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Makin’ jam in the blues kitchens Sea Nee een eee Sree uo Cd ATOR Sao Se eek ene eine ae een omer et Nao Deen eee na Cee teen (ones Arts and Cultural Calendar jog 18 1 geod ea of eg han at te pag 18 oain Pay Ao 0 a8 201, a tir twas plank, at festwval place) the bid). ng dog and the pumpkin 30 the pose, not 14 ye, the breath, atthe grand open ' latest yoga stucio, Be Yoga, on wc of Jan. 8 nsoned yoo space, where que, fireplace js stuclo with paintings und aystem that vistors were greeted by ac and couch, followed by @ ara track the wall and a makes you Sel 2 bor 14 AGE Magazine | Presented by The Daily News Whether thera to make good on recent Now for to maintain. practice, people ‘were thereto sweat and feel good about ft ~ and ‘themaeives, t00, which Is really what yoga Is all about. (Hint: Yoga means “union”| And me? As an vis yoo who had overnculged in nolisay ‘tho lt for the hopefully and as one who couldn’ res vation, | asthe ming Fide, taught yoga tvng legenai Shiva Rea, among others led students trough a calming Vinyasa Flow class offered a much welcomed multilevel approach for those who needed to take it up ~ or down = notch, and modifications that made the asanas, or poses, relevant for everyone. These inclided @ generous sampling of sun salutes, gentle twists, triangle poses and side planks, which fecused on core and alignment, and crescent poses, or geile backbends. An attentive teacher, Haley understands how the ind can wan der, and focuses her approach on the mental and spirtual aspects of yoga as vell asthe physical "You are here now,” she repeated at hoy moments that worked for me, just when | found myself citing slighty toward thoughts ofthe nore d'oeuvres being offered atthe reception later on. “Be one with your mat, that’s what its all about, she sai. ‘That was all | needed. My mat and | wero one, Cool Brian Aganad's packed “intoligant Flow’ class (Check out htip/wwa youtube. comvinteligentiow) that followed offered a tare contrast to Lisa's lass, with 2 unique twist to tradtional yoga poses that were physicaly challenging. Agana, recently relocated fam Los Angelos, otared core work and rapid succession of poses that kept you on your toes ~ Itealy, with quick traneltone, which eur. prisod mo ~ sun salutes, dolphin poses, seated Chairs, you name it. But they well-ehereegraphed, ‘and with greet progression from one pose to the ‘ext, £0 that you almest beleved you coud really oll, andi net, you were going to go fort anyway. had to doa quick check inthe mimor several timos to make sure! was stil hanging i, ancl on ‘Yup, | was oti ther, "You might hate me now, but you'l ove me \whon tis ie over." Agenad offered during a patic= Lary challenging core sequence, also referencing that holiday eggnog latte as motivation. (Note to se: Don't laugh, you need ta hold plank pose one ‘more minute.) On the serious side, be reminded Us that yoga is all about making your life betor When you leave class.“ you had a problem that was bothering you when you eame in, and now it doesn't seem so bad - well hen, you had a good yoga class Yooa in the Bay Area and In Silicon Vall Is hot” right now (hot yoga Included, an t's no sur prise that new stucios are springing upto moot tho demand. Haley, whose studio opened last November (with a prior location in Menlo Park} is thrilled with the enthusiastic repenee trom the Community, and is responding in kind, offering a wide variety of classos and top-noten teachers. Whats hot right now aro Power and Vinyasa classes," she sald, "wlth Anusara and Yin on the fie." Yn, which originated in Japan, is @ met tive style that Involvos nolaing poses for extend periods, while Anusara is a distinct type of flow clas that focuses on hatha yoga and aligamant. Originally ftom Los Angeles and a resident of Palo Alto ince 1994, Haley Ie not surprised atthe tsing popularty of yoga in Silicon Vale, and the Bay Area, for that matter. “This area has alvay’s been very opan to yoge,” she sas, “it's always been an area of innovation, of inteligence, a place where trends aro started.” ‘Shery! Nonnanberg, an art historian who has ben practicing in Slicon Vallay tor the last 10 years and was carted et Palo Ato's Avalon st dio, teaches a class that le “halt Yin, halt Vinyasa," answoring the call for athietiolam com bined with spituaty “Ive seen a dofirito rie in popularty in youe ‘over the last 10 yoare," che sald, “particularly in Pao Alto, whore, with all the high-tech energy, people really n2ed aplaco to unwind to not be on al the time.” So, how am I doing attor three houre of Vinyasas? My lags are seein a goo way, my min fedls alert and | feel poppy wring this article, tke the words are kind of faaing the own flew ~ no um intended, actualy f00! ko | coud at ati ant read for along time, and | fee to0 good to watch television, Plu, my waltno fools lice it's receded Just a bl, my December Biche Nod! @ happy but ow more distant memory, n a nutzhel, | fee ait tle more tke... myset? I thats “oneness,” 20 be it Caine Jane Fckt is a wer eco, communica aoe har on Tarr Sarownto, Ts or Yoga Beginners 1. Fir ateacher and style that yok, at stk ith Le ning or any kindof ents, you can ei to habit. The more you preces,the more you wel te preci 2.Be patent wth yours and dont wary aout boing port. Yoga snot anette perc pose, ts ‘bout re journey. ad eoing a oneness wth yours, 1 Accept whete you at, and con’ compare yoursaf to oer peool. Besar have the advan tage f everthing being new and ferent. an they sho ercy tha an Agen ka liget Fw las af Be ge ata A on an. 821. 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