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1 Month Hydrotherapy A4

1 Month Hydrotherapy A4

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“A Most Powerful Remedy” 7 Bible Commentary, p. 938. “Water wisely applied, is a most powerful remedy…Natural means, used in accordance with God‟s will, bring about supernatural results.”
PART 1 - INTRODUCTION TO HYDROTHERAPY.................................................................................................................. 1 PART 2 – SPIRIT OF PROPHECY ON HYDROTHERAPY ..................................................................................................... 2 PART 3 - HISTORY OF HYDROTHERAPY ............................................................................................................................... 3 PART 4 - POINTS TO REMEMBER ............................................................................................................................................. 4 PART 5 - HYDROTHERAPY TREATMENT PROCEDURES .................................................................................................. 5 CONTRAST BATHS ........................................................................................................................................................................... 5 HOT FOOT BATH ............................................................................................................................................................................. 6 HEATING COMPRESS ....................................................................................................................................................................... 8 HOT BLANKET PACK ..................................................................................................................................................................... 10 WET SHEET PACKS ........................................................................................................................................................................ 11 HOT EVAPORATING SHEET ............................................................................................................................................................ 12 FOMENTATIONS ............................................................................................................................................................................. 13 GENERAL REVULSIVE TO CHEST OR ABDOMEN ............................................................................................................................. 15 PART 6 - FEVER ............................................................................................................................................................................ 17 PART 7 - INFECTIOUS FEVERS ................................................................................................................................................ 17 PART 8 – HYDROTHERAPY AND MALARIA ........................................................................................................................ 19 PART 9 – CHARCOAL AND HERBAL POULTICES .............................................................................................................. 20 CHARCOAL .................................................................................................................................................................................... 20 GREEN LEAF POULTICE ................................................................................................................................................................. 24 PART 10 - THE USE OF CHARCOAL AS A REMEDY ........................................................................................................... 25 PART 11 - DEHYDRATION AND REHYDRATION ................................................................................................................ 29

Part 1 - Introduction To Hydrotherapy
Hydro: Water + Therapy: Treatment = Hydrotherapy is the use of water internally or externally in any of its three forms—solid, liquid, or vapor—in the treatment of disease or injury. Water is such a valuable therapeutic agent because of nine remarkable properties: 1. Nearly always available, abundant, and cheap 2. Great power for absorbing and releasing heat 3. Solvent properties, water being the one universal solvent 4. Easy to Apply 5. Non-irritating (even internally) 6. Proper Density for Buoyancy 7. Water gives up heat rapidly, yet it doesn‘t cool too rapidly 8. Proper Viscosity (fluidity) 9. Exists in three states at useful temperatures Hydrotherapy and the body: The body is very sensitive to changes in temperature. Hydrotherapy may be used to: 1. Move blood from one area of the body to another (ex. Hot Foot Bath) 2. Relieve congestion 3. Increase circulation (generally and to specific areas) 4. Stimulate the immune system (white blood cells multiply and become more active) 5. Raise the body temperature 6. Help release heat from the body in case of fever 7. Help remove toxins from the body (sweating) 8. Promote relaxation and rest 9. Reduce pain 10. Open airways 11. Promote rapid healing of tissues

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“A Most Powerful Remedy” PHYSIOLOGICAL EFFECTS OF HOT AND COLD WATER TREATMENTS HEAT ● Increases blood flow ● Increases the inflammatory response ● Increases edema production ● Increases hemorrhage ● Decreases muscle pain and spasm ● Decreases stiffness in arthritis COLD ● Decreases blood flow ● Decreases the inflammatory response ● Decreases edema production ● Decreases hemorrhage ● Decreases muscle pain and spasm ● Increases stiffness in arthritis

Part 2 – Spirit of Prophecy On Hydrotherapy
Ministry of Healing, p. 237. ―There are many ways in which water can be applied to relieve pain and check disease. All should become intelligent in its use in simple home treatments.‖ Who should know how to give hydrotherapy treatments? Ministry of Healing, p. 146. ―All gospel workers should know how to give the simple treatments that do so much to relieve pain and remove disease. ― Ministry of Healing, p. 237. ―In health and in sickness, pure water is one of heaven's choicest blessings. Its proper use promotes health. It is the beverage which God provided to quench the thirst of animals and man. Drunk freely, it helps to supply the necessities of the system and assists nature to resist disease. The external application of water is one of the easiest and most satisfactory ways of regulating the circulation of the blood. A cold or cool bath is an excellent tonic. Warm baths open the pores and thus aid in the elimination of impurities. Both warm and neutral baths soothe the nerves and equalize the circulation. But many have never learned by experience the beneficial effects of the proper use of water, and they are afraid of it. Water treatments are not appreciated as they should be, and to apply them skillfully requires work that many are unwilling to perform. But none should feel excused for ignorance or indifference on this subject. There are many ways in which water can be applied to relieve pain and check disease. All should become intelligent in its use in simple home treatments. Mothers, especially, should know how to care for their families in both health and sickness.‖
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“A Most Powerful Remedy” 7 Manuscript Releases, p. 378. ―Many suffering from fever have died as the result of the drugs administered. They might have been alive today had they been given water treatment by those competent to administer it.‖ Medical Ministry, p. 227. ―Our people should become intelligent in the treatment of sickness without the aid of poisonous drugs. . . Water treatments, wisely and skillfully given, may be the means of saving many lives. Let diligent study be united with careful treatments. Let prayers of faith be offered by the bedside of the sick. Let the sick be encouraged to claim the promises of God for themselves.‖ Does daily use of hydrotherapy promote good health? Child Guidance, pp. 108-109. ―Most persons would receive benefit from a cool or tepid bath every day, morning or evening. Instead of increasing the liability to take cold, a bath, properly taken, fortifies against cold because it improves the circulation; the blood is brought to the surface, and a more easy and regular flow is obtained. The mind and the body are alike invigorated. The muscles become more flexible; the intellect is made brighter. The bath is a soother of the nerves. Bathing helps the bowels, the stomach, and the liver, giving health and energy to each, and it promotes digestion.‖ Does God bless the use of hydrotherapy treatments? 9 Testimonies, p. 164. ―When in faith the human agent does all he can to combat disease, using the simple methods of treatment that God has provided, his efforts will be blessed of God.‖ Order and Regularity Essential 1 Testimonies, p. 604. ―I had for four weeks suffered much with my lungs, and it was with difficulty that I spoke to the people. Sabbath evening a fomentation was applied over my throat and lungs; but the head cap was forgotten, and the difficulty of the lungs was driven to the brain.‖ Medical Ministry, p. 212. ―-Everything connected with the Sanitarium should be neat and orderly. Neatness and order will often have more influence than mere words. In the bathroom everything should be so arranged as to make a favorable impression upon those who visit the institution.‖ 1 Corinthians 14:40. ―Let all things be done decently and in order.‖ Patriarchs and Prophets, p. 376. ―God is a God of order. Everything connected with heaven is in perfect order; subjection and thorough discipline mark the movements of the angelic host. Success can only attend order and harmonious action. God requires order and system in His work now on less than in the days of Israel. All who are working for Him are to labor intelligently, not in a careless, haphazard manner. He would have His work done with faith and exactness, that He may place the seal of His approval upon it. (Read 2 Kings 5:1-14) - Elisha and Naaman (Read 2 Selected Messages pages 279-308.)

Part 3 - History Of Hydrotherapy
The use of water in the treatment of disease is as old as the practice of medicine. Records of the writings of Hippocrates indicate its use as early as 450 BC. It was used extensively in the Roman baths. Interest in hydrotherapy waned during the dark ages. It is interesting to know that in 1747 John Wesley had written a booklet entitled Primitive Physick in which he discoursed on the use of water in treatment for many diseases. Vincent Priessnitz (1799-1851) is known as the father of hydrotherapy. When he was a young man, he received a serious injury from a farm animal. Being given no hope of recovery by the physicians, he decided to use hydrotherapy on himself, as he had previously used on farm animals. He made a rapid recovery. Although uneducated, he established a hydrotherapy institute in Austria. Many came to learn of his methods. Wilhem Winternitz (1835-1917) of Vienna had the first scientific understanding of water.
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If the patient says the fomentation. Dr.‖ It rapidly became world famous. In 1865 James White became a patient at Dr. The wetter a towel or washcloth is left after wringing from ice water. Each person is different and has a different heat tolerance. Give the patient water to drink during the treatment. 1868). One of these was established in New Jersey by Dr. Kellogg wrote many books such as Rational Hydrotherapy. some of which are still available. In 1919 the great flu epidemic killed an estimated 25 million people. Clean equipment with bleach or another disinfectant after each treatment. Soon after the turn of the century. lower the steam. became superintendent of the institute. They can generally take less heat. sunlight. NY. J. in Ostego. Some of our notes will be from his material. exercise. Cold towels and washcloths should not be ―soppy‖ wet. etc.lightingtheworld. water is the only one that has survived all the vicissitudes of doctrinal changes because its rise or fall was always contemporaneous with the rise and fall of intelligence among medical men. In 1876 Dr. He was also the editor of a popular magazine entitled ―The Water Cure Journal‖. Dr.H. 1863. Kellogg. an Adventist medical college was established at Loma Linda. cool the water. he wrote: ―In my entire practice I have never given a dose of medicine…I have use in the treatment of my patients the following—air. CA. add more protection.‖ Physical Medicine. They received benefits from their treatments during their three-month stay. Keep the treatment room warm and free from drafts. He wrote a number of books on hydrotherapy. sleep. at the age of 24.Points To Remember GENERAL: Have prayer with the patient. Be careful not to burn the patient. or steam is too hot. Will you learn it well? Part 4 . Wash your hands before and after treatments. Dr. 26 (Fowler and Wells. If a treatment is not skillfully given the patient‘s condition can be worsened. James Jackson conducted another of these institutes. water. Hospitals do use some hydrotherapy (ice bags. Be especially careful with thin or aged persons and children. NY. Our modern hospitals do not practice hydrotherapy as in previous days. NY. Water dripping over ears and down the body can be uncomfortable and also may lead to chilling. MI. dress. Do not apply fomentations where there is danger of hemorrhage or suspected malignancy. This magazine did much to educate the lay people regarding the cause of disease and the preference of simple measures to drugs. The name was soon changed to ―Battle Creek Medical and Surgical Sanitarium‖ and was defined as a place where people ―learn to stay well. About 1920 Simon Baruch (another pioneer hydrotherapist) wrote: ―Of all the remedial agents in use since the dawn of medicine. Thatcher Trall.org 4 . Be careful not to spread infections. www. You are privileged to be among the few who will learn the art and science of hydrotherapy. food. and mental and moral forces. Wear a mask if you or the patient are contagious. the colder it feels. whirlpools).‖ How to Treat the Sick without Medicine p25. water. 1941 by Krussen. rest. Jackson‘s place in Danville. social influences. George Abbot was the first president. Today we have only a few small conditioning or lifestyle centers that practice hydrotherapy.Hydrotherapy “A Most Powerful Remedy” During the mid 1850‘s a number of water-cure institutes were established in this country. Those who received hydrotherapy and judicious nursing were the ones who survived that ordeal. His books are easier to follow than Kellogg‘s. After twenty years of practicing as a physician. He took over and made famous a water cure establishment located at Danville. He was accompanied by his wife. In 1866 Adventists opened their first health facility (The Western Health Reform Institute). Ellen White received a vision on health reform on June 6.

(Example: Diabetics) Be careful not to spread infection. He may feel light headed and experience numbness and tingling in his extremities. (The hot and cold water may be applied with wash cloths to body areas that cannot be easily immersed in water. If the treatment is to be followed by massage to the body part. apply more covers. faintness. Treatment Indications Localized infections Muscle or joint injuries Arthritis Headaches (contrast bath to the extremities) Edema (swelling of a body part due to fluid retention) Blood vessel disease of the veins or arteries to the legs and feet Treatment Precautions Do not use very hot or very cold water in cases of loss of feeling (numbness) or blood vessel disease of the legs and feet. be sure he has adequate electrolyte (sodium. Malignancies.Hydrotherapy “A Most Powerful Remedy” THE PATIENT: The patient should be rested before a treatment. potassium) and water replacement.Hydrotherapy Treatment Procedures Contrast Baths The contrast bath consists of immersing a body part alternately in hot and cold water. elevate the legs. disinfect equipment after treating an open sore or wound. Avoid treating any area where there is a tendency to bleed or hemorrhage. Hyperventilation occurs when the patient is losing too much carbon dioxide by breathing too rapidly or too deeply. If he has just had exercise. end the treatment with the hot water bath. or weakness can be caused by a sudden drop in blood pressure or blood sugar. The blood vessels expand or dilate with heat and contract with cold— increasing the circulation or blood flow to the treated body part.org 5 .lightingtheworld. and give a salty broth to drink. The result is increased cell metabolism and more rapid healing of the treated body part. place a fomentation between the buttocks and hot foot bath. Dizziness. If the blood pressure is 80/60 or below. Have him breath into a paper bag until the tingling disappears. Take the pulse and the blood pressure. let him rest long enough to reach his resting heart rate for at least ten minutes before his treatment. Insist that the patient rest after the treatment. When giving a treatment to a patient with diarrhea. Avoid giving hydrotherapy immediately after the patient has eaten a meal. The increased blood flow [1] enhances the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the body cells and [2] hastens removal of the cell‘s waste products. POSSIBLE PROBLEMS DURING TREATMENT: The patient cannot warm up enough or sweat: Give warm water to drink.) This treatment may be combined with the application of a poultice or a heating compress. Equipment Needed Two large basins for the hot and cold water Tea kettle or pitcher of hot water Towel Sheet or light blanket Another basin of cold water and 2 washcloths for a cold compress to the head www. discontinue heat applications. Part 5 .

Decreased Circulation (Blood Flow) to the Extremities Treat with mild heat for 3 minutes and cool water (no ice) for one minute. If sweating occurs. Make 5 to 7 changes per treatment. from headaches to stomachaches. Test the hot water with your elbow to be certain that it is not too hot. Treat 1 to 4 times per day. Alternate from hot to cold water 5 to 7 times. Gradually increase the hot water temperature and reduce the cold water temperature as tolerated. This treatment can be used for a variety of ailments.lightingtheworld. and abdominal organs. Begin with the hot water bath. then change to cool water for 1 minute. Place a cold compress to the head if sweating occurs. Treatment Encourage confidence in the divine remedies by beginning each treatment with prayer. Hot Foot Bath (HFB) The hot foot bath consists of placing the feet in hot water deep enough to completely cover the ankles. flu or coughs Headaches and stopping nosebleeds Pelvic cramps or prostate disorders www. The hot foot bath affects the circulation of the entire body. remove damp clothing.org 6 . Repeat the above treatment 2 to 4 times per day. Rest for 30 to 60 minutes after each treatment. thoroughly dry the treated body part. Begin the contrast bath treatment with water as hot as can be tolerated. Preparation for treatment Have the room warm and all equipment assembled. and elevation of the affected body part for the first 12 to 24 hours. which moves the blood from other body parts to the feet. Localized Infections. Repeat the above treatment 1 to 2 times per day.Hydrotherapy “A Most Powerful Remedy” Treatment Procedure 1. End with the hot water bath. rest. Treatment Indications Prevent or shorten colds. Heat expands or dilates the blood vessels of the feet. 2. Alternate from hot to cold water 5 to 7 times. After 3 to 4 minutes—or the specified time— transfer to the cold water bath for 1/2 to 1 minute. keep the hot and cold baths at the desired temperature by adding hot or cold water as needed. During the treatment. chest congestion. The increased blood flow to the feet relieves congestion of the blood in the brain. Muscle and Joint Injuries Treat acute muscle and joint injuries with ice or cold packs. and dress in clean dry garments. Explain the procedure. Specific Treatment Recommendations 1. 3. Repeat the above treatment 1 to 2 times per day. It may be used alone or combined with another treatment such as fomentations or the heating compress. End with the hot water bath. assist the patient in preparation for treatment. increase the heat as tolerated. lungs. 3. Start with milder heat. End with the cold water bath. 2. dry the entire body. Arthritis Begin the treatment with warm water (3 to 5 minutes). Alternate from hot to cold water 5 to 7 times. Completion of Treatment After the last change.

Equipment Needed Foot tub—a large bucket or deep dishpan Basin of cold water—use ice if available—for the cold compress to the head Tea kettle or pitcher of hot water Pitcher of cold water Washcloths (for the cold compress to the head)—2 Large towels—1 or 2 Blanket and a sheet Large piece of plastic to put under the foot tub (to keep bed or floor dry) Glass of water and a drinking straw Treatment Procedure 1. Put your hands under the patient‘s feet and carefully immerse them in the warm water bath.org 7 . Thoroughly dry the feet and toes. When adding hot water. 2. If further sweating occurs during rest. briskly rub the skin with a cold washcloth. 3. Prepare the foot bath with enough warm water to cover the ankles. Drink water freely throughout the treatment to replace the water lost in sweating. free of cold drafts. and assist the patient in preparation for treatment. and all equipment assembled. Treatment Begin each treatment with the most important element—prayer. Preparation for treatment This treatment may be given with the patient sitting on a chair or lying on a flat surface. This treatment will be described with the patient sitting on a chair. and then dry the skin with a towel. put cold compresses on the head and neck. Quickly pour cold water over the feet. Remove damp garments and replace them with clean. Explain the procedure to the patient. Test the water with your elbow to determine the comfort level. Put a piece of plastic under the feet. When sweating occurs. If sweating occurs. dry clothing. Completely wrap the patient and the foot tub in the sheet and blanket. take a lukewarm bath or shower to finish the treatment. and cover the blanket with a sheet. Remove the tub and place the feet on the dry towel. Completion of treatment Lift the feet out of the hot water and point the toes upward. The patient must rest for approximately one hour after each treatment. Place your hand between the hot water being poured and the patient‘s feet (to avoid burning the feet). keep your hand between the hot water and the patient‘s feet to avoid burning them. Leave the head and neck exposed. www. Periodically add hot water to the foot bath to maintain heat. Have the room warm.Hydrotherapy “A Most Powerful Remedy” Diminish pain anywhere in the body from toothache to backache Relieve fatigue and nervous tension Warm the body in preparation for massage or some other treatment Treatment Precautions Use only mild heat in diabetics and others with loss of feeling (numbness) or decreased blood flow to the legs and feet. and cover the plastic with a dry towel. Put on warm socks or slippers to avoid chilling.lightingtheworld. Place a blanket over the chair.

Make a medicated compress by applying a liniment or medicated salve underneath the dry inner cloth. The cold. croup. the heat causes the blood vessels in the skin to expand or dilate. wet inner cloth may be replaced with a dry or medicated cloth. difficulty sleeping. Quickly apply the cold. squeeze out all excess water. pharyngitis. laryngitis. whooping cough. if needed. inner cloth after 30 minutes to be sure that it is warming up. nausea of pregnancy. wet cloth— covered by a dry cloth—to a body part.org 8 . use a dry or medicated compress instead. colic. which heats up the treated area. Equipment Needed An inner cloth wide enough to completely cover the treated area and long enough to wrap completely around the body part An outer cloth wider than the inner cloth by 1/2 inch (1 to 2 centimeters) on each side Safety pins to hold the outer part of the compress in place Treatment Procedure 1. www. wet inner cloth to the body part being treated. but that it will warm up in a short time. Check the wet. The dry outer cloth is then applied directly on top of the inner cloth. (Give a hot foot bath. The increased blood flow to the skin surface relieves congestion—the accumulation of blood—in the tissues below the surface of the treated part. trauma  Chest  Congestion or coughs from colds or flu. Preparation for treatment Have the room warm and free of cold drafts. rheumatic fever. Immediately cover the inner cloth with the dry outer cloth. bronchitis.lightingtheworld. Do not make the compress so tight that it is uncomfortable or that it interferes with the circulation or blood flow to the treated body part. asthma Abdomen  Constipation. pneumonia. wet compress if the patient is not vigorous enough to warm it up. 2. The cold. As the compress warms up. Treatment Precautions Do not use the cold. The compress consists of two parts: [1] a wet inner cotton flannel cloth or other loosely woven material of one or two thicknesses and [2] a dry outer wool cloth or other tightly woven material. nervous conditions Feet The same indications as the hot foot bath.) Explain to the patient that the compress will be cold at first. Treatment Indications The heating compress may be used for the following conditions: Throat  Tonsillitis. The patient must be warm before applying the heating compress. to warm the body. earache  Joints  Pain and inflammation of arthritis.Hydrotherapy “A Most Powerful Remedy” Heating Compress The use of a heating compress involves the application of a cold. hepatitis. Immerse the inner cloth in cold water. The outer cloth must be snuggly applied. inflammation of the small or large bowel. Pin the outer cloth securely in place. and it must completely cover the inner cloth in order to exclude the air and heat up the compress. wet inner cloth is applied directly to the skin surface. Treatment Remember to ask the Lord‘s blessing for this simple treatment.

wet inner cloth on top of the dry outer cloth. Have the patient lie on top of the compress with its lower edge below the patient‘s hipbones.Hydrotherapy “A Most Powerful Remedy” Leave the compress in place for several hours or overnight. Keep the patient warm and comfortable. put on a pair of thin. wet cotton socks.lightingtheworld. Abdomen  Place the dry outer cloth on the bed. The feet must be warm before applying this treatment! Heating Compress for the Chest www. wet inner cloth may be replaced with a raw grated or steamed onion poultice. wet inner cloth may be replaced with a charcoal poultice or a poultice of grated raw potato or cabbage. For earache. Dry the area thoroughly. The inner cloth may be replaced with a charcoal poultice. apply the heating compress up close to theears. Wrap the compress snuggly over the abdomen. Completion of treatment In the morning. Chest See the illustration on page 43 for the method of applying the heating compress to the chest.org 9 . remove the compress and briskly rub the treated area with a cold washcloth. 3. Joints The cold. wet inner cloth may be replaced with a charcoal poultice. Lay the cold. Feet Before going to bed. The cold. Half of a steamed warm onion wrapped in a loosely woven cloth may be placed directly over the ear. Cover them completely with a pair of dry wool socks. If the compress is left on overnight. it will be dry by morning. Alternative Treatment Procedures Throat The cold.

Continue pack for 20-30 minutes. Allow rest period. Place a sheet over the plastic covering. Apply a heating compress to the throat. (Place towel around throat so blanket will not irritate. www. Treatment Precautions People who are very weak and feeble Equipment Needed Two or more large. have patient recline on the wet blanket. Finish with cooling measure (CMF or Contrast shower). 3. Place on blanket (dry) preferably wool on treatment table.org 10 . Explain the treatment procedure in a quiet. wrap around snugly then do the same with the dry blanket. put in fomentation tank and steam for 15-20 minutes. well sprinkled with water. long-sleeved sweater. just enough to allow for patient‘s body. Assist the patient to disrobe and prepare for treatment. Cover the bed with a large piece of plastic. (Fold to center lengthwise. fairly heavy blankets (the one to be steamed preferably should be ½ cotton and ½ wool. Fan-fold one blanket. Hot Blanket Pack A hot blanket pack is an application of moist heat to the whole body by means of one hot damp blanket wrapped around the body and other dry blankets wrapped over this one. pleasant manner. Avoid air spaces by pinning the outer cloth securely in place. If unavailable use cotton). Completely cover the moist compress with a dry wool or tightly woven cloth. 2. then to center crosswise). A sleeveless cotton undershirt may also be used. More blankets may be placed on patient.) Fomentations or hot water bottles may be placed along the sides of the patient if available. Have all equipment assembled. Wrap the chest with a cool. Preparation for Treatment Have the room warm and free of cold drafts. Remove hot blanket from fomentation tank and open on treatment table—over the dry blanket. Cover the entire chest and arms with a snug. One sheet Four fomentations or hot water bottles if available One basin of ice water (ice bag to heart if needed) Two towels Treatment Procedure 1. Treatment Pray! As soon as able. 2. Treatment Indications Any disease in which vasodilatation and sweating are desirable Analgesic effect Derivative – drawing blood or lymph from a particular part of the body by increasing the blood or lymph flow in another. Apply cold compress to head and renew as needed.lightingtheworld. May use ice bag over heart if needed. Care should be taken before moving the patient as dizziness may occur. moist flannel cloth. 4.Hydrotherapy “A Most Powerful Remedy” 1.

Have upper edge about 8 inches from head of table. Wring sheet from cold water and spread on blanket. Assist the patient to disrobe and prepare for treatment. To heat the body to produce sweating. Feeble persons.) People with severe colds or influenza. Treatment Precautions (4th stage only – see below) Diabetic patients (especially if the hot foot bath is used. pray!!! Place one blanket on treatment table. Treatment Pray. Relieves internal congestion. Place upper edge of sheet a little below upper edge of blanket Shoulders 3 or 4 inches below upper edge of sheet Wrap snugly enough to come in contact with skin in all places Fold sheet over shoulders and neck. tuck in under opposite side. pleasant manner. Preparation for Treatment Have the room warm and free of cold drafts. Place HFB or fomentation to feet if necessary. Double the foot end under the feet. Draw narrower edge of blanket over body and tuck in.org 11 . Explain the treatment procedure in a quiet. to exclude air www. Relaxes the nervous system. With patient‘s arms raised. Have all equipment assembled. To cool a heated (feverish) body. Then wrap wider edge around in similar manner. pray.Hydrotherapy “A Most Powerful Remedy” Wet Sheet Packs Treatment Indications Regulation of heating and cooling in the body to control body temperature. Make sure that feet and body are warm beginning treatment. wrap opposite side of sheet over body and tuck in. Key Points May give hot foot bath while preparing for treatment Have edge of blanket on far side hang farther down than near edge. Have patient lie on wet sheet. Cover the bed with a large piece of plastic. Wrap sheet around leg of the same side. Cover lower third of pillow Wring as dry as possible. Place a Turkish towel around the neck. Skin Eruptions. (By HFB or fomentation.lightingtheworld. Equipment Needed Two blankets One sheet One hand towel One bath towel Pail of water at 60-70 oF Treatment Procedure 1. wrap sheet around body. Lower arms.) 2. Place a sheet over the plastic covering. Cover with another blanket.

Assist the patient to disrobe and prepare for treatment. Place a sheet over the plastic covering. It is especially valuable in cases in which the patient is nervous.Hydrotherapy “A Most Powerful Remedy” See that the wet sheet is well covered with the dry blanket in all places To exclude air and protect skin from contact with blanket Note: According to the degree of warming the pack undergoes. nervous exhaustion. It is often desirable to prolong the effect of one stage. Cooling or Evaporating 2. May be prolonged by removing some of the dry coverings after the warming up has well begun. This may be done as follows: 1st stage—Cooling Before the sheet has been warmed to body temperature (5-12 minutes) the blanket may be folded back and cold water sprinkled on the sheet over the patient. dry thoroughly and cover with a warmed sheet. Treatment Remember to grasp the hand of the Almighty by prayer! The sheet is wrung from hot water. Effects: A very valuable eliminative and spoliative measure. selected cases of chronic nephritis. Repeat steps 1 and 2 in five to eight minutes or as soon as chilly sensations are felt. 3rd stage—Heating This stage begins when the skin temperature rises slightly and ends with the beginning of general perspiration. mania. and dreads the contact with cold water. uncover one part at a time.org . For tonic effects the pack should continue about 20 minutes. Effects: Marked sedative effect. There may be cold skin. 4th stage—Sweating or Eliminative Sweating may be increased by additional coverings. Gentle friction may be applied as the sheet is cooled. and hypopepsia. and gout. common colds. goose flesh and shivering. jaundice measles and scarlet fever (to help develop the eruption). Have all equipment assembled. restlessness. Effects: Mild tonic and derivative effects. it passes through four stages: 1. Plastic or rubber gloves should be used. influenza. Cover the bed with a large piece of plastic. nervous indigestion. hot water bottles or fomentations placed within the folds of the dry blanket. and elevated temperature. Make sure that feet and body are warm beginning treatment. 12 www. Heating 4. drinking of hot water or lemonade. Neutral 3. Tonic and heating effects may be prolonged by applying cold water to the head and neck continuously to check excessive sweating. To conclude. Sweating. Treatment Procedure 1.) 2. The patient may be fanned to hasten evaporation and more water sprinkled on. Preparation for Treatment Have the room warm and free of cold drafts. Cold compresses on head should not be very cold or renewed too frequently. bronchitis. Effects: A powerful antipyretic 2nd stage—Neutral Begins when the temperature of the pack reaches or slightly exceeds that of the skin (about 94 oF). nicotine poisoning. transient fevers in infants and children. The patient is wrapped in the sheet the same way as the wet sheet pack. induces relaxation and sleep. 110-140 oF (55-60 oC). Useful for insomnia. Useful for alcoholism. (By HFB or fomentation. Explain the treatment procedure in a quiet. pleasant manner. Hot Evaporating Sheet The hot evaporating sheet is used in cases in which there are signs of decreased heat elimination.lightingtheworld. convulsions.

kidney stones. and painful menstruation. and internal organs Reduce congestion of the internal organs by increasing blood flow to the skin surface Treatment Indications Chest congestion in colds or flu. mild heat to the spine) To warm a body part in preparation for massage Treatment Precautions Be careful not to burn a patient who is unconscious. Each hot application is usually followed by a brief. joints. Be careful not to spread infection.) Fomentations benefit the body in the following ways: Increase the circulation of the germ-fighting white blood cells Help remove body wastes through the skin by increased sweating Relieve pain in the nerves. and preparing the way for the largest benefit to be derived from the cold impression which quickly follows as the sheet is cooled by rapid evaporation. and pleurisy To heal and to improve the function of the internal organs Painful nerves (neuralgia) Painful muscles and joints (back injuries. they can be used to treat a variety of diseases. Fomentations are highly effective. arthritis) Difficulty sleeping and nervousness (use prolonged. paralyzed. Equipment Needed Large pot of boiling water or a canning kettle Large bucket (if a foot bath is included in the treatment) Basin of cold water—use ice if available—for the cold compress to the head Tea kettle or pitcher of hot water Pitcher for ice water Large piece of plastic (to keep bed dry) Pillow Blankets—1 large or 2 small Sheets—1 large or 2 small Large. The impression of heat which lasts for a few seconds at the beginning produces an atonic thermic reaction. clean the equipment thoroughly.lightingtheworld. keep the body covered. diabetic or otherwise has loss of feeling (numbness) and decreased blood flow to the legs and feet. cold application to the treated body part. Do not apply fomentations if there is bleeding or hemorrhage. bronchitis. Steps 1-5 may be kept up for an hour or two until the fever is lowered several degrees. asthma. Additional Comments The purpose of the treatment is to obtain the combined effects of heat and cold.Hydrotherapy “A Most Powerful Remedy” Evaporation may be stimulated by fanning if desired. diminishing heat production. muscles. pneumonia. Avoid chilling—change fomentations quickly. (The cold may be omitted when treating pleurisy. edematous (swollen tissues due to fluid retention). wet cloth or towel to a body part.org 13 . Fomentations (Fo) A fomentation is the application of a hot. dry towel)—2 Glass of water and a drinking straw www. Body areas where the bone lies close to the skin surface may need extra padding to prevent burning. dry towels—4 Washcloths (for the cooling compress to the head)—2 Fomentations (may use large towels)—2 or 3 Fomentation covers (a piece of thick blanket or a large.

5. 3. Leave the head and neck exposed. Then carefully place the patient‘s feet in the water.Boiling Water Method 1. Place the folded towel on top of a fomentation cover. Heat the water until it boils. Remove the first towel from the canning kettle with tongs or protective gloves. 6. Treatment Procedure 1. Wrap the fomentation cover around the hot towel. and squeeze out all excess water.org 14 . 2. 7. Fold a towel lengthwise twice. Heat the towels for approximately 30 minutes with the lid on the pot. Completely cover the patient and the foot bath with a sheet and blanket. and fold the towel widthwise twice. 3. Steaming Method 1. Make sure the water is not too hot by testing it with the elbow. covered pot or canning kettle with water. put the hot fomentation lengthwise on the bed. Hold the ends of the towel out of the water. Place a metal rack in a large covered pot or canning kettle. wet towels on top of the rack above the boiling water. 4. Wrap the fomentation cover around the hot towel. 4. Immerse the twisted towel in boiling hot water. 2. Prepare a hot foot bath with enough warm water to completely cover the ankles. Cover the bed with a large piece of plastic. Treatment Always remember that prayer invites the Great Physician‘s participation. Lift the hot towel out of the water and stretch the ends of the towel apart to squeeze out all excess water. and place a dry towel under the foot bath. Quickly drop one end of the towel to untwist it. Preparation for treatment Have the room warm and free of cold drafts. 2. and carry it to the patient. Cover the fomentation with a dry towel and have the patient lie on it. Roll up the fomentation (to conserve heat). 8.Hydrotherapy “A Most Powerful Remedy” Fomentation Preparation -. www. Have all equipment assembled.lightingtheworld. 5. Place the rolled. Pour hot water into the container. Place a sheet over the plastic covering. Explain the treatment procedure in a quiet. Wet each folded towel. Hold the towel at both ends and twist it tightly. and carry it to the patient. Quickly unroll the heated towel on the center of a fomentation cover. 7. Keep the water level just below the metal rack. Take 3 large towels and fold each one widthwise twice. roll it up. Fill a large. 6. Assist the patient to disrobe and prepare for treatment. pleasant manner. Roll up the fomentation (to conserve heat). To place a fomentation under the spine.

and the rate of enzymatic activity which increases the ability of the white blood cells to fight disease. put cool washcloths to the head and neck. If the fomentation becomes too hot. Place a second fomentation on the treated area and repeat the proceeding steps until the treatment is completed. Remove sweat from the remainder of the body by briskly rubbing the skin with a cold washcloth and drying it thoroughly. As soon as the patient begins to sweat. and point the toes upward. Thoroughly dry the treated area before applying the next fomentation. It may increase the white blood cell count to four times the normal amount.lightingtheworld. lift it off the skin. Then cover the fomentation with another dry towel. dry garments. Keep the feet warm by periodically adding hot water to the foot bath. Place your hand between the hot water being poured and the patient‘s feet (to avoid burning the feet). During the treatment. This treatment helps the body by: Increasing circulation. General Revulsive to Chest or Abdomen With Cold Mitten Friction (CMF) The general revulsive is a general hydrotherapy treatment given to cause both stimulative and sedative effects. Replace damp clothing with clean. Thoroughly dry the feet and toes.. and blood vessels. 3. Have the patient rest in bed for approximately one hour.Hydrotherapy “A Most Powerful Remedy” Place a dry towel on top of the body part being treated before putting the heated fomentation on the patient. It increases cellular oxidation and elimination of bacteria toxins. It stimulates muscular. Completion of treatment After removing the last fomentation. and bactericidal antibody production. Heightens nerve and muscular sensibility. A lukewarm bath or shower may be necessary if further sweating occurs during rest. Remove the cooled fomentation and briskly rub the heated area with a cold washcloth for approximately one minute. Lift the feet out of the hot water. heat production. A treatment consists of 3 to 5 fomentation applications. glandular and metabolic activities of internal organs. briskly rub the treated area with a cold washcloth and then dry it. thus relieving congestion of internal organs. enabling lysozymes to kill more bacteria. Quickly pour cold water over the feet. Leave the fomentation in place for the specified length of time or until the fomentation cools. Equalizes circulation throughout the body.org 15 . and put another dry towel under the fomentation. Remove the foot bath and place the feet on the dry towel. Put warm socks or slippers on the feet to avoid chilling. have the patient drink water frequently to replace fluid lost from sweating. Treatment Indications www. diaphoresis. Shifts pH (increasing acidity) of mucus membrane secretions. Remember to keep the patient completely covered at all times during the treatment.

Keep adding hot water until patient says it is as hot as he/she can take. heart and vascular diseases. Then carefully place the patient‘s feet in the water. hypertension. Explain the treatment procedure in a quiet. Prepare a foot bath with enough warm water to completely cover the ankles.) Equipment Needed 1. hepatitis) to relieve post-op pain and help prevent complication. to make. add hot water from pitcher to HFB. Place a sheet over the plastic covering. Leave the head and neck exposed. and place a dry towel under the foot bath. exhaustion. Pitcher of hot water 11. Some malignant diseases Unconsciousness Appendicitis Bleeding Ulcers Anesthetic States (loss of sensation including temp. Hold sheet as patient lies down to preserve modesty. Place fomentation on bed parallel to spine with top edge reaching to the top of patient‘s cervical spine. Hand towel 10. Make sure the water is not too hot by testing it with the elbow.org 16 . You may apply another one to the anterior neck if desired. Preparation for treatment Have the room warm and free of cold drafts. some abdominal conditions (pancreatitis. Hot foot bath 6. flu. Cover with two bath towels and another towel doubled under coccyx since it usually needs more protection. www. placing one foot on top of the other and moving them to one side as you pour and mix the water. Tuck in snugly around lungs at side (if Upper Respiratory Infection) or tuck around neck (if throat is sore) and leave for three minutes. To place a fomentation under the spine. Basin of hot water 7.lightingtheworld. Have all equipment assembled. Place towel under hot footbath that is filled with about three inches of 102 oF water. nervous conditions (depression. Assist the patient to disrobe and prepare for treatment.). Have patient leave feet in water. pleasant manner. Not on the head. Cover the bed with a large piece of plastic. Blanket 5. Tuck around patient to avoid any air currents. Table and mattress 2. Pillow and pillow slip 3. Four fomentations 12. 2. While waiting. for expectoration more productive. bronchitis). diabetes. Treatment Always remember that prayer invites the Great Physician‘s participation. Cover the fomentation with a dry towel and have the patient lie on it. add cold compress (wash cloth wrung from ice-water) to forehead. Cover with blanket quickly. etc. Place two bath towels on chest (or abdomen—per doctor‘s order) and then fomentation. Sheet 4.) Also while waiting. preparation for massage. Two wash cloths 9. Have patient lay down on fomentation and place feet in hot foot tub. Treatment Precautions Severe vascular disease and obstructive circulatory disturbances. (Moving the patient to one side and mixing the water. insomnia. Completely cover the patient and the foot bath with a sheet and blanket. Eight or more bath towels 8. and general respiratory conditions (chest cold. anxiety. and to relieve fatigue and increase kidney output. Eight fomentation covers Treatment Procedure 1. are measures to prevent burning the patient‘s feet. tucking covers behind HFB before pouring to avoid drafts. put the hot fomentation lengthwise on the bed.Hydrotherapy “A Most Powerful Remedy” The general hydrotherapy is indicated in the toning up of general systems and circulation.

and shivering. Toxins secreted by toxic bacteria. the person‘s skin become warm and he begins to sweat. When this happens. Signs and Symptoms of Fever 1. remove bucket. Fever may be due to over production or heat or decreased heat elimination. lasts too long. inflamed tissues. replace under the cover. Part 6 . (To prevent chilling or risk of patient developing a URI. be especially careful to dry well. therefore. dry and cover. cover adequately and guard against drafts at all times during treatment. Tuck sheet around patient‘s thigh for modesty. Cover leg and thigh. CMF leg and thigh. capture the germs quicker.Infectious Fevers Nearly all infectious fevers are due to poisons produced by the growth of bacteria or viruses. A.lightingtheworld.Fever A. or degenerating tissues cause the ―setting‖ of the hypothalamus thermostat to rise. delirium) 2. Dry and cover the abdomen. increased metabolism. CMF the patient‘s back. 2. Value of Fever Many bacteria and viral germs do not survive well at high temperatures. Dry. f patient chills easily. These toxins are called ―pyrogens‖. Body temperature is raised in order to destroy these poisons (toxins). insomnia. Pack blanket and sheet back up around the neck and shoulders. D. all the heat-promoting mechanisms for increasing body temperature operate at full force. and destroy them more efficiently. This continues until the body temperature reaches the thermostat set level. Dry and cover. At the end of the last fomentation time. CMF abdomen. clammy skin www. Chill or chilliness 3. Nervous disturbances (malaise. Cold mitten friction the arm farthest from you. Prepare cold towel to CMF legs and thighs. Chills: Pyrogens cause the setting of the thermostat to change from the normal level (98. Repeat same to other leg. If they have perspired after equilibrating. Fever. such as vasoconstriction. Common Causes—Physiological ● Extreme physical exertion ● Fever therapy ● Dehydration ● Increased thyroid activity C. When this happens. Hot. Repeat steps 4-7 two more times.6 oF) to a higher level (for example. headache. Make sure the chest remains covered. Dry and be very gentle between toes. The temperature then drops. Mechanisms of Fever made Simple 1. remove fomentation and set it aside. Time yourself. is not detrimental but beneficial unless it becomes excessively high. The temperature remains high until the cause is removed. 103 oF). replacing with wet towel so as to promote modesty and begin friction immediately. make sure to dry them again before returning to their room. Pour cold water over feet. Add more hot water to HFB. Fever enables the white cells to move faster. dry skin or cold.Hydrotherapy “A Most Powerful Remedy” Squeeze out friction mitten or hand towel from ice water.) Offer them a glass of water. They cause fever. This is known as the ―crisis‖. or the patient‘s cardiovascular system is too weak to tolerate it. CMF the chest. Remove the fomentation and dry towel quickly. Common Causes—Pathological Causes ● Bacterial and viral diseases ● Brain tumors and cancers ● Injuries ● Heat stroke ● Toxin B. Each time changing cold compress to forehead and/or neck. backache. Continue for 30s. Some may need extra blankets or a fomentation roll up under their thighs. Lastly. Part 7 .org 17 . Patient should rest 20-30 minutes after treatment in their room or hydrotherapy booth.

Hot evaporating sheet e. Chilly sensations 5. Tepid or cool bath c. Group A Full pulse.Hydrotherapy “A Most Powerful Remedy” 4. General principles Derivation is depletion secured by the withdrawing of blood from an organ or a part of the body by increasing the amount of blood in some other part. dry skin Great increase in heat production Abstract heat by a moderately long contact with cold Long. Full and rapid pulse 2. highly colored and concentrated urine B. Face flushed 3. 5. Cold applications useful in fever a. Cold to head and neck f. www. constituting the ―push‖ effect. Signs and Symptoms of Decreased Heat Elimination 1. Hot blanket pack b. moderately prolonged cold applications should be used in cases in which the skin is hot and dry. Hot water drinking h. A very short hot bath c. then cold with friction. foul breath. Fomentation to spine g. Combat internal congestion Hot applications until blood is brought back to skin. Hot applications useful in fever or preparatory to cold treatments a.lightingtheworld. Hot applications should be used when the skin is cold. Cool water drink i. shivering Decided decrease in heat elimination Warm the skin. constituting the ―pull‖ effect. Signs Condition Objective Treatment 1. Ice bag or cold compress to heart g. Signs and Symptoms of Heat Production 1. Goose flesh 4. Cold skin (dry or moist and clammy) 2. or clammy. The hot application draws the blood away. Cool air in the sickroom 2. Increased heart rate Excessive thirst Loss of appetite. Cool rectal irrigation or enema h. Graduated bath with friction b. cyanotic. Cold mitten friction (reaction stimulates a hot application) 3. coated tongue Possible constipation or diarrhea Scanty. Fomentations to abdomen f. These hot applications should be continued until this condition is overcome. The cold drives the blood away. flushed face and hot. Cyanosis 3. Shivering D. cold application. 7. These effects may be termed ―push‖ and ―pull‖ effects. Fevers and their Treatment In general. but maintain reaction Group B Cold skin—wet or dry. 6. cyanosis. Cold sponging e. Hot mitten friction.org 18 . 8. goose flesh. Skin—hot and dry C. Evaporating wet sheet pack d. Repeated hot sponges d.

after sizing up the situation. The following day we again instituted the temperature-taking program. overeating. and thereby if we had hit it right. The Doctor. having taken special training in blood work. Dr. We carefully took the temperature every 15 minutes. Ellen G. we would invariably prevent the chill. rich spicy foods. that was a notification to us that the chill was approaching. the next one to Dr. Later treatments should not aim at sweating. Kress and I earnestly told the Lord that His principles were on the test. M. Lack of exercise in open air 8. showing that we were gaining the ascendancy. etc.lightingtheworld. Impaired mentality. and in a week or ten days the patient was fully restored to health. As soon as there began to be the least rise of temperature. said he did not dare to undertake his case. which brought on profound perspiration. Kress and myself. Frequently we did not have to do this the third time. Part 8 – Hydrotherapy And Malaria By David Paulson. Improper clothing 3. Lack of cleanliness 6. 1907 Naturally quinine was considered just as indispensable in Malaria as morphine was following certain surgical operations. Lack of water 7. was carefully checked up by himself by laboratory work. not only his own. Sometimes we would miss hitting it just right for several days. Exhaustion 5. but should be brief and vigorous to restore derivation and restore blood vessel tone. provided it was the alternate day variety. It happened to be a malarial summer in Michigan. every case. so he was turned over to our list. We soon had an abundant opportunity to put our principles in regard to quinine to a practical test. Bad ventilation 2. so there would be a delay. Praise the Lord. White. I will never forget when Dr. Kress and I. The first should be given as early in the disease as possible. the work had been done. We then took hold of the case. others with numerous minor complications One day an old feeble broken down man came in so loaded with malaria that it seemed he was on the brink of the grave. As he was also a microscopic expert. and pleaded with Him to vindicate what He had said.D. It was mutually agreed that as the patients came in. www. Damp surroundings 4. We invariably found that the rise of temperature was much delayed. One member of our class was an enthusiastic advocate of quinine. determined we would discover for ourselves what God would help us to do in malarial cases without quinine. but ours. After history comparison of the two clinics: Blanket Pack Patients Not one with serious complications Quinine Patients Some with deafness—irreparable. who could not consistently reconcile the prevailing routine quinine program with some of the truths we had studied. so alternating. Improper diet—meat eating.Hydrotherapy “A Most Powerful Remedy” In respiratory infections the combined treatment of a hot footbath with fomentations to the chest and cold mitten friction given once or twice a day gives excellent results. Predisposing Causes of Fever 1. we would take them out carefully. so there was no chance for guesswork. Taken from the book Healthful Living by Mrs. We would then go through the same program. We at once put the patient into a hot blanket pack. Taken from the General Conference Bulletin. we gave tonic treatments (hot and cold). The patient would perspire for a time. Within a week the man was restored to health. During the summer something like fifty cases came to us in all ages and in all stages of the disease. one was to be assigned to this physician.org 19 . According to the rotation he belonged to the quinine list.

Cover the entire poultice with a piece of plastic to keep it from drying out. Sometimes charcoal can give a tattooing effect if the skin is broken. Stack the wood tightly together in a hole in the ground and start a fire. 4. willow. infectious bacteria. Directions for preparing a charcoal poultice are as follows: 1. Grind the sterilized pieces into fine powder. Mix the charcoal powder into a little water until the mixture has the consistency of a paste. toxic chemicals. leave the charcoal inside the covered hole until it cools. take charcoal whenever it is needed. Ground flaxseed or cornstarch may be added to the charcoal mixture to keep the poultice from becoming too dry. Place the poultice on top of the affected skin area. and viruses. 3.lightingtheworld. Charcoal has the unique ability to adsorb or remove poisonous gases. tight container. Mix 1 to 3 large spoonfuls of charcoal powder with 3 large spoonfuls of ground flaxseed or 2 large spoonfuls of cornstarch to a cup of boiling water. Poultice Charcoal powder can be mixed with water and used as a poultice. drugs. break the charcoal into coarse pieces. A good quality of charcoal can be made from coconut shells and any wood such as eucalyptus. and oak. Cut the wood to a uniform size and remove the bark. pine. Fold the other half of the cloth or paper towel over the charcoal paste. (If tin is used.org 20 .Hydrotherapy “A Most Powerful Remedy” Part 9 – Charcoal and Herbal Poultices Charcoal Charcoal or charred wood is formed when wood is heated in the absence of air. METHODS OF USE Oral Charcoal has no toxic effects. After the wood begins to burn. fill the glass with additional water. store in a dry. After the burning process is completed. ● It is harmless but highly effective. pile earth on top of the tin. 2. Caution: It is best not to put the charcoal powder directly on the skin if the skin is cut or broken. cover it with earth or a piece of tin. Charcoal is best taken between meals. Carefully stir 1 to 2 large spoonfuls (tablespoons) of charcoal powder into a small amount of water. Spread the charcoal paste on one half of a cloth or paper towel. Use charcoal as much as needed and as often as it is needed. Charcoal can be easily made at home. ● It is inexpensive and easily available. www. For medicinal use. as heated charcoal will burst into flames when exposed to the air.) Leave a small vent or opening for admitting limited amounts of air in order to maintain a slow burning process over several days. If food is the cause of the ailment. The Charcoal Advantage ● It is simple to make and to use. Sterilize the charcoal by heating it in a clay pot or in an oven for 20 to 30 minutes.

org 21 . COMMON USES OF CHARCOAL 1. (See table below for specific information. alkali (lye).) www. In these cases do not induce vomiting. Neutralize caustics with vinegar in water. The edges of the poultice may be folded or taped to keep it in place.lightingtheworld. Induce vomiting unless petroleum products (gasoline. Neutralize acids with baking soda in water.Hydrotherapy “A Most Powerful Remedy” The plastic cover keeps the poultice from becoming too dry. or strong acids have been swallowed. Poisoning or Drug Overdose Charcoal is the best treatment for poisoning or drug overdose. Stir in 1 to 2 large spoonfuls of charcoal in a small amount of water and swallow quickly. kerosene).

5. 4. and a sunken soft spot on top of the infant‘s head. For a child.Hydrotherapy “A Most Powerful Remedy” Estimated Amount of Poison or Drug Taken 1 Small spoonful 1 to 2 tablets 1 to 2 capsules Amount of Charcoal if No Food Has Been Eaten Within 2 Hours 1-2 large spoons of charcoal stirred into a glass with a little water Rinse out the glass and drink the rest of the charcoal Drink 2 more glasses of water 1 large spoonful 3 to 5 tablets 2 to 5 capsules 3-4 large spoons of charcoal stirred into a glass with a little water Rinse out the glass and drink the rest of the charcoal Drink 2 more glasses of water Unknown 1-5 large spoons of charcoal stirred into a glass with a little water Rinse out the glass and drink the rest of the charcoal Drink 2 more glasses of water Amount of Charcoal if Food Has Been Eaten Within 2 Hours 4-10 large spoons of charcoal stirred into a glass with a little water Rinse out the glass and drink the rest of the charcoal Drink 2 more glasses of water 6-15 large spoons of charcoal stirred into a glass with a little water Rinse out the glass and drink the rest of the charcoal Drink 2 more glasses of water 5-15 large spoons of charcoal stirred into a glass with a little water Rinse out the glass and drink the rest of the charcoal Drink 2 more glasses of water 2. Leave the poultice on for several hours or overnight. 6. dry mouth. Drink one glass of charcoal water plus one glass of plain water 4 times per day. 3. and leave it in place for at least 4 hours or overnight. Nausea and vomiting Take 1 to 2 large spoonfuls in ½ glass of water each time vomiting occurs. loss of skin elasticity. Prevent dehydration by giving lots of liquids to drink such as clean water. a vegetable broth. Diarrhea Charcoal is one of the most effective treatments for diarrhea. watery stool. Treat severe diarrhea in an adult by adding 2 large.org 22 . heaping spoonfuls of powdered charcoal to a glass of water. scant dark yellow urine. Put the poultice over the infected eye or ear. Give fluids in small sips every 5 minutes—even if vomiting occurs— until there is a normal output of urine. use one half of the adult dose of charcoal. Skin and joint infections Infections of the skin and the joints can be treated with a charcoal poultice. www.lightingtheworld. Watch for signs of dehydration—especially in babies and young children—thirst. Always follow the dose of charcoal with a full glass of water.) If the charcoal is vomited. Eye and ear infections Infections of the eyes and ears can be treated with a charcoal poultice. or boiled rice water. Intestinal gas or bloating Take 1 to 2 large spoonfuls of charcoal in 1/2 glass of water as needed to control symptoms. give another dose immediately. Drink one more glass of charcoal water followed by one glass of water for each additional. Applying heat to the poultice increases its effectiveness. (For a child use ½ the adult dose.

Rinse the teeth and gums in the morning. midday sun to prevent burning the skin). Continue treating the infant until the jaundice decreases or disappears. Bee stings and spider bites For single bee stings and inflamed mosquito. For toothaches. (See page 26 for bee sting and spider bite treatment. Snake Bites If pain and swelling occur within 10 minutes of a poisonous snakebite.org 23 . (See page 26 for snakebite treatment. Brush the charcoal paste between the infected gums and the teeth. Toothaches and gum infections For gum infections. Leave the charcoal on the gums all night. scorpion. o Prepare the cool charcoal bath with 1/2 cup of charcoal in 8 liters (2 gallons) of water. or insect bites are as follows: o Immediately wash the area of the bite or sting thoroughly with soap and water. Keep the poultice moist by covering it with plastic. spread the charcoal paste on a piece of gauze. ant. apply a charcoal poultice directly over the affected area. or chigger bites. apply a charcoal poultice.m. venom has entered the body.lightingtheworld. mix charcoal powder with enough water to make a paste. Submerge the bitten area in cool charcoal water for 30 minutes to one hour (1/2 cup of charcoal to 8 liters or 2 gallons of water). www. Center the poultice directly over the bite. or after 3 p. Immediately wash the bite area thoroughly with soap and water. 11. Take about 2 large spoonfuls in 1/2 glass of water every 2 hours for 3 doses. give a small spoonful of charcoal stirred in enough water to pass through a nipple every 2 to 3 hours. Directions for treating multiple bee stings and venomous spider. then 1 small spoonful every 4 hours for the next 24 hours. o After soaking in cool charcoal water. Apply a very large charcoal poultice covering almost the entire extremity that has been bitten.m. Remove the old poultice and place a new poultice over the snakebite every 10 to 15 minutes until swelling and pain are gone. o Submerge the bitten area in cool charcoal water for 30 minutes to one hour. Take charcoal powder by mouth as well.Hydrotherapy “A Most Powerful Remedy” 7. roll up the gauze and place it between the cheek or tongue and the infected tooth. (avoid hot. Cover the baby‘s eyes to protect them from the sun‘s rays.) 9. Apply a large charcoal poultice to the mid-back for kidney disorders and to the abdomen for liver disorders. 10. Place the undressed baby in the sunlight before 10 a. Liver and kidney disease Give charcoal by mouth to help prevent toxins from accumulating in the body. Each charcoal dose should be followed by 2 glasses of water.) 8. Jaundice in the newborn If the newborn baby is very yellow.

John 9:1. Never reuse an old poultice. Spider.org 24 . Secure with rubber band or tape or tie with strips of rag. and Snake Bites Multiple Bee Stings Spider Bites Initial Treatment Wash bite area thoroughly Take ½ to 1 hour charcoal bath Apply a charcoal poultice Wash bite area thoroughly Take ½ to 1 hour charcoal bath Apply a charcoal poultice Wash bite area thoroughly ½ to 1 hour charcoal bath Apply a charcoal poultice Drink 2 large spoonfuls of charcoal in a glass of water every 2 hrs.) On removing poultice. (Protect bedding with old sheets or plastic. 7) www. Snake Bites Continued Treatment Change poultice every 10 minutes for 1 hour Leave poultice on for 8 hours Change poultice every 30 minutes for 8 hours Change poultice every 2 hours for 8 hours Change poultice every 2 -4 hours until healed Change poultice every 10 – 15 minutes until swelling and pain are gone. common plantain. Fold the cloth over one time and tuck in slightly around edges. chickweed. Add ice packs if pain and swelling continue Drink 1 small spoonful of charcoal in a glass of water every 4 hours for 24 hours Green Leaf Poultice This poultice is usually given for slow healing ulcers. 2 Kings 20:7. or other simple plants often used) Strips of old sheet material for poultice Plastic sack or cover and rubber band or tape for securing Treatment Procedure Blend or grind leaf material with water to make a thick paste. bedsores. Dampen a cloth and pour and spread the mixture on it.lightingtheworld. Apply to affected skin area and cover with other dry cloths and place a plastic sack or piece of plastic over this material. certain skin diseases and also to relieve swollen and inflamed conditions. if too runny some of the juice may be squeezed out. 6. Equipment Needed Green-leaf material and water (comfrey. for 6 hrs. discard it and clean area of skin. Biblical Examples of Poultices (See Isaiah 38:21. Leave on overnight or for several hours.Hydrotherapy “A Most Powerful Remedy” Treatment Schedule for Multiple Bee Stings.

which had been brought there for fuel. when injured with bruised hands. Used as Drink and Poultices Letter 112a.‖ Pulverized. and recovery was the result… To students when injured with bruised hands and suffering with inflammation. I have ordered this in cases where the sick were suffering great pain. sewed up. and fell heavily forward. and the pain in my cheekbone has caused much anxiety. Then I suggested the charcoal. This should be cold when used. the turning point came. and very often. It has been painfully weak. but if I could give this remedy some outlandish name. The more severe inflammation of the eyes will be relieved by a poultice of charcoal. and attempted to walk. It will serve several times. ______ has low vitality. If wet in smartweed (1tsp to cup). the coal should be put into a bag. My cheek was swelled large and hard. I have ordered this in cases where the sick were suffering great pain and when it has been confided to me by the physician that he thought it was the last before the close of life. through the nerves connecting the eye with the brain. and healing went on rapidly. the system has not power for this taxation. or pulverized charcoal put in a bag. I was filling a tin milk-pan with oranges for brother McCann.Hydrotherapy “A Most Powerful Remedy” Part 10 . and dipped into hot water. in the place of killing it. Use hot water. a Most Beneficial Remedy Used with Smartweed Letter 82.‖ www. and the patient has slept. Ella White was with me at the time.lightingtheworld. The pan was bent almost double. I think I told you that about a year ago I had a fall. The reaction after the cold applications raises the fever. with perfect success. and the patient slept. When used for fomentations over the bowels. If wet in smartweed boiled. Some cases may endure other kind of treatment. This is one of (the) very best and most effectual remedies for the stomach—anything like malaria—to eat dry or in hot water. as is most agreeable. The poison of inflammation is overcome.‖ Pulverized. in nine cases out of ten it will do a more successful work than the cold ice would do… I send you at this time pulverized charcoal. Use only the most mild applications. 1896. and in every case the directions given were. ―One of the most beneficial remedies is pulverized charcoal in a bag and used in fomentations. the pain removed. This direction has been given me again and again. ―Medical practitioners have experimented on the eyes. that no one knew but myself. With this pulverized charcoal and hot water I treated my face for hours. but the injury done has extended to the brain. and when it has been confided to me by the physician that he thought it was the last before the close of life. I have prescribed this simple remedy. it is still better. This works like a charm. The milk pan struck the stumps with great force. the ice applications may be warrantable. and dipped in hot or cold water. Do not apply ice to the head but cool water. the pain removed. This is a most successful remedy. and in so doing. This will quell the fever sooner even than cold. and when I fell. The light which has been given me in reference to several critical cases has been represented to me as a sick child I had in charge. till the soreness and pain was killed. Let him drink the water. it would have greater influence. placed in a bag and used in fomentations. and suffering with inflammation. I have positively refused to use anything but hot water with a little salt. 290. p. If the invalid has any vitality. I expect you will laugh at this. “My left eye gives me considerable trouble. and she pounded up charcoal for me. and healing goes on rapidly. 1897. the system will send the blood to where the cold is. This is a most successful remedy. White Charcoal poultices for the eye Letter 119. and recovery was the result. In some cases. Brother McCann came and lifted me up.org 25 . Let there be no meddling with the eye.‖ Used in Treatment of Eyes Letter 37. and when I rose from my stooping position. Have two bags. ―One of the most beneficial remedies is pulverized charcoal. use one. it is still better. but I greatly fear for Bro. Bro. as will best suit the case. sharp stumps. boiled. After this I had a very painful time with my whole head. The poison of inflammation was overcome. it struck me just beneath the eye. put in a bag and dipped in hot or cold water as will best suit the case. after it has stood a while to extract the virtue. but apply hot fomentations to the bowels. but in most cases they are not advisable. and dipped in hot or cold water. Then I suggested the charcoal. put in a bag. This works like a charm.‖ Benefits of Charcoal 21 Manuscript Releases. I saw that I was falling face downward into a pile of small. ―I feel that the ice used is a mistake. the turning point came. ______ if it is continued. 1898. and then the other. 1897. have not only forever weakened the strength of the delicate organs. I darted a prayer to heaven.The Use Of Charcoal As A Remedy By Ellen G. The most severe inflammation of the eyes will be relieved by a poultice of charcoal. To students. I have prescribed this simple remedy with perfect success. stomach and liver.

org 26 . I brought her to my country home. This irregularity was seriously felt by his wife. but we know that in our own individual selves there are great deficiencies.‖ Charcoal in place of Medicine Letter 84.Hydrotherapy “A Most Powerful Remedy” Used in Poultices Letter 72. If you should drink charcoal water. He is the only true. 1898. it would not do you any harm. and told him that he had been doing great injury to himself. The wisest have to learn their lessons by patient experience. I think much of Brother _____. mother. for I was taken sick like one poisoned. well-baked bread. and pulverized charcoal dipped in hot water and used as a poultice. and drink this water freely. The charcoal itself may be a little irritating to a stomach as sensitive as I judge yours is. About an hour each day was occupied in giving him treatment. and both have greatly improved in health. She uses neither. and at night wear a charcoal compress over the liver and abdomen. and to students who were preparing to give Bible readings and to become canvassers. but have disregarded the laws of health by your terrible neglect of yourself. All her friends. brothers and sisters are unbelievers. www. In this business her difficulties developed. Get pulverized charcoal. He loves us. Sara took the case in hand. This is the one who was advised to eat meat and butter. She is improving in health so much that we have hopes that she will be able to educate a class in school in the science of sewing properly. tea or coffee.‖ Charcoal as a Drink and Poultice Letter 92. I said. over rather rough roads. At times he would become so weary that he could not eat as he should. He is a very bright promising lad and this accident was a great affliction to his parents. You have not treated yourself as you should. She came to the Health Home and took treatment for a while. fearing that they would not know how to help her. Sister Harlowe has been an invalid for some time. The doctors had attended him. It was a stubborn affair. Sister Harlowe was paying twelve shillings a week for room and board in the city. and then trust in God. and you feel your need of a physician. and wants us to be well and happy. soak it in water. You are now a sick man. and was losing her health and vitality. She has been proprietor of a large dressmaking establishment. I want her to get well. and often did not get to rest before eleven or twelve o‘clock at night. and he is as active and healthy a child as you would wish to look upon. I talked with him seriously. I showed him that these habits had been all wrong. and would allow her to do too much. and worked with him in our own house twice a day. The lad had fallen on a stone. That offensive breath must be purified. and plain. He brought his boy to Cooranbong with a swollen knee. and trust in living faith to God as you work. I took them out to ride often. but I think I did. She has plenty of milk and cream from cows which we keep in as healthy a condition as possible. I dared not place her in with other family. and would take food that was wholly unfitted for his wearied condition. father. I ask her nothing for board. ―But Brother _____‘s health has been sacrificed to earnest. We are not wise in the knowledge of others. We thought best to have her come to my home. Use your own judgment. and we have our reward in seeing him restored to health. You must come to the position where you realize that the Lord does not want you to be sick.lightingtheworld. 1898. believing that He wants you to be healed. but had done him no good. Do not taste of any bread that is sweetened. and no meat or butter has been placed on my table. He wished to converse with me. He kept late hours. The Lord would have them take care of themselves as faithful sentinels. Both Sisters Starr and Harlowe slept well. In his zeal and earnestness he has lost sight of self. but the swelling is now removed. but for weeks most thorough treatment was given him with hot and cold applications. continuous labor. I am raising my own stock. Nothing to drink except cold water appears on my table. 1898. We have had her now about two months. Her head suffered because of stomach difficulties and the trouble I have mentioned. ―I have had both Sister Starr and Sister Harlowe with me for three weeks. Something must be done. unerring physician in the world. She drinks this water. and he was then going about with a crutch. We thank the Lord for this. that he must call a halt. Make up your mind to be well. ―Brother Thompson‘s son was one of these. and she has lost her headache. You must be careful. I told him it was necessary for us to know ourselves. ―I would advise that the charcoal compress be worn only occasionally. Sister Harlowe has not had any kind of medicine but charcoal soaked in water. Take light exercise. and is doing excellently without meat or butter. Eat no vegetables. I told him that for the last twenty years the Lord had been giving me messages to give to our ministering brethren. and the knee was seriously injured and much enlarged. The Lord would have you well. Eat fruit. in consequence of her internal organs fastening to the backbone. All have decided that it is for their health to use as little liquid food as possible. I tried not to inhale it. but he has made a mistake in feeling that he must do all the work he could possibly accomplish. Do not eat vegetables but make arrangements to have the best homemade bread and fruit. but what an offensive breath he had. We had this lad sit at our table for three months.‖ Charcoal for Bad Breath Letter 115. She became nervous. 1898. Here she rides on horseback and does a little sewing.

For several days he has had a painful swelling on the knee. and put it on the sick woman‘s side. of Battle Creek. Sometimes the inflammation. Sister Price is in great pain.Hydrotherapy “A Most Powerful Remedy” Charcoal Relieves Swelling The Paulson Collection. My husband and I decided that it would not do to move him. was placed upon the swelling. Two or three were taken in large spring wagon on spring mattresses. 1899. and several others who were suffering from malarial fever. I advised the trial of a compress of pulverized charcoal. The result was that in half an hour there was a change for the better. We thank the Lord that we may become intelligent in using the simple things within our reach to alleviate pain. held at Brighton. He came to me one morning and said. where we had been laboring for several months. ―That prescription was an inspiration from God. it is more efficacious than drugs. but what was our surprise the following day to see their wagon overtake us. A little olive oil into which some of this powder has been stirred tends to cleanse and heal. but in about fifteen minutes after the compress was applied she fell into a sweet sleep. For some forms of indigestion.‖ The sick one fell into a restful sleep. Pulverized charcoal. The child had screamed with pain all night.G. who is eighteen months old. would be gone by the next day. and this poultice gave relief at once. It was feared that she would die. and is alive and well today. M. We were just preparing to leave Texas. ―The God of nature directs the human agent to use the natural remedies now. mixed with flaxseed. Dr.‖ I said. and a large amount of yellow matter and blood was discharged freely. secured the charcoal. p. she left the ground sick. We were about one mile from the city of Denison. M. and said. the crisis passed. where we have taken in the sick and cared for them. The sick man was lying in a bed in the wagon. It destroys the inflammation. who was attending her. When we first went to Cooranbong. and then used it according the directions given. sent for me to come to him. but when this was applied. ―and put poultices of it on her side. I might go to any length in this matter. We have at times made our house a hospital. and although many prayers were offered in her behalf. but I leave it now with a few instances. During this first camp meeting that we held in Australia.‖ Charcoal Destroys Inflammation and Removes Poison Letter 74. the men clearing in the woods would often come in with bruised hands. We had to go on our journey and leave the family behind.‖ www. my brother. ―On Thursday Sister Sara McEnterfer was called to see if she could do anything for Brother Palmer's little son. and give this water to the sick man to drink. A brother was taken sick with inflammation of the bowels and bloody dysentery. We prayed for her. and with complete success. and pulverized it.lightingtheworld. I suggested that he make a compress of pulverized charcoal. to take pulverized charcoal. My husband and I thought we would stand this expense rather than have the heads of several families die and leave their wives and children unprovided for. ―I will tell you a little about my experience with charcoal as a remedy. Pulverized charcoal from eucalyptus wood. The man was not a careful health reformer. not by dosing with drugs but by the application of water. She had been crying out in her pain. 1899. Dr. came to me for advice. and remained sick during most of the meeting. a young woman was taken very sick with the inflammation of the liver and lungs. Kellogg. At our first camp meeting here.‖ Charcoal and Olive Oil Letter 100. supposed to be from the bite of some poisonous insect. Today she has been to see the little one twice. a young lady was taken sick on the ground. and the special blessing of the Lord may be expected to follow the use of these means which are within the reach of the common people. The child was relieved of its great suffering. Fears were entertained that mortification had set in.H. The blessing of God had worked with the simple means used. I cannot relieve her. She was thought to have typhoid fever.‖ He tried this.org 27 . I have not time to relate the wonderful cures wrought. and we had carriages prepared to take away this brother and his family. 15. and she began to amend. ―Sister _____ is nurse and physician for all the region round about. making it into poultices. and every breath seems as though it would be her last. was attending her. She cannot sleep. In a few days she was taken from Brighton to her home in Melbourne. and removes the poison. and successfully remove its cause. Kellogg. We use charcoal largely.‖ Experience with Charcoal Letter 182. Always study and teach the use of the simplest remedies. but the sick man‘s son went to a blacksmith‘s shop. we have used freely in cases of inflammation. but indulged his appetite. half brother to J. and pulverize it. 1903. Kellogg. She opened the swelling in two places. putting bandages of the charcoal over the bowels and stomach. She has been called upon to treat the most difficult cases. he slept. Sister Price could not have lived until now if no change had come. I find it is excellent. and in one hour he came to me. put water upon it. ―Send to the blacksmith for charcoal. We are teaching the ignorant how to become intelligent and keep well.G. and then like a flash of lightning there came to me the thought of the charcoal. which was very high before the compress was applied. I remember still another case. But this man who was suffering from inflammation of the bowels. In these and other cases of inflammation. Then the thought came to me like a communication from the Lord.

wet it. Soon he returned. His family sent for me to come and pray for him.‖ Charcoal as a Poultice Letter 326. I have worked for my husband with marked success when his life was in grave peril. Take pulverized charcoal. when used. and placed over the affected part. 1906. one of our neighbors was taken sick because of imprudence in eating. and this in many cases resulted in such severe inflammation that the worker would have to leave his work for some time. for his help was needed in clearing the land I said to him. 1907. ―Elder Haskell has suffered a great deal from boils. 2 Selected Messages. Australia. He has taken treatment at the Sanitarium several times. Insect Bites. poisonous drugs need not be used. I had recourse to many remedies. A. and put on as a poultice.‘ I replied. if our nurses would learn the value of. We need well-trained nurses who can understand how to use the simple remedies that nature provides for restoration to health. she can live but a few hours. On one occasion a physician came to me in great distress. Dr. will not leave the system in the weakened condition in which the use of drugs so often leaves it. and lay it over her stomach and sides. Alcohol or tobacco in any form must not be recommended. and it has often brought relief when every other means had failed. we looked back. He has www. In the treatment of the sick.Hydrotherapy “A Most Powerful Remedy” Charcoal as a Healing Agency Letter 75. She is now having the first natural sleep she has had for days. came to me and said. and his system was poisoned. 267. ‗Go to the place where you have been burning the timber. He has directed in the establishment of our sanitariums and in the building up of schools close to our sanitariums. and it has brought relief and been the means of saving life. I think that you would obtain benefit from the use of charcoal compresses—pulverized charcoal moistened. and the effect produced was wonderful. ‗Relief came in less than half an hour after the application of the poultices. When my husband was sick.‖ The Use of Charcoal for Inflammation. 1904. This brother had intended to be one of a party to go with a number of teams through Texas. that they may become efficient mediums in training men and women for the work of ministering to suffering humanity. etc. for I knew that I had tact and skill. When it came nearer we saw with it our brother who had been so ill. and saw a team crossing the ferry. ‗Sister White. however. and I know the value of charcoal as a healing agency. But she became so much worse that it was feared she could not live. I write these things that you may know that the Lord has not left us without the use of simple remedies which.‘ The doctor hastened away to follow out my instructions. She had contracted fever while on the campground. One came to me one day in this condition. Mix it with sweet oil.‘ I have ordered the same treatment for others who were suffering great pain. lest some soul be led to imbibe a taste for these evil things. and get me some charcoal from the eucalyptus tree. The charcoal possesses a wonderful power of drawing poison from the system. Thus it can be taken with less difficulty than if mixed with water. and that with faith in God I could be his physician. Many times I have been applied to for advice as to what should be done in cases of sickness or accident. but because of his illness he was left behind. This was done.org 28 . 1908 (To J. make a poultice of it.‖ Charcoal Brings Relief Letter 158. Soon he was ready to return to his work. ―I feel impressed to recommend for your consideration the use of charcoal as a powerful agency for removing poison from the system. Australia. The physician. On several other occasions I have seen the charcoal poultice tried with favorable results. pulverize it. ―There are many simple herbs which. and the next morning he reported that the pain was gone. the workmen would often bruise their hands and limbs. and they have proved helpful. I did not want a physician for him. with his hand tied in a sling. 295. pulverize it. and was taken to our school building near Melbourne. Merritt Kellogg. He was much troubled over the circumstance. but most of his treatment he has taken in his room in our house.‘ This was done. as we were resting. When we were in Texas. and who can teach those who are ignorant of the laws of health how to use these simple but effective cures. He had been called to attend a young woman who was dangerously ill. Our house has been his sanitarium. they could use in the place of drugs. put into a flannel bag. ―I wish to ask you if you have tried the charcoal for Brother _____? I think I wrote you about it some time ago. and I have mentioned some of these simple remedies. saying. have you any light for me on this case? If relief cannot be given our sister. Burden and others at Loma Linda). The organs of excretion failed to act properly. I have on several occasions been impressed to suggest the use of charcoal. Then it was impressed upon my mind to send some one to the blacksmith‘s for charcoal. p. and use it freely.‖ --Letter 90. Good Results with Boils Loma Linda Messages. ‗Send to a blacksmith's shop. ―Get from the druggist some pulverized charcoal. The next day. and place it as a poultice over the entire abdomen. My mother had told me that snake bites and the sting of reptiles and poisonous insects could often be rendered harmless by the use of charcoal poultices. and find very effective.lightingtheworld. When working on the land at Avondale. He who created men and women has an interest in those who suffer. and I will dress your hand. p. He was in terrible agony. and get some pulverized charcoal.

tonsillitis. and irritating or poisonous plants Eating too much unripe or overripe fruit or heavy. More than 95%of all fatal mushroom poisonings are caused by the green amanita phalloides. amebas. (If he does not want to drink insist that he take a few swallows every few minutes. give him Rehydration Drink. or water). boils would again appear. Treat the cause of the diarrhea. soups. giardia causes yellow.Hydrotherapy “A Most Powerful Remedy” been afflicted continuously. and urinary infections Cholera—causes ―rice water‖ stools in large quantities. 3. Diarrhea is more common and more dangerous in young children. and has kept to his bed most of the time. Give charcoal water to help control the diarrhea. March 1973. but as soon as he began to stir around. herbal teas. His countenance looks clear and wholesome for a man of his age. Severe dehydration can occur quickly—important to treat with rehydration drink to restore electrolytes Malaria Food poisoning—from eating spoiled food AIDS—long lasting diarrhea is an early sign Inability to digest milk Difficulty in babies digesting foods new to them Allergies to certain foods Side effects of medicines such as ampicillin or tetracycline Laxatives. bad-smelling diarrhea that is frothy but without blood or mucus Worm infections (most do not cause diarrhea) Ear infections. measles. Prevent or control dehydration—A person with diarrhea must drink a lot of liquids (thin cereal porridge or gruel.lightingtheworld. His wife is a good nurse. Treatment: 1. 2.Dehydration And Rehydration Two main causes of dehydration are diarrhea and vomiting. and that he would recover rapidly.” Life and Health p6. Main Causes of Diarrhea: Poor Nutrition—this weakens the child and makes diarrhea from other causes worse Shortage of water and unclean conditions—spreads the germs that cause diarrhea Viral infections such as ―intestinal flu‖ Bacteria. Causes of Vomiting: Infection Poisoning from spoiled food www. Pulverized charcoal poultices have been used with good results.org 29 . Part 11 . give babies breast milk often and before other drinks. Simple charcoal powder or tablets taken with water will do more good in cases of mushroom poisoning than the established therapeutic will. Meet nutritional needs—Give the person food as soon as he will eat. greasy foods The greatest danger from severe diarrhea is dehydration. purges. and she has taken faithful care of him. More Recent Findings “Activated charcoal is an effective combatant of mushroom poisoning. If the diarrhea is severe or there are signs of dehydration. The greatest danger from long lasting diarrhea is malnutrition. or giardia in the intestinal system can cause dysentery (diarrhea with blood). the notorious „death angel‟. juice. He has thought several times that he had overcome affliction. certain poisons.) 4.

dark yellow urine Sudden weight loss Dry mouth Sunken. glucose. Keep giving the drink often in small sips. and potassium to balance the electrolytes in the body. tearless eyes Sagging in of the ‗soft spot‘ in infants Loss of elasticity or stretchiness of the skin (lift the skin between two fingers—if the skin does not fall right back to normal. coconut water or mashed ripe banana Give the dehydrated person sips of the Rehydration Drink every 5 minutes. may not be able defecate) Treatment: Treat the cause of the vomiting Give charcoal slurry water Eat nothing while vomiting is severe Sip tea made from ginger root to control nausea Give rehydration drink if needed Signs of Dehydration: Thirst Little or no urine. fast. do not wait for signs of dehydration Rehydration Drink #1 1 liter clean water ½ level teaspoon salt 8 level teaspoons sugar ½ cup of pure fruit juice. may have constant pain in the gut. day and night. or 1 glass for each watery stool. coconut water or mashed ripe banana Rehydration Drink #2 1 liter clean water ½ level teaspoon salt 8 heaping teaspoons powdered cereal Boil for 5-7 minutes to form a liquid gruel Add ½ cup pure fruit juice. the child is dehydrated) Severe dehydration may cause rapid.org 30 . www. weak pulse. A large person needs 3 or more liters a day. deep breathing. These drinks provide sodium. Not all the drink will be vomited. or fits **When a person has watery diarrhea. A small child usually needs at least 1 liter a day.lightingtheworld. until he begins to urinate normally. or diarrhea and vomiting. fever. even if the person vomits.Hydrotherapy “A Most Powerful Remedy” Any sickness with high fever or severe pain Malaria Hepatitis Tonsillitis Earache Meningitis Urinary infection Gallbladder pain Migraine headache Appendicitis or something blocking the gut (seek medical help immediately—vomit may smell like a bowel movement. This drink is especially important to give in the case of cholera.

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