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Swami Sivananda - Thought Power

Swami Sivananda - Thought Power

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Published by: dream1968 on Feb 07, 2011
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Thought exerts its influence over the body. Grief in the mind weakens the body. Body
influences the mind also in its turn. A healthy body makes the mind healthy. If the body is sick,
the mind also becomes sick. If the body is strong and healthy, the mind also becomes healthy and

Violent fits of hot-temper do serious damage to the brain cells, throw poisonous chemical
products into the blood, produce general shock and depression and suppress the secretion of
gastric juice, bile and other digestive juices in the alimentary canal, drain away your energy,
vitality, induce premature old age and shorten life.

When you are angry, the mind becomes disturbed. Similarly, when the mind is disturbed,
the body also becomes disturbed. The whole nervous system is agitated. You become enervated.
Control anger by love. Anger is a powerful energy that is uncontrollable by practical Vyavaharic
Buddhi, but controllable by pure reason (Sattvic Buddhi) or Viveka-Vichara.

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