of it instead of just goofing around! All right. 2005 • 153 CONTINUED: CAMILLE (cont'd) But I know the look on your face. June 7.and get out of my house! 77.ON ~Hg ROAD. Dean how bored you are and sick of work and me and the baby and I just want you to take your precious friend -.

toward the nearest CABLE CAR. . camille jumps out of bed and goes to the window.ON rEB ROAD.MORNING 156 Camille lies in bed. didn't you? DEAN Let's walk to New York! And as we do. Then -. SAN FRANCISCO . • I have eighty-three dollars and if you'll corne with me. wild. SAN FRANCISCO . first draft. Dean and Sal hurry away from the cottage. BEDROOM. June 7. cottage. let's go to New York. SAL (CONTINUED) . STREET. DEAN'S COTTAGE.THE STREET BELOW Sal and Deans.unshaven.O.and hives on his neck he keeps scratching.DAY 159 Beautiful sunny weather. And the goofiest grin on his face. INT. let's take stock of everything along the way -. unable to believe what she sees. Sal gathers hie belongings.yaas. 157 creep away from the ISS BACK TO CAMILLE 158 Who watches them leave. 157 CAMILLE'S P. 2005 78. SAL sal takes money out of his pocket. Suddenly her ALARM CLOCK goes off -. You finally drove that poor girl crazy.MORNING55 Dean quickly stuffs his crap in the sea-bag and suitcase. bloodshot eyes -. bags over their shoulders. Sal. RUSSIAN HILL. DEAN'S COTTAGE. DEAN Now really. Amy cries.it's time to go to work. Dean looks like hell -. 159 EXT. crying. busby hair.the sound of the front DOOR CLOSING. lets dig everything ae we go along. counts it.V. SAN FRANCISCO . LIVING ROOM. 156 INT.

dust. He might be in county jail. excitement. And this time we.• DEAN (shy. I've got the money. (MORE) (CONTINUED) . TRAVEL BUREAU. he looks like John Waters. 2005 79. a funny look of triumph: finally here's someone he doesn't have to con. blue sky. CHILDREN play. someone who is being generous to him. WORKERS hurry horne.. 161 DEAN 160 a Several INT. so devilishly. Dean gets more excited as they go. .DAY 161 Dean and Sal confer with a TALL THIN SALESMAN glasses. Sal and Dean approach a small office on the corner. first draft. or haunting Larimer Street. SAN FRANCISCO . but he's to be found! 160 EXT. shall we go then? SAL (pleased) Buddies forever right? 'till we die. unasked. • 159 CONTINUED: 159 Dean looks at sal. PARRED CARS in the adjacent lot. Dean weighs his options: return to camille and the kids or hit the open road with his soul-mate Sal . June 7.absolutely have to find my old man.ON rHZ ROAD. Sal blushes.DAY A street bursting with life: a great riot of CONSTRUCTION WORK. into Sal's eyes. SAL (cont'd) What's the matter? Just come to New York with me. (60's) in dark • TALL THIN SALESMAN We're taking the Plymouth to Kansas. Dean stares so deeply. TRAVEL BUREAU. Dean and Sal start up the road toward the cable cars. MISSION STREET. MISSION STREET. I think we need to stop off in Denver on the way. SAN FRANCISCO . sweet voice) well.

The Tall Thin Salesman drives. first draft. young married couple. uh. force themselves to solemnly nod yes instead. He's filling empty space with the substance of our lives.front seat is a NEWLYWED COUPLE. June 7. there are two other passengers. I've never seen a guy who could hold so long. Are we all copacetic on that score.ahem! Here's a guy.DAY STREET. MISSION FRANCISCO . 162 but EXT. In the. rehashes of old blowing. sheltered. PLYMOUTH. distracting themselves with conversation. (MORE) (CONTINUED) .he held it once he found it. PARKING LOT. that tenorman last night had IT -. wholesome. CALIFORNIA . BERKLEY. Sal and Dean are losing their minds. SAN 162 Sal and Dean get into the backseat. Now. he gets it: and time stops. remembrance of ideas. young. But what is "it" Dean? DEAN SAL know he had it? DEAN How do you Ah well -. man. DEAN (whispers) You ever saw a more faggy car in your life? • 163 INT. We share the gas expenses equally among the four of us. 2005 • 161 CONTINUED: TALL THIN SALESMAN (cont'd) Along with yourselves. Dean leans over to Sal. and uh. gentlemen? 80.ON ~H8 ROAD.DAY 163 The Tall Thin Salesman drives excruciatingly slow and careful and plays bland BIG BAND MUSIC on the radio.now you're • asking me impon-de-rables -. 161 Sal and Dean want to laugh out loud at this character. pulls out of the parking lot into Mission Street. TRAVEL BUREAU.

I made a great. after two weeks of incredible hardship my old man and the burn started to argue about the division of the proceeds and had a big fight on the side of the road while I huddled and cried in the background and myoid man was arrested and I had to plea at court to the judge to let him go 'cause he was my pa and I had no mother. Sal drinks in every word. DEAN • (CONTINUED) .making the whole car sway. The Tall. And how we made them. And man. PLYMOUTH. June 7. OUTS IDE SACRAMENTO. first draft. The Newlywed Couple in the front seat turn to look at Dean as if he were an incoherent madman. Dean gets so excite~ as he talks. occasionally makes notes in his little NOTEBOOK. mature speech at the age of eight in front of interested lawyers . soul-exploration. He has to blow across bridges and DEAN (cont' d) 81.ON THB ROAD. now listen. for the tune of the moment and everybody knows it's not the tune that counts. he bounces up and down and rocks back and forth -. 163 164 INT. Sal. Sal nods like he understands. 2005 • 163 CONTINUED: come back and do it with such infinite feeling. but IT. CALIFORNIA . we bought pieces of ordinary regular old screen and pieces of wire that we twisted double and little pieces of blue and red cloth to sew around the edges and all of it for a matter of cents and made thousands of fly swatters and got in the old bum's jalopy and went clear around Nebraska to every farmhouse and sold them for a nickel apiece. Thin Salesman and the Newlywed Couple can barely stand the barrage. Then there was the time my father and I and a piss poor burn from Larimer street took a trip to Nebraska in the middle of the depression to sell fly swatters.DAY 164 Dean hasn't stopped talking.

HOTEL ROOM. Annoying the passengers up front who they are completely indifferent to. They have worries. bed. • TALL THIN SALESMAN (CONTINUED) . But they need to worry and betray time with vengeance. Thin Salesman offers Dean and Sal a drink. Then subtly smiles. their souls really won't be at peace unless they can latch on to an established and proven worry and having once found it they assume facial expressions to fit and go with it. 164 For God's sakes. SACRAMENTO.ON rHZ RaAD. they're thinking about where to sleep tonight. A double The Tall. you see. I'm very glad that you have accepted my invitation to a few drinks after that perilous journey. A door to the bathroom. how much money for gas. June 7. false urgencies. the Newlywed Man wipes his brow. 2005 • 164 CONTINUED: TALL THIN SALESMAN 82. Now you just dig them in front.maybe we shouldn't get gas in that station. CALIFORNIA - EVENING 165 A cheap little hotel room. (louder. pure unhappiness. imitating the Newlywed couple) I don't know -. Dean and Sal look at each other: and buret out laughing. they'll get there anyway. Dean puts his arm around Sal's neck .and all the time. purely anxious and whiny. you're rocking the boat back there.and pulls him close so he can whisper in hie ear. I read recently in "National Petroffious Petroleum NewsH that this kind of gas has a great deal of o-octane gook in it and someone once told me it even had semi-official high frequency cock in it! The Newlywed Woman gasps. and Tall. you see. DEAN 165 INT. first draft. Thin Salesman smirks. the weather -. which is. they're counting the miles.

What a world. Thin Salesman notice that Sal doesn't close the bathroom door. Thin Salesman. CALIFORNIA Sal sits on the john while he watches and listens to the scene in the other room through the partly-opened door. You probably don't believe it. alone with Dean. 2005 83.ON ~~ ROAD. gets 167 • TALL THIN SALESMAN What do you think of what I'm telling you? . HOTEL ROOM.EVEN~ BATHROOM.O. smiles. . closer. fellas. well. well. SACRAMENTO.V. And was that enjoyable 166 INT. June 7. 167 SAL'S P. DEAN (winks at Sal) Do tell. I need to hit the john. TALL THIN SALESMAN (uncomfortable) Listen. I really don't like girls and I recently concluded a fine affair with a man from San Francisco. first draft.HOTEL ROOM The Tall. I like young men like TALL THIN SALESMAN you. Neither Dean nor the Tall. TALL THIN SALESMAN (little more relaxed) We agreed that during our affair I would assume the male role and he the female. Yes. but I. DEAN SM to you? . • 165 CONTINUED: DEAN 165 No problem. huh? (smiles) Indeed. Sal goes to the bathroom. truth is.

yes. afraid of him • . puts the money back in the wallet.• Never leave a customer I say .~. as long as the money's right. Thin salesman money. there'll be some • The Tall. I sometimes had to survive the streets of Denver selling my ass at a good price to men like you. 168 Dean is unfazed Thin Salesman's advances. uh •. TALL THIN SALESMAN . counts his money. (vague) Maybe in Denver. I'm ready to turn in. You and your friend should probably go. Thin Salesman nervously takes out his wallet. appreciate TALL THIN SALESMAN I can. certainly. • The past is never the past. DEAN I. HOTEL ROOM. uh. eyes) I've been driving all day. I do what I do. 2005 84. June 7. (rubbing his temple. TALL DEAN unsatisfied. that's quite a colorful past. SACRAMENTO. Tell you the straight deal.• I can •. is taken aback by the mention of DEAN Yes. The Tall.ON THE ROAD. well. INT. CALIFORNIA . first draft.EVENING by the Tall. Smiles coldly at Dean. Is that it? THIN SALESMAN DEAN TALL THIN SALESMAN money.

BATHROOM. 'cause he couldn't see. HOTEL ROOM. HOTEL ROOM. DEAN (cont'd) -. 171 INT.• it would take Bull infinite time to spot it. turned on by the sight of Dean's violent intercourse with the Tall. Dean?" "Truck.NIGH1l70 Sal watches. There's a big TRUCK approaching them in the distance. CALIFORNIA . fascinated. The Tall. truck!" And at the vezy last moment he would go right up to the truck like this -Deal hurls the Plymouth direction -head on at the truck roaring in his truck And I'd say. mimicking Bull. June 7. man. NEVADA . COLD SPRINGS. Thin Salesman and the Newlywed Couple in back. Dean rubs his eyes. "Whoops. PLYMOUTH. SACRAMENTO. Thin Salesman. Bull. INT. Sal in front. Thin Salesman. first draft. look out. bathroom door is still partly open. Dean and Sal finally happy. 2005 85. a truck. DEAN Whenever a huge big truck like that one coming along into sight ••• Sal looks out the windshield.DAY 171 Dean drives. alarmed.the Plymouth hovers in front of the fast-approaching for what seems like an eternity the TRUCKER'S terrified face goes grey SCREAM • the Couple in the backseat (CONTINUED) . he can't see. "Eh? What's that you say.ON THB ROAD. DEAN (cont'd) •.NIGHT 169 The Dean has rough sex with the Tall. 170 INT." and he'd say. CALIFORNIA . SACRAMENTO. repulsed.

DENVER - DAYS LATER - DAY 172 Dean and Sal and their bags are deposited in Denver as the Plymouth and its grateful-to-be-alive occupants pulls away. away from the disaster 86. 2005 • 171 CONTINUED: __ Dean swings the Plymouth last moment. Dig this trick. fright. He's not crazy and don't worry about his driving. resumes peeing.ON ~H8 RaAD. moves to the next urinal. how bad he was. sal turns to look at the Newlywed SAL NEWLYWED MAN pale with couple. I just can't stand it. he's the best in the world. 171 at the DEAN (cont'd) (calm as ever) Like that. BATHROOM. hold each other for dear life. Sal and Dean laugh. exactly like that. DENVER DAY 173 flushes. 173 INT. first draft. (to Tall. Thin Man) We can't let him drive anymore. RESTAURANT. The Couple in the backseat. mouths NEWLYWED WOMAN Dean laughs." CUT TO: 172 EXT. SAL • Sal stops peeing. they must've let him out of an asylum. 27TH STREET AND FEDERAL. June 7. Dean goes to wash his hands • {CONTINUED) . Sal Dean and Sal at the urinals. he's absolutely crazy. still peeing. mockingly "I can't stand it. Dean finishes. you see.

173 old? SAL I'm not much older than wasn't DEAN saying that. And I don't want to hear any more of it. man! SAL Ahr you're always making cracks about my age. (CONTINUED) . He gets up. SAL RESTAURANT. Dean's eyes grow tearful. Who's you! I 87. Sal and Dean in the booth. wiping his eyes. Sal snaps at him. Sal has finished Dean stares at his food. (hint of jealousy) 1'm no old fag like that fag you banged in Sacramento. 175 Dean stands at the entrance. first draft. but awful on your kidneys and because you're getting a little older now every time you do this eventually years of misery in your old age. RESTAURANT. June 7. Dean just stares forlornly at the food. it's a very good trick. awful kidney miseries for the days when you sit in parks. Eyes red . regretting his stupid outburst. 176 INT. BOOTH. DENVER - DAY looking off in the distance. BOOTH. The WAITRESS sets down two hot roast beef sandwiches.DAY 174 174 INT.ON ~HZ ROAD. 175 EXT. DENVER - DAY 176 • Dean sits back down with Sal. DENVER . you don't have to warn me about my kidneys. man. RESTAURANT. leaves the booth and walks out of the restaurant. his sandwich. Sal stares sadly at Dean's uneaten food. 2005 • 173 CONTINUED: DEAN Yes.

I bet you were so mad you had to leave. (beat) Well. I hold things in my hands like pieces of crap and don't know where to put it down. hell. The ice thawing between them. Stuffs his mouth.I don't know what to do with these things. I was SAL Ah. SAL (cont'd) You're just a holy goof. knotting up your fists? cursing me. Dean eats ravenously. you never cry. Ah. Dean starts to eat. I'm sorry.ON ~HE RQAD. DEAN Believe me. Dean. now you know me. really do believe me if you've ever believed anything about me. man. Sal laughs. wrong. You know I don't have close relationships with anybody any more -. June 7. Burps lustily. You say that? don't cry? DEAN Why do you think I Go on. 176 So what were you doing out there. SAL SAL CUT TO: • . thinking up new gags about my kidneys? DEAN (quiet) You're all completely crying. Sal. his heart breaking. first draft. 2005 • 176 CONTINUED: SAL 88. Sal looks at Dean's sorrowful face.

talking to the bedraggled HOMELESS MEN. JIGG'S BUFFET. deadly reality.DAY 178 Through the big windoW's on the street. CUT TO: 178 EXT. OLD BARTENDER sorry. The HILLBILLY MUSIC is driving him crazy . SAL Is that him? Dean is face to face. INT.DAY 179 1 • 180 . DENVER . No one seems to have any. He hasn't found his father. Talking with an OLD BARTENDER.. scabs on his nose. DEAN (truly spooked) Let's get out of here. some kicks. we see Dean and Sal talking to the BARBERS.ON THE ROAD.Sal and Dean trawl the sad. I ain't seen your old man in I can't tell you honest how many years. (CONTINUED) . son. they suddenly catch sight of an OLD TRAMP who looks like Dean . BARBER SHOP. searching for Dean's father. June 7. who shakes his head.DAY 177 Dean and sal in a seedy. broken hobo world of Larimer Street. COWBOY MUSIC on a jukebox. As Sal and Dean turn a corner. HILLBILLY ROADHOUSE. dark little bar. of the hobo Lets find DENVER . blood in his hair. 2005 89. looking for leads. The Old Tramp has spit on his chin. though drunk. is extremely agitated. Dean. DENVER . not with the romanticism life.NIGHT 180 • sal and Dean down beers at the bar. LARIMER STREET DENVER . first draft. but with its ugly. man. INT.LATER . Their bags at their sides. urine stains in his pants. CUT TO: 179 EXT.

•• Hey Saaaaaaaal!l Sal. Dean honks. Dean laughs and jumps into the car and peels out of there. 183 EXT. HILLBILLY . full of dread and concern. Gets out of the car. lurks. DENVER .THAT MOMENT DEAN 182 INT. Suddenly two DENVER POLICE CARS pull up to the driveway. Sal remains safely inside. HILLBILLY ROADHOUSE. first draft. ELDERLY POLICEMAN Someone's been stealing cars left and right here! Anyone see or know anything. DEAN I'll be right back. Sal. .? Dean is approach COUPE. gets it out the door. in the crowd. pointing the stolen car. DENVER . in the bar. orders another drink. June 7.NIGa~l Into the driveway comes a new silver PACKARD SEDAN. DENVER . Sal looks out the window and sees Dean one of the cars in the DRIVEWAY -. HILLBILLY ROADHOUSE.NIGHT 182 frantically sal.HALF HOUR LATER . Several BAR PATRONS go outside to see that all the excitement's about.ON THE RQ4D. screeching to a dust-cloud stop in front of the roadhouse. 181 EXT. S~ Where are you -. looks out the window and sees Dean jumping up and down. we will oBsifer! The POLICEMEN get into their cars and drive away.NIGHT Dean 183 The Bar Patrons crowd around the ELDERLY POLICEMAN. 2005 90. calls at the top of his lungs. • 180 CONTINUED: 180 stay here. call ust • DEAN Ah yass. ah yass. my blood brother and consummate paradise! ROADHOUSE. half-hidden.an old green FORD He watches helpless as Dean hot wires the car and STARTED. On fire to prove something.

I'm going out and get a real good car this time and we'll have a big drive in the mountains. Dean's face is red.p. He honks. blank. Come on. 186 EXT. a BLACK ROADSTER and peels off into the criminal night. who glares angrily at Dean. SAL (spits) I'm not having anything stolen cars.h. waking up Sal. HILLBILLY ROADHOUSE.hell's bells. Dean runs out.MOMENTS LATER . dazed. 2005 91. man. DENVER . DEAN to do with Dean looks at Sal. sits by the roadhouse DOOR. disgusted. lets go riding. 187 EXT.HOUR LATER . 185 THROUGH THE ROADHOUSE WINDOWS -. DEAN in.ON ~HB RQAD.NIGHT 186 Sal. HILLBILLY ROADHOUSE. sweaty.THE DRIVEWAY Dean starts up YET ANOTHER CAR. this is the greatest night of my life.MORNING187 Dean pulls into the now EMPTY driveway in a dented WHITE FORD COUPE. looks truly scared -DEAN Trouble. Dean swaggers finishes it in one swallow. unbelievably not hung-over. and watches Dean drive up in the TAN CHEVY CONVERTIBLE. DENVER . man. disillusioned. No place to go. takes Sal's beer and Oh.HOURS LATER . DENVER .NIGHT184 sal at the bar. m'poyl This lovely little car I'm sitting in? I checked the glove compartments -. evil. INT. 185 Sal doesn't even watch. their bags at his side. revs the car and tears out of there at 90 m. it's a detective's carl • (CONTINUED) . first draft. Dean. June 7. HILLBILLY ROADHOUSE. no money in his pocket Sal curses Dean under his breath and lies down to go to sleep.

CAR passes them by. Sal stops.DAY Sal and Dean examine a black 1947 CADILLAC LIMOUSINE a sleek. 35. • (CONTINUED) . the travel bureau boss. All you need do is show me some identification and you take off for the windy city with these boys. 189 PARKING LOT TRAVEL BUREAU. We're going to wind up in jail SAL We? 1 DEAN __ if we don't get out of here this very instant. NARROW COUNTRY ROAD. and gathers up their bags. DEAN Every precinct in Denver knows my fingerprints from the year I stole five hundred cars. elongated body. 187 his face in his hands. • 187 CONTINUED: Sal groans. white walls. DENVER . DENVER . I Sal breathes again. God. looks at the approaching car. and two male JESUIT STUDENTS. helps Sal to his feet. bullet proof windows -with BROADWAY SAM.ON THE ROAD. 2005 92.MORNING 188 Dean and Sal carry their pathetic bags and walk quickly along this isolated little road. first draft. June 7. son! • 188 EXT. no ••• SAL Dean jumps out of the car. BROADWAY SAM (to Sal and Dean) The owner's been driving up with his family from Mexico and the guy got tired so he put them all on a train to Chicago. The 189 EXT. covering Oh. A CAR appears in the road behind them. positive it's a police car and his life is going to change in horrible new ways. a lanky Denverite. suitcases at their feet.

Dean fanatically Sal gets nervous. Sal. and we're offl EXT. DEAN (unworried) Well. He's pushing 110 m. HIGHWAY. first draft. Broadway Sam is satisfied. CADILLAC. DEAN (CONTINUED) . HIGHWAY. 189 Sal. you know me . 2005 • 189 CONTINUED: A POLICE CAR cruises past the lot as sal and Dean show Broadway Sam their licenses. INT. man. SAL You better slow down or we'll slide.ON ~HB ROAD. and the two Jesuit Students pile eagerly into the car. He glances at the speedometer.p.NIGHT 192 It's raining.DAY 190 Dean drives as fast as the car will go. Suddenly the speedometer falls back to zero. 190 EXT. I'll just ball that jack to Chicago and tell by time . the greatest smile of relief you've ever seen on a man's face. Dean. Dean takes off his T-shirt. June 7. 93. BROADWAY SAM (cont'd) Just get 'er there in one solid piece. The Police Car disappears. • 191 192 DEAN (cont'd) Everything's jumping. HIGHWAY.h. drives bare-chested. pushes the Cadillac over 100. • Don't worry. Dean drives the Cadillac away. EAST OF DENVER - DAY 191 car after The Cadillac speeds up the straight highway passing car after car as if they were standing still. EAST COLORADO . no speedometer. I won't know how fast I'm going. EAST OF DENVER .

he's my brother.NIGHT taillights night .LATER . 1ST JESUIT STUDENT Is he your brother? 2ND JESUIT STUDENT He's a devil with a car. I told you. leaves the car. CADILLAC. HIGHWAY.NIGHT 195 A FARMER hooks chains to the front end of the Cadillac. isn't he? He's mad. The huge car skids along the highway. S~ Dammit. and yes. first draft. much too fast. 94. flat 196 The Cadillac's colorado . EXT. EAST COLORADO . 192 You're really going Dean The highway ahead of Dean suddenly curves to the left. and the Jesuit students are shaken. June 7. HIGHWAY. HIGHWAY. EXT. man?! Dean says nothing. tries to take the turn too fast. 2005 • 192 CONTINUED: S~ Not this time. EAST COLORADO . • • 196 HIGHWAY. EAST COLORADO . Wind. disappear into the broad. what the hell is wrong in your goddamn brain. Sal. Silence. Dean. 194 INT. Dean.NIGHT 194 sal. Dean. 193 193 Nothing but flat prairie all around. Sal looks out the window and can see Dean walk toward the LIGHTS of a distant FARMHOUSE. and ends up with its back end in the muddy ditch on the side of the road and its front end in the highway.LATER . and the Jesuit Students watch the Farmer get into his TRACTOR and pull the Cadillac out of the mud. you dumb Bon-of-a-bitch.NIGHT Rain. wobbling hugely. The Cadillac's whole fender is crushed. 195 S~ INT. EAST COLORADO .ON ~H8 ROAD.

The Jesuit Students are terrified.. SAL BRIDGE. Dean cranes his neck impatiently to see around the Car ahead. June 7. OUTSIDE DES MOINES. going the other direction. He pushes the Cadillac right up to the BUMPER of the car in front of him. IOWA . scrapes the guard rail..p.DAY 197 LESTER YOUNG plays on the radio. 2005 95. IOWA . Dean can't go as fast as he wants -. HIGHWAY.. The Cadillac approaches the bridge at 100 m. CADILLAC. .there are slow-moving CARS ahead of him.h. the Cadillac passes a HALF DOZEN CARS doing an easy 110 m. CADILLAC. I'm going in the back.ON THE ROAD. heads straight for the truck. When it's clear. In the opposite lane. OUTSIDE DES MOINES..p. HIGHWAY. On the left side of the twolane highway.. INT. Dean. DIXON. he goes for it. Two SLOW CARS are close to getting on the bridge in one direction. 198 EXT. crawls over the seat to the back of the car. which is entering the bridge and not slowing down. afraid of all the speed and the demonic captain Ahab look on Dean's face. Dean titters as Sal gets to the backseat and curls up on the floor in a fetal position.. HIGHWAY OUTSIDE DES MOINES. A narrow bridge over a little river. (CONTINUED) L__ . I can't stand it anymore. The Cadillac gets back in its lane and zooms ahead of all other cars on the highway. Ah. ILLINOIS . also approaching the bridge. EXT. 199 INT. . IOWA . going fast. __.DAY 200 MILES DAVIS plays. tapping it lightly. The two-lane highway narrows to one lane on the bridge itself.DAY 198 Lester Young continues to play. is a BIG TRUCK..h. hell. It passes the two Slow Care on the left.DAY 199 • 200 Sal. first draft.

muddle. he closes his eyes as the New York bound bus pulls out of the station. rattling. OTHERS milling saloons and in allies. 202 INT. Dean hands the confused. 203 EXT. Dean and Sal take off in one direction. Sal. SWANK APARTMENT. rainbow road.DAY 203 Dean's head leans sleepily. CHICAGO . a gash on the left side. guppy road.DAY 201 slowly down the out on the street in doorways of of men. GARAGE. Dean. FADE IN: 204 • . For these sad ghosts Depression has never ended. head-scratching Attendant the papers. man? Holy road. first draft. CARD: TWo days later.Jack Kerouac. at the bleak wreck. some sprawled with their feet on the curb. • 200 CONTINUED: zoo The Cadillac runs up to the nose of the truck and suddenly cuts to the right. 204 DARK SCREEN CARD: "What' s your road. Before the Attendant can say anything. exhausted. the Jesuit Students in another. 2005 96. any road. no brakes. CHICAGO ~02 DAY MUSIC ends. then dying in front of the astonished GARAGE ATTENDANT who stares.ON THE ROAD. New York City. madman road. smoking. unbelieving. BUS DEPOT y CHICAGO . the 201 DIZZIE GILLESPIE plays." -. The Cadillac crawls street among hordes of HOBOS. kicking. on the BUS WINDOW. just missing the truck and avoiding a fatal crash. The Cadillac convulses into the garage: fenders crushed in. FADE TO BLACK. groaning. MADISON STREET. and the Jesuit students get out with their bags. June 7. LAKE SHORE DRIVE. EXT.

holding suitcases and sporting a tired smile.ON ~HE ROAD. burnt-out and unbearably alive. QUEENS~05 a flipping over tarot cards. and meadows of their journey. valleys. QUEENS. drinking The door opens. (CONTINUED) .like a bad penny. OZONE PARK. do EXT. MA (not understanding) I see everything's all right on this end of the stickt Howdy'do. But there's this annoying card that always shows up when I turn your card over -.the industrial neighborhood around them couldn't be more different from the mountains. They've explored the country and themselves. They speak to each other in FRENCH CANADIAN: Poor little Sal. MA (cent'd) And there he is. relief in her eyes. Dean comes into view. PARADISE APARTMENT.DAY Ma sits by the window.NIGHT 206 • Sal and Dean walk around the block together -. sagebrush. Ma looks up at him. the blond Satan of North America. beer. NEW YORK . June 7. STREET. LIVING ROOM. OZONE PARK. They've had adventures and disasters. when are you going to settle down and grow up? SAL MA What do the cards say? That you'd be back today. Ma! MA DEAN you understand me? 206 (to Sal) Dean can stay bere a few days and after that he has to get out. equally disheveled. Sal stands there looking disheveled. INT. NEW YORK . first draft. Right on cue. They've talked everything out. 2005 97. dirty.

208 INT. PARKING LOT. MANHATTAN . MIDTOWN MANHATTAN . Willie Jackson's "Gator Tail" plays on a phonograph. • • She carries in an tray of food for Dean and sets it in front of him. looking of the Long Island Sound. I think next time I want to go to the magic south. smiles. east-west. DEAN (calling to the kitchen) Everything all right. ragged T-shirt. other tropics and other roads. runs to the NEXT CAR.DAY 207 A grey. jumps out. cold day. Sal is with him in an adjacent chair. with superQuman skill and intensity: jumps into a NEWLY ARRIVED CAR. pants hanging below his belly. 206 • 206 CONTINUED: They reach the WATER. We hear the SOUND OF SOMEONE cooking in the kitchen. There's no more land. INEZ comes out of the kitchen. first draft. 2005 98. LIVING ROOM. All the way to Tierra del FUego. Mexico. Depressing.ON THE ROAD. Man. Dean smokes pot from a water pipe. (CONTINUED) . and goes back to the kitchen . He parks cars like he drives. that would ITl DEAN finally take us to 207 EXT. pretty smile and FIVE MONTHS PREGNANT. roars with impossible speed into an impossible space. June'?. honey? INEZ'S VOICE Almost there.NIGHT 208 Dean sits in an old easy chair wearing the embroidered Chinese jacket he wore in San Francisco when he lived with Camille. sexy brunette with short bangs like a dancer in a Degas painting. ugly. a tall. COLD WATER FLAT. Dean is in the lot. SAL out over the over-used waters I guess this is it. stops.

you get older and troubles pile up. Well. 209 EXT. man? That's Inez for you. (CONTINUED) . Sal. damn. I really do.this only happens to me in New York! Damn! But the mere thought of crossing that awful continent again sal. man. 2005 • 208 CONTINUED: DEAN 99. You see. I can't concentrate DEAN S~ anything. Three in the morning.NIGHT 209 send her part of my pay every DEAN Drizzle. Dean sit on the hood of a parked car. PARKING LOT. Oh. 208 Dig her? Dig her. first draft. we haven't talked straight in a long time. looking more like tired middle-aged men. it'll be my first time in New York without my old buddy. S~ What about Camille? I The kids? month for support or I wind up in the workhouse for six months. June 7. All the time I've been here I haven't had any girl but Inez -. I know. that's all she does. MIDTOWN MANHATTAN . The two tired young men. our baby is beautiful. silently dig into their meals. Little street action.ON rHB ROAD. Someday you and me'll be coming down an ally together at sundown and looking in the cans to see. Cold early spring night. Sal says nothing as cheerful Inez comes in with a tray of food for him to eat. Sal and Few cars coming or going. I've talked with her and we've got everything out most beautifully. Inez promised me I can do anything I want and there'll be a minimum of trouble. feeds me and smiles. I wish you weren't going. on • DEAN Inez loves me. See.

no matter where I live. Watches the rain fallon the street. first draft. He said he wants to see the "babby". The blue haze encircles their heads like Sal's last smoke with his father. Sal offers Dean a cigarette. Inez and the baby. I found a thirteen-a-month cold water pad on East Fortieth for me. I'm ready to leave or get thrown out. There's no harm ending that way. Did you? SAL DEAN Yass. DEAN SAL DEAN SAL DEAN (cont'd) You know I recently wrote my old man in jail in seattle -. You spend a whole life of non-interference with the wishes of others. •• The guys fall silent. (CONTINUED) . Sal says nothing. So quote Carlo Marx: you and your . my trunk's always sticking out from under the bed. and nobody bothers you and you cut along and make it in your own way. Sheeit. They smoke together. what other kicks are there? We know. man? of course we will if we want to. including politicians and the rich.I got the first letter in years from him the other day. you've seen me try and break my ass to make it and you know that it doesn't matter and we know time -. yass. spelt with two b's.how to slow it up and walk and dig and just oldfashioned kicks. and all that.peckerhead romanticism. 209 You mean we'll end up old bums? why not.ON THB ROAD. 2005 • 209 CONTINUED: 100. If I can send him the money he'll come and live in New York. June 7.

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