Right: Ahmed Elhammady and David Fucilfo - "Schoo/'s Cool!"

Left: "C/u-u-uck ... cluck, cluck, cluck."

Far right: It's Napoleon! It's John Paul Jones! No ... it's a Jamie fan, Noah Adem, in his hat folded to exact metric specifications.

Far Left: Omar Kotb hurries to tie his shoe in the midst of a soccer game. Left: I hope this [ella is taking me to where the elephant, the donkey and the other politacal types hang out. I could sure use a break! Above: Girls'volleyball team captains, Jamie Sutherland and Nicolle Campbell, introduce their team members at the IntraKingdom Volleyball Tournament "Send-Off." Above right: "Hey, you guys, over here!" Sara Sadik and Giovanna Fernandez gleeful1y try to herd the ninth grade students to their section on the stands for the "Send Off. " Right: Heather Bursett has her radar up; she knows whats happening! Bug antennas were the gimmick for Amy Jones' Student Council campaign. Far right: Volleyball team "Send-Off" today, Broadway or Las Vegas tomorrow! Sunny Parker and Kathy Ochoa practice their high kick dance routine.

Above: Natalie Edde practices her Student Council campaign speech.

Above: "The sky is failing!" someone screams. Jervis Wiliiams saves the day. Actually was the earth(bali) that was falling during a recess game.


Page 6

Left: Yeon-Hee Kang holds up her share of the sticks! Using 12 meter sticks, a team of four people assembled a cubic meter of air and then raced around a marked course attempting to finish without letting it come undone. METRICN95 Page 7

JuniorHighScho I
Right: Rami Baya'a, Jennifer Bradley and James Godin listen as another group member expresses his views during an 8-Blue Team Meet. Below: Sixth grade girls enjoy one of the new found amenities of junior high school, the grassy knoll.

Sixth grade students measure Ziad Haddad's mass by submerging him, Archimedean style, in a tank of water.

Nathan Bollman

says, "Hello."

Erin Mahady, likewise. Top left: Jasmine Said has spent some time on both her project and her button collection. Left: Manisha Dass and Shona Wolford slide that hoop around their circle in slick fashion at a Seven Blue Team Get Acquainted Meet. Top above: "Okay, guys. Here's the plan!" Matt Lyall explains his strategy to his team. Jalal Baruni prepares to playa Japanese folksong during the Eighth Grade Identity Assembly. Middle: The seventh grade gives their best version of the SAIS-R MAMBO! Bottom: Now they watch to see if the sixth grade can top it.

Page 9

Page 8


Days filled with coming and going, observing and participating, working and playing, and learning and living.
Left: His shirt says that he is the boss, but Alex Reinke doesn't look like an unreasonable sort of guy. Below: Lasting friendships are important to young ladies. On the way to the bus parking lot, Rebecca Wolf and Amy LaCrosse discuss the experiences of their first day at school. In his computer class, Nick Solomon has just been learning how to research a topic using the encyclopedias on CD ROM. Now he waits for the printer to produce a copy of his find.

Right: Ashley Dionisio waits perhaps a little anxiously for the first day of school to begin. Far right: Judging from the size of the bookbag, Molly Morris has a lot of homework as she heads for the parking lot after the first day of school. Below: Danna Quinibi observes as one of her classmates dissects and examines owl pellets in fourth grade science class.



Above: Sometimes, just acting silly is part of being an intermediate school student. Kate Miller and Melanie Pearsall see an opportunity to get the photographer's attention with some antics at the playground pavillion. Right: Jumping rope is a learned skill, but some people have to try harder than others. Diederik grimaces as he concentrates, while Rebecca smiles like it is a piece of cake.

Above: Gina Nor and Lauren Burton clap out the . rhythm of "It's a Grand Old Flag" in third grade music. Left: The Intermediate Library has a new cataloging system on computer, and the students love it. Basak Kizilisik types in her search information while other students line up and anxiously wait their turn to try it out.
Page 11

Page 10


Right: Feras Ghandour plants are growing very class was studying and plants in stages from mature, fruit-producing his bean well. Mr. Piper's fifth grade completing a project about the germinating seed to the plant (beans, in this case).
is a happy farmer;

Intermediate students take on some pretty serious studies and projects.

Puckering up and blowing is not quite all that is involved in playing a clarinet. Ruth Bleakley practices fingerings and warms up for wind instrument class by playing scales.

"Look at that, man! Cool!" marvels Roy Hegger as he checks out the new cataloging system in the intermediate library. "I wonder if there are any Batman comics on there." Zaid Nabulsi has already found what he was looking for.

Stephanie Eason happily draws a family portrait in the art room during "Back to School Night. "

In fourth grade science, Mr. Lawson's class dissected owl pellets to determine just what it was that owls ate. Naazneen Iqbal is following scientific procedure and donning her latex gloves. What they found were tiny skulls, femurs, tibias and other tiny bones, plus mouse fur and feathers.

Tala Soubra beams, "This is me! And this is my desk!" as she shows her parents her own effigy seated at her desk. On Back to School Night, students take their parents to all their classrooms, show them the work they have been doing and introduce them to their teachers.

Learning to play the clarinet is fun, but there are more things to do before you can play than Noor Malas ever dreamed there would be. First you have to put the reed in your mouth and start getting it all softened up. While doing that, the instrument needs to be assembled very carefully so that the keys line up properly. When the reed is ready it has to be placed just perfectly on the mouthpiece and held while the ligature is over the reed to hold it in place. Whew! Now ... start to do some warmup scales and exercises!
Page 12

deer, a female deer, re.. a drop of sun, mi, a name [ call myself, fa, a to run ... " Hilaf Eid sings and handfavorite song from The Sound of his third grade music class.

While we are talking about all these serious studies and projects, let's not forget two very important things-lunch and baseball! Looks like this fifth grade team has finished the first of these and is ready to go play some ball!
Page 13

Prima rySchOOI
1. 2

Visit our Kindergarten I, Kindergarten II, Grade 1 and Grade 2, and find out what a great day we're having!


1. "Is anyone going to push me, or do have to do this myself?" wonders Shane Hope. 2. Loni Mercedes Ayers has a confident smile for the first day of school. 3. Salar Yaraghi obviously 4. Areej introduces knows his way around campus.


her panda bear to a new friend on the first day of school.

5. "I really wanted a hot dog and beans for my cowboy campout, but mom gave me the standard peanut butter and jelly," Danny confides. 6. Lalla makes an elegant entrance on the first day at school. 7. Green stand up! Red sit down! Yellow sit down! Students pop up and sit down along with a very happy song in Mrs. Sandberg's class. 8. "I wonder what new tricks I can show my teacher this year?" wonders Vinny Ta/amas. 9. "Oh where has summer vacation gone?" wonders Daniel Nor on the first day of school. 10. ''This sandwich is so good. My mom really knows how to make them," says Annie Brewerton at the Kg [ Teddy Bear Picnic. 11. Robyn is ready for some lively ring dances in Kg I. 12. Ryan Hiser is ready to spring into action on his way to class. 13. "I'd sure like to go here for my next vacation," dreams Baseer as he paints his valleys and rivers. 14. Rebecca smiles for the camera on bacle to school night. 15. Cowboy Mikkel says "Go ahead, make my day." 16. Learning to read is fun for Nicki Ozaki. 17. "Okay! Round 'em up and head 'em out," says cowboy Alex Wi/son. 18. Finn Welch looks for his pony as he heads to the cowboy campout.

Page 14

Page 15










1. h_hrista is ready for £how at the h_owboy h_ookout. It's "C" week in Kg 1. 2. Emily looks a bit apprehensive as she waits for day two of Kindergarten to begin. 3. "1guess school will be okay," thinks Brittany as she musters a pretty smile through a few tears. 4. "I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date!" puffs Ali as he hurries from the bus parking lot. 5. Do you have any more good campfire stories for our campout, Mrs. Woelfel? 6. Jamie dances happily at the Teddy Bear Picnic. 7. "It's time to put the beach ball away and get back to school, " admits Alexandria on the first day of school. 8. "Okay, nean nag, it's up to you. Just let me catch you and we'llnoth be happy," thinks Jackson Arlidge. He tries his nest to Iceep up with the Bean Bag March during "B" week in Kg l. 9. "School is a lot of fun, James. l promise! Just come on and get off the bus, " pleads sister Aimee. She eventually carried her little brother off the bus and toward the class line-up area. 10. l.2alance a nean tag on your nean, Hadley and Hura. It's a "B" week assignment! 11. "Put the nean nag on my knee, talance and keep marching to the music. Concentrate! How are we supposed to march with a bean bag on our knee?" wonders Mikkel. 12. "This is my very first Cowboy Campout!" exclaims Aya. 13. Mizna looks confident in Grade 1. 14. Emily is ready to show Dad her classroom at "Back to School Night. " 15. Khalid wonders why Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Teller have chicken bones in their pockets at Poetry Break. Pretty silly isn't it? They also had poems in their heads! 16. Sei], how can anyone look so gloomy while munching on crispy treats? 17. Gina Valente's mom reassures her that first grade is a "piece of cake. " 18. "Let's see ... for my sandcastle I'll need 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, 2 playrooms and a 4'car garage, " plans future architect Ayat Guduf.

13. Page 16

Page 17

These and the following eight pages show some of those great events which took place after the 1995 yearbook deadline. Look back to a place in the sun and remember the "good old days" of Spring 1995.

Right: Mickey and Minnie (Heather


their traditional


and Amy) make at Disney Day.

Second right: Irenie looks back to see if her friends

made it to a hoop when the music stopped.
Facing Page: Left: Kg JI-D has learned Top center: Andrea

that teamwork

can be a lot of fun.

shooshes along as quickly as she can in these shoebox shoes.

Far right: Karla tries his hardest

to stay balanced on the beam as he runs his leg of a relay race.

First and second grade students had an adventure
Below: The entrance

in"'safaripa rl<

Top right: Kapow! Muneira Bottom left: Lindsey

to Safari Park was marked by two palms. thinks that pillow fights are great fun! Middle right: Whee! It's like over the falls and into the lake below! and Austin take aim and shoot. Squirt, squirt, splat! Bottom right: Walt and Richard enjoy fishing together.

Above left: After stuffing one more ball into Andre's jumpsuit, Carl races back to the finish line. Meanwhile, Andre adjusts this lastest stuffing and checks to see if he can fit just one more ball in there somewhere. Above center: "Come on pal!" Brendan and Nathan struggle together toward the goal. Above: Brian pulls his weight in the tug 0' war.

Far left: Danna navigates


a sharp turn and Laura screeches with surprise, as cold water splashes from her banana scoop. Left: Divya's team tries to gUide a ball through the center hole of the parachute, as a stiff breeze billows the chute every way but down.
Page 19 Page 18

Surf~Up! ActivityOay95. Itwas no humdrum,

routine day for sure!
Heather Graham winds up to pitch.

In mid March Riyadh weather is superfine and students are getting that boxed-in feeling ...the urge to get out and revel in the sunshine. At SAIS-R Junior High, there is one day a year when students spend the whole day outside, playing organized games, eating and enjoying life in a somewhat less serious mode than is the everyday routine.

What Better ona Spring Day Than
Boy's Softball Team '95
Standing: Coach, Vic DiSilvestro, Ed Yazigi, Leo Garcia, Robert Shuping, Keith Welch, Reed Harris, Shawn Mussulman and Scott Jackson. Kneeling: David Jackson, Einar Bjornsson, Alan Thomson, Jalal Baruni, Bryan Fleet and Drew Tooley.

Stephanie and Shanna wait for the play.

Softba"., ...



Girls Softball Team '95
Standing: Christa Akers, Ashley Jennings, Stephanie Iacobucci, Shaleia Mitchell, Theresa Allender, Heather Adams, Heather Graham and coach, Viclcy Watters. Kneeling: Dreana Kalili, Shanna Proffitt, Dayna Sutherland, Molly Goggin-Kehm, Nicky Gibson and Megan Dickinson. Right: Morgan Benson provides spirited music. Right below: The SAIS·R Eagle and his pal, Val, have spirit to share!

Page 20

Above: Glenna Godfrey provides a spirited cheer!

Page 21

Understan in our world neighbors.
The Seven Blue Team hosted an International Fair. Embassy
representatives from around the world who serve in Riyadh came and set up displays of weavings, art, dolls in native dress,musical instruments, tools and other objects from their countries. They displayed posters, gave out brochures and answered students' questions about the country they represented. Students dressed in their own native costume. A wonderful array of ethnic foods was spread for lunch. It was a day to experience many interesting things about our neighbors in the world.


Pizza and Chopsticl(s. A shared day between SAIS·R students and students from the Japanese School in Riyadh produced some interesting exchanges. Japanese students taught SAIS·R students to hold and manipulate chopsticks and to fold an origami swan, while SAIS-R students taught them how to jump rope and shared a pizza lunch with them. Students learned th~t I~nguage barriers can be frustrating, but need not prevent communlccnon and friendly relationships.

and Caring about our1lVorld.
Wal((athon 95. On January 22, over 1000 students in grades 1-5 walked in the annual SAIS-R Charity Walkathon.
After ~onations were collected, student representatives from each fifth grade class met, studied and carefully chose the Peace Corps projects around the world which would receive funds. The projects designated to receive the help of SAIS-R stud.ents in 1995 were: five school building projects in Thatuuid, Paraguay, Kenya, Mali and Gambia; a health center in Costa Rica; an aqueduct system which will provide clean drinki~g water in the Dominican Republic; and a health educatIOn program to be offered in a school in Morocco.

One seventh grade class demonstrated the volume of our garbage by having each student in the class bring just one days' worth of their family's garbage. They piled it up on the junior high patio. Graphs and posters showed the make-up of the garbage and showed estimated kilos of garbage for Riyadh-one day, one week and one year. It was a pretty awesome total. Conclusion: We need to conserve, reuse and recycle.

Thinl( globally, act locally.

Sixth grade students purchased shrubs, flowers and planters to our school. During Earth Week, they planted them. Above, Mrs DiSilvestro's class is transplanting a palmetto along with some They certainly made a pleasant difference in the looks of our school.

Do.n'tpollute our oceans! Artists seated at the .bottom of their sea (from left to right) are. Lauren Conne_lly, Ashley Stewart, Ashley FranCIS, Denisse Iacobucci, Maleeha Ahmad Ruth !3leakle~, ~Ills?n Bowman, Katie Filkins, Ray Benson, Diana Funk, Cheri Garcia, U~e Naqv[ and COItlm Hier: Not shown were Amanda Ankrom, Juliet Armour and Joe Tannir.
Don't Pollute! On a wall between the buildings, students designed and painted t keeping our oceans clean.

Page 23

Page 22

Big productions!
Day with the Arts
Day with the Arts was an array of all the visual arts and all the performing arts of all ages of students at SAIS-R ...all laid out and happening in one day. Every possible venue was scheduled with drama, mime, music and displays of drawings, paintings, art prints, batiks, sculpture and masks. The gymnasium became a combination gallery/concert hall. The Russell Building, library, music rooms, hallways and junior high patio all were the scene of art and performing art displays of great variety. It was a highlight event of the Spring of 1995, to say the least.

Schools month

March is Music in our
In March the music department planned daily musical events which were shared by different age groups.
Far top left: In the beginning of the month, SAIS-R hosted the Intra-Kingdom Band Festival. Left: One of many "mini·concerts" was a square dance session. Lower left: Fifth grade saxophones performed for one "mini-concert." Below: The culminating event was the elementary "All School SingAlong. " What an experience!

Fitness Frenzy
Wellness Week was a week long emphasis on healthy lifetime habits, sponsored by the physical education department. All sorts of activities were offered in way that was fun, but also enlightening. The culmination of the week was the Fitness Frenzy.
Right: Children in grades 1-5 partiCipate in a mass aerobics exercise routine led by second grade teacher Terri Wylie.

Drama productions
Drama productions, with or without music are a springtime favorite, in all age groups.
Left to right: In the musical production of "The Trial of the Big Bad Wolf," Rashad Riman (the wolf) pleads his innocence. In an outdoor preview of the musical comedy, Suzanne Morgan sings "Give him a Break!" Junior high students tried out an interesting form of play, the melodrama. The audience was booing the villain at the time of this photo. Mrs, Schmersahl's fourth grade class performed their "Old West" musical production.

Page 24

Joshua Coddington played the farmer in Mrs. Davidovich's third grade class' version of "Charlottes" Web."

There were some special days and sQecial events In the spring of1995.
It rained! It really rained. In some parts of the world we would say we had a gullywasher. For a while Lake SAIS~R stretched between the junior high and elementary buildings. Some people didn't seem to know what to do and just stood in it. getting soaked.

Some special visitors came to SAIS-R. On facing page, Mr. Walter E. Fauntroy, a former United States Congressman and renowned civil rights leader, spoke to eighth grade students about how one person can make a difference in the world. At left, Mr. Lawrence Curtis, the originator and curator of the Oasis Science Museum here in Riyadh, came to give a lecture for the entire fourth and fifth grades about the natural history of Saudi Arabia. One of the highlights of the assembly was that each child was allowed to pet the live monitor lizard which Mr. Curtiss was holding as they filed out of the Russell Building. At left below, the brightest students in SAIS~Runior High J participated in the intra- Kingdom Knowledge Bowl compention. Shown here are Knowledge Bowl team hopefuls practicing for the event.

Projects were completed. Mrs. Nuttalls students each wrote and illustrated a book. After School Activity-Paper Airplanes, had flydays to >···.··.:'·:"':::·\:···.;.·.;~t test their work. Third, fourth and fifth grade students participated in Science Share and constructed elaborate science experiments with display boards to explain their findings. Ninth grade students built solar ovens and cooked on the dirt field, then ate the results. Mr. Cedarlunds students (on facing page) tested their toothpick bridges to see how much weight they would support without breaking.

And of course, there was graduation! On June 5, r 995, one hundred fifty-six students gathered in the elegant Buraida Room at the InterContinental Hotel in Riyadh and were graduated from the ninth grade at Saudi Arabian International School. In attendance at this auspicious occasion were many friends, teachers, parents, brothers and sisters. Graduate Shawn Mussulman above, has a hug for his little sis, Gina.

Page 26

Page 27

"Metrica" was an all day math and science event which was a great way to learnwith friends!

It's great to see old friends on the first day of school. Bobby Shuping and Serge Ka/laghlian have a wave and a greeting.

Christoffer Bergfors Emilie Bergstrand Thiago Bittencourt Cory Blomenkamp Stephanie Boram

... our best days atSAIS-R.
Michelle Abboud Fatima Ahmad ShoebAhmad RabiaAhmed Rabiya Akhtar Mo AI-Shaman Dana Alamuddin Erika Arellano Paul Aswad

Ninth Grade Student Council Representatives: Ascending the lower stairs are Jessica Schon; Heather Bursett, Sarah Hays and Moiz Mustafa. Meredith Vondra, Samantha Hay and Duaa Haggag are standing on the upper flight of stairs. Not shown here are Sean Younger, Natalie Grisham, Rabia Yazdanie and Rabia Ahmed.

Aysegul Budak Audelyn Budiharcjjo Heather Bursett Gomen Buyukkantarcioglu Nichof/e Campbell

Joseph Carreira Muna Chowdhury Lacey Coffins Prisha Dass Dina Diab

Nathalie Edde Ahmed Efhammady Lisa Engstrom

FadyAziz Waseem Baig Rebecca Bastin Brian Bearese Morgan Benson

Sarah Farooqi Christy Ferguson Gio Fernandez Erik Feuchuk Line Flottorp

Page 30

Page 31

"Meirica" was an all day math and science event which was a great way to learnwith friends!

It's great to see old friends on the first day of school. Bobby Shuping and Serge Kalloghlian have a wave and a greeting.

Christoffer Bergfors Emilie Bergstrand Thiago Bittencourt Cory Blomenkamp Stephanie Boram

...our best days


Ninth Grade Student Council Representatives: Ascending the lower stairs are Jessica Schorr, Heather Burselt, Sarah Hays and Moiz Mustafa. Meredith Vondra, Samantha Hay and Duaa Haggag are standing on the upper flight of stairs. Not shown here are Sean Younger; Natalie Grisham, Rabia Yazdanie and Rabia Ahmed.

Aysegul Budak Audelyn Budihardjo Heather Bursett G6khan Buyukkantarcioglu Nicholle Campbell

Joseph Carreira Michelle Abboud Fatima Ahmad ShoebAhmad RabiaAhmed Rabiya Akhtar Mo AI-Shaman Dana Alamuddin Erika Arellano Nathalie Edde Ahmed Elhammady Lisa Engstrom Muna Chowdhury Lacey Collins Prisha Dass

FadyAziz Waseem Baig Rebecca Bastin Brian Bearese Morgan Benson

Sarah Farooqi Christy Ferguson Gio Fernandez Erik Feuchuk Line Flottorp

Page 30

Page 31

Goooood Morning, SAIS-R:
SAIS-R Junior High students were often greeted in the mornings by Abe and Marcus reading the announcements. Sunday all-school outdoor lunch on the bleachers--a good way to end the morning and an excellent time to hang out with friends.

Sarah and Erika are looking bright and fresh and ready to tackle the day. "Happy birthday, Nichollef" from your pals Christy, Heather, Natalie, Noor, Sarah and Sarah (clockwise, from top left). "Sorry, but we decorated the wrong locker." Hyo-Jeong and Jin-Ah share an interesting story while waiting for school to begin.

Aaron Foreman Mike Fucillo Patrick Gemmell Lea Ghandour Molly Goggin

Chia-Chi Hwang Stephanie Iacobucci Mona Ilahie Nadia Jamil Noor Javed

AmerGohar Natalie Grisham Natalie Grist Sara Grondin OuaaHaggag

Ronald Javier Ellinor Jivung Mikkel Jemer Amy Marie Jones Serge Ka//oghJian

Henrik Hakansson Jakub Hanusiewicz Samantha Hay Sarah Hays

Yeon-Hee Kang Magdy Kassem Tamim Katma Jumana Kawmy Cristina Keleshian

Markus Heikkila Alejandro Hernandez Faria Humayra Tariq Huq Tahira Hussain

Yvette Khalil Ayesha Khan Bila/ Khan Fahd Khan Usman Khan

Page 32

Page 33

Air, fire and water. Ninth grade is into the elements. Trans- net8!cc. .. ·> porting a cubic meter of air around a race course is not as easy as it sounds when you do it the hard way. High flying plans for their hot air balloon went up in flames for Laura and her teammate. Here, Abe, douse that fire, will you? But don't set that hair afire.

"Metrica" involved several problems involving water. One was transporting a plank of cups full of water around an obstacle course. of the teams took out a little revenge on their opponents by dousing them, which wasn't all bad on a hot sunny morning!

Abe Mousavizadegan

Helen Kovaleski Laura Kovatch

Joey Naaman Natalie Naccarati

HanneKure Hyun-Na Kwon Le Lee Christine Nioer Joacim Ayman Nielsen Nouri

Jennifer Seunq-Hoon

Emma Leppajoki

Kathy Ochoa



Petter O/munger Hanna Ofofsson Palmer Parhar

Alim Malek Stephanie Marquez

Stephanie Rupinder

Gillian Martin Euan McLean

Sunny Parker

Marc Mikhae! Carolyn Mitchell Jason Moore Shermeen Motan

Saima Pasha

Badr Moukalfed

Shanna A. Proffitt

Page 34

Page 35

In another project, students wrote a script for a movie, "Are Teenagers at Risk?" Shown at left are Min-Han Lee and Taja Sheikh taping the Science Buddy projects and an interview of Shari! Kotb by Gabe Rathweg. Mr. Welch's science class built experiments to share with delighted third grade students. Audelyn Budihardjo (far left) instructs her science buddies to close one eye and tell what they see in an experiment dealing with depth perception and other visual phenomena.

Silvia Puailli Michael Ramsay Gabriel Lawrence Rathweg Deepa Rattehalfi Chad Reinke

Eric Stoetzer Jamie Sutherland Rob Russeff Bradford Thomas Sean Thomas

Sonia Sarna Anna Saukkonen Jessica Schorr Taha Sheikh

Jenny Valentine Sebasoan Verghese Christian Vilstrup Meredith Vondra Maria Wallace

SeemaSheth Songwon Shin Howard Shores Bobby Shuping Tarek Soubra

Daniel Wiberg Jervis Williams Rabia Yazdanie Sean Younger Zeynep YLiceozsoy

Page 36

Page 37

Tracldng wild animals in Lailcipia. What the group didn't realize at first was that the elephant they were watching (inset) was watching them back... and he soon chargedl

Treld(ing in Nepal. The whole group paused to record this moment. The peak of Fishtail Mountain in the beautiful Annapurna Range rises behind them.


Above: Morgan Benson, Maria Placht, Hanne Kure and Shanna Proffitt enjoy a community shower courtesy the elephant!

Amy Jones, Meridith Vondra and Mike Mrosczcak brought back a little something from the livestock auction for the cooks to prepare. Unfortunately they forget the old rule, "Never name your dinner!" Fresh, warm and frothy! Jin-Ah Seo tries camel milk in a gourd cup. Left from above: Whife lions roar in the not so distant bush campers huddle together around the ' campfire. 'There ~ safety in numbers, isn't there?" It is the morning after a night under the stars. Everyone is chipper and ready to get started! Right? Crossing the river into Chitwan National Parle Dugout canoe was the mode of transport 'Whoa ••• TILT! Which leg is going to get up next?" Stephanie Boram (in white hat) and Rubie Parhar (in front) rodeo on a camel at the ranch. A real gourmet feast of fresh crayfish caught on the 01 Ari Nyiro Ranch was a welcome change from eland stew and eland burgers. Sarah Hays. always prepared, brought the perfect "Cajun sauce," Page 39

Mike Fucil10 and Serge Kafloghlian found some funky hats in Katmandu,

Crossing the river again. This time elephants bear the burden. Trelddng through a Nepali Village. Seema Sheth and Mrs. Moreau visit with school childern and their teachers, Rafting on the Trisuli River. Sara Sadik and Erika Arellano stop rowing to pose with their gUide. Page 38


Grade Student Council Representatives

Shakeel Ahmed Abdul Munaim AI-Khudairi Nejla AI-Rashid Naji AJamuddin Aizaz Afi

Left to right: Johan Mathew, Annie Yousuf, Ryan Martinson, Myong Kim and Neil Vora. Not pictured: Nodya Boy/co, David Greenberg, Nikki Callaway, KyJie Stewart and Koren O'Grady.

Sarah Allen Nick Anderson Bifl Angefogiannos Nadia Ansari Lindsay Amona

Team Eight Blue decides during the first week of school.
on a mascot

MoAsad FadiAshkar Peter Aswad Hemma Aunaruth Nick Bachand

James Byme Nikki CafJaway Christina Carlsson Laura Christensen Ji Young Choi

Omar 8achour Kurt-Young 8ae Afi 8aig Lai/a Baig Sarah 8argabos

Chris Cohenour Jo Collier Evelyn Copeland Khalil Dabat

Ja/al Baruni Rami Baya'a Adam Bemard Joshua Beyea Lucas Bittencourt

SamerDaouk Louie Daughtry Don DeBeer Emily de Moor

Marcus Dockter Nodya Boyko Jennifer Bradley Leonard Budihardjo Andrew Buren Constance Elshall Bobby Elshall Jeremy Dooley

Page 41 Page 40

"Just leaf it to us!" shout Kyle and Mo at their Eight Blue team meeting.

"Yum! A banana a day ... " Nodya Boyko scarfs hers down before the Eight Gold Bananas team meeting.

"You see what on the roof of Building D? Come on, we're looking at the day-time moon. Right? Let us see!" Eighth grade scientists practiced using a telescope.

"Soft taco, anyone?" offers Euey at the United Nations Day ethnic foods feast.

Naila Farooqui Peter Faulhaber Linda FJeldseth Nick Fontaine Megan Forsdyke

Kerry Hogan Annette Hollowell Ian Hooten Joel Hudspeth

Nader Gammas Amin Ghazal Natafia Gigena Glenna Godfrey James Godin

Jung Hwan Hwang Fatima Hyder Faisaf I/ahie Sara Ismail

Lauren Gordon David Greenberg RamzyHafez RaefHagg2g Fawaad Haider

ZahidJafry Kenneth Jeppesen Jenny Johansson JoniJohns

Wafid Hamouda J.J. Harrison April Hathcock Sarah Hatoum Oyuky Anahi Hernandez

Page 43 Page 42


at you •••

Page 44: Top left: Ooooh! Cameras must be a pretty scary sight for fo/les, like Sen nay Tewolde. right: Christina Carlsson, Jennifer Bradley and Mo Asad Wheaties for lunch and they want to show some muscle! row, Left: All eyes on Jalal Baruni. Student Council officers was on this day and his name was just as the new treasurer. Oyuky Anahi Hernandez is looking at you! Raef Haggag is looking for a trade of lunch items.

Page 45: Left: David Greenberg, Nej/a AI~Rashid, Kylie Stewart and Bonn Poole are so excited to be back at school, they are beside themselves with glee. Right: Kyle Jorrey waves "Hey!" as K. C. O'Grady is looking at you too!

Banafshe Kermanshah Jawad Khalif Farah Khan Sanaa Khan Sarah Khan

Ryan Martinson Mohamed Matar Johan Mathew Bassem Mazloum Sana Mirza

Shahid M. Khan UmairKhan Imran Khawaja Do-Kyung Kim

5eong-Tae Moon Molly Moreau Alexis Morrison Gina Mussulman Pamela Naaman

Tabitha Noe Teline Norikian Nosheen Ladha RoyLans Karen O'Grady Aakash Parekh

Sarah Mach/ab Mariam Mahmoud Abby Marcato Dee Jay Marcelino

Joo Yean Park Christina Parowczenko Shareen Patel Sai Pidatala

Page 45 Page 44

From Far left to right: Just couldn't wait to get started! Lauren Gordon must have been the first student on campus checking out homeroom assignments. James Godin and Omar Bachour check to see if by chance they are in homeroom together. No ... no such luck! James Byrne seems satisfied with his assignment. Molly Moreau and Glenna Godfrey pause to chat on court three. Sana Kazmi faces the audience and readies to play at the bands' winter music assembly. , Ryan Kulkarni drives toward the basket in physical education class. "End of the day ... well, almost. There is all that homework to do!" Emily de Moor heads to the parking lot after schoo!. Yusuf Sheikh HaeJin Shin Mona Shums

Penelope Spurgeon Bonn Poole Duncan Power Cuneyt Poyraz Jeff Prioleau Kristen Proctor Sunita Sreekumar Mark Starnes Kylie Stewart Oau Sujinda

Ryan Sykes Seema Qadri Bfake Quinn Nathan Raines Chris Ramos Nahid Tacettin A,yssa Taecker Sennay Tewo/de Thomas Thompson Flores
i. I'

Hannes Tol/borg Samir Rayes Christian Reyes Steve Rocha Mary Rodriguez Katarina Rykowska Paul Trowbridge Mark Turner Rene Vermeire Neil Vora

Jeff Yeatman Betty Sadiklan Yasmine Said Leontine Schalk Tala Semaan Sana Shamsi
Page 47 Page 46

Firas Zan tout Maya Zakharia Hanna Zfjlstra

Ahmed Baghdadi Nadeem Bakhshi Farrukh Bandey Belal Baya'a Timothy Bearese

Seventh Grade Student Council Representatives: Ascending from center front: Janine Schenk, Sherwet Witherington, Meera Doraiswamy, Natalie Blair, Jerome Davidouich, Fadi Abousaleh and Khaled Eid.



Jenny Berggren Marcus Bergstrand Natalie Blair Nathan Bollman John Bongiovi

Dominique Bovens David Aboudiwan Fadi Abousaleh IhabAhmed Sarah Ahmed Emir Boydag
,, :1:



I; Iii

ru , ~i

Brendan Butz Matthew Byrne Hussam AI-Mayman Moudhy AI-Rashid Paisley Callow Dimi Chantziantoniou Dan Charupa . II


Natasha Alfred [(haled Atyan samerAudeh

Kemran Chaudhry Berkeley Chavez Andy Chharing

Jessica Christensen Muntasar Ayaz Victor S.Ayers Abraham Azam Hyun Joo Baek Ji Yeun Chung Christine Collins Justin Conry Penny Creel

Page 49 Page 48

Right: Ben Allen strides across the barriers in the parking lot, heading toward the first school day of 1995/96 at SAIS-R.

Below: Nadeem Ladki has found his homeroom
assignment in spite of the crowd in front of the class lists. Now, awaiting the beginning of the day, he talks with his father.

Left: In an early Seven Blue Team meeting, Marc Mostert participated in a game of Pass the Hoop. Whoops! Where's the hoop?

Below: Outdoor lunch ... it's just the same as last year. Hot sun, a sandwich, some Juice and chips and hanging out with lots of good friends.

Dana Dabat Hadi Darwiche Manisha Dass Jerome Davidovich Nikko/ette Davis

Alfred J. Felipe III Ryan Filkins Jill Flickinger Wally Frank John Fuller

Joelte de Cordier Bahaa Diab Meera Doraiswamy Ben Doyle Shawn Duggal

Chris Galvanin

Muhammed Ghumman Marcus Gillett

Kim Eaton Kha{ed Eid Kariem EJ-Boghdadly Merhan E/-Ramahi Marieke Erbe

Rosemary Girgis Eden Girma

Josh Escude Mark Fakhri Mariam Farage MarwaFayed Rehab Fayed

Alison Hawkins Ian Heinz Syed Kazim Hussain imran Ibrahim

Page 50 Page 51

Three cheers for Dana Dabat and Arij Moukalled as they complete the last constructions on a piece of sculpture before it is to go on display in front of the Library Media Center.

Jessica Parker has pushed up her sleeves and turned her cap around. That can only mean that she is down to some serious measuring at Metrica/9S.

Michelle Gardner and Mariam Farage are enjoying the first Blue Team meeting of the year. Ritwik Rastogi in the background is also really fired up to go! At a Seven Gold Team meeting, Dominique Bovens and others help Christine Collins ouer a "don't touch" barrier. The object was to learn to think creatively and to work with and trust team members.

Renad Jabaji ZainJafry Huda S.Jangda Jildau Jelsma Kenneth Jones

Hae-Jung Lee Jong-Bae Lee Kit-Hoot» Lee Young-Kwang Lee Johan Lenjesson

Celia Joyner Mohammad Kakwan Malak Kanaan Tirno Karjalainen Priscilla Kauling

Anna Leppajoki Lauren Love Jane Lyall Erin Mahady Zein Malas

Rashad Kawmy Armand Keleshian Ramjit Khairah Christine Khouri Hye-Yun Kim

Samra Malik Pat Manning David McClain fII Benish Memon

Ali Mirza Rana Ko/eilat Mattias Kristensson Nadia Kuba Nadeem Ladki Aamir Mohammad Salman Mohiuddin Marc Mostert Noumaan Motan

i i!

:i .,
Page 53

Page 52

Meera Doraiswamy and Ritwik Rastogi's hands all have a job to do in the estimating and measuring problems presented to students at Metrica/95. Far right: Ali Samee and Minna Sahi work together on a lab experiment in science class.

Right: Imran Ibrahim,

Far left: "We're on the beam! Now what?" Left: Jong-Bae Lee and Wissam Nairn give it all they have in a music program just before Winter Break. "We wish you a happy holiday!" Below: Santa's elf (Natalie Blair) took time off to join in the holiday music.

Matt Parkhurst Michael Patt Ramlah Poonawalla Juliette Paulus Arij Moukalled Diane Mroszczak Jessica Nacarati Wissam Naim Danny Naizghi Alex Proctor Anthony Racaniello Zara Rahman Ritwik Rastogi


Meagan Reed Samer Naoshy Karim Amin Nasr Sarah Nusairat Juliana Oliveira Viktor Olsson Deena Reichel Adam Renshaw Nour Rifai I(iran Rizvi

Sherwin Rubio Mona Oshalla MinJie Ouh Anuja Palkar Lillian Palmer Terry Ray Palmer, Jr. Walid Saab Imran Saadi MinnaSahi Ali Samee

Serge Sarkoyan Benny Palmeri John Pappion Aashish Parekh Kyung-Hee Park Jessica Parker
Page 55 Page 54

Cagatay Sayin Floris Schalk Janine Schenk Aaron Schmersahl

Peter Pagh Schultz You Lee Seo Lina Shaar KrystalA. Shaffer Akbar Shah

Sixth grade students researched a famous person and presented an oral report dressed as the person they had researched. Far left: Shaden Mustafa learned about Eleanor Roosevelt. Left: Sherif Andretta reported on Julius Caesar.

Fahad Shaikh

Joshua Shemenski Vivek Shrihari

Ken Lawrence-Emanuel Teacher Grade Level Coordinator

Lana Subaiti J6hanna Svansd6ttir William Treadway Jamie Trowbridge Cosmo Valente

Annan Aboul-Nasr Ibrahim AI-Rashid Sherif Andretta ZahraAyubi Emad Aziz Fahim .1

r i


Alexander Vilstrup Kyle Wald Hee-Jai Wang Mike Webb Bianca Wiberg John Baig Matt Boren Umair Chughtai Michael Figures Danielle Gentile

Ian Wiebe Jeiree Williams Sherwet Witherington Leah Wolford· Shona Wolford Sarah Graner Miguel Hermann Jarett Holmes Josh Lewis Josh Manning

Jennifer Wright Jae Heun Yoo Gregory Young Mashael Zaidi Ted Thibodeau

M. Emad Zia

Page 57

Johnny cakes for breakfast ...ymmm!

Janelle Carothers Teacher

Mitch Brennan Teacher

Noor Abdul-Samad Nathan Brown Sadia Chaudry Lindsey Douglas Brian Flannery

Nabila'!\yaz Anna Boyar Scott Buchanan Alice Chlouk Angie Daouk

Taurean Davis Joseph iecooucci Zainub Ibrahim Marie Jansson Sung-Hee Lee Evan Holmes Wayez Mahmud Patrick Moores Zehra Naqvi Sa-Ron Park Michael Rocha Shannon Hoover Matthew Lyal/ Aja Marcato Jonathan MefJergard Noha E/-Khatib Fidan Elcioglu Mostafa Efhammady Austin Hess

Fahad Oureshi Nathan Schorr Dheera Venkatraman Angela Scandrett

Page 59 Page 58

Deborah Alsado Teacher

Bil/ Hartz Teacher

Mohammad Abdul-Rab Mahmoud AI-Khatib Jennifer Bowen Usa Christensen Eric Edington-Hryb

Tamim Abdul-Majid Elizabeth Barney Page Cassin Ahmad Chaudry Michael Connelly

Ziad Haddad Sabeen Islam Lorraine Javalera Grace Kuo Randy Lewis

Matthew Cunningham Matthew De Bellefeuille Wae! Diab FadyFarid Danny Hay

Yu-Wen (Amy) Liu Matthew Mode Christine Moe Phillip Owens If Cynthia Sadikian

Tomasz Kosinski Syeda Madani UmeNaqvi Miranda Richmond Shabih Rizvi



Samad Soudagar Kenneth St. John If Erica Vernon

Tarik Solomon Thamrongsit Tanwattana

Page 61 Page 60

Pam E/-Ahmadiyyah Teacher

So-Young Chung Mario De Masi Stephanie Dexter Angela Dooley Omar Farooqi


Joyce Cedarlund Teacher

Jessica Blomenkamp Kathryn Bonqiovi GuyEid Erin Hooten Kasper Jensen

JessicaJohnson Andre Figures Michael Flannery Missy Geagan Maja Eleonor Johansson Sana Khan Maheen Khan Abdulaziz Koleilat Steven Kovaleski Ivan D. Lechowich

Iman Moawad Claire Manning Ole .lerqer: Nerseth ANd Poonawalla Joshua Robison Chris Southerland Laura Muhs Mohammad Mustafa Nasser Qadri Jessie Riddle

David Starnes RosalineTash]ian

Taysir Tayyab Ticiano Torres

Page 63 Page 62


sixth grade archaeological dig was a combination of the history of ancient civilizations, the science of archaeology and mathematics in metric terms - all in one very important unit of study.

Ellen Nash Teacher

Patricia Black Teacher

Viqas Akhtar SamiAryan Michael Bou~Nacklie Heather C/aycamp Carl Debski

Farah AI-Hajj Sultan AI-Shaman Amanda Ankrom Rana Biary Hayley Dew

Jennifer Erickson Hikmat Hamdan Brian Kaiser Seol-Hyoung Kim Adam Martinson

Robert Fontaine Safwa Ghandour Robert Hiff Timothy Johansen Lena Kakati

Sharif Morsy Eric Quintero Neelrna Siddiqui Carl Svedberg Daniel Thomson

Oguzhan Koksal Enk Landriault Eun-Sook Lee Flavia Martin-Vargas Dina Nabulsi

Valentina Tripi SarahXefos Jacobus Prinsloo Jordan Stillman Yonathan Tesfazghi

Page 65 Page 64

Sixth Grade Student Council Homeroom Representatives
Top row; Adam Martinson, Patrick Moores and Erik Landriault.

Ahmed Ansari Tom Bortner Mike Burbach Augustine Collier Sara DalViliche Sixth Grade
From Left to right: AmnaMazin Judith Carla Botes KhadijaAli Decpa Sheth Ahmed Shafat Hussain HaeGong Cho Hasan Mahmood Kyeong Won Kim Thomas Stewart James Williams Eric McDivitt David Friedman Darre/J Lawson

Harriet Garrison Teacher

Middle row: Ahmad

Chaudry, Mahmoud

AI-Khatib, Mike Burbach, and Andre Figures.

Front row: Shaden Mustafa, Laura Muhs and Evan Holmes.

New days, new faces!
All year long and expecially as the second semester begins, the faces of new students bring new light to our Arabian days.


Glenn De Boer Aiyesha Ghani Becky Grondin Matt Harris Susan Hilf

Ha~WonLee Chad McDonald Taimur Mian Taha Pasha Dania Rafii

Leedia Riman Melissa Rodriguez Justin Wagoner
Standing are Ian Goshko. Thorhallur Einarsson. Timothy Burdick and Riku Yla-Outinen. Kneeling at the lower lockers are Zubia Naji and Christine Varden. Jason Haas was not present.

Eighth Grade
On the left. Omar Mahmood (above) and Bima Einarsdottir. Anssi Pennanen is front and center, while Brian Howard and Johannes Finnlaugsson are going up the stairs. Alessandro lanello and James Grega were not present for the photo.

Ninth Grade
Seated in front are Tyler Burdick and Tim Allender. Also seated are Osman Ali and J. B. Sager. LaDe11Johnson and Laura Jurgens are standing. Page 67


Science Gold Team Leader

Page 69

Page 68




Pat Brown
Social Sciences Mathematics

LBnguage Arts, Journalism and Crceuve Writing

Social Sciences Blue Team Leader

Page 7J



Barbara Lawrence-Emanuel
Language Arts

Page 73

6go/d& 6b/u

Janelle Carothers

Mitch Brennan

Patricia Black

Harnet Garrison
Page 75

Page 74


Junior High Music Department Staff Ken Meisinger Elizabeth Meisinger Paul Lindley Christina Niederkorn

Music is a struggle, a celebration, awonder. .. especially when it is shared.
Beginning clarinet players work hard to give a credible first recital. They succeeded! During rehearsal for their winter concert sixth grade choir members give it their all in an uplifting finale. First grade students share a Concert Orchestra performance from an unusual perspective. The Russell Room had become an orchestra pit. carpeted with awestruck first grade students.

One of the best things about Winter Break Send-off!
Left photo, top row; During the last day of school before winter break, members of the Concert Band played holiday music in places around the school, such as the lobby next to the computer labs. Shown here is Jervis Williams playing bass clarinet. Other photos in the bottom two rows; At lunch recess, members of the Cadet. Red, Gold and Concert Bands, the Cadet, Gold and Concert Orchestras and the Concert Choir joined together, filling a whole grandstand and spilling out onto the courts to play and sing holiday music. With most of the winter concerts either rescheduled or cancelled following the tragic bombing at OPM-SANG in the fall of 1995, this very informal lunch recess concert took on momentous importance. It created a wonderful sense of community as everyone prepared to take leave of school for their winter holidays. None who were present will soon forget these moments. Page76

was the

Page 77

Jim Misner, Intermediate and Advanced Art Cathy Van Der Meulen, Beginning Art, and 7th Grade Exploratory and Computer Art Sunny Bursett, Sixth Grade Art and 7th Grade Sculpture

(right) is immersed in her art work, right up to the elbow!

you ran d S, h you r face

rt ...

put everything into it..


Jane Lyall (Facingpage, left

you rid eas,

middle) studies her tace in a mirror as she uses every artist's most accessible model, self, Fora portrait. The portrait can be seen looking out at you. Nichoile Campbell, (facing

your hard work and concentration, even your ear,

page, top right) discussesher ideas for a project with classmates, Usa Engstrom and Heather Bursett.


Christensen (facing page, far right) applies good old mental concentration and hard work. or lac:koFan ear,

as Van Gogh did. On the facing page, top left, Mrs. Van Ocr Meulen talks to students about a self portrait by Vincent Van Gogh, which shows a bandage where his ear had been before he cut it off.

Totafly involved with the clay, So-Young Chung attempts to throw a pot on the potter's wheel.
Page 78

Stephanie Dexter sculpts a bust in clay. Students could do themselves, a famous person or a cartoon character.

Mike Fuciflo and Natalie Grisham d what might be done to improve a pen ink piece.

lied and Lina Shaar apply watercolor wash Ie drawings.

Marc Mostert poses for figure draWing.

Christine Niber puts up a presentation of her fashion drawings.
Page 79

Physical Education & Health
J til
I ~ .. ,..

Physical Education
KimbErlee Dittrich Gary Gartin Patrick Lake Cathy Moreau Bill Smith



Audrey Forgeron Michael Gallagher

From left to right: Feet flying! Evan Holmes makes a great effort to stop and pass the ball. Good stop, Eden! Facing page: Track team hopefuls start their warm-up lap. Nathan Bollman makes last minute notes as he prepares to share information about communicable diseases with students in another health class. His classmate, Farrukh Bandey, takes one last review of the brochure he prepared for his presentation.

Above: Evette Riad, Faria Humayra and Natalie Grist practice basketball plays. Right: Alfred Felipe makes a flying leap for a fly ball. Page 80

Left: Ztad Haddad practices setting the volleyball. Above: Ali Samee reads a classmate's brochure in an exchange concerning communicable diseases. Above right: Nadia Kuba presents her brochure about AIDS.

of information

Page 81


Odette Zakharia, ArabiC Sharran Hariry English as a
Second Language

Jo-Iynne Sutherland,

English as a Second Language

Marie-Christine Dupont, French Karen Malkiewicz, French Marie-Jo Berggren, Spanish Carmen Geecket. Spanish








Tenha Bonne Buona Ha en
Success! Jessica made it over the curb without tripping. She must have learned her French directions.

un born dia.c.,


Hyvaa paivan jatkoa....
PrettTge daq.c, Ha en god dag Buen Dia. Haben ein guten

bra daq.,..


o Norwegian

Haen god daq.i, Have a good day. Hafou pao qott.c., Ceo J-L2. ~(:-i(():flL· t -c 0 \ T 1: {\.


A study of the culture is part of Arabic ci~sses. Part of Mrs. Carothers sixth grade doss dlsp[ays the Arabic style buildings which they modeled from brown paper bags. Here students have been studying their hand at elaborate Arabic designs. Here they are a results in "qui! travel agency, Minna n Schmersahl are travelers, interested trip to the Costa del Mona Oshalla is the travel agent and she shares a brochure about a Spanish travel destination. A note of thanl(s~ SAIS-R's ESL students have shared a greeting in their own first language which says "Have a good day!" Now you too, can begin to communicate more globally. Special thanks to Jin-Ah Sea for the hand-lettered Korean greeting. and to Duaa Haggag, an art student, who shared the Arabic greeting. If you learn these, someone at SAIS-R will understand and may answer back., Page 83 Page 82


Toolof theday.
You guessed itl Computers. All the resources that can be accessed with them are what makes them such a versatlle tool for all sorts of endeavors. Word processing,data bases and spreadsheets, desktop publishing, access to research via CD ROM resources, caches of graphics and photo banks, software to create illustration and animation ...the list is virtually endless and no one has thought of the end of it yet. There is a catch. I\s with most tools, using it weI! requires skill, learned techniques, such as I<eyboarding, understanding how to navigate among the resources and learning how to import needed parts from many sources into a single document to achieve a desired end result. Practicing, probing, pulling and placing resources together in new ways. That is what students at SAIS-R are doing.

Facing Page: Large photo: Students try their hand at selecting parts from several different media, placing these into a desktop publishing program to create a documeht. Small photo at left: Here, Benny Palmeri is actually pondering who to [)ote for in the student council elections, In this case the real computer work was done by the computer instructors, setting up an easy balloting procedure for students to use. Most of the time, however, the intense concentration on students faces is directed to learning how to use the computer to produce some type of project, This page:


Laurie Lesandro
Learning Center Teacher

The day the Greel(s came to vote!
Meredith Vondra was one of a class of ninth grade world history students who, after donning their togas, came to [)ote for student council officers.

Using the keyboard and the mouse, Naila Farooqui navigates through a project in computer programming.

Programming is a stretch!

Amy Lind/ey
Learning Center Teacher






Page 85

Page 84

Libra~Media Center

Junior High Library Media Center Staff
Nancy Bleakley, Junior High Librarian Kathryn PJacht, Instructional Aide Gonny Debskl, Educational Assistant Gina Lechowich, Circulation Aide Debra Seaton, EducationalAssistant-AV Teody Ortiz, Media Technician

Brighter Days...

Yes,there are brighter days now at the junior high library media center. A light



rad!atlng from

The new computers arrived last spring, not long before school was out. The library staff worked many rs setting up the system and preparing JessonpJans for this year. Their hard work is definitely paying off students are learning the basics of computer research...a prerequisite for "surfing the net" someday soon.

new computer screens and reflecting off the faces of students. They are delighted with the ease speed of finding what they need in the catalog files and with the new CD ROM research capabil"

Mrs. Bleakley demonstrates for fast research results.

the use of the CD ROM encyclopedia

Boarding School

Placement Center
Ann Oavis
Boarding School Counselor

Sandra Wright

From left to right: At the Boarding School Fair, Audelyn Budihardjo and her mom listen intently to the answers to questions about a boarding school they are considering. Choosing a home and a school for perhaps the next three years is a serious business for ninth graders, Rabia Akhtar, Ria Pearse, Euan McLean and Taha Sheikh. One of the boarding school representatives and Abe Mousavizadegan have a chat about the school Abe is considering attending next year.
Page 86


Lynn Gevtord

Left: Mrs. Gaylord adusts the draping of Markus Heikkila's costume. His fair lady is Christina Keleshian. Below: Woodland fairy, Nathalie Edde, in "the forest ."

Coming soon...
At yearbook presstime, the spring drama events were still "Coming Attractions." but preparations were definitely in progress. On this page are scenes from a Shertock Holmes mystery and on the facing page is a taste of "MidSummer Night's Dream".

Just can't lNait!

Above: Robia Ahmed rubs her hands with excitement as she delivers her contribution to a Poetry Break.

Two full casts have been rehearsing for the "Sherlock" play. At right are: top row: Chris Ramos, Erika Arellano and Josie Collier; center: Prisha Dass; seated: Rabia Ahmed and Gil/ian Justice; and kneeling: Umair Khan and Khalif Dabat. The second cast (facing page) consists of: standing: K.C. O'Grady, Nadia Ansari, Lauren Gordon, Howard Shores and Roy Lans; middle row: Mo Asad and Kyle Jorrey, and; front row: Farah Khan, Sana Shamsi and Laura Kovatch.
Page 88

Above left is a woodland scene from "Mid,Summer Night's Dream" with Molly Goggin, Heather Bursett and Ahmed Elhammady. In the background, peering out of the forest are two fairies, Helen Kovaleski and Nathalie Edde. Above: Prop girls, Christy Ferguson and Sara Sadik, carry away the set for today. Left: Stage crew, J.B, Sager and Tyler Burdick adjust the lighting for the "Sherlock" set.

Page 89

Far left: Team captains, Jamie Sutherland and Nicolle Carnpbeil. Team photo, from left to right: Vern Cedarlund, coach, Glenna Godfrey, Kyfie Stewart, Nicolle Campbell, Tabitha Noe, Rabia Ahmed, Jamie Sutherland, Diane Mrosczcak and Stephanie Iacobucci.

Far left: Team captain, Sharif Kotb. Team photo, from left to right: Mark Forgeron (with Kyle), coach, Jalal Baruni, Louie Daughtry, Joey Naaman, Bobby Shuping, Myong Kim, Sharif Kotb, Jervis Williams, Einar Bjornsson, assistant coach, and Thiago Bittencourt.

Far left: Team captains, Audelyn Budihardjo and Amy Jones. Team photo, from left to right: Lynn Gaylord, coach, Amy Jones, Laura Kovatch, Sarah Allen, Molly Moreau, Audelyn Budihardjo, Betty Sadikian and Stephanie Palmer. Noor Javed is not pictured.

Far left: Team captain, Noah Adem. From left to right: Patrick Lake, coach, Gabe Rathweg, Abe Mousavizadegan, Bonn Poole, Songwon Shin, Mo Asad, Noah Adem, Khalil Dabat and Johan Lenjesson.

Jamie Trowbridge, Meagan Reed, Stephanie Dexter, Pamela Naaman, Lauren Gordon, Mariam Mahmoud, Sun ita Sreekumar, Sarah Bargabos, Audelyn Budihardjo, Sanah Kazmi and Penny Creel. Sponsors: Amy Lindley and Conchita Ortiz~Ayers

Far left, top: Bonn Pool smacks a good serve during the SAIS-R Intramural Tournament. Left: Megan Forsdyke gets ready for the set!

Page 91 Page 90

BOYS' GOLD TEAM Standing>' Euan McLean, Hannes Tal/borg, Ahmed Elhammady, Sharif Kotb, Noah Adem Badr Moukalled and Tamim Katma. Kneeling: Rob Russel" Thiago Bittencourt, Joey Naaman and Marcus Bergstrand. Petter Olmunger was not present. COACH: Geno Malkiewicz GIRLS' GOLD TEAM Standing: Naila Farooqu( Jooi Johns, Maud Paulsson, Emelie Bergstrand, Jamie Sutherland, Stephanie Iacobucci and Linda FJeldseth. Kneeling: Gio Fernandez, Rabia Ahmed, Maria Wallace, Nathalie Edde, Nichofle Campbell and Molly Goggin. Nadia Jamil was not present. COACH: Gary Bettoie

Standing: Johan Lenjesson, Christoffer Bergfors, Omar Rifai, Mike Mroszczak and Bilal Khan. Kneeling: Nick Anderson, Mark Fakhri and Nick Bachand.

Mikkei Je!/ner. Yong-Hwan Lim, Sameer Maroof and Jae Yoo were not present. COACH: David Jenney

Standing: Oyuky Hernandez, Emma Leppajoki, Sarah Allen, Audelyn Budihardjo, Lacey Collins and Kathy Ochoa. Kneeling: Sara ismail, Betty Sadikian Stephanie Palmer, Erika Arellano and Glenna Godfrey. COACH: Dennis Butz



Standing: Basil Ounibi, Alex Viistrup, Raef Haggag, Ron Javier, Sennay Tewolde,Abe Mousavizadegan, Song won Shin and Jervis Williams. Kneeling: G6khan Buyukkantarcioglu, Michael Pett. Kyle Jotrey, Mo Asad, Ryan Sykes, Alfred Felipe and Max Goggin-Kehm. Seung-Hoon Lee was not present. COACH: Mark Forgeron. SOCCER COACHES Dennis Butz, Girls' Blue Team Girls' Gold Team Boys' Blue Team Boys' Gold Team Boys' White Team Gary Bertoia, David Jenney, Gena Malkiewicz, Mark Forgeron

Page 92

year was to design and make a body costume to go with the new mascot eagle head which the school had purchased. Good job, folies!

Monies raised by the ECS by selling uaientines a fund-raising events will go to global projects sue preservation of rain forests and coral reefs as local projects to "green up" SAlS-R.

After School Activities Gary Gartin, Director

The perfect ending for the school day is an After School Activity such as sports, music, science, art, computer skills, or even time to study.


our plan

Officers: Audelyn Budihardjo, president; Jessica vice president (not shown); Nodya Boyka, treasurer. Other members: Nadia Jamil, Emad Fah Jin Shin, Muna Chowdhury, Katarina Rykowsica, Alia Faria Humayra, Dana Alamuddin and Silvia Puzzilli.

Environmental Care

Page 95 Page 94

Homeroom Representatives: Ninth Grade - page 30 Eighth Grade - page 41 Seventh Grade - page 48 Sixth Grade - page 67 sponsor: Mrs. Laurie Lesandro

1995/96 NJHS Membership
Ninth Grade Michelle Abboud Rabiya Akhtar Morgan Benson Audelyn Budihardjo Mum Chowdhury Lacey Collins Nathalie Edde Molly Goggin Duaa Haggag Tariq Huq Tahira Hussain Mona /Iahie Noor Javed Jumana Kawmy Yvette Khalil Silal Khan Shermeen Motan Moiz Mustafa Rupinder Parhar Maria Placht Deepa Rattehalli Evette Riad SoniaSama
Page 96

C IETY •••


Muna Chowdhury attaches the flag of Denmark to its stand for a display of international flags. The fiftieth birthday of the United Nations was in October 1995.

Jessica Schorr Seema Sheth Jamie Sutherland Sebastian Verghese Meredith Vondra Rabia Yazdanie Sean Younger

Eighth Grade Naji Alamuddin Aizaz Ali Nadia Ansari Nodya Boyko Nikki Callaway Emily de Moor

Nai/a Farooqui Nick Fontaine Megan Forsdyke Amin Ghazal RaefHaggag Fawaad Haider April Hathcock

Nadia Ansari stands ready on Back to School Night to assist parents in finding the right classrooms.

Page 97

International Honor Band:
Morgan Benson, trombone; Maria Placht, clarinet; and Tariq Huq, baritone saxophone. Ken Meisinger, sponsor. The AIH<ingdom Choir traveled to R~sTanura, Saudi Arabia,. January 31 through Februar 1, 1996, to join other vocalists In a seminar of singing and to perform a concer? The All Kingdom Band will be traveling to Dhahran for the 1996 Ail-Kingdom Band Festival March 13 and 14.

AlI-I(ingdom Band & Choir
AlII{ingdom Choir:
Front row: Kavita Brown, Marieke Erbe, Fadi Ashkar and Penny Creel. Back row: Nadia Jamil, Ria Pearse, Nikki Callaway, Jong Bae Lee, Megan Forsdyke, Natasha Aflred and Mary Rodriguez. Christina Niederkorn, sponsor.

International Honor Band & Orchestra
The International Honor Orchestra and the International Honor Band each consist of nearly seventy students, primarily high school age, from international schools of 12 to 15 countries in Europe, Africa and the Middle East Members of these organizations are chosen by taped audition. They will spend from four to six days in their host city attending concerts and preparing their own concert, which will be given after three days of intense 6-8 hour rehearsals. Seven members of the SAIS-RConcert Orchestra were selected to participate in the 1996 International Honor Orchestra in Geneva, Switzerland, February 1-3, 1996. These outstanding musicians were chosen from 150 high school musicians from over 20 international schools worldwide. This year the International Honor Band band wi!! be hosted by the Hague, Netherlands, in March. Our music department has been challenging our best students to compete for these honors since 1987.

AII-I{ingdom Band:
Front Row: Michelle Abboud, Mona lIahie, Molly Moreau, Christina Carlsson and April Hathcock, flute. Second Row: Christina Parowczenko, Nick Fontaine, Joel Hudspeth and Stephanie Boram, clarinet; Jervis Wi/iiams, bass clarinet; Aizaz Ali, saxaphone. Third Row: Bobby Shuping, Tim Allender, Rabiya Akhtar, Noor Javed and Johan Mathew, trumpet; Alyssa Taecker and Sen nay Tewolde, trombone; and Ryan Martinson, euphonium. At the back: Abe Mousavizadegan, percussion. Sponsoring the group wifl be band director, Paul Lindley.

to right: Audelyn Budihardjo, violin; Euan McLean, cello; Muna Chowdhury, rtin, cello; Jalal Baruni, viola; Myong Kim, cello and Do-Kyung Kim, viofin.

violin; Page 99

Page 98

It was ad ay many oth lille SAl5-R ers at
",at least to be in ' was bus ,g with, Nove b Planne% ~~th activities in promger 13, 1995, , ,e first of th ress or bein winter concert sea e concerts in the 9 venmq, studson was sch eduled Ii that evenl S;~~c~Al5-Rin the :~~o~7~ would rep~~da r Tournament had 9 Intra-Kingdom y before, and el been named th were makin ementary scho e festival feasgtplans for their fall 01 classes


About noon h ~ersonnel wer' owever; school In d owntown eR' hear th at a build' to Americans wor;{~dh where many Ing d that there were c: be,enbombed students mi h sualties and th ' Ig t well b at e tragedy. e affected by th Indeed th SAIS-R stud' e parent of one ent Justi B was killed in ;he b n rozovsky. everyone h d ,last. Almost a friend members wh s or family and many orOt worked there among th ' hose were e Injured Ensuing e ' bring abo vents would ut the cl ' school for ab osmq of the 'l outa we I w h I e security e< evaluated measureswere and enha ments put' Into place, nceb S~on, SAIS-R was ack In session activities which and most cancelled had been were rescheduled Days pro usual ,gressed as N again. But ovember 13' I 995 ' W as a dayw remember, e Will

an cst\\Utltcd Ringdorll to eu .",,,'<ic:.tI~ ate Utg vigilant ," t\W statc-

R\)'adh. \ssucu

Page 101


Mrs. Simmons' fifth grade class contructed an evergreen tree using a needle, some yarn and a mathematical formula.

Pleas of "Go Sluggy, go!"arid "Come on, Simee. Let's get a move on!" could be heard from Mrs. Lake's students as they cheered on their favorite in the Slug Derby. Students had been studying invertebrates in science class. As a culminating event they designed and built the race courses and brought racing stock from home.

Charlene Simmons Teacher

Nancy Lake Teacher

Iman Abuzied Abdullah Ahmad Hadeel Asaad Tariq Ayass

Amad Aboul-Nasr Juliet Armour Monica Foster Hosam Haggag Brian Hill

Ozair Islam Rima Ayaz Michael Dela Cruz Travis Dudley Anthony Gee Charles (O) Homer Jaleela Jawadi Faisal Kabir Bessem Khalil Amjad Khan

Adam King Aisha (Arooj) Khan Brandon Loveface Emma Qureshi Achara Sangphom Timothy LaCrosse Sana Manawar Benjamin Newbery Julien Norton

Tala Soubra Robert Tate Elizabeth Tribbey . Bifly Wiltse A/per (Mustafa) Yuceozsoy

CassiPetershagen Farah Rehman Magdalena Sinczak Donna Villanueva~Bouzanne

Page 104

Page 105

Diane Flannery Teacher Abdulaziz AI Dughaither Timmy Armstrong Ashley Arrington Frost Lynn Chaplow Teacher Asma 8andey Jermaine Bruce

Ma{eeha Ahmad FaisafAziz Farrah Bashir Healey Cypher Ashwin Doraiswamy Andrew Collins Omar Elshal Veronica Fox Amanda Fuller

Patrick Fisher Eric Fontaine Meffissa Frangias Robert Fris Sidra Ghori

Denisse Iacobucci Rami Itani Hasan Mougharbel

Joann Oberg Anthony Haddad Caitlin Hier Sarah J/ahie Ambreen Ladha Ryan McKinley Cody Raines Shane Richmond Anna Santos Anushila Shaw

Fouad Shimlat! Peter Middleton Alex Reinke Basil Rifai Zak Ruth Usa Wright


Page 107 Page J06

Janette Bowen Teacher

Susan Anderson-Muhs Teacher Grade Level Coordinator

Samir Abboud Richard Adams Hamid Ahmed Heather Bailey Aysia Chavez

Ameen Akhtar Faheem Bakhshi Ivar Bjornsson Anais Braye I'Ishlee Cagle

James Chatmas Oaniel Greenberg Enrico Grino AI/an Hutchinson Maryam Chaudry Stephanie Davidovich Abby Gillett Hannah Gray

Lindsey Lopez Sana Naveed Jennifer Palmer Jeffery Racaniello Jennifer Rocha

Daniel Grieshaber Owen Haines III Mark Johnson II ParisJones Vanessa Lohman

Adam Smiley Matthew Smith Victoria Smith Jeremy Thom Allen Williams Sogol Yaraghi

Ben Martin Laura Mitchell John Rivas Warren Vogel Alexander Wennerberg

Page 109 Page 108

Lynn Lawson Teacher

Virginia Parker Teacher

ZuhaAbbasi Hussein AI-Sayed Reno Bamford Ramie Barghouti Hani Bashour

Vanessa Bachand Raymond Benson Dominic Collier Stephen Foster Jennifer Garrido

Zunair Chughtai ' John Greenberg Carolyn Grondin Melissa Hargis-Villanueva Jenny Hwang

Kareem Habib Yusuf HobalJah Tarek Hussain Shaunt Kalloghfian Natasha Kulkarni

NurKanaan Justin Lyles (Craig} Maya Makkawi Mary Matthews William Morris

Erika Lechowich NishaMemon Imran Mohammad Gina Mroszczak Sameen Raza

Roberto Puzzifli Tyler Quinn Nabeel Siddiqi Ashfey Stewart Nicholas Wiebe

Sarah Said Osman Shamim Ben Tesfaye (GirmaJ Brian Trowbridge Denys Valente

Page 110

Page I J 1

Barbara Ziemann Teacher

Kennita Green Teacher

Waheeb Ahmed Momin Aitizaz Jaime Arkle James Bowen 11Young Chung

Sarah Abdelnaby Karim AI-Labban Yee-Iin Bae MazenHaque Samer Itani

Sarah Crisp Maen Dabat Amber Hathcock Mary Henry Adam Husain

ZakiJafry Andrew Jeppesen Woody Khoury Ashwin Kumar Emily Lyall

Afzaallqbal Nicholas Lepham Kelly Moe Abubakar Oureshi Nicholas Solomon

Nida Malik Rikki Martin Kate Miller Antoinette Mmoh ReemNaim

ImadNemr Robin Turner Matthew Wissemann Annie Wolfe t-tee-lim Yoon Mustafa Olomi Melanie Pearsall Johann Rodrigues Justin Stevenson

Page 112

Page 113

Pioneers of space and scienceThat is who we are. We have the characteristics of many superstars: We are persistent, courageous, strong, as you can see. And thats not all! We are makers of history! Mr. Piper's pipers. Many of his student's are learning to play the clarinet.

Barbara Cypher· Teacher

Matt Piper Teacher

AliahAhmed Hassan Ahmed Matt Blair Chris Curtiss Breanne Oebski

Ermis Angelogiannos Brian Ashkar Ruth Bleakley Danny Cagle Nick Chantziantoniou

Chris DiSalvo Sally EI Boghdadfy Samia Faroaqi Ayesha Haider Erin Hiser

Rami Eid Susan Eleissawy Diederik Erbe Feras Ghandour Peter Hughes

Sahar Ismail Sheung Pya Kang Yim l(yung Lee Alia Mousavizadegan Mustafa Poanawala

Julia Hurd Magnus Jetne: Mariya Karim SadafKazmi Sherin Kermanshah

Sarah Saleh Nicholas Seaton Matthew Taylor . Robert Waterson Mashael Yazdanie

Muhieddine Majzoub NourMalas Michael Placht Shana Quinn Regenia Wrighten

Page 115 Page 114


Gus Lawson Teacher

Sara LeBlanc Teacher

Qutaibah AI Khatib Emit Banning~/verson Jessica Bourland Raina Chin Cheong Chinmoy Chowdhury

Saqeb Akhter Shannon Axtell Juzer Beawerwala Halley Brooks Mikael Ceppeten-Smitn

Is'me! Daniels
Sami Galal Naazneen Iqbal Sahar Niaz Laura Powe

James Forsdyke Adam Haddard Steven House David Johnson Fatima Kamran

Danna Ounibi Vinodh Rajendra Steven Ratley Karen Ann Renshaw Ryan Seaton

Zahran Khan Dallas Richard Karina Rodriguez Michael Ryan Abdul Mohsen AI Saud

Kamal Shair Ha/a Subaiti Christopher Sutton Brian Ti/lewein Daniel Van Der Meulen

Alex Shabib Will Stoetzer John Vernon Kathrina Villaflor Serene Xefos

Page 116

Page 117

Helen Martin Teacher

Linda Schmersahl Teacher Grade Level Coordinator

Osama Abu Sakha BasselAI Atab Jessica Bacon Murad Bhatti Thomas Clancy

Omar Abdul-Samad Dania Asaad Christian Beck Christina Claycamp Nora Ghandour

Samer Haidar Joshua Coddington Katie Filkins Sean Foster Alex Hill Mandy Hill Engie Hammad AJ.Yaz{qba{ Rachid Jeitani Sarah Kaiser

Lucas King Abigail Javier John Jones Tse-Mian Lim Josef Mellergard Molly Morris Hassan Krisht Michele Le Sebastien Levesque Zaid Nabulsi

Hesham Morsy Kyle Simmons Susan Skef Rachel St. John Kyte Wagoner

Krystle Pablo Jonathan Pasquale Samir Saliba Eyjulfur Svansson

Page 119 Page 118

Karen Brennan Teacher

Pat Goggin Teacher

Tamanna Ahmad Faiyazahmed Ahmed Dima Chaarani Brenda Down Said EI Oajani

Hajar AI-Sayed LizzyAnsingh Andrew Armstrong Edmund Bolds James Burbach

James Fischer OmarGhani Byrom Harrison Sukaina Hussain WafaJaved

Taylor Edington-Hryb Johan Egema/m Jennifer Ga/vanin Laura Gleason Rebekah Graner

Omar Kabbara Zohaib Mirza Fareed Marcos Hiba Mougharbel Robin Myers

Amanda Hess Ryan Holt Roukaya Ibrahim Humaad jjaz Aysha Jawadi

Anum Niazi Oanish Shahab Saad Shaikh Ron Snyder Leonard Stewart

Sean Manning Daniel McClintic Melissa Middleton Feroz Rehman Daniel Tanaka

Page 120

Page 121


Jan Benson Teacher

GRADE Four.. H
Lora AI Khawam Rayah AI Masha'l Stephen Bennie Johnathan Bisson Justin Brozovsky Ryan Butz

Tricia Piper Teacher

GRAOEFour ..1
Lebriz Aytek Karim Banna Ousama Bayaa Lauren Connelly David Hawes

Noora Oabbagh Ronit Das Ashley Dionisio Anthony Felipe Melissa Graf

Aline Karam Laurence Lewis Melissa Lewis Jasmine McEwen Sarah Naoshy

Heather Heinz Byung-Hee Kang Carl McConnell Stephanie McFall Katlyn Merkel

Adam Nasr Serge Norikian David Peregrina Everett Probasco Bruno Santos

Omer Mohamed Keith Paris Joseph Tannir Blake Wissemann

Amr Shweiky Nick Sorrell Feven Tesfalidet Jyri Tiimonen Afexandra Wasilewski

Page 122

Page 123

Mrs. Remaly's students performed a delightful version of "The City Mouse and The Country Mouse."

Stacie Remaly Teacher

Terri Wylie Teacher

GigiAkhtar Bi/alAI Achi Thomas Allen Julie Aly Alex Bedenis

Michael Barney Jerry Bortner Marina Carbone Johnnie Creel Mohammed Oaouk

Ben Cunningham Wael EIAriss Per Flottorp Roy Hegger Carmen fnati

Jack Farrell Brandon Gross Sarah Hasan Traci Lijewski Maysa Majzoub

Ahmed Ismail SeemiJamil Basak Kizifisik Nathan Langholz Adi Rattehafli

Sarah Malki Anas Mustafa Ryan Rifai Ahmed Rizk Hassan Sahi

Brendan Schenk Marie Scoggins Feras Tacettin Tatyana Talamas VajeehaZia Lonsdale Schultz Whitnee Sorenson Oliver Stigsby Fariha Tayyab

Page 125 Page 124

Rihana Alghalayini NihatAytek David Clausen Jad Darwiche Peter Demeo

Sheryl Sexauer Teacher Grade Level Coordinator

Anita Gallagher Teacher

Mohamrnad /11 Harfi Melissa Brewerton Lauren Chatmas Michelle Childers Monica Engstrom

Anthony Dersarkisian Hilal Eid Aaftab Husain Namrita Jain Kathryn Jeppesen

Lauren Guerra IfhamJaflu Hamza Jangda Amy LaCrosse Lisa Lamprou

Mona Kanaan Pranaya Kumar Shiloh Parker tmren Pirani Sarah Rahman

EunJin Lee Erin Lueck Stephen McClintic Youset Mustafa Michael Polcari

Andrew Powe Katrina Torres Christian Zeuner Paul Radley Conrad Schoessel

Page 126

Page 127

Patti Davidovich Teacher

Jerry Wylie Teacher

Sierra Anze/la Salman Ayaz Nina f!jornsdottir Lauren Burton Jane Decker

GRf\OE Three-D
Joanne Advincula Zaid AI Khatib Salman AI Rashid Kimberly Ankrom Kristina Black

Jeffery Geagan Ryan Green Mohamed Habib Katie Hartz RaedJabaji

Alex Brott Karen Buchanan Shannon Foster Jessica Kelly Mariam Khan

John Langford Nicholas Lohman Kate Ma//ula Gina Nor Ashley Nusairat

Ian Mitchell Richard Moore Ramsey Sahli Brannon Shaffer Aisha Sharif

Anniina Pearson Pratyush Rastogi Craige Shuping Christina Smith Kate Walker

Jason Sigritz Mathilda Svedberg Christopher Verghese Michael Vogel Stephanie Webb

Page 128

Page 129

Rose Kwiatkowski Teacher

Ruth E. Voetberg Teacher

Jeorge Andrawis Georgina Atkins Rami Audeh Joshua Black lmran Faruqi

Alex Abboud Danny Ashkar Muniba Bashir Zachary Coddington Stephanie Eason

Talisha Fernandez , Sumrah Haider Shane Hoover Fariha Ibrahim Jeffrey Johns

Arya Godard Erich Haeussler Macram Hassanieh Lamberto Javalera Caterina Kaffes

Rayan Kabbara Brigitte Landriault Kristian Lindstrom Dan Marcelino Tiffany McEwen

Marya Khan Nur Maherali Narmina Mamedova Rita Martin Rebecka Melfergard

Rahul Nirmal tsheete Sanghi Hang Shi Anne Thibodeau

Adam Powell Adam Ross Stephanie 5awda Michelle Valencic

Page 130

Page 131



Caroline Thibault Teacher

Mona Abdelnaby Nana Acheampong Aimee Brotherton David Curtiss Katrina Dew

Louise Sayles Teacher

OmarAhmed ZainAhmed Tristan Carrillo Nour Chatila Katherine Dobbins

Mayda EI Ramahi Errol Feuchuk Dalia Hashish Muneira Hoba/lah CalumHowe Jamila EJ Oajani Rasha EI Ladki Winta Haile Hossam Hamdan Sarah Haq Alex Hunter Jae-Hoon Kim Marcus Lund Jessie Oberg Jonathan Peck Dam/a Ibis Zakir Jafry Amer Kolei/at Yu-Yun (Annie) Liu SyedMadani

Jesse St. John Colton Stewart Jenny Wu Joseph Yammine Sam Ringle Jawhara Soudagar (Kha/id) Elsa Sunny (Vareed) Michael Wilson

Page 132 Page 133

Judie Adams Teacher

Victoria Prioleau Teacher

SammyAJani Miriam Badran

Faysel AI Rashid Sarine Assilian SairaAwan M. Faheem Baig Shaina Chughtai

«ereem Barghouti
Sami Bashour Martha BJealdey

Laura Lee Brott Jennah Chlach Nathan Dudley Mona Ghalayini Hassan Ghori

Cartafya Davis Austin Gescheidle

Sarah Hamad

Natasha Haq Amber Hepler Andrew Howefl Saad Khan Joseph Khouri

Kristin Horner Menekse Kerde« Anthony Powell Irma Raza

Gulrukh Ladha Ricardo Lovato Rabih Salam Michelle Velez

Danie//e Thom Bobby Webb Jaser Zaabri

Page 134

Page 135

Karen Wood Teacher

Mona Ahmad So-Hyun 8ak Laura Coolidge Oema Oabat Mitchell Oela Cruz

Geoffrey Dittrich Richard Grufich Magdalena

Grant Lee

Tanzif Manawar

Jeremiah Robison Christina Russell Veronika Rykowska Samantha Smiley Andrew Treadway

Thomas Ward Thomas Wilson Rebecca Wolf

Page 136

Glenn Sexauer Teacher

Marion Abboud Mohammad AI Rashid Jesse Bailey Alexander Bisson Magafi Braye

Charlotte Zimbrick Teacher Grade Level Coordinator

Preston Aitken Andrea Bachand AlJhaun Bordenave Filippo Chiaruttini Alexander de Moor

Laura Brewerton Michefle Dela Cruz Corey Doyle Rashid EI Ladki Michael Fisher

Nicholas Del Grosso Elizabeth Dobbins Hanna Dunham Anthony Garcia Anthony Holdier

Juha .lussile Amina Kamran Hiba Krisht Brian Pearsall Phillip Ragfer

Jordan Hurley Mana/ Malik Heidi Mekawi Rusty Page Daniel Placht

Hasan Raza Ryan Reichel Alia Rizk Scott Schneidmuller Henriette Stryken

Julia Riso Zunarah Siddiqui Andrew Taylor Margaret Tribbey Sahar Zafar

Page 138

Page 139

Jean Humphrey Teacher

Sharon Moncada Teacher

Talha Abdul Majid OmarAhmad Maher Ali Zeeshan Bhatti Colleen Bradley

Ghazi Aetizaz Paloma Arias ZiyadAyass Oevin Byrne Lindsey Collier

Jacfyn Brown AmerDaoud Sarah De Ralkem Abigail Eder ieschelle Garrido

Benjamin Coppenger Stephany Figures Robert Gallagher Angela Hargis-Villanueva Jennifer Hayne

8i1alHaider Shereen Khalil Farrah Naqvi Micheal Nemr Ali Poonawala

Brett Henley Kristian Jensen Sarah Linden Farah Machlab Anid Mansur

Maria-Ilona Righa Genevieve Stewart Rachada Whitling Tamur Yusifzai

Fad! Morcos Sara Saleem Joanna Smith Heather Til/ewein OmairUddin

Page 140

Page 141


of a variety of are a lot of fun in Mrs. Barlag's class.


Cindy Dooley Teacher

Barbara Barlag Teacher

Zamil Akhtar Whitney Axtell Rachel Bedenis Hamad Bhatti Meagan Brewer

Cameron Adkins Alexandra Alfred Katharine Anderson Sammy Andretta Joshua Bacon

Jessica Chavez Justin Davis Duncan de Boer Sirima DeMeo Phillip Figuerres

Kellen Cox Hana Gala! Fredrik Hansen Fahad Kabir AmmarKhan

Alexander Hess Aamer Javed Rachel Jeppesen Carina Sannerud Arik Seifer

Maureen McCabe E. J. Metzger Sameer Mirza Deanna Mosher Emily Naccarati

KyfeSmith Vinny Talamas Abdallah Tchelebi Kristina Wylie Sophia Yaraghi

Sa Do Park Abuabbas Oureshi Tyla Stinson Carmen Young

Page 142

Page 143

"Yel/ow and red together make what secondary color, class?" "Orange!" answered Mrs. April's class as they glued an orange circle between the two primary colors. They had learned their primary and secondary colors well.

Shirley April Teacher

Paul Adams Ahmad Kareem Afy Aisha Chaudry Ryan Cullen {(itty

AlizaAli Mercedes Ayers Nathan Baker Alice Cassin Linda Ghalayini

Karen DeHart Teacher


Sidra Javed Luma Jawhari Rawad Jeitani Jake Paris Hannah Parker

Zara Hasnain Marya Kawmy Safiea {(han Yoon Kyung Lee Baseer Maroof

Rachael Payne Abdul Oadir Poonawa/a Jordan Powell Roy Rubio FaraZ Shaikh

Zachary Newell Adam Nusairat Walid Sanjad Drew Smith Alex Thomas

Kelly Simmons Steven St. John Shehreen Tariq Arthur Thompson

Nikki Uhryn Timothy Wallace WayneWu

Page 144

Page 145

Marianne Johnson Teacher

Jody Welch Teacher

Harris Atmar Rusty Bowman Dario Carbone George Dersarkisian Merryl Edington-Hryb

Jawadili Ahmed Daniel Bailey Caitlin Bataillon Alexander Davidovich Spencer Douglas

Faizan Haque Michael House Gaby Jabbour Tamara Khoury Kathleen McCabe

Katie Fischer Karim Hashish Ryan Hiser Nora /(akati Duygu Kurttenn

Summer Niazi Dwaa Osman Oanniel/e Quintero Osama Ounibi Wasseem Skef

Caleen Ladki Daniel Musameh Natoya Norwood Kristopher Reks Karim Saab

Jordon Sorenson Matthew Temba Deana Timmons Rachel Watmn Carl Wittmann

Genine Smalls Sarah Taylor Christianne Webster Brittany Weinberger Katie Jo Zunigha

Page 146

Page 147

Velma MacRitchie Teacher

Cindy Lueck Teacher

CoreyArkle James Atkins Nosheen Bakhshi Mohammad Bashir Cole Conroy

Jamila Acheampong Faizan Ahmed Abrahim Baig Louis Collins !II HudaEIAwad

Ryan Cypher Samuel Dobson Vicky Fotopoulou Daniel Holdier Michael Banning Iversen .

Ali Guduf Amanda-Lee Hazimeh Shelley Hoover Junaid Islam Nadya Jammal

Jacob Johns Lisbeth I(ierkegaard TonyKuo Kimberly Le Emily McKinley

Annas Mirza Nadia Mohammad Diana Rose Nada Daniel Nor Alexander Richards

Blake McKinniss Alison Murphy Ahmed Sadek ShaySmJley Gina Valente Gareth Saums Alexandria Stone Timothy Watts

Page 148 Page 149

Jane McDonald Teacher

Catherine Zunigha Teacher

OsamaAhmed Jose Arias Jung Hyun Bak Margaret Dobbins Haytham Eleissawy

Ahmed Abdefnaby Emma Berckmans Mario Casuga Priyanka Chowdhury Thomas Connelly

Ahmad Gheit Peter Heinz Kyle Hobratschk Humzah flahie Yara Mekawi

Adam Giansiracusa Ryan Harrington Ryan Hinely Matti Jussila Mohammed Memon

Suhaylah Mohiuddin Rawan Mustafa Yasmin Or Gurpartap Parhar Alexandra Piotrowski

Alexandra Muhs Carl Pasquale Mohammed Patel Trevor Rodrigues Lara Said

Jelena Schultz Jirayuth Unnaha Nicholas Wasilewski

Save Schroder Christina Sorensen Alyssa Tanaka Rebecca Valencic

Page 150

Page 151

Anne Ramsay Teacher

Gary Flannery Teacher

Hoda Abdalla FaysalAI Achi Megan Bair Saleem Cox Kaja Flottorp

Ayesha Abbasi Mohamad Abdowaise FawadAziz Andrea Bertoia Jessica Bibeau

Caylin George William Golden Zara Khanani Efe Koksal Yu-Leen "Judy" Uu

Amanda Foster Daniel Graner Tawheed Ja//u Deema Malki Tarek Nasr

Gustav Lundberg Sarah Moawad Christian Peregrina RawadRiman Derek Taylor

Aleksander Pearson Ravi PidataJa Farris Ounibi Kevin Radley Sandra Stryken

Dina Tesfazghi Jason Turner

Robert Taylor Sarah Thompson Emma Treadway Patrik Treffner Theo Wittmann

Page 152

Page 153

It was the end of the first day of school. Do you think someone is here to pick us up?

Peqqy Byrne

Judy Pittmann Teacher

Sarah Ansari Ramz! Bashour Cedric Bourbonnais Nicholas Bryson Daryl Clausen

Nicolas Aguilar MiznaAhmad Matthew Burgos Erik Cohenour Claire Ferm

Travis Davisson Raghda Elmefigy Abraham Hamad Fariha Hussain Amanda King

Shan Gohar Chdstine Henry Jason Hill Albert Inati Alex Lanphere

Hadi Makkawi Christopher McHugh Mahwesh Niaz Daniel Peck Ramsey Saleh

Alexandra Lopez Peter Lund Syeda Madani Faraze Niazi Areej Shaikh

Danish Shamsi Elizabeth Wynkoop

Sarah Zaidi Nicholas Zeuner Allegra Zwaan

Page 154

Page 155

Patricia Moore Teacher

Sheila Farber Teacher

Shandi Anderson Adrian Curtin Roderick Dunn Mariam Hafez Mushaal fjaz

Arsalan Baig Evan Chatmas Kathrina Garcia Lauren Greulich Jonathan Haas

Hanna Ingram Oskar Kosinski Ridhi Lakhani Amanda Langford Stuart McLean

Joel Huber Ayesha Islam Vtktor Johansson Irenie Kaffes Shams KhafdJ

Lol/a Mohammed Nur Hayden Nester Richard Ogoe Steven Sanders Khalid Shaqdan

Laura Anne Lamprou Ben Langho/z Matthew Marlowe Shereen Matar Thomas Merkel

Kevin Sigritz Ian Smith Iyad Tchelebi Carl Velez

Mahreen Mirza Assad Sahi Peter Vigh Molly Wagoner Salar Yaraghi

Page 156

Page 157

Linda Root Teacher Grade Level Coordinator

Gail Anderson Teacher

ZubanaAli Marissa Bamford Sean Carlson Elaine Christensen Caitlin Foster

Nawaf AI Dughaither Nora Biary Shauna Blackmon Daniel Boren AnitDas Amanda Fio Rito

Meagan Gallagher Sara Gohar Rami Haddad Joonas Juntti/a Saruhan Karademir

Layla Godard Crystal Haeussler Marya Haq Zenah Hasan Kanwal Ladha

Summer Khorashi Rami Nouri Arjun Paramasivan Samir Reddad Jan Michael Rubio

Fedwa Maaroufi Max Miller Joe Nazzel Reggie Ogoe Ashley Prichard

Jesse Sahi Alexander Wallace Ashley Wright

Michael Schenk RyanShabib Benjamin Shebib Philip Van Reeth Georgette Yacoub

Page )58

Page 159

Aamena Ahmad Seif AI Mashal Nadia A/sado Christopher Brown Dickey Coolidge

Peggy Parlsey Teacher Grade Level Coordinator

Beth Snow Teacher

GRADEI(g 11-8
RizvanAbraham Darius Atmar Eric Bourland Stephanie Bowman Amy Drane

Ryan Del Grosso Michael Hepler Aritra Koul Simon Layous Lara Machlab

Dennis Frangias Korinna Garcia Christian Jensen Brittany Kloenne Tyler Lueck

Mohamed Muawad Selin Muftizade Sean Murphy Maria Po/cari Brandon Reks

Elisabeth Mabus James O'Hagan Keenan Piller Rhiannon Ponder-Wolfcale Noura Redding

Lena Saleh Ashley Stockton Inna Tfisov

Ian Reeves Erica Rodrigues Anthony Stidham

Page 160

Page 161

Marie Sandberg Teacher

Rukhsana Ghani Teacher

GRf\OEI(g II-e
Karlo Advincula Jovaria Baig Bruce Boyette SahrGohar Stephanie Hayne

Aleeza Abbassi Zayd Abdul Samad Sali Abu Sakha Farah Ahmed Bryce Davis

Gabrielfe Holder Megan Kelly Zona Lach-Krohn Adam Linden Sara Lijewski

Nadia E/ Kaissi Dale Harvey Michael Kattouf Rachel Lacy Laura Lawrence

Khalid Mohamed Amy Morris Will Nyce Nicholas Pasquale Moo Noi Sriprathum

Marie Eve Levesque Kausalya Lingamanaicker Daniel Nakhle Frank Parker Kirt Platt
;01 .1



Mada Subaiti Wi/son Taylor Dallas Wissemann

Sami Sahli Maria Siddiqui Lauren Thorn

Page 162

Page 163

Rhonda McCraw Teacher

Mariam Ahmed OsamaBhatti Hira Choudry Wundee Coppock Pierre De Raikem

Alicia Elwin Teacher

Shugufta Ahmed Carlos Arias DanyaAryan Erin Bradley Jeremy Carden

Frank DiLorenzo Abrahim Fahs Robert Fio Rito Christina Hass Amaf Leiq Alexander Cathcart Pascal Chaker-Soultani Dominique Di Bacco EmanHaggag Tarek Hammad

Michae/ Marteff Erin Mayfield Zaina Mustafa FatimaSaya Jay Sheth Malin Heimdal Mathilde Jensrud Isaac Maffula Ashley Martin Danil Mansur

Miranda Sofroniou Doug/as Taylor Jeremy Wi/fiams Noura Zaabri

Merci Murray Gavin Patt Richard Weinbergber

Page 164 Page 165

Cathy Vogel Teacher

Geetha Thomas Teacher

David Anderson Edward Andrews Sidra Awan Daniel Barney Mariam Beawerwala

Dina Abousa/eh Ramsey Darwiche Dannah Farah Umair Karim Luke Middleton

Alexander Davis Faisal Habbaf Karla Haddad Michael Harrington Shane Hope

Amirah Nasr Frederik Poulsen Peter Prince Sonia Rehman HUnter Richard



SaraJansson Mariam Javed Abeer Khan Maria Larsen Junaid Malik

Ammar Rizvi Tyler Shropshire Talal Skeik Jennifer Smith Alexia Treskin

Gordon McConnell Ayman Shaqdan Brittany Stone

Catherine Wilson Shane Wolcott Tamina Yusifzai

Page 166

Page 167

Cynthia Bullington Teacher

Laura Barrett Teacher

Maryam Ahmad HinaAziz Sabrina Bisson Mohammed Chaarani Deems Dabbagh

GRADEI(g 11--'
Becky Buchanan Kenny Cox Alex Curtin Maryam Oemian Saeed EI Saghir

Sean Fischer Kelsey Gandier Tino Garrido Maryam Hoballah Amy Hutchinson

Natasha Hernandez Cole Johnstone Betty Moore Basem Mougharbe/ Nicki Ozaki

;! ii





Aadillqbal Sean Johnstone Lise Komeliussen Taimoor Manzoor Ariah Mousavizadegan

Jeremy Parker Cortney Prichard Kyle Quintero Daniele Rooney Omar Saab

ii ! I,



Shukan Patel Hofly Wallace Sara Zafar

Jerry Sanders Hannah Sayen Elizabeth Watson Freeha Zia

Page 168

Page 169

James Brotherton Natalie Dunn Alexander Elespuru Kaitlyn Fitzgerald

Milka Abraham Emily Broman Christopher Dittrich Leila EISaghir

Anisah Giansiracusa Isaac LeBlanc Mary Kehoe Teacher AariJ Mustafa

Micah Green Alexander Lund David Martell Dustin Moffit Karen Marcato Teacher

Trevor O'Connor Mona Sadek Alexander Wilson Sinan Yaseen

Tristan Mosher Tommy Reddad Katherine Stone Joanna Wylie Aya Yanai

Page 170

Page 171

Carol Sigritz Teacher

HiraAshraf Daniela Castro Joshua Gelfand Douglas Howe William Hreiki

Linda Trowbridge Teacher Grade Level Coordinator Lana Adra Eric Chin-Cheong Jimmy Dabbagh Nurah Hussain Michelle Ingold


Najaah Hussain Nada Mehio Haitham Nouri Mohammad Sahi Nico Seiler

Dinah Jamma/ Lay/a Khaldi Zayd Kuba Vidhya Lingamanaicker Richard Mayfield

Ahmed Shamim Ibtihaj Tayyab Bryan Torgerson

Rohit Nirmal Nico Reyes Hashem Rizk

Page 173

Page 172

Stacia Gillett Teacher

Sue Woelfel Teacher

SyedaAnwar Jackson Arlidge George (Teddy) Gleason IfI Hadley Green Christa Guerra

SamiAlsado Annie Brewerton Sarah EI Had} Laura Hinely

Mikkel Jensen Maryam Ladha Jamie Lage Samer Marchi Matthew Milne

Taylor Isley Celine Jebeyli Kelsey Kinney Spencer Lawrence-Emanuel Christine Sawda

Robyn Schenk Daniel Shebib Joseph Witherington Andrew Willis Jacob Yacoub

Page 174




A new day brings new
Primary School
Ifindergarten I Jenna Ayoub, Alia Adib and Matthew Brady. Kindergarten II Katelyn Metzger, Vera Einarsdottir; Arsalan Ausat, Mattie Jensen, Maria Neveed. Donna Dean, Areeb NCJji, Gabriella Uhde, Jessica Knowles, Chris Carlile and Ashlyn Finnie. Elyse Merkel was not present.

faces to SAiS-R. Welcome, new students!

Grade One Whitfey Lowe, Nisha Gupta, William Dean, Sally Ali, Rebekah Grafton, Hannah Lawson, Haaris NCJji,Cassie Sager; Patrick Toth-Meyers and Michael Jacobsson.

Patricia Finnan Teacher

Denise Pearsall Teacher

Annam Abbasi Zachary Haines Noora Hasan

Grade Two Ryan Hobbs, Sean Lamb, Michelle Friedman, Noveen Ausat, Cody Lawson, Nina YlaOutinen and Daniel Pitile.

Intermediate School
Grade Three Stacy Sovar, Amy Randall, Heidi Koivuniemi, Vegard Varden, Joshua Nelson, Caylee-Britt Goshko, Andrew Metzger; Tarik Rabie, Michael Jensen and Joshua Finnie.

Saba Ladha Luis Lopez Taiseer Maju Jafry Rahman

Grade 4 Jeffrey McDivitt, Abdul Rahim Mazin Matthew Leroux, LaShara Johnson and Rahul Sheth

Patrick Tribbey Nadim Wacljih

Grade 5 Alan Chism, Ronald Leroux, Ali Auset; Matthew Grega, Philip Pittle and Zainub Ibrahim

Page 176 Page 177



Elementary Music Staff
Norma Smith, Kg II and Grade 1 Nancy Chamberlain, Grades 1 & 2 Barbara Lyall, Grades 3 & 4 Deb Hartz, Instruments and Grade 4 Elizabeth Meisinger, Strings Christina Niederkorn, Grade 5 Kathleen Mousavizadegan, Kg I and Grades 4 & 5
Page 178 Page 179

Elementary Art Department
Ted Barlag, Grade 4 & 5, Department Chairman SU5an Burkett, Grade 2 & 3 Mary Anne Marx, Grade I Debbie Richard, Educationa/ksistant

Page 180 Page 18l

Primary & Intermediate Library Staff
Jane Langholz,
Primary Ubrarian

Becky Mcl(innis, lntermediate Librarian Kay 0 'Connell, Instructional Aide, Primary Sherry Scoville, Instructional Aide, Intermediate Susan Miller, Educational Assistant Sherrie Faris, Educational Assistant



Above: Mrs. Brennans fourth grade class is lined up and ready to get into the library and out o]. .. the rain? Above, center: Book Sticks? What are they? How do they work? Vajeeha Zia, Carmen Inati and Marie Scoggins try to understand it. Above right: Mrs. McKinnis helps Wael EI Ariss find an author's work on the shelves.

When students have found the books they want to check out, they may sit in a separate area to wait for others in their class. Most, like Aleeza Abbasi dive right in to see what they have found. Far left, top: Sally Abu Sakha and Maria Siddiqui look at one of their new book selections together. Left: Far left, center: "This is the best book in the library, Zayd. You should check it out next time!" whispers Bryce Davis. Above: Qutaibah Al Khatib, Sami Galal and Ryan Seaton head back to their classroom after a visit to the library. Right: Just browsing the shelves is still a very interesting way to spend some free time for Tatyana Talamas. For left, bottom: Arsa/an Ausat has found what he wants and is about to begin looking it over. His classmate, Kurt Platt is already reading away. Left: "It is a difficult decision, selecting a book ... there are so many [ have not read yet," thinks Rachel Lacy as she hurries to select something before her class time is up.

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Elementary PhysicaJ Education
Sharon Oberg, Kindergarten Marie Allen, Kindergarten Mandy Mroszcza!<,Grade Emily McMillen, Grade Lee Edington, Grade Deborah Bachand, Grade Alan Anderson, Grade I /I I 2 3 4 5



Crunching eiIJ up and stretching back out; tip toeing, carefully; chin up and holding it; wall(ing, wall<ing, walking!

under and around and through; doe see doeing and dribble, dribble, dribble.


Everyday, in all parts of the campus, at all hours of the school day, physical education teachers have their groups busy, learning to be healthy, happy and fit. They place a lot of emphasis on learning the rules (referring to the ones to live by) and how to play by them. Getting along with others, learning to follow instructions, sportsmanship and doing ones best are all important goals. The wonderful part of it is that the children have such wonderful fun doing it.

Pulling, pulling and keepinq that chin up; holding on and swinging; swinging like a monkey along the bars; hanging in there for the count. Way to go!

Learning to be a team, taking turns, following the
leader; and

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roiling, rolling, rolling down the hill. Fun, fun!

Elementary Computer Staff
Saundra Hopkins-Balk,
Grades 3, 4" 5 Grades 2 " 3 Grade I

Florence Frederick, Lynn Teecker,

Linda Willis,

Elementary Computer


Elementary Arabic
Lori Baker, Gisel Aboudiwan,
Grades Grades

I(indergarten II Activity Room

1. & 3 1& 5



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Elementary After School Activities
Emily McMillen Director


Arabie Language ffogram for Students
Odette Zakharia Director

A. L. R S.

ALPS Teachers:
Back roW" Odette Zakharia, Arlette Bijjani Sabah Khoury and Rania Khoury. Middle row: Huda Rizka/lah Vilma Ramadi, Gisel Aboudiwan Fatan Kai/ey and Jinan Haider. Kneeling: Fida Farah Siham Tannous, Una Etd, Najat Ayyoub and Hind E/-Khatib. Page 189


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Learning Strategies
Dorothy Rivas Karen Schoessel, Speech Therapy Marilyn Young, Speech Therapist

Enrichment Center
Mary Alice Teller, Enrichment Teacher Maxine Tinney, Enrichment Teacher Mary Nuttall,
Language Arts Facilitator

English as a Second Language
Sheri Taub Marlene Fortney Sandra Szalipszki

Jeannine McKinley, Educational Assistant Gayla Weaver; Eaucstionet Assistsnt. Math/Science


Picture and word games are great tools to enhance the English language skills of E.S.L students. Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Teller have things like feathers and chicken bones in their pockets, but they they have a poem in thei r heads. Several students in Mrs. Bowen's fifth grade class dressed in costume and gave the staff in the Central Office a welcome Poetry Break.

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Primary School Grade Level Aides
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Intermediate School Grade Level Aides
Connie Haas
Kindergarten II Grade 4 Grade 4

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AIda Bondaruk

Mira Aunaruth

Hattie Welch

May Bright

Dagmar Mathes

Dorothea Martell

Nora Patterson

Lynn McDivitt

Houda Hassaniyeh Helen Sreekumar
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