In order to assign an item to WMR organization, SEHA has provided a function in the WMR Item Loading responsibility.

.Open the SEHA Item Assignment form and click the Oracle Item code button.

. system will show all the items that have been created by SEHA.By clicking the button.

Search the Oracle Item item code with the help of SEHA item code like RPTNEBMKXPFXa and then press Find button. .

.Select the item by pressing OK button.

Then select Encumbrance account from the list. The list will open by clicking the Encumbrance button. .

For stockable item select the Default.00000.000. otherwise select same account that you are going to select for expense account and press OK button.00000).0000000.12501. .00000. Inventory Value Material account combination (08.

Then select appropriate expense account from the list of available account combinations.00000.0000000. Make sure your expense account is from the list. No Value 1 54000 2 54001 3 54002 4 54003 5 54004 6 54005 7 54006 8 54007 9 54008 10 54009 11 54010 12 54011 13 54012 14 54013 15 54014 16 54015 17 54016 18 54017 19 54018 20 54019 21 54020 22 54021 23 54022 24 54023 Description Supplies Prosthesis Sutures And Surgical Needles Surgical Packs And Sheets Surgical Supplies .00000) Sr.Meats.Other Linen And Bedding Cleaning Supplies Office And Administrative Supplies Staff Uniforms Instruments And Minor Medical Equipment Lab Supplies Sterilization Supplies (CSSD) Other Minor Equipment Other Non-Medical Supplies Default Inventory Expense .000. like(08.00000. Fish And Poultry Food .54018.General Anesthetic Materials Oxygen And Other Medical Gases Iv Solutions Pharmaceuticals Radioactive Materials Radiology Films Other Medical Care Materials And Supplies Food .

It will submit the request to SEHA for item assignment.If the item is not stock able. . uncheck the Stock Enabled flag then press Process button.


.Then press Find button to check the request status whether the request has been submitted successfully or not.

.Make sure the status is Normal then SEHA will assign the item to WMR organization and it will be available for ordering.

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