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Published by: Vinodhini Gangadara Vadivel on Feb 07, 2011
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“The Basic Skills for TESL Programme offered by UCSI Language Institute” The heavy emphasis on choosing the

right career path after finishing your secondary or even tertiary education can be a daunting task, especially with the plethora of options available to the students today. The modern approach to learning at the UCSI Language Institute of UCSI Professional Academy gives students an edge in the job market by providing them the capability of being independent, self-disciplined and able to work hard besides having a good command of the English language. Since the UCSI Language Institute’s inception in 1986, the focus of the establishment has always been to produce local heroes for the country. Not forgetting, it’s mission to help create a younger generation who are able to contribute to the development of their respective countries. Within a short span of time, its number of students outgrew to approximately 500 students from 33 different countries all over the world. Our impressive university-based academy which places great emphasis on teaching quality, pleasant English Language classrooms and exciting English communicative activities have made us very popular with our students and corporate clients. Bearing this in mind, The Language Institute has introduced The Basic Skills for TESL Programme which is tailored to the needs of those who wish to take up teaching of English as a career or even to get a formal teaching qualification to further develop their talents and skills in the teaching field. Basically, TESL is one of the most general qualifications required in the profession of teaching English to other speakers. The ability to use the English language has rapidly become a valuable global commodity and as a result, the requirement for English teachers all over the world continues to grow. The programme serves as a foundation to expose students to the intricacies of the various areas of teaching English in a second language classroom (ESL), namely the theoretical and practical aspects of the language. The teaching certificate programme concentrates on four major modules which includes the language theory where the trainees will be learning the nature of the language, pedagogy and methodology in the second language teaching, classroom management where trainees will be exposed to the ways of managing classroom and planning lessons in the future, linguistics and language teaching emphasizing on linguistics, syntax, phonetics and phonology, grammar and vocabulary and finally the methodologies that exposes the TESL trainees to teaching grammar, reading, writing, listening and speaking. On the other hand, various types of teaching materials such as the language lab will be used in relevant to their course of study.

Furthermore. Canada and Malaysia as well has taken place. we have always strived to bring the best to our students. obtaining real classroom practices and observations. the Teaching English as a Second Language is approved by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA). consultation and techniques in managing second language classroom and planning the lesson. and we believe these students are capable of achieving anything they want in life. material compilations and lesson observation journals. which helps to safeguard the quality assurance of higher education for both the public and the private sectors. Australia. teaching practices. Most importantly. America. Along the way. The TESL programs also sought to achieve the objectives of learning and mastering the practical skills in the teaching of English. The employment of a mixture of native speakers from countries such as the UK. exams with rigorous checks for plagiarism. In order to measure the improvement of each trainee. the TESL Certificate Programme at UCSI Professional Academy will also implement Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL) as one of the main components that will help make our TESL Certificate Programme stand out. several assessments are made and it is formative to evaluate and employ dependable assessment methods including the submission of assignments. one of the advantages of pursuing a course at UCSI Language Institute reveals the fact that students are facilitated by some of the best names in the world of teaching English as The Language Institute boasts of a multi-talented team of teachers who have created a name for themselves in both the local and international scene. Therefore. This is the reason why we insist on challenging their thoughts and pushing them to reach limits that they never thought they could have. learning and fully utilizing the methodologies applied behind each skills. Wherever you study TESL in Malaysia but when you choose to undertake the programme at UCSI Language Institute. New Zealand. this is where the trainees are exposed to the technical parts of the English Language itself and also the ways to manage real classroom like environment. The Language Institute’s dedicated teachers have it in their minds that they are not just imparting knowledge to the students.Besides its multicultural environment that enables both local and foreign students to interact and soak up varied cultures. UCSI Language Institute has stamped . but they are actually grooming young talents who will one day become the next generation of educators. you will be studying a course which adheres to the rigorous standards set by the Malaysian government for all higher education of learning. At The Language Institute. The teaching programme offered by the Institute does not only place a great emphasis on the quality of teaching English but also on the real classroom practices including micro and macro teaching for the trainees.

its mark on the global scene. Interested parties can contact UCSI Professional Academy for further information at: +603 9130 8888. . becoming internationally recognized as a creative university after young people who are keen to earn themselves a reputable qualification. The Academy aims to set a new benchmark for excellence and truly excel in the quest to continually develop its relationship and its good rapport via future collaborations with people that are interested in the teaching of English.

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