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ƒ Pluralistic society: A society with multiple groups and institutions through which power is diffused. .

and each may check and balance others ƒ Infused with democratic values ƒ American society encompasses a large population spread over a wide geography and engaged in diverse occupations ƒ The Constitution encourages pluralism .ƒ No entity or interest has overriding power.

and At any time the amount of potential power exceeds the amount of actual power.ƒ ƒ ƒ Resources and hence potential power are widely scattered throughout society. . At least some resources are available to nearly everyone.

ƒ American politics fits the pluralist model quite well  Pluralist democracy favors the well-organized  The poor are the least likely to be interest group members .


ƒ Governments and laws in all countries . ƒ Social interest groups represent every segment of society and use many methods to restrain business. ƒ Markets and economic stakeholders impose strong limits. and embedded in the law. reflected in public opinion. ƒ Social values are transmitted across generations.regulate business activity.

ƒ If corporate power remains generally accountable to democratic controls. corporate power will broadly and ultimately be directed toward public welfare. ƒ If rule by law and a just economy exist. . society will accord it legitimacy.

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