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TS v11.3 Release Notes Enu

TS v11.3 Release Notes Enu

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Published by alokgogna1557
Tekla X-Steel Notes
Tekla X-Steel Notes

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Published by: alokgogna1557 on Feb 07, 2011
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Tekla Structures 11.3 provides the following improvements concerning drawing
reinforcing bar bend and end marks:

Reinforcing bar
end symbol

There are new reinforcing bar end symbol options on the Content tab in Drawing
reinforcing bar properties
dialog box.


Release Notes
Tekla Structures 11.3 Precast Concrete Detailing


The following new variables have been added to Tools > Advanced options > Con-
crete Detailing



•You can use these variables to increase the size of the bend and
end symbols (in drawing units) in order to see them more clearly.
•By default not set.

Release Notes


Tekla Structures 11.3 Precast Concrete Detailing


Release Notes
Tekla Structures 11.3 Precast Concrete Detailing


•You can use this variable to change the end symbols to a differ-
ent direction.
•By setting this variable to true the end symbol is drawn at 135
degree angle (used commonly in Norway).

Release Notes


Tekla Structures 11.3 Precast Concrete Detailing

Templates and reports

Fixes available in the new Template Editor 3.30

Aligning text with value fields now works correctly.

•You can now use parentheses inside rules with string parameters.

•You can now undo a template type change, for example, from graphi-
cal template to textual template.

•The function GetValue("BOLT.SITE_WORKSHOP")did not return
the values to NUT and WASHER rows. This has been fixed.

Aligning template fields with using the Align command now works

•If you resized a filled polyline by streching it, the fill inside the
polyline did not scale correctly together with other objects in the
group. This has been fixed in the new Template Editor 3.30.

Angle is displayed in the status bar for value fields.

•Formula IsSet("USERDEFINED.comment") now returns true if
the requested attribute’s value has been set, or false if the value has
not been set.

•The number of holes per part is now displayed correctly in reports.

•When you were writing a formula, which included an equation with a
condition clause in the following form:

if(A) then




endif ...

You were required to type a space character between the parenthesis and the
word "then" in order for the formula to work correctly. This is now fixed and
there is no need for typing in the space.

•In templates created with Template Editor version 3.20 the inch mark
is now placed correctly
at the end of the length string (such as 11'-11
1/2") in the US Imperial environment.

•The attributes CONNECTION_CODE and

CONNECTION_RUNNING_NUMBER were missing from the list of avail-
able attributes in Select attribute dialog box. This has been fixed.


Release Notes
Tekla Structures 11.3 Precast Concrete Detailing

•The following attributes have been added for PART content type for







•Sometimes when you were creating a polyline, the preview line,
which Template Editor draws before you click to define the next ver-
tex point, did not work correctly if the vertex point you clicked was
just outside the edge of the row. This has been fixed.

•The attribute MATERIAL_TYPE is now available also for CAST_UNIT
content type.

•When you opened a template with Template Editor 3.20 in US impe-
rial environment, you could not change the horizontal grid spacing.
This has been fixed in the new Template Editor 3.30.

•Now when you import files, you are asked to define the import
method in the Select Import Method dialog box as you place the
imported file in the template.

You can switch off this functionality by clearing the checkbox in the Always
ask for import method
option in Options > Preferences dialog box.

•The default units are now read from the current environment you are

•The DWG import now supports holes and islands in hatches.

•The template attribute WEIGHT_M now returns correct values for
parametric profiles.

New attributes CAST_UNIT_PREFIX and

CAST_UNIT_SERIAL_NUMBER are now available in the new Tem-
plate Editor 3.30.

•You can now create PART content type rows underneath

SIMILAR_ASSEMBLY content type rows.

•The z coordinate was not included in assembly position codes in
Template Editor 3.2 even if you had set the variable

XS_ASSEMBLY_POSITION_CODE_3D to TRUE. This has been fixed.

Release Notes


Tekla Structures 11.3 Precast Concrete Detailing

•You can now use the text field NUMBER_IN_PHASE also in the new
template editor. It now works in the following manner: if you ask for
the number in phase for assemblies, parts or bolts, it returns the num-
ber of assemblies with the same position number belonging to the
given phase.

•Lengths contained in the Profile field now have the inch mark in the
correct location in the US Imperial environment. For example, length
for plates is now displayed as PL1"X18 1/2".

If you want to display the inch mark before the fractions, such as

PL1"X18"1/2, set the variable

to FALSE in Tools > Advanced options > Templates and symbols. The
default is TRUE.

•When you use the Weld content type, you now have correctly only
one row for PRIMARY and SECONDARY attributes.


Drawing wizard

•You can now create cast-unit drawings with the help of the drawing
. This saves time while you create cast unit drawings in a more
automated way for all or several precast part types.

Now if you ask for NUMBER_IN_PHASE for for example a bolt,
it returns the number of times the bolts assembly exists in the
desired phase - not the number of times the bolt itself exists in
the phase.


Release Notes
Tekla Structures 11.3 Precast Concrete Detailing

•When you used the Save as command in the drawing wizard to save a
drawing wizard with an another name, the default file type was incor-
rect due to a change in Windows XP SP2. This has been fixed.

Release Notes


Tekla Structures 11.3 Precast Concrete Detailing

Orientation mark in single-part views

Now orientation marks are created for included single-part views in assembly
drawings. The visibility of the orientation mark is set as follows:

•Use variable XS_SINGLE_ORIENTATION_MARK, if the Single-part
option is set to Current attributes (on the Assembly - layout

properties dialog box).

To modify the variable, click Tools > Advanced options... > Single part view in
assembly drawing
. To set the variable, type in TRUE in the Value field.

•If the Single-part attributes option is set to something else than Cur-
rent attributes
, the visibility of the orientation mark is according to
the selected attribute file.


Text objects no longer move to a new location when the current loca-
tion is free.

Text along line no longer overlaps other objects.

•The Freeplace command now appears in the associative notes pop-up

Text objects no longer overlap associative notes when you use the
Freeplace command.

•The Restart freeplace command was missing from the Edit menu in
the French environment. This has been fixed.


Release Notes
Tekla Structures 11.3 Precast Concrete Detailing

Drawing views

•Sometimes Tekla Structures created empty section views in addition
to the existing section views. If you deleted such a section view, the
actual section view with the same label was deleted. This has been

•Tekla Structures created overly large section, detail, 3D and drawing
views in situations where a reinforcing bar was partially visible.

•Creating undeformed drawings of parts that were not deformed could
have resulted in incorrect drawing views. This has been fixed.

•If the main part of an assembly was rising exactly in a 45 degree
angle, using the model coordinate system turned the drawing view
upside down. This has been fixed.

•Sometimes when the work plane was moved from the global origin,
included single part views had a very large drawing view frame around
them. This has now been fixed, and the work plane does not affect the

•When you place a section view, detail view or a view that you have
created using the Create view from view command, you can now see
clearly where you are about to place the view. A symbol representing
the view that you are about to place now follows the mouse pointer
and shows the location where the view will be placed.


•Now the dimension line circular arrows are drawn with the same color
as the dimension line.

Release Notes


Tekla Structures 11.3 Precast Concrete Detailing

•It is again possible to display decimal values for inches in dimensions.

Reinforcing bar marks now follow the reinforcing bar dimension line
correctly when you change the dimension line location.

•Creating dimension marks for reinforcing bars did not work correctly
in Tekla Structures 11.2. This has been fixed.

Selecting drawing objects

•If you added drawing objects to an empty general arrangement draw-
ing, they disappeared and reappeared if only if you added a view in
the drawing. This has been fixed.

•Tekla Structures now displays the pop-up menu when you select two
welds and one additional drawing object in the Drawing Editor of an
assembly drawing.

Drawing part properties

•Changing the Type on the Fill tab in Drawing part properties dialog box
from Automatic to some other fill type gave incorrect results for pro-
files with holes (for example RHS profiles). This has been fixed.

Drawing layout

•Now when you double-click a drawing title block, Tekla Structures
displays a message to make sure that you want to start editing the
information with Template Editor

•In general arrangement drawings, when you pressed the Modify but-
ton after you had selected ga as the Layout option and Specified size
as the Size definition mode in the General - layout properties dialog
box, the title block was no longer visible in the drawing. This has
been fixed.


Release Notes
Tekla Structures 11.3 Precast Concrete Detailing

Placing text in drawings

•When you created text with the Text along line command with an
arrow at the start point, the arrow would point the wrong way if you
picked the points from right to left. This has been fixed.


New parts that you added to a model were not always added to an
existing multi-drawing even if you updated the drawing. This has
been fixed.

•On rare occasions linking drawings that contained single part views
to a multi-drawing generated an application error. This has been

Associative notes

•When you create associative notes, the temporary snap override no
longer stays activated after you have picked the first position of the
leader line.

•On some occasions the box around an associative note was overlap-
ping the part. This has been fixed.

Drawing Classifier

•The Drawing Classifier did not create part marks for secondary parts
when you had set the visibility of the mark in all views to always.
This has been fixed.

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