Lea starts her day on the right or the left foot, whichever gets her to the top shelf to put her bag away.









_._.- .. -_._



This picture is a breathtaking view of

His Royal Highness King Fahd Ibn Abdul Aziz AI-Saud Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques

The 1997/98 Board of Truateee
Seated: Michael Quinn, Treaeurer; John Xef05, Chairman; Dr. William Fi5her, Vice Chairman; and Fran Erlckaon, Secretary. Standing: John Paul Jones, Jeanne Cassin, and Don Blair. Seated: Sue Mlener, Director of Educational Services; Dr. John Davis, Superintendent; and Margaret McCabe, Director of Financial Services. Standing: Robert Tinney, Director of Personnel; Marti Wittnebel, Prinoipal of the Primary School; Kenneth Parker, Principal of the Intermediate Sohoo[; and Bruce McMillen, Principal of the Junior High School

Brendan was part of a fashion show. The fashion show was the culminating activity of the week spent acquainting students with their new ninth grade roles and each other as people. Ho-Jung, Hye-Yun, Hae-Jung and Kyung-Hee took part in an experiment to purify water in the solar boxes that they made out of cardboard boxes and aluminum foil.

Jennifer one of the many fashion designers for the day, looks on as Ritwick ~odels her lastest newspaper creation in evening wear.

Flying High with



Sarah went to Switzerland on the study trip. She makes mountain climbing look easy.

Lina explains her Mandela to her Language Arts class.

Ihab, Ali, Danny, Majed, Emad, Ali,and Shawn make future plans a reality by filling out their registration forms for the Secondary School Admission Test.

Hilde's McBath boat made it safely to the other side of the pool at the ROCcompound.

Zain blows air into the CPR Unit, known as "Baby Jane" during First Aid Training. page

The Mercedes boat built by Noumaan and Wissam sank! page



Ousama and his class head over to read to their grade one buddies.

Soaring with


Tweeeetl ... Serve! . Bump! set .... Spike! Block! Dig!...,set spike I Tweeeet Side out!

During a Mime Show production, Brittany pretends to punch Glenn over "A Piece of Lint."

Why are these students smiling? You would too if your class just won a pizza lunch for the best Mission Statement, "Our Mission is Your Future" Nour and Alex act out a skit called "Drug Refusal" for Health class. Bank, Faisal, Dimitrios and Ben are on the Gold Team.

Ron uses a puppet to captivate his audience. Decisions, ... decisions, ... who will make the best president for student council? Students received popstcles as a treat for standing in the hot sun to be part of a histogram graph which was part of Metrica 97.





Zye and Sarah enjoy playing games in the shade during recess. Miriam and Danah might as well sit while they wait for the rest of their class.

From Aloft with


Winta is in Grade 5. She will be in Junior High School next year.

Watch out for these basketball players! They will run you down during a game.

One of the steps is rolling the paper to make sure all excess water is squeezed out. Christine's all packed up and ready for the day. C. J. drums out a legend for his class using traditional instruments.



Mike was the umpire in the performance of "Casey at the Bat".




asks Peter "Where did


the watermelon seed go?" Better still where's the watermelon?

Carolina, Stephany and Emily do their best to look cool, even though it is hot I


"Popcorn, get your popcorn!" yelled Geoffrey and Salman for their class performance of Casey at the Bat. What do Michelle, Zunarah and Alia keep in their bags to make them look so full?

Better not even think of fooling with Maha or Brigitte.

Guess who's rounding the base? Yes it's Casey played by Imran. Mizna and Areej's plan for the Great Escape is a little bigger than they had thought.

How long will it take the teacher to find this secret hiding place?





"How do you like my Snoopy bag?" asks Brandon.

If you can grind your teeth, you can knead your dough.

What's in Doggie Elizabeth's tin? Shhhl Homemade cookies in the shape of dog bones for her class.

Seeking New Heights with


Elizabeth's boots are made for lining up.

For their birthday, Gerasimo and Ayman get the royal treatment.

Cortney and Piller find a new way to learn measurement.

Skipping is the best part of recess! Michael enjoys his vision test.





The background for Michael's clay map is a beautiful blue ocean.

Danil, Tony and Areeb heighten their day by being on top of things in the playground.

A day without a smile is like a day without sunshine at SAlS-R.

Every hair is in place for Brandon's first day of school.

Everyday Math Exploration skills are demonstrated by Louisa and Heather who are counting by tens to build a tower. Making bread sure is messy fun.



Disney Day
Kindergarten I and II found a very special way to celebrate February! First you must invite two special guests Mickey and Minney of course! Then add balls, bubbles, hoops, carts, hockey sticks, face painting, games and lots of hugs, giggles and last but not least children having fun.

page 18


Spring 97



Got the February Blues? Grades One and Two Had A

Grade Four had a Friendship Feast

Play Day
Junior High Sang for Ice Cream, Mmmmm! Good!

Junior High's

Fashioned after the Olympics, each team represented a country such as Portugal and Togo to name a few.
Mary Henry holds the torch high. Mr. Zimbrick lights the flame to begin the games.

page 22PDm



page 23

There is always something going on at SAIS-R!
Biology class cross pollinated seeds to learn genetics. Mayce looks pleased with her harvest. Richard tye dyed his T-shirt for Earth Day.

Wheeee! Wet and Wild Day! Hey how do you stop this thing?

Ray, Sarah, Ben and Luke proudly exhibit their science projects at the Sixth Grade Share Fair.

Hurray! Safe take off and landing by Matt during Skate and Blade Day.

Mrs. Jenney presents the American Junior High School Mathematics Examinatious Award to the four students with the highest scores, Ho-Jung Cho, Zubia Naji, Jake Wintermute and Kil Hoon Lee.

Special guests come to visit SAIS-R, like this nine week old Bengal Tiger cub.

Mrs. Flannery's class reinacted the life of the great inventor "Ben Franklin" in the Russell Building,



Spring 97

Spring 97





Boys' Blue Team
Top row: Ali Samee, Mark DuBois, Nick Bartridge and Coach Ken Balk. Front row: Sung Lee, Mo Asad, Khaled Eid and Hae Gong Cho,

Stripes Team
Standing: Mr. Mark Forgeron, Ben Kotek, Imran Khawaja, Aizaz Ali and Mr Bernie Welch. Front row: Tim Johansen, Brendan Butz, Khalil Dabat and Joel Hudspeth.

Boys' White Team
Top row: Coach Richard Arnold, Blake Quinn, Aizaz Ali and Rani Assad. Front row: Ali Mirza, Dee Jay Marcelino, Aashish Parekh and Wallace Frank.

Blue Team
Standing: Mr. Mark Lewis, Mr. Vern Cedarlund, Blake Quinn, Mark Dubois, Do-Kyung Kim and Mr. Ken Balk. Front row: Mo Asad, Nick Anderson, Ryan Martinson and Aashish Parekh.

Boys' Gold Team
Top row: Coach Mitch Brennan, Mark Fakhri, Viqas Akhtar and Joel Hudspeth. Front row: Lorrin Underwood, Basil Qunibi, Khalil Dabat and Imran Khawaja.

White Team
Standing; Mr. Alan Knobloch, Thor Einarsson, Nick Bartridge, Mr. Dennis Butz, Lorrin Underwood and Mr. Michael Boll. Front row: Nic Bachand, Chris Runte, Basil Qunibi, Aakash Parekh and Mr. Pat Lake



Standing: Coach Cheryl Smith, Sarah Nusairat, Tabitha Noe, Sanaa Khan, Anna Leppajoki, Birna Einarsdottir, Lisa Johansson and Coach Gail Gartin. Front row: Mayce Aljazara, Majida Al-Husaam, Brittany Pierce, Betty Sadikian, Oyuky Hernandez, Molly Moreau and K.C. O'Grady.

Nancy Lake, Karen Brennan, Lori Boll, Emily McMillen, Colombe Lane Bisson, Debby Douglas, Rhonda Isley, Jan Benson, Ruthie Voetberg, Cathy Moreau, Patty Butz, Audrey Forgeron, Aline Taillefer-McLaren and Mrs. Hernandez. Ladies' softball was officiated by Umpire Brenda Bergen.

Girls' Gold Team
Top row: Coach Mariaune Hauser, Sarah Nusairat, Sanaa Khan, Maya Zakharia and Jennifer Wright. Front row: Emily de Moor, Brittany Pierce, Naila Farooqui and Marwa Fayed,

Girls' Blue Team
Top row: Sofia Khilji, Anna Leppajoki, Jennifer Erickson, Tabitha Noe and Coach Dennis Butz. Front row: KayePablo, Oyuky Hernandez, Betty Sadikian, Jairee Williams and Kyung-Hcc Park.

page 26




You're a Good Man Cha rl ie Brown

The choir sang for the opening act of the Grade Nine play "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown". Forty Second Street was jnst one of the songs they sung.

The Show must be on time so...... Ready, Set, Action! The lights dimmed, the audience hushed with anticipation, then all of a sudden magic appeared on the stage. The many rehearsals were now reality, the actors were prepared, lines memorized, costumes sewn and stage hands ready to move props. It was a most enjoyable evening of family entertainment brought to SAIS-R by the cast and crew of the spring drama production of "Shrew".

International Day
The seventh grades students enjoyed their feast! They invited guests from different embassies to come and participate, The school was invited to view all sorts of interesting cultures in the Russell room. The celebration was completed with lots of food, glorious food.

Mohammad Mustafa is wearing a thobe and guthra, the traditional dress in Saudi Arabia.

Spring 97



Sherif Andretta in the Russell Room.

Salwa Ghandour in line for a fabulous feast 1

Fady Farid stretches to get that one last morsel of goat cheese.

Spring 97

page 29

Hac Jin Shin, Secretary and Aizaz Ali give final speeches at the new memher induction ceremony.

Pledge cards in tow, around the walkers necks, Walkathon '97 started off with a brisk pace at 8:00am.

National Junior Honor Society
The following new members were inducted into the NJHS. Ninth Grade: Kun- Young Bae, Sarah Hatoum, Alessandro Ianniello, Melireen Kakwan, Banafshe Kermanshah, Farah Khan and Kathlyn Kaye Pablo. Eighth Grade: Ihab Ahmed, Tristin Celestin, Maria Fors, Wallace Frank, John Fuller, Ian Goshko, Nida Haq, Sofia Khilji, Hilde Marthinusen, Mona Oshalla, Fatima Sowid and Lana Subaiti. Seventh Grade: Tamim Abdul Majid, Helen Cassin, Kathleen Chiarantona, Emine E1cioglu, Leslie Anne Gauna, Divya Jain, Benjamin Kotek, Erik Landriault, Christine Moe, Laura Muhs, Brittany Pierce, Fahad Qureshi, Mevhibe Saygin, Neelma Siddiqui and Abdus Soudagar, The stated goals of the NJHS are to facilitate the growth and development of the ideals of scholarship, service, leadership, citizenship and character. It will be the task of these officers to identify and promote opportunities for SAIS-R students to develop such attributes during the coming school year. Walkathon Funds Designated Shown above, front row: Humaad Ijaz, Ryan Rifai Ana~ Mustafa and Dan1!YVan Der Meulen; back row: Jessica Bacon, Tatyana Talamas, Lucas King, Abdul Mazin and Karim Banna. Presentations in hand the fifth grade committee appointed to designate the use of funds prepare to go into classrooms to explain how and where the monies collected from the Walkathon pledges will be spent. SA1S-~ has supported <). number of commumty projects III conjunction WIth the U.S. Peace Corps Partnership Program.

Primary and Intermediate School Annual Charity Walkathon


30 Spring 97

To show appreciation for their teachers, NJHS students prepared a special lunch.

Spring 97 page


Wanda Kastner Secretary Patti Matowe Supply and Secretary for After School Activities

Bruce McMillen Principal Rebecca Langford Secretary Pamela Morris Secretary

Gary Flannery Assistant Principal

Joseph Manuel Supply

Diane Smith Secretary

Brenda Bergen Counselor

Dennis Dwyer Counselor





Fadi Abousaleh Ibrahim Ahmad IhabAhmed Sarah Ahmed MajedAkhter

Tarek Alameddine Jason Anderson Yigit Aslan Samer Audeh Anne Axelgard

Victor Ayers Abraham Azam Hyun-Joo Baek Nadeem Bakhshi Belal Bayaa

Natalie Blair Bonnie Blalock Jennifer Bond John Bongiovi Jacob Bos

Kavita Brown George Bruce Brendan Butz Carolina Cavano Tristin Celestin

Top row from left to right: Ho-Jung Cho,Hye-lun Hussain Bottom row from left to right: Zubia Naji, Jennifer Runte, Huda Jangda Kim, Natalie Blair (President), Anna Leppajoki, Ali Mirza, Jae Yoo, Syed Dimitra Chantziantoniou Edward Chavez Ho-Jung Cho Jessica Christensen Jessica Clark


34 Grade Nine

Grade Nine




From left to right starting Eden takes the temparature contaiminated cardboard watches water that

at the top: of the has been boiled in out of foil. Rani

the solar boxes made by students boxes and aluminum di splays exh ibit

1. the

solar box. Lindsey hotl The water

in disbelief

as Jane drinks the boiled

water. Ouch, could be a little must reach 65"['

or 17'C il1 order to be pure

Newspaper is the latest fashion at SAIS-R.At least for one morning it was. In order to get to know each other better, teams were assigned to create the ensemble.
Dana Dabat Tania Daboul Hadi Darwiche Manisha Dass BahaaDiab

enough to drink. flaci ng the solar boxes by the wall gets them really hotl The hot water was used for making lunch. Life doesn't better grassy than purified once contaminated get much eating your lunch made with the water on the

knoll with your friends.

Mussie Haile Nida Haq Alison Hawkins Maximiliana Hendrickx Priscilla Hunt

Jane du Plessis Shawn Duggal Kimberly Eaton KhaledEid Mark Fakhri

Saira Hussain Syed Hussain Soojin Hyung Imran Ibrahim Owais Islam

Marwa Fayed . Rehab Fayed Alfred Felipe Maria Fors Richard Fortin

Renad Jabaji Zain Jafry HudaJangda Celia Joyner Johanna Kagevi

Wallace Frank Kevin Garcia Eden Girma Ian Goshko Jason Haas

Mohammad Kakwan Timo Karjalainen Priscilla Kauling Sameer Kazmi Armand Keleshian

Grade Nine



Grade Nine



One day during Grade Nine Leadership Week the students built boats out of cardboard and rolls of plastic. The next day began with a bus ride to the ROC Compound to see if the boats would float in the pool. However once all the students were on the bus, there was no room for the boats they built. The bus had to go back to get the boats. Usually the maiden voyages took place at the teacher's compound, but with the closure of the teacher's compound, the ROC Compound was the alternate plan.

"Help Mr. Geldart" cried Dana! "Berkeley go help Dana" bellowed Mr. Geldart. "Use your arms like this, see stabilizers" motioned Berkeley. Johanna's going down for the count.

Sofia Khilji Christine Khouri Hye-Yun Kim Tae-Hwan Kim Patricia Kipp

Ali Mirza Salman Mohiuddin Lindsey Moore Andrew Morrical Megan Moss

Sofiah Knight Rana Koleilat N adeem Ladki Russ Landrus Hac-lung Lee

Noumaan Motan Erin Nagel WissamNaim Daniel Naizghi Zubia Naji

Kil-Hoon Lee Young-Kwang Lee Grace Legaspi Juhan Lenjesson Anna Leppajoki

Samer Naoshy Sarah Nusairat Mona Oshal1a MinOuh Anuja Palkar

lane Lyall Zein Malas Hilde Marthinusen Basi1 Matar Benish Memon

Benedict Palmeri Kyung-Hee Park Amy Pincock Ramlah Poonawalla Anthony Racaniello


38 Grade Nine

Grade Nine



Beside: This group of enthusiastic to Switzerland on a study trip.

students went

Below: Mr. Butz and Mrs. Burkett receive cash deposits from students for the trip to secure a reservation. It was a first come, first Served basis due to limited spaces. At one point, there was a chance that some students at the end of the list might not go, but a remedy was quickly found by booking with another airline.

Huda demonstrates the finale for the SAIS-RMambo.

Mr. Moncada is a mild mannered Biology teacher during class but always ready with his camera whenever duty calls to take slide show pictures for Awards Day.

Below left: Osama's grade one class came to learn a little science with Wally's grade nine class.

Below right: Nour mimicked her favorite History teacher during a skit about a student being disorganized.

Susan Rachdan OmarRahman Ritwik Rastogi SyedRazvi Won-Jae Ree

Adam Renshaw Nour Rifai Kiran Rizvi Sherwin Rubio Jennifer Runte

Awais Sheikh Fatima Sowid Lana Subaiti Jennifer Tadlock Peter Teiwik

WaJid Saab lmran Saadi Ali Samee Serge Sarkoyan Peter Schultz

Lorrin Underwood Mona Vesslegard Torbjoern Visted Mike Webb Leah Wolford

You-Lee Sea Lina Shaar Courtney Shaffer Mirza-Akbar Shah Fahad Shaikh

Shona Wolford Jennifer Wright Jae Yoo Mashael Zaidi Mohammad Zia



Grade Nine

Grade Nine



Switzerland '97
The Grade Nine students were promised "the memorable event of their grade 9 year"! The event was the study trip to Anzere, Switzerland. Some of the memories included a trip to the Red Cross to view a monument which commemorated Princess Diana's work to ban landmines, mountain biking up and down steep rocky mountains, orienteering with a compass and being able to spot signs on trees, an overnight in the woods and telling ghost stories over a bonfire, cookouts, cooling tired, sore feet after a six hour hike to Sian, bonding with great teachers, Amy even took time out to have an appendectomy, hiking through grapevines with breathtaking scenery, visiting the United Nations, abseiling, more hiking, and rock climbing. Whew! Promises were kept for a lifetime of memories with good friends.



Tamirn Abdul Majid Noor Abdul-Samad Annan Aboul-Nasr Ghada Adhami N ouma Afiouni

Viqas Akhtar Dania Al Ajlani Farah-Philip AI-Hajj Mahmoud Al- Khatib Ibrahim Al-Rashid

Souraya Alameddine Faisal Alisdairi Lina Andersson Mattias Andersson Sherif Andretta



Loay Aouad Nabeela Ayaz ZahraAyubi Emad Aziz Fahim Johanna Backman


Jan Benes RanaBiary Kathryn Bongiovi Matthew Boren Elisabeth Bosley

From left to right: Jamie Herman, Ben Kotek, Erik Landriault, Rana Biary, Marie Jansson, Katie Chiarantona, Brittany Pierce, Laura Redwine, Leedia Riman, Ahmad Chaudry Russell Boucher Kristoffer Braendeland Alexander Cabral Jessica Casarez Helen Cassin



Grade Eight ··················E:.·.···~:·:·~: i •... mlD

Grade Eight





Good Fncnde; Good Times at SAIS-R!

These students observed the sun using protective UV glasses.

Ahmad Chaudry Kathleen Chiarantona Alice Chlouk Umair Chughtai So-Young Chung

Jennifer Erikson Maya Esparza Faraaz Fakih Fady Farid Andre Figures

John Clem Matthew Cunningham Matthew Dafter Sara Darwiche John De Boer

Michael Figures Brian Flannery Michael Flannery Robert Fontaine David Friedman

Mario de Masi Matthew Debellefeuille WaelDiab Eugenia Dmytrenko Lindsey Douglas IV

Leslie Anne Gauna Andrea Gayer Salwa Ghandour Shannon Gorgen Rebecca Grealy

Megan Eason Ghuyath Eid Noha El~Khatib Emine Eldoglu Mostafa Elhammady

Christopher Grigoleit ZiadHaddad Lauren Hadsel Hikmat Hamdan Jamie Herman


46 Grade


Grade Eight page






During "Space Day", students displayed their Space Probe and Satellite projects in the Ru ssell Room.

Jose Miguel Hermann Peter Horan Umar Hussain Joseph Iacobucci Sarah Iani

TaeHoonKim Darae Ko Narae Ko Nicolas Kobroussi Mariko Koguchi

Zeeshan ljaz Sabeen Islam Marie Jansson Sumpun Jerles Hyunwoo Joe

Oguzhan Koksal Abdulaziz Koleilat Benjamin Kotek Erik Landriault Amy Lee

Timothy Johansen Lisa Johansson Lena Kakati MaheenKhan Sana Khan

Eun-Sook Lee Hae-Won Lee SungHee Lee Angeliki Lelou Randolph Lewis

Shireen Khan Klementyna Kielak Kyeong-Won Kim Miri Kim Seol-Hyoung Kim

David Lundstrom Matthew Lyall Hasan Mahmood Wayez Mahmud Ian McCleary

page 48 Grade Eight

Grade Eight

page 49

Dania is one of the Junior High Office Aides. Her grade depends on her ability to follow directions and organize her duties.

Ahmed measures how much "stuff' it takes to reach suspension in water.

Leedia Riman Shabih Rizvi

Eric McDivitt Madeline McGehee Taimur Mian ImanMoawad Youssef Mourad

Emir Sadek Mevhibe Saygin Nathan Schorr Christopher Schroeder Deepa Sheth

Mohammad Mustafa Shaden Mustafa Dina Nabulsi UmeNaqvi Ole Jorgen Nerseth

Neelma Siddiqui Tarik Solomon Pattanasak Soontorn Angela Maria Sorace Maresca Samad Soudagar

Tochukwu Osuji Dimitrios Papacostas Sa Park Ana Katrina Pascual Taha Pasha

Trevor Stegeman Carl Svedberg Rosaline Tashdjian Taysir Tayyab Yonathan Tesfazghi

Brittany Pierce Aaron Pipkin Abid Poonawalla Jacobus Prinsloo SyedQadri

Ted Thibodeau Ronny Torstensson PUTU Trivedi Lauren Umland Tobie Underwood

Eric Quintero Fahad Qureshi Samer Rachdan Dania Rafii Sarah Redwine

Lizet Verwoerd Justin Wagoner James Williams Sarah Xefos Hye-June Yoon


50 Grade

". ·\jiNic\;I! .•.

Grade Eight !lIiIl!ii1llll




ZuhaAbbasi Samir Abboud Sarah Abdelnaby Amad Aboul-Nasr Iman Abuzied

Momin Aetizaz Maleeha Ahmad Hassan Ahmed Waheeb Ahmed Mohammad Akhtar

Abdulaziz Al Dughaither Ramy Alani JaimeArkle Juliet Armour Jennifer Arnold

Hadeel Assad Karen Aton Ali Ausat Christian Axelgard Tariq Ayass

Rima Ayaz Faisal Aziz Suzanne Baidon Faheem Bakhshi Hani Bashour

Standing from left to right: Rose Hajian, Healey Cypher, Shaunt Kalloghlian, Jarett Holmes, Nick Lepham, Moustafa Mourad Seated back row from left to right: Emily Lyall, Amanda Roof, Nour Malas Seated front row from left to right: Pat Fisher, Rebekah Gayer, Farah Rehman Tarek Baya'a Raymond Benson Johan Bergquist Ivar Bjornsson Adrian Blackwell



Grade Seven

Grade Seven

page 53

Under The Covered Area For Outdoor Lunch October 97

Healey, Iman, Shana, Hannah and Nom played sleeping elves for the Kindergarten II Winter Program. Santa tried to wake the elves but couldn't, but when the children said the magic word "Love", the elves instantly awoke.

Matthew Blair Matthew Bond Anais Braye Heather Brown Jermaine Bruce

Eloy Fernandez Lacy Fincannon Patrick Fisher Eric Fontaine Veronica Fox

Chelena Brunone Maryam Chaudry Aysia Chavez Jae-So Cho Sung Cho

Mellissa Frangias Robert Fris Paula Frances Gay Rebekah Gayer Feras Ghandour

Zunair Chughtai U-Young Chung Can Coler Healey Cypher Maen Dabat

Sidra Ghori Benyam Girma Yon Gonzalez Hannah Gray Daniel Greenberg

Michael Dela Cruz Edward Devine Christopher Di Salvo Travis Dudley RamyEid

John Greenberg Matthew Grega Enrico Byron Grino Kareem Habib Anthony Haddad

Rana El Hafi Tarell El Masri Susan Eleissawy Jessica Ellwood Samia Farooqi

Hosam Haggag Syeda Haider Rose Hajian lana Hansson Toshiko Hatashita


54 Grade Seven

Grade Seven page


One of the books read for Language Arts class was Ulysses. The afternoon of Exploration Day was spent on a scavenger hunt. The students used clues from the book to orienteer themselves around the campus. The incentive for the winners was a pizza lunch.

Only the best dressed were a part of the "Clash Day Spirit Rally".

Marios Hellstrand Mary Henry Erin Hiser Yusuf Hoballah Margaret Hoffecker

Shaunt Kalloghlian Mariya Karim Bassam Khalil AmjadAli Khan Areej Khan

Evan Holmes Jarett Holmes Adam Husain Jawad Hussain Tarek Hussain

Yaser Khan Charrnine Khilji Veronica Larsen Dong Lee Nicholas Lepham

Chia- Wen Hwang Denise Iacobucci Zainub Ibrahim Sarah Ingram Afzaal Iqbal

Emily Lyall Brennan MacLachlan Muhieddine Majzoub Maya Makkawi NourMalas

Ozair Islam Rami Itani Samer Itani Zaki Jafry Huda Jarmakani

AmnaMalik Sana Manawar Audrey Martel Ben Martin Richard Martin

Jan Jodkowski Petra Johansson Paris Jones Wook Jin Jung Faisal Kabir

Nisha Memon Peter Middleton Christy Morgan Luke Morris Hasan Mougharbel


56 Grade


Grade Seven

page 57

...................................................... ,.,., ..,........... Il!iiiiB . ,. " 3m,._...



Moustafa Mom-ad Dmytro Mykytenko Mikael Myntti ReemNaim ImadNemr


Scott Ross Sarah Said Sarah Saleh Anna Santos Lisa Scott

U :>

Benjamin Newbery Othman O'Malley Mustafa Olomi Dina Ortiz Noreen Osman


Nicholas Seaton Tiffany Seeley Osman Shamim Fouad Shimlati Hae In Shin

:::'1 .':;[




Jennifer Palmer Ja Eun Park Konstant Petzer Willem Pienaar Philip Pittle


Nabeel Siddiqi Magdalena Sinczak

M:immi Sjoklint
Victoria Smiley Matthew Smith

Michael Placht Mustafa Poonawala Shana Quinn Tyler Quinn Abubakar Qureshi

Nicholas Solomon Tala Soubra Robert Tate Matthew Taylor Eva Tollborg

Emma Qureshi Jeffery Racaniello Sarneen Raza Corrin Reed Farah Rehman

Elizabeth Tribbey Donna Mae Villanueve Carl Wennerberg Matthew Wissemann Lisa Wright

Alexander Reinke Basil Rifai Johann Rodrigues Amanda Roof Adam Ross

DaHyeYoo Mustafa Yuceozsoy Jenna Zarzycki Zane Ziemelis Mohammed Zubairi



Grade Seven


-,",.,~... .. ~ '.i· ,:.~_


Grade Seven



~'= ========~~~~----~--~--------------------------------------------------....


Mr. Winkelman's class picture was taken in the sixth grade hallway on Clash Day.



Wayne Winkelman teacher



Anthony Abdulkarim

Juzer Beawerwala Richard Chlarantona Jamel Daniels Tamara Grealy

Samer Haidar Julie Horowitz Roukaya Ibrahim N aazneen Iqbal Aline Karam

David Legaspi Faisal Memon Sumayya Rahman Ryan Rifai Michael Ryan

From left to right: Ikenna Osuj i, Samer Haidar, Laurence Lewis, Lora Al Khawam, Qutaibah AI-Khatib, Kamran Pirani, KarenAnn Renshaw, Kamal Shair, Sarah Naoshy Lonsdale Schultz Susan Skef Blake Wissemann



Grade Six
............................__._..._...H-".,.,.,.""" ..•. , ..•.•" ••" .•... _

Grade Six




Ellen Nash teacher

Lana Callihan teacher

Anas Abou-Ismail Saqeb Akhter Bilal Al-Achi Jessica Bacon Jessica Bourland


Six -G- 3

Areeje Akhtar Wael Ariss Qutaibah Al- Khatib Christian Beck N aura Ghandour

Thomas Clancy Karim E1 Assir Thomas Greco Hameedul Haq Makiko Hatashita

Humaad Ijaz Ahmed Ismail John Jones Melissa Lewis James McAdam III

Ryan Holt Ayyaz Iqbal Zakariya Khawaja Tse-Mian Lim Molly Morris

Adam Nasr Feroz Rehman Len Stewart Christopher Sutton Andrew Umland

Hiba Mougharbel Ikenna Osuji Fatima Razvi Saad Shaikh

Michael Watkins Yazied Widatalla Serene Xefos


62 Grade

".,.,."',.,.",.., ,.,;;"" c,·'"·,,,iKfiliil.iii:!i!iIiIiIi ..,,

Grade Six

page 63

Joyce Cedarlund teacher

Pam El-Ahmadiyyah teacher

Bassel Al-Atab RashaAttar Ousama Bayaa Ryan Butz Mikael Cappelen-Smith


Six- B-1

Omar Abdul-Samad Faiyazahmed Ahmed Karim Banna Rachel Bosley Andrew Cavano

Katrina Chang Nicolas Demarcq James Fischer Victoria Gould Omar Kabbara

Dima Chaarani Noora Dabbagh Said EI-Dajani James Forsdyke Jihae Fortin

Nadia Kanaan Gunveen Kaur Laurence Lewis Robin Myers Jeffrey Petersen

Maher Harnze Wafa Javed Melissa Middleton Sarah Naoshy Serge Norikian

ill !



i i n

Wesley Pierce Kimberly Sharpe Ronald Snyder Oliver Stigsby

Krystle Pablo Christian Schroeder Rahul Sheth Jyri Tiimonen


64 Grade


Grade Six page








Carmine Filice teacher

Deb Alsado teacher


Osama Abu Sakha Abdul Mohsen Al Saud Rayah AI-Masha'l Lizzy Ansingh Abed Al Hamed Aouad



Minna Anttonen Johnathan Bisson Brenda Down Anthony Felipe

Adam Haddad Sukaina Hussain Jasveen Kaur Amy Linehan Jeffrey McDivitt

Sarni Gala1 Fatima Kamran Woo Lee Maysa Majzoub Orner Mohamed

Anum Niazi Tara Ogaick Dallas Richard AhmedRizk Kamal Shair

Anas Mustafa Zaid Nabulsi Mazen Nasser Supanika Ordonez Kamran Pirani

Hala Subaiti Feven Tesfalidet Brian Tillewein Vajeeha Zia

Hassan Sahi Dana Twal Kyle Wagoner Almahdi Yousif



Grade Six

Grade Six

page 67


Mr. Brennan haB Bome eager participantB for Clash Day.

Mitch Brennan teacher

Linda Wheeler teacher


Lora Al Khawam Catherine Asikis Sidra Baloch Kyle Brennan Marice Fernando


Six- B-5

Sarah Adams Jacquiline Arnold Dania Asaad Steven Cunningham Ashley Dionisio

Kevin Hadsel Carmen Inati Seemi Jamil Hassan Krisht Katlyn Merkel

Jean Du Plessis Rachel Furbeck Per Hoel Abigail Javier JawadKhan

Sahar Niaz Jonathan Pasquale Laura Powe Steven Rue Bruno Santos

Zahran Khan Lucas King Michelle Le Sarah Malki Carl McConnell

Saeko Uemura Daniel Van Del' Meulen Marissa Wasilewsld

Karen Renshaw Ryan Seaton AmrShweiky Fariha Tayyab Nicholas Yochoff


68 Grade Six

Grade Six

page 69

b2:~l?';::'0-;:i;;.';i...;:r;WJ.';;~i2¢);;{~~~.s;:;~;_;:<C-;::'~·3':'P'5-''J;";T'~-cG''~~J--m'';r:EZ'$r~~';;'7WJiiF!,;;''_.0K 'iJ\y,::Zii'!;y;(;:?) ]~:,:::::::_..:.-::;.:,.





Grade Six from left to right: Talal Baya'a, Joseph Brouillette, John Gefre, Brandi Graves, Kathryn Graves, Hyun Bin Kim, Chan"Yang Lee, Brendan Shenk

Grade Seven from left to right: Robert Humphries, Kimberly Munn, Shanker Shantanu, Kirsten Stowers

Grade Eight (below right) from left to right: Douglas Gefre, Ahmad Hariri, Kyle Hick, Rachael Peterson

Grade Nine (below) from left to right: Merhan EI Ramahi, Nicholas Stowers, Janine Schenk



New Junior High Students

Ai'Ice Burkett Algebra

Debby Douglas Language Arts & Writing

Dennis Butz Algebra & Geornetry

Don Zimbrick World History

Greg Moncada Physical Science & Biology

Bernie Welch Physical S cience '

Pat Black ~orld History & Motivational Reading

Jack Geldart Physical Science



Grade N'me Teach'mg Staff

Grade Nine 'T' learn



Mark Isley Social Issues

Ricky Arnold Earth Science

Terry Guthrie Pre-Algebra

GraemeM ontgomery Language Arts

Gail Pritchard Language A r ts

Cheryl Smith Earth Science

Cathy Jenney Pre-Algebra

Mike Boll Social Issues

Deepa pe Iformes th "R . d angeeia",an Indla e ance for the Unitend Nation s A ssembl y.



I !I

I' i
I ,

Grade Eight Teams Grade Eight 11 eamspage


Vern Cedarlund Mathematics & PreAlgebra
In Decembe~ 7-Gol culminated ~hei ~d 9tudents talents in a d ~aeronautic esign te an engaged in the' am of four d Gold A!rplan C 'The Great 7· entered one e ontest".Teams of the fo!loWi~:per airplane in each distance! a categories: I . ccuracy time airborne ' amount of aerobat' ' 9tunt9! . Ics,and most aesrhetically lea . Students desf slMg plane. . Igned ~f t helr own and w a paper plane 1119tructions h rote detailed Their clear an~n ow to build it instructl' coherent ' ons with geometry v' b accurate oca ula t e test by h ' ry, was put t th aVlng th 0 . ry to build from tho. er students
In stru

L'nda Wagner i Language Arts

Ken Balk Life Science

Mitch Naro Geography

Starla Reed Language Arts

David Jenney Life Science

Angie Brown Geography

M Mark Forgeron athematics & PreAlgebra





Grade Seven 'l' reams

Grade Seven Tearns



Wayne Winkelman Ellen Nash Lana Callihan Joyce Cedarlund Pam EI-Ahm ad'(yyah Carmine Filice Deb Alsado Mitch Brennan Linda Wheeler
~ho lurks behind t.h ,rag, ,is it a fly? No i~,t mask? Is it a gasping for air ft s Mr, Filice a completely b er being 'l su me~ged' w I e his student In the tank h water displacem: measured the nt, Metrica 97 Beside: invest' , pendulum, Igatlng the energy of a Below: Dressed as Mother ~ as farnoue lead stud eresa and K' ers, such ents gave s IMg Arthur person and wh peeches about th' had at a pos't' at on the world, live impact they

Beside: Fire one Below: Load u ' another' ping pong p b all. Fire two, Students had ;create a machine va out of simple materials euch rubber bands as spoons , s+0In' gs and "" straws The had to'f ' machine Ire short and long distances,



Grade Six rp Learns

Grade Six 'IIearns page '


Beside: The 9th Grade Health ciaBSes deSignated January, 98 as the Great SAiS-R Smoke Out. Jennifer and Jessica helped to put up Tobacco Awareness Displays in the patio area. Parents, students and staff were encouraged to come and pledge never to smoke, or to kick the habit for good, Volunteers signed pledges in the shape of "no smoking" signs, then posted them on black flats.

Pat Lake Physical Education

KimOhl Physical Education

Jay Gramolini Physical Education & Health

Cathy Moreau Physical Education

Audrey Forgeron Physical Education & Health


i page


Physical Education & Health
'·,';";';;T;:;·;i!,3';'0';';;';;'B'iiiI.__ •

Physical Education & Healthpage
£!l·_"'= ..


··~~""'_m_= __



Presented shows


Peter and Leah handed out tickets at lunch for "The Mask Era" performance.


Howto Eat Like a Child and Other Lessons in Not Bei ng a Grown Up DoYou Want an Apple?

Fedorak Geldart

AMime Show

Beside: Maddy pretends to be sick in "How to Stay Home From School"?

The Mask Era

Choral Readings




Drama page


Voila! Madame Pennington serves the finished product. French students get in line for their waffles. Who will be in line to clean up? Jennifer eye balls the meaeurernerrt for a Belgian waffle. Maybe chocolate sauce is the hidden ingredient.

Belinda Tufft Spanish

Christine Dupont French

Odette Zakharia Arabic

Sharran Hariry Advanced English as a Second Language

Amy Lindley Intermediate English as a Second Language


Above: French students


some winter songs before going from class to class with their repertoire.

Above: Sixth Grade Arabic students invited their teachers traditional small cups and dates stuffed with almonds.

to come and sample some Saudi coffee and dates. They served cardamom

coffee in the



Junior High Language

Junior High Languagepage


December 13th to the 17th was "A Week of Jazzing It Up". Entertainment could be found from the court area to outside the library,

Paul Lindley Band

During "A week of Jazzing It Up", everyone from Band and Orche5tra grouped together one recess and played two songs, "Instant Christmas Concert and Sounds of the Season".The audience was 50 uplifted that they cheered for


Christina Niederkorn Choir, General Music & Vocal

Mary MacLachlan Strings

Mark Brumley



Junior High Music

Junior High Music page

grade stUdent, Amy Lee was chosen to participate in the 1998 International Honor Orchestra which was heldfH the SAIS-R Concert Orchestra. Ninth grade students, Sarah Nusairat and Ho-Jung Cho were chosen ;.,~;., ~".",. Honor Band which was held in March in Geneva, Switzerland. Ho-Jung play" the flute and Sarah plays . ,..,.. Sarah was selected The International as an alternate, but we are hoping she was able to participate. of nearly 70 students, primarily of high school age, from Honor Band each consist Beside: The Concert Choir was invited to perform at the Canadian Embassy. Middle left: Mustafa, dressed up as that special someone, went around the crowd shaking hands with the children. Bottom: The week before Break, the Concert Choir a medley of holiday tunes lunch and recess in front Junior High Office area. Winter performed during of the

these organizations

are chosen by taped audition.


Above: Elementary children couldn't believe their sleepy eyes and ears when greeted first thing in the morning with the sweet sound of music by Mr Brennan, Mr Brumley, Mr. Lindley and Kil Hoon Lee (ninth grade student). Beside: The damaging effects of a heavy rain, driven by strong winds, did not exclude the music center. Rain soaked ceiling tiles caved in under the weight of the water they absorbed. Add to that, the water that flowed under the doors and". you get the picture!



Junior High Music

Junior High Music page


Diana 1961-1 997
il took this tragic incident to pay tribute to lady Diana so we can remember all that she was to the world. It becomes evident to us ithat with fame comes the curse of ones loss of a private life. As a beginning commercial artist I created this illustration to jcommemorate this tragic loss of a young life. !Sincerely !Anna Leppajokl-Grade Nine student :(Sweden)


~96i- 1937

Junior High School

Jim Misner Intermediate & Advanced Art Don Me Williams Grade 6 & 8 Art Grade 7 Exploratory Tara Thornock Grade 7 Sculpture Grade 8 Exploratory Junior High Art Junior High Ali





Junior High Computer Department

Junior High Computer Department



Beside: Twilight movies were shown in the library during recess the week before Halloween, Even though there was standing room only, student5 5queezed in tight together so that they could get a glimpse of the movie,

If you need to do research, or just need a good book to read,

in the Library!
Lesley Gemayal Educational Assistant Audio Visual Kathryn Placht Librarian Debra Seaton Instructional Aide Christine Stanley-Gray Educational Assistant Sharneern Taufiq Circulation Aiide Junior High Library


Junior High Library


page 95


From left; to right: Sarah Nuoalrat, Brittany Pierce, Hilde Marthinu5en, Tiffany Seeley, Leah Wolford, Zeynep Saygen, Jennifer Wright


From left to right: Khaled Eid, Tae-Hwan Kim, Berkeley Chavez, Sa Ron Park, Johan Lenjesson, Brendan Butz, Tim Johansen Top row from left to right: Coach Rick Arnold, Natalie Blair, Courtney Shaffer, Anna Leppajoki, Jennifer Wright Dina Nabulsi Middle row: Sarah Ahmed, Andrea Gayer, Carolina Cavano Bottom row: Brittany Pierce

Top row from left to right: All Mirza, Mark Fakhri, Mussie Haile, Ryan Butz, Timo Karjalainen, Tim Johansen, Coach Christian Zunigha Bottom row: Samad Soudagar, Alfred Felipe, Wissam Naim, Fahad Shaikh, Sa Ron Park



From left; to right:Anne Axelgard, Lina Andersson, Lindsay Moore, Shona Wolford, Petra .Johaneeon. Andrea Gayer, Anna Leppajoki



From left to right: Ryan Butz, Wally Frank, David Lundstrom, Feiipe, Ian Goshko, Fadi Abousaleh, Ali Samee Alfred Top row from left to right: Lisa Johansson, Petra Johansson, Dennis Butz, Klementyna Kielak, Veronica Larsen Coach

Top row from left to right: Coach Mike Boll, Peter Teiwik, Mo Elhammady, Lorin Underwood, Berkeley Chavez, Nadeem Bakhshi, Jan Benes, Coach David Jenney Bottom row: Kil Lee, Oguzhan Koksal, Johan Berquist, Papacostas, Matt Lyall, Brendan Butz Dimitrlos

E y B A L L

Middle row; Zubia NaJi, Seol Kim, lona Hansson, Alison Hawkins Bottom row: Sarah Nusairat

'.· C. C' E' R
, ~, ,

From left to right: Lauren Redwine, Fatima Sowid, Lisa Johansson, Erin Nagel, Jamie Herman, Dina Nabulsi, Juliet Armour

From left to right: Mark Fakhri, Ali Mirza, Kil-Hoon Lee, Nathan Schorr, Michael Placht, Matthew Lyall, Jae Yoo, Nadeem Bakhshi Top row from left to right: Coach Graeme Mongomery, Kyung-Hee Park, Erin Nagel, Jessica Christensen, Hilde Marthinusen Bottom row: Rana Biary, Lacy Fincannon, Heather Tollborg, Sofia Khilji Brown, Eva

Top row from left to right; Hasan Mourgharbel, Johan Lenjesson, David Lundstrom, Jae Yoo, Ali Samee, Peter Shultz, Coach Mark Forgeron Bottom row: Bernard Bruce, Ian McCleary, Had! Darwiche. Moodi MaJzoub, Ahmad Chaudry, Nathan Schorr





to right: Kathryn Bongiovi, Sofia Khilji, Petra Johansson, Leah Wolford, Zubia Naji, Jennifer Runte, Heather


Ho~Jung Cho, Rosaline Tashdjian, Tobie

'" "'~""n" Bottom row: Denise Iacobucci, You Lee
Carolina Cavano

Top row from left:to ri ght: Russ Landrus, Ali Bottom row: Fady Farid, Chris Axelgard, Bongiovi





After School Activities

Ann Davis


Boarding School Placement Counselor Sandra Wright Secretary

Boarding School Placement Office
The Boarding School Fair offered many choices. Over fifty boarding schools were represented. Below: Mrs. Davis offers assistance to Leah, Jane and Shona.

Junior High Educational Assistants
Pat Lake After School Activities Coordinator
Colombe Lane Bisson Ruth Anne Hanington Renzi Gruslin Boarding School Placement, Educational Assistants

Claire Conway

page 100

After School Activities

page 101

Student Council
Student Representation
Clash Day
was a big hitl The crowd went wild during a pep rally when the Concert Band turned their backs to put on their shades and suddenly broke into "Louie, Louie,"


Council Officers

for 1997-98: Kalloghlian, Treasurer; Marwa Fayed, Vice are shown on pages 34, 44, 52 and 60.

From left to right President; Natalie


Blair, President, and Kindah Shair, Secretary.

Homeroom Representatives

The Student

Council helps to boost the school spirit

by organizing
events chips.

pep rallies and special days such as Clash Day, Hat, Tie and ShadeB Day and Valentine's were Spirit Day (other page, below). Other successful bars and potato Sales and Snack Shack (below). The Snack Shack carried

ali the major food groups like pop, chocolate

Ian delivem a card and a rose to Mrs, Douglas for Valentine's Day. Could it be from a Ian will never tell.



Thanks to the Student

Councll, these furry Sale,

friends found a home at the Spirit



Student Council

Student Council



National Junior Honor Society

NJHS Officers for 1997/98
From left to right: Ian Goshko, President Jae

Yoo, Vice


Alfred Felipe, Secretary Kil Hoon Lee, Treasurer

NJHS Sponsor for 1997-98
Mr. Don Zimbrick (below)

Far left: Anna and Mashael greeted and directed parents to classrooms on Back to School Afternoon.

NJHS Members for 1997/98
Grade 9
Fadi Abousaleh, Ihab Ahmed, Majed Akhter, Belal Bayaa, Natalie Blair, Brendan Butz, Tristin Celestin, Ho-Jung Cho, Alfred Felipe, Maria Fors, Wallace Frank, Ian Goshko, Nida Haq, Alison Hawkins, Syed Hussain, Saira Hussain, Sofia KhiUi. Christine Khouri, Rana Koleilat, Kil-Hoon Lee, Anna Leppajoki, Jane Lyall, Zein Malas, Hilde Marthinusen, Benish Memon, Mona Oshalla, Anuja Palkar, Kyung Park, Kiran Rizvi, Fatima Sowid, Lana Subaiti, Jae Yoo, Mashael Zaidi

Opposite page middle: Erik, 5yed, Ian and Alfred secretly stuffed cubbies and lockers with candy canes. Far right: Mevhibe, Zein and Martha served hot chocolate and cookies to everyone who put a holiday note on the tree.

Grade 8
Tamim Abdul Majid, Helen Cassin, Kathleen Chiarantona, Emine Elcioglu, Leslie Anne Gauna, Ben Kotek, Erik Landriault, Brittany Pierce, Fahad Qureshi, Mevhibe Saygin, Neelma SiddiqUi, Abdus Soudagar


National Junior Honor Society

National Junior Honor Society




Intermediate School

: .. :


.. 1

Yvonne Barker Secretary

Patti Boren Secretary

Peg Casarez Secretary for After School Activities

Dan Niederkorn Counselor Grades 4 and 5




Nancy Lake teacher
Mrs. Lakes's Grade Pive-B students assumed the roles of early American colonists. Part of their role was buying or bartering each other's goods. The shoemaker could barter with the tavern keeper and likewise.

Matt Piper teacher


OmarAhmed Kelly Anderson Anni Anttonen Joshua Black Nathan Dudley



Sa1man Al Rashid Sammy Alani Sierra Anzella Rami Audeh Saira Awan

Talisha Fernandez Amanda Frush Mohamed Habib WintaHaile Macram Hassanieh

Simeonne Bookal Nour ChatiJa Matthew Eason Divya Gautam Ashlee Green

Fariha Ibrahim Hyun Jae Joe John Milton Langford Cory Linehan Erin Lueck

Sumrah Haider Sarah Haq Yoon-Jee Kim Kristian Lindstrom Ivar Marthinusen

Richard Moore Adam Nusairat Maya Serhal Stephanie Webb Rebecca Wolf

Christina Russell Cory Spears Elsa Sunny Miki Underwood Thomas Wilson

page 108 Grade Five

Grade Five

page 109

Diane Flannery teacher

Heather N aro teacher


ZainAhmed Salman Ayaz Miriam Badran Paul Baker Alex Brott



Juhy Ali Christina Cocilo Mitchell Dela Cruz Anthony Dersarkisian Sabrina Gould

Dong Ho Choi DemaDabat Geoffrey Dittrich Hilal Eid Caylee-Britt Goshko

Natasha Haq Muneira Hoballah Thomas Hoffecker Zakir Jafry I1ham Jallu

Amy Harington Maha J armakani Mariam Khan Neil Kotek Brigitte Landriault

Rayan Kabbara Saad Khan Joseph Khouri SinAeKim Eriko Koguchi

Wendy Morgan Imran Pirani Michael Polcari Irma Raza Anne Thibodeau

Amer Koleilat Rahul Nirrnal Ryan Palmer Ashley Spearman Katrina Anne Torres

page 11 0 Grade Five

Grade Five

page III

Lynn Lawson teacher

Virginia Parker teacher


Mariam Ahmad Zaid Ai Khatib Faysel Al Rashid Serouj Bingham Laura Lee Brott



Georgina Atkins So-HyunBak Nina Bjornsdottir Terrin Celestin Monica Engstrom

Joshua Finnie Maysaa Haidar Valerie Jacquemin Menekse Kardes Petra Kellie

Hassan Ghori Arya Godard Ryan Green Vanessa Grigoleit Dina Hamouda

Jae-Hoon Kim Tanzil Manawar Patrick Mori Yousef Mustafa Sindre Nedregard

Raed Jabaji Heidi Koivunierrri Marcus Lund Andrew Metzger Jonathan Peck

Georgianne Papacostas Anniina Pearson Athina Tzanetatou Michael Wilson Christian Zeuner

Tarik Rabie Ramsey Sahli Rabih Salam Jesse

st. John

Mathilda Svedberg


112 Grade Five

Grade Five page


Barbara Ziemann teacher

La Vonne Mills teacher


Fi ve- I
Shaina Chughtai Jae Yeon Chung Jessica Daboul Rasha El Lalli Elizabeth Gay



Mona Abdelnaby Kristina Black Melissa Collins Jad Darwiche Jarnila EI Dajani

Aaftab Husain Abhay Kumar Gulrukh Ladha Dan Marcelino Zachary O'MaUey

Kareem El Hindi Hossam Hamdan Mohammed Kaissi Marya Khan Nader Khan

Scott Pettersson Adam Powell Sarah Rahman Gregory Shenold Tamim Sirawan

Michelle Khilji Rita Martin Adam O'Malley Pratyush Rastogi Hang Shi

Jawhara Soudagar Josephine Ta Bobby Webb Jenny Wu Joseph Yammine

Yeon Jung Song Sarah Thornock Christopher Verghese Adrian Vivas

page 114 Grade Five

Grade Five

page 115

Barbara Cypher teacher Gus Lawson
A visit to the Wonder World Science/Math mini museum provided hands-on activity centers for 5-K to experience Science concepts outlined in SAIS-R's curriculum.



Mohammad Al Harfi Frederik Axelgard Yannick Demarcq Imran Faruqi Errol Feuchuk


Four- B

Kathleen Burr Ryan Cullen Justin Davis Michael Fisher Hana Galal

Hannah Furbeck Resti Gauna Damia Ibis Hamza Jangda Caterina Kaffes

Cristen Geller Ashely Gramolini Yoon Sun Kim Duygu Kurttekin Brendan McAndrew

Aisha Kattan Sufia Khalid Jee Hye Kim Lisa Lamprou Ashley Nusairat

AnidMonsur Krisztina Mosdossy Amy Neufeldt Zachary Newell Dwaa Osman

AndrewPowe Chaghla Sagher Ali Serhal N eha Sri vastava Michelle Velez
'HIl~'CjlrfilU (;'vnt IWUl'~

Daniel Pittle Daniel Placht Max Sjoldint Brandon Spears Courtney Valenzano Grade Four


116 Grade Five




In celebration of Thanksgiving, recite a Poetry Break Poem.

Mrs. Schmersahl's

class dressed like pilgrams and Indians to

Preston Aitken Linda Schmersahl teacher Karen Brennan teacher


Mehdi Bundeali Dana Dajani Michelle Dela Cruz Michelle Friedman Jessica Hooton



Carolina Baker Alexander Bisson Emily Custer Sarah De Raikem George Dersarkisian

Marya Kawmy AmerahKhan Heidi Mekawi Sa Do Park Benjamin Pillmore

Abdellatif Devol Nader Hobballah Nur Maherali Maureen McCabe Patrick McCleary

Alia Rizk Arik Seiler Imad Sheikh Wasseem Skef Diala Tannir

Patrick McNamara Sameer Mirza Andrew Palmer Dannielle Quintero Gayle Scott

Kohei U emura Nicholas Wasilewski Rachada Whitling WayneWu SaharZafar

Melissa Sharpe Zunarah Siddiqui Abigail Thornhill-Goeghegan Andrew Tillmann Catherine Zunigha


120 Grade Four

Grade Four page


Mrs. Til1man was the substitute teacher for 4-G, while Mrs. Boll was on maternity leave.

Lori Boll teacher

Harriet Garrison teacher


Maher Ali Taler Allen Ahmad Kareem AIy ZiyadAyass



Jawadali Ahmed Shariff Al-Ibrahim Mohammad Al-Rashid Sammy Andretta Kelly Brennan

Elizabeth Banks-Holman

Magali Braye Jaclyn Brennan Seung Yeon Chung Mira EI-Hafi Cristina Evans

Alice Cassin

Arner Daoud
Prentice Fincannon BilaI Haider Julius Jodkowski

Gregory Giaquinto Ryan Hiser Aamer Javed Nora Kakati Sabina Khanna

Hiba Krisht Ca1een Ladki Farrah Naqvi Ali Asghan Poonawala Roy Rubio

Tara McAdam Kristopher Reks Sara Saleem Justin Seeley Abdallah Tchelebi

Tyla Stinson Heather Tillewein Margaret Tribbey Carl Wittmann Hye-Sun Yoon


122 Grade Four

Grade Four page


Sheryl Sexauer teacher

Caroline Thibault teacher


Four- K
Majid Al-Ibrahim Al'Jhaun Bordenave Einas Deeb Remy El-Assir Gregory Espinet


Three- A

Samantha Adams Victoria Asikis TalhaAsmal Dirnitrios Chantziantoniou Ambri Garner

Stephany Figures Ryan Hobbs David Iani Fahad Kabir Khadieja Khalid

Rami Haddad Kyle Hobratschk Hanna Ingram Saruhan Karademir James Kudla

ArnmarKhan Safiea Khan Kathleen McCabe Summer Niazi Hanneri Pienaar

Gustav Lundberg Richard Ogoe Yasmin Or Carl Pasquale Franli Petzer

Abdul Qadir Poonawala Jordan Powell Abuabbas Qureshi Joanna Smith Sarah Taylor

Ramsey Saleh Johanne Schwensen Ian Smith Emad Tareen Megan Zarzycki


124 Grade Four

Grade Three page


Lisette Roy-Filice teacher

Donna Fincannon teacher


Three- B
Jamila Acheampong Brandhi Anglin Corey Adele Ryan Cypher Faysal EI Achi



Mizna Ahmad Jessica Bibeau Debbie Blas Haytham Eleissawy Simon Fernandez

ZyeEsparza Ryan Hinely Laura Anne Lamprou Amanda Langford Whitley Lowe

Amanda Fio Rito Ryan Harrington Marybeth Iani Imtiaz Kazmi Mohammed Memon

Alison Murphy TarekNasr Hayden Nester Faraze Niazi Reggie Ogoe

Sarah Moawad Khalid Namoos Mahwesh Niaz Gurpartap Parhar Aleksander Pearson

Alexandra Piotrowski Brenna Satterwhite Jan Talar Salar Yaraghi Nicholas Zeuner

David Phipps Ani! Sagher Jelena Schultz Georgette Yacoub Aysha Yousuf


126 Grade Three

Grade Three

page 127

Jennifer Brumley teacher

Rose Kwiatkowski teacher


Three- D
Sarah Ansari Jung Hyun Bak Nora Biary Huda EIAwad Justin Frush


Three- E

Ayesha Abbasi Firas Adhami Nawaf Al Dughaither
J ames Atkins




Albert Inati FawadKhan Kimberly Le Sao Jin Lee Yara Mekawi

Nosheen Bakshi Dan Bjorge Cole Conroy Ayesha Islam Naveed Islam

Suhaylah Mohiuddin Adam Mourad Chelsea Namikas Arjun Paramasivan Pietari Shalah

Dae Keon Kim Damon Leanox DeemaMalki Thomas Merkel Farah Osman

Danish Shamsi Saiha Sohail Carl Velez Anton Vikstroem Matthew Watkins

Ilona Maria Righa Ahmed Sadek Pia Trivedi Sarah Zaidi


128 Grade Three

Grade Three

page 129

Ruth Voetberg teacher

Louise Sayles teacher


Three- F
Ahmed Abdelnaby Sung Eun Cho Roderick Dunn Layan El-Hafi Christine Henry


Three- I

OsamaAhmed Louis Collins Samuel Dobson Melissa Fanous Nisha Gupta

Junaid Islam Alexander Kattan Ridhi Lakhani Peter Lund Stephanie Martel

Marya Haq MushaalIjaz Lalarukh Javaid Tarek Kanafani Zara Khanani

Alexander Richards RawadRiman Jan Michael Rubio Lara Said Areej Shaikh

Lolla Mohammed Nur Joe Nazzal Daniel Peck Marvin Prietos Save Schroder

Khalid Shaqdan Kyla Shetter Sarah Sowid Matthew Storm Elizabeth Tillmann

Ian Sowell Robert Taylor Iyad Tchelebi Timothy Watts Sarah Willis Grade Three


130 Grade Three

page 131

three students went to a Space Camp which was located in I Room. Students rotated between six station". Each i tetoss a beanbag through a moving hoop to simulate naut's rendezvous with a satellite moving at high speed in Four-E demonstrated their science projects about animals at the Animal Museum which was held in their classroom.

Judie Adams teacher


Zohreh Ahmad Alice Bosley Adrian Brillantes Nicholas Bryson Carson Dah]

Kathrina Garcia Layla Godard Sara Gohar Joel Huber Irenie Kaffes

Tyson Kellie Hadi Makkawi Shereen Matar Rawan Mustafa Haaris Naji
At station 1 teammates measured and recorded the distance that the balloon and straw travelled along a 15 foot string. Mrs. Sayles' class celebrated the trimmings. Thanksgiving with all

Hanna Nordstrom Ashley Prichard Samir Reddad Assad Sahi Patrick Toth-Meyers

Three-B displayed for science ciass.


Simple Machine Projects


132 Grade Three



Glenn Sexauer teacher

Diane McWilliams teacher

Mrs. Mc'Williarns class dissected worms for science class.


Blythe Beecroft Ramsey Darwiche Alicia Dry Ayman Elawad Abrahim Fahs



Kamal Banna Daniel Boren Marco Brunone Marcpaul Cabral Deema Dabbagh

Jack Fairweather Thomas Hoel Carolina Holden Carolena Hunt Syed Rehan Hussain

Dominique Dibacco Lubna Elawad Korinna Garcia Simonetta Gramolini Jacinta Grealy

Aadil Iqbal
Sean Johnstone Hanna Jrad Brigid McAndrew Katelyn Metzger

Sami Kattan Zachary McDill Betty Moore Sean Murphy Areeb Naji

Khalid Mohamed Alexander Ta lnna Tlisov Oscar Wetterberg Freeha Zia

Maria Polcari Hannah Sayen Scott Smith Derek Taylor Theodore Wittman


136 Grade Two

Grade Two

page 137

Jean Humprey teacher

Gail Laffey teacher


Fares Aljadanni Tina EI Hindi Christina Felix Michael Gracias Chloe Green



Kirnio Hatashita Maryam Hoballah Andre Hovda Devin Jeanpierre Joni Koivuniemi Nelly Attar Haneen Bou-Ayash Reem EI-Sheikh Tawheed Jallu Sara Kashlan Kyoko Kumon AmalLaiq Gordon McConnell Elyse Merkel Kyle Quintero Hussam Kondokzadda Omar Obeid Kareem Sadat Mollee Thompson Sarah Zandegu Rodney Rodriguez Maria Siddiqui David Storm Gustav Svedberg Dina Tesfazghi


138 Grade Two

Grade Two page


Sharon Moncada teacher
Mrs. Vander Aarde was the substitute teacher for 2-E, while Mrs. Moncada was on maternity leave.

Randy Mills teacher


Sali Abu Sakha Megan Blair Jonathan Haas Carla Haddad Efe Koksal



Tarele Al Ariss MoeezAli Alexander Cathcart Dana Cook Bradley Davies

Rachel Lacy Taimoor Manzoor Sarah Michael Danil Monsur Anthony Mosdossy

Maryam Demian Robert Fio Rito Faisal Habbal Jessika Horak Cole Johnstone

AmirahNasr AmmarRizvi Daniele Rooney Omar Saab Sami Sahli

Jacqueline Keenan Hussain Khalid Nida Khawaja Jessica Knowles Zaina Mustafa

Sela Sarkoyan Fatima Saya Talal Skeik Charles Stidham Mada Subaiti

Brandon Reks Maya Sadat Jennifer Smith Catherine Wilson Ahmed Yousif



Grade Two

Grade Two page


Barbara Barlag teacher

Karen De Hart was 2-J's teacher for part of the first semester.

Some of 2-G's station activities include math games, painting and writing.


Zayd Abdul Samad Madam Beawerwala Edc Bourland Marissa Burns Mohammed Chaarani



Shugufta Ahmed Seif AI Mashal Nadia AIsado Alexander Davis Oscar De La Terre-Gonzalez

Amy Daniel Amy Drane Raghda Elmeligy Ashlyn Finnie Christine Ganley

Ariane Desmarais-Michaud Kelsey Gandier Adam Giansiracusa Natalie Giaquinto EmanHaggag

Shan Gohar Christian Jensen Michael Kattouf Andrew Kegley Andrea Kidd

Michael Harrington Matthew Henley Jessica Kennedy Michael McGehee Mohammad Muawad

Simon Layous Shukan Patel Lena Saleh Miranda Sofroniou Jirayuth Unnaha

Keenan Piller Cortney Prichard Ayman Shaqdan Gerasimos Tzanetatos SaraZafar



Grade Two

Grade Two

page 143

Martha Tribbey teacher

Beth Snow teacher


Wesam Abdeljabbar Dina Abousa1eh Rizvan Abraham Hina Aziz Sabrina Bisson



Eleanor Carnes Juana Deeb Jake Dunn Adil Faqih Brook Girma Tesfaye

Donna E1 Hindi Saeed El Saghir George Fanous Umair Karim Mohammed Mougharbel

Hadley Green Faisal Hakeem Christopher Harrington Taylor Isley Athina Kilpelainen

Merci Murray Daniel Nakhle Wyatt Pillmore Sonia Rehman Kaivan Sattar

Rami Koujah Isaac Leblanc Christian Ledstrup Tyler Lueck Ryan MacDonald

Pascal Soultani Lara Urriza Abdulkerim D zurncu Samantha Van Aalsburg Abdullah Yousuf

Ryan Matowe Lara Naim She1by Robinson Christine Wulff


144 Grade Two

Grade One page


~~"""""""""~-~'~-'~-----~------------~------------------------- _....,...,.--_ ................. ........... ...............



....................... ,_,.................. _-----------------------"'"

Debra Eason teacher

Eloise Arnold teacher

Mahreen Asad Hira Ashraf Lazaro Cardenas Daniela Castro-Zolezzi Sebastian Harington



Milka Abraham Zeeshanuddin Ahmed Patille Bingham Maria Goncalves Nogueira Shane Hope

Immi Hasund Lukas Horak Nurah Hussain Pizza Jafry Mikkel Jensen

William HreHd Nawaz Iqbal Gayle Justice Alexander Kharadi Song-Jee Kim

Komal Khanani Saba Ladha Irfan Manzoor Michael Mervicker Dustin Moffi t

Anthony Kotek Alexander Lund Julia MacDonald Ashley McDill Sara Mohammed Nur

Jonathan Mori Liva Retenais Habib Saya Kaile Underwood Christopher Wulff

Jafer Naqvi Yuko Sakakibara Salil Kumar Singhal Douglas Taylor Nadim Wadjih



Grade One

Grade One



Rebecca Thurnbeck teacher

Linda Bull teacher

SyedaAnwar Alexander Chantziantoniou Parker Dahl Sevi Gungor Sanwal Javed



Osama Alsado Ahmad Ausat Pierre De Raikem Christopher Dittrich Desiree Duvall

Brandon Morgan Rachel Murray Tyler Myers Louisa Orphanou Jafry Rahman

Dina Elawad Anders Faurholdt Sean Fischer Brian Ganley Anisah Giansiracusa

Alexandre Reyes HashemRizk Chelsea Ryan Mohammad Sahi Gemma Southerington

Amy Morris Natasha Mosdossy Mariam Mourad James O'Hagan Nicholas Pasquale

Surat Spiprathum Ibtihaj Tayyab Salam Tesfazghi Bryan Torgerson Heather Watkins

Julia Phipps Erin Seaton Tania Tashdjian Finn Welch Alex Wilson



Grade One

Grade One



Anita Blount teacher

Judy Pittmann teacher


Annam Abbasi Michael Abdulkarim Nicholas Boudouris Kim Ryan Cruz Justine Custer



LanaAdra Sidra Awan Travis Brown Martin Clark Kristin Coburn

Leila El Saghir Tala Hobballah Lauren Hobbs Irfan Ibrahim Celine Jebeyli

Heba Dajani Guillaume Delhaye Courtney Dunn Clovis El-Khazen BjomHansen

Zaher Khan Samer Marchi Luke Middleton Rohit Nirmal Isabela Ordonez

Anam Iqbal Haddy Jarmakani Jack Kelly Taiseer Maju Clayton Neufeldt

Tommy Reddad Fatima Rizvi Mona Sadek Ali Sowid Dawlat Tarifi

Trevor O'Connor Peter Prince Chanita Teir Patrick Tribbey

page ....


Grade One

Grade One



....... __




Cindy Lueck teacher

Sara LeBlanc teacher



Sarah Abbasi Alia Adib Aamena Ahmad Frederik Birkebaek ~Poulsen Mark Bou Mansour

Jad Alawar Nour Hadid Dafni Hellstrand Azra Khatoon Kyoung Ah Kim

Ralph Cruz Natalie Dunn Dennis Frangias SahrGohar Ahad Khilji

Murad Kondokzadda AmrMahmoud Serena Mirchandani Mohammad Shah Tamara Tannir

Jamie Lage Carl Lundberg Nada Mehio Laraib Qureshi Nico Seiler

Nadra Widatalla Anum Yousif

Ahmed Shamim Max Shrier Aarij Mustafa Tauhid Christopher Yammine



Grade One

Grade One



Sonya Annear teacher

Madonna Maroulis teacher



Victoria Adams Matthew Burnham Jeannette Collins Akrarn Faqih


Hazem AI-Adel Khalid AI-Atab Marshal Allen Mark Alley Kyle Beneke

Sheri Farid

Caitlin Gilbertson Mikke1 Hansen Laura Hinely Natalya Jenney Rafay Khawaja

Sarah EI-Sheikh MinaFahmy Jaydee Herrmannsen Wael Iskandarani Adam Kattan

Samantha Kidd Kyle Lenci Ailya Naqvi Rakel 01ofsson Lucas Quintero

Nadine Khoury Natalie Mahakian Philip Suess Jacob Yacoub

Danny Torgerson Aaron Whitehead Carlynn Winkelman


154 Kindergarten II

Kindergarten II page


Marie Sandberg teacher

Ruksana Ghani teacher


Manal Abuzeid Kristian BIas Peter Boutros Morley Burns Jared Cedarlund



Huzaifa Ahmad NamraAhmed Diana Demian Adam Espinet Ida Faurholdt

Sophie Delhaye Lara Esin Erin Hofstetter Mahawish Ijaz Maria Khan

Matthew Horowitz Anushae Hussain Tamara Johansen Heather Kegley Mazen Makkawi

Rahul Lakhani Matthew N amikas Kris Nathan Dale Pearson Faisel Skeik

Matthew Michael NoorMuawad Natalie Nazzal AlekNolan Maxwell Pillmore

Talia Xefos Muharrrrnad Yousuf Anna Ziernelis

Andreas Righas Rasha Shimlati Rachel Stevens


156 Kindergarten II

Kindergarten II

page 157

Gail Moran-Dwyer teacher

Geetha Thomas teacher

gradeKg II-G
Leah Aitken Lulwa Al Atab Tarek AI-Mouhtasseb Chanice Anglin-Barnes Alexander Clausen



Emilie Birkebaek-Poulsen Stefan Bjornsson Valentina Demasi Mia Fio Rita Michael Gandier

Jamee1 Dabbagh David Desmarais-Michaud Zeynep Elcioglu Sarah Holley Stephanie Jebeyli

Michael Ganley Joshua Gelfand John Heindel Lina Itani Elizabeth Keenan

Andrew Kennedy Kathryn McNamara Travis Reks Nidal Sholi Jennifer Taylor

Abdul Khan Emily O'Connor Nina Prince Ziad Saada Linnea Vander Aarde

Elizabeth Van Aalsburg Erik Wetterberg Menelik Williams Omar Yousuf

Adam Vikstroem Brent Wilson Connie Zunigha


158 Kindergarten II

Kindergarten II

page 159

Mrs. Di Bacco's class drew pictures of their faces and hands and learned to cover your sneeze please!

Ralphael Di Bacco teacher

Lynne McDivitt teacher


Kg I-A
Grace Annear Michael Chaia


Kg I-B

Abdallah Abdelmaksoud

Shahzaib Akhtar Nigel Barry Justine De Raikern Simon Filice Raphael Hill

Magalie Desmarais-Michaud Ahmed Khawaja

Jesse Palmer Won Min Park Samer Saleh Sarni Saleh Natalya Samee

Gael L'Hermine Fatima Malik Travis Ryan Christina Sell Ronell Snyder

Sanchi Shanker Jack Tillman Jordan Winkelman

Anders Wied-Christiansen Graham Willis Sarah Wright


162 Kindergarten I

Kindergarten I page


Sherry Hobson teacher

Evelyn Chang teacher


Kg I-C
NadeemAdra Dominick Cedarlund Josh Coburn Theron Coetsee Logan Dobler


Kg I-D

Hamid Hasan Ahmed Ryan Armour Nicholas Evans Jessica Inati Hiba Jalloul

Sarah Dobson Daniel Drabiak Nabil Farah Tamara Hakeem Holly Harington

Victoria Minnes Syed Rizvi Osama Siddiqui Alexios Tattis Elizabeth Tullo

Ingvild Hasund Margaret Rooney Cristina Zandegu

Gabrielle Villareal Dima Wadjih Ahmed Zaidi


164 Kindergarten I

Kindergarten I page


Mrs. Connor was Kg I-E's teacher for part of the first semester.

Helen Sreekumar teacher

Terry Runte teacher

Anne Connor teacher


Kg I-E
Elliot Adams MohamedAly Ivlichelle Bullough Jagrat Desai Aashana Dhruua


Kg I-F

Jad Abiad Ziyad Daboul William Hyatt Khalid Kaissi Bilal Kanafani

Karim Gala! Dimitri Gouret MaiHaridi Jordan Janeway Rija Khan

Haya Mitri Dana Najjar Emlyn Satterwhite Si mon Sorensen Azzah Widatalla

Mohamed Mounir Michael Richards August Schwensen

Anthony Yacoub Anas Yousuf


166 Kindergarten I

Kindergarten I page


Kindergarten (
From left to right: Jamila Crossman, Samantha Macey Smith, "A Meeting of the Minde;' This is probably how great ideas are started. Khatri,

Kindergarten /I

Kathy Hoel teacher

From left to right: Amanda Budran, Shalott Cecchini, Elysaf Ducut, Sara Jaafar, Cory Judge, Selena Mackovick, Ida Monsholm, Khoa Nguyen, Kyle fatten, Mahmoud Salaheldin, Ahmad Tlais, Ditlev Wylich-Muxoll

Grade 1
From left to right: Trista Davidson, Omer Moinuddin, Victoria Munn, Derek Nichols, Cynthia Roberts, Robyn Schenk,


Kg I-G
Mohammad Baloch Harrison Fairweather Patrick Glascow Lea Hamdan Grady Hofstetter

Grade 2
From left to right: Raja Alhaj, Ridaa Ali, Adonis Chantziantoniou, Vincent Graves, Iman Nekhal, KelBey Patten, Shaymaa Salaheldin.

Grade :3
From left to right: Michel AI-Moumen, Reina Badran, Ramzi Bashour, Travis Davisson. Micheila Ducut, Kudzai Dzimiri. Sara Gama Silva, Michael Holly, Jennifer Humphries, Sarah Mah, Junaya Nakhal, Ebony Papak, Michael Schenk,

Alvi Islam Elie Kawmy Emily Khan Sarah Martin Megan Moffit
Grade 4 From left to right: Manaf AI-Moumen, Asma AI~Qudsi, Hassan Ali, Emilie Engergard, Lacey Berry, Joel Davis, Meral EI Ramahi, Amanda Munn. Vardhman Shankar, CriBtina Truccato, TamurYusifzai,

Caitlin Myers Sagar Patel Nathan Piller

Grade 5
From left to right: Mohamed AI-Moumen, Sami Bashour, Mayda EI Ramahi, Shajee Fakih, Darius Papak, lize Ratniece, Ehean Saya

page ] 68 Kindergarten I

Elementary New Students

page 169

Elementary Music
"Hansel and Gretel" were sent away to pick berries and sell a broom to the witch. When the witch was a little girl, her broom broke during the holidays. She never liked th e holidays after that but when the witch heard the sweet singing of the children she liked the holidays again!
"Operation Holiday" The planet Earth was especially warm during the holidays. The inhabitants of the planet Koolatron wanted to know where all the warmth was coming from and why. The Koolatron children used their shoephones to contact their planet and tell them about the holidays.

"The Phantom of the Music


Who or what is the mysterious being that plays the piano in the music room'? From left to right: Principal Taylor (played by Alex Kattan), Deputy Barney (played by Tyson Keilie) and Mrs. Appleby (played by Jamiia Acheampong) were determined to find out.

"Magic Carpet Around the World" The Grade four concert was an Indian folk story about a rajah who always wore a kantopi to cover his big ears. He realized that people would like him even if he had big ears, so he threw off his kantopi.

"Ring the Bells"

Norma Smith Kindergarten II and Grade 1

YvonneZang Kindergarten I & II and Grade 2

Barbara Lyall Grades 3 & 4

Jennifer Winkelman Grades 4 & 5

Christina Niederkorn Kindergarten I


Elementary Music

Elementary Music




Beside: in the Russell Room Grade five student5 brow5e through books at the "Book Fair". Below: A maximum of five books could be purchased.

Kathy Joyner Librarian

Kay O'Connell Instructional Aide

Contessa Ansari Educational Assistant




Beside: Kay pretends to be Dr. O'Kay while teaching kindergarten children how to take care of their books. Some of the sick books have torn pages.


Sherry Scoville Librarian Jane Powe Instructional Aide Intermediate Library



Primary Library



Anne Schwensen Primary Art

Susan Burkett Grades 2 & 3

Ted Barlag Grades 4 & 5

Debra Holmes Grades 3 & 4

Marianne Hauser Grades 2 & 3

Saundra Hopkins-Balk Grades 3, 4 & 5

Catherine Zunigha Grade 1

Conchita Ortiz-Ayers Instructional Aide



Elementary Art

Elementary Computers page



Rosaria DeMasi Kindergarten I

Tracie McDill Kindergarten I & II

Emily McMillen Kindergarten II & Grade 1

J eree Finnie Kindergarten II & Grade 3

Megan HanniganPiller Grades 4 & 5



Elementary Physical Education

Elementary Physical Education



Arabic, French and English
:: :~

Mirna Jabbour Grades 4 & 5 Arabic

Rouda Hassaniyeh Grades 2 & 3 Arabic and Arabic Language Program Studies

Sheri Taub English as a Second Language

Kathleen McKinley English as a Second Language

Judith Fulmer English as a Second Language

Gillian Montgomery French

as a

Below: Grade 4 st;udents made the "Finjan", a small Arable coffee cup, out of clay. After the clay dried, they painted their cups.


Second Language
Part of learning the language is learning the culture. Below: Mrs. HaBBaniyeh helpB Btudents the flour to make Arabic sesame cookies called "Barazek" cookies. sift





Arabic Language Program Studies (A.L.P.S.)

Kindergarten Activity Room

Mary Miltenberger Odette Zakharia Director of ALPS Kindergarten Instructional Aide

ALPS is an after school, parent sponsored program to enhance the arabic language skills of SAIS-R students. (teachers not shown are Sisi Alabbas and Najat Ayyoub, Hoda Hassaniyeh is shown on page 178)

Primary Educational Assistants
Marion O'Connor Kindergarten I Connie Haas Kindergarten II Babs Ogoe Grade One Mary Kotek Grade Two

Intermediate Educational Assistants
Hind El- Khatib teacher Eileen Pittle Grade Three Safia Khan Grade Four Carol Keenan Grade Five

Speech Therapy & Learning Strategies
Susan Kawmy Speech Therapy Sabah Khoury teacher Majd Nabulsi teacher Vilma Ramadi teacher Hoda Rizkallah teacher Patricia Moore Learning Strategies Tricia Piper Learning Strategies


180 Arabic Language Program Studies

A. S.A.
After School Activities

Fall Festival Parade

Emily McMillen Director of Elementary After School Activities



Elementary After School Activities



1 to 2 Infants
Jessica Arnold Justin Naro

year old
Darin Forgeron

2 to 3 year oids

Carrie Arnold

Alizee Braye Dupont

Elina Filice

Daniel Lage

Carlie Isley

Seraphine Moncada

3 to 4 year oids

Deborah Abraham

Kyle Forgeron

Samantha Guthrie

Hannah LeBlanc

Dacia McWilliams

Feras Sitar

Hattie Welch


~ Mirna Aunaruth Infants

Valerie Wright 1 year olds

Carla Griffiths 2 to 3 yea!"aids

Nancy Cannici 2 to 3 year olds

Mary Hyatt 3 to 4 year olds

Carol Leach 3 to 4 year olds





page 185

School Nurses'


Cindy Nusairat Bibiane Scherman Vivian Velez
Jana Hakeem Pia Jansen Asra Ahmed Raghida AI-Mekdad Shaheen Ali Kadriye Altinok Sara Bibeau Ulrike Hatashita Susan Hinely Leslie Hoffecker Marianne Hook Karl Houda Aasia Hussain Rashida Hussain Abida Ibrahim Seemab Iqbal Amina Islam Naghma Islam Souraya Itani Annette Janeway

Elementary School Supply Room
Mary Yassine
Bessy Abdulkarim

Karen Moss Salam Muawad Madiha Mughal Rashida Naji Deborah Nasr Karin Neufeldt Donna Nichols Chinwe Osuji Kirby Palmer Kitty Pearson Agneta Wetterberg Marijke Wilson Mamie Wil50n Trudy Wilson Mariha Wulff Aiysha Zafar Samia Zahid

Volunteers help to
make SAIS-R a better place.

Ashley and Brigitte disGUSS their summer holidays and sort the first Newsflash in the nurses' office. It looks like a comfy job but someones got to do it.

Aida Bingham Yazmina Bias Shamsi Brott Edith Burns Lisa Chaia Mi-Young Chung Linda Clark Josephine Collins Uza Crawford Sharon Dahl Marilyn Davisson Arti Desai Lisette Desmarais

Johanne Pelletier Sandra Petzer Lori Phipps Lisa Pillmore Mary Polcari Nicole Prince SUjata Rajagopal Bindoo Rastogi Julia Richards Patrick Rooney Ida Ryan Hanadi Saleh Maleeha Samee Salra Samee Gulglln Saygin Anna Schroder Patricia Sell Azra Shams! Hema Shanker Samia Shimlati Talat Siddiqi Alka Singhal Lina Skef Leah St. John Mary Sunny Samina Tauhid Gill Tillman Jale Tuzun Michele Van Aalsburg Linda Van Staden Susan Vander Aarde MaryVogt Betsy Wagoner

Lala Javed Adonica Jenkins Sigrun Jonasdottir Dina Kaffes Nursan Karademir Munazza Karim Mrs. Kattan Nahid Khan Geeta Khanna Maryam Khawaja Kathryn Kudla

Thank You!

Kimberlee Dittrich Dana Down Sabrina Dunn Kay Eaton Rawya Elhindi Hind EI Khatib Heba EI-Sheikh Gitte Faurholdt

Marisa Lamprou Lone Ledstrup Lena Lundberg Terri MacDonald May Maes Manal Makkawi Trudi Marchi Megan McArthur Tracie McDill Rola Mehio Kathryn Mile5

Esmeralda Fernnandez Annette Frangias

Flavia Friedl Ingrid Galal Beth Gandier Janet Ganley Michael Ganley Genet Girma Charlotte Gjermandsen

Michelle Goossen Allison Green Ghada Haddad Janie Hadsel Duaa Haggag Esam Hakeem

Reem Mitri Eve Moreau Stacie Morgan

Lisa Morris Gregory M05do5sy Robbin Mosdos5Y

page 186 Nurses' Office

Supply & Volunteers

page 187

John C. Davis, Superintendent

Margaret McCabe Director, Financial Services

Sue Misner Director, Educational Services

Bob Tinney Director, Personnel Services



Central Office Staff
Superintendent's Office
Juanita Kronley Secretary Matar Al-Zahrani Expeditor




Larry Johnson Coordinator Computers! Accounting

Adnan Chlouk Liason Officer

Fesshaie Abraham Accounting

Leila Giansiracusa Secretary Lorna Linehan Secretary


Julie Bagnall Secretary Maxine Tinney Educational Technology Facilitator Rubina Sattar Technology Assistant Charlotte Zimbrick Enrichment Linda Barry Educational Assistant Josiane Mikhael Educational Assistant

Administrati ve

Bob Thurnbeck Coordinator of Facilities page Mannig Keleshian Procurement Assistant Yulanda Stinson Procurement Assistant


Liz Wright Yearbook Publications

Mohamed Hamouda Student Services

Pradeep Mathew lohns Receptionist



Support Staff

Edgar Arellano (Driver)

Maintenance Team

Abbasi, Aleeza 143 Abbasi, Annam 150 Abbasi, Ayesha 129 Abbasi, Sarah 153 Abbasi, Zuha 53 Abboud, Alexandre 109 Abboud, Samir 53 Abdeljabbar, Wesam 144 Abdelmaksoud, Abdallah 162 Abdelnaby, Ahmed 130 Abdelnaby, Mona 115 Abdelnaby, Sarah 53 Abdul Karim, Natalie 119 Abdul Majid, Talha 121 Abdul Majid, Tamim 45 Abdul Samad, Zayd 142 Abdul-Samad, Noor 45 Abdul-Samad, Omar 65 Abdulkarim, Anthony 61 Abdulkarlm, Michael 150 Abiad, Zad 167 Abou-Ismail, Anas 62 Aboul-Nasr, Amad 53 Aboul-Nasr, Annan 45 Abousaleh, Dina 144 Abousaleh, Fadi 35 Abraham, Deborah 184 Abraham, Fesshaie 190 Abraham, Milka 147 Abraham, Rizvan 144 Abu Sakha, Osama 66 Abu-Gheida, Carole 134 Abuzeid, Manal 156 Abuzied, Iman 53 Acheampong, Jamila 126,171 Acheampong, Nana 108 Adams, Elliot 166 Adams, Samantha 125 Adams, Judie 132 Adams, Sarah 69 Adams, Victoria 155 Adel, Mohammed 119 Adhami, Firas 129 Adhami, Ghada 45 Adib, Alia 153 Adra, Lana 151 Adra, Nadeem 164 Aetizaz, Mohammed Ghazi 123 Aetizaz, Momin 53 Afiouni, Nouma 45 Ahmad, Aamena 153 Ahmad, Huzaifa 157 Ahmad, Ibrahim 35 Ahmad, Maleeha 53

Ahmad, Mariam 112 Ahmad, Mizna 127 Ahmad,Omar 124 Ahmad, Zohreh 132 Ahmed, Faiyazahmed 65 Ahmed, Hamid Hasan 165 Ahmed, Hassan 53 Ahmed, Ahmed, Ahmed, Ahmed, Ahmed, Ahmed, Ahmed, Ahmed, Ahmed, Ahmed, Aitken, Aitken, Akhtar, Akhtar, Ihab 35 Jawadali 123 Namra 157 Omar 108 Osama 131 Sarah 35 Shugufta 143 Waheeb 53 Zain 110 Zeeshanuddin 147 Leah 158 Preston 120 Areeje 63 Mohammad 53

AI-Rashid, Mohammad 123 Al-Zahranl, Matar 191 Alameddine, Souraya 45 Alameddine, Tarek 35 Alani, Ramy 53 Alani, Sammy 109 Alawar, Jad 152 Aighalayini, Rihana 113 Alhaj, Raja 169 Ali, Hassan 169 Ali, Juhy 111 Ali, Maher 122 Ali, Moeez 141 Ali, Omair 119 Ali, Ridaa 169 Alisdairi, Faisal 45 AUadanni, Fares 138 Allen, Marshal 154 Allen, Taler 122 Alley, Mark 154 Alsado, Deborah 67 Alsado, Nadia 143 Alsado, Osama 149 Aly, Ahmad Kareem 122 Aly, Julie 67 Aly, Mohamed 166 Anderson,Jason 35 Anderson, Kelly 108 Andersson, Lina 45, 98 Andersson, Mattias 45 Andretta, Sammy 123 Andretta, Sherif 28,45, 99 Anglin, Brandhi 126 Anglin-Barnes, Chanice 158 Annear, Grace 162 Annear, Sonya 154 Ansari, Aamir 146 Ansari, Contessa 172 Ansari, Sarah 128 Ansingh, Lizzy 66 Anttonen, Anni 108 Anttonen, Minna 67 Anwar, Syeda 148 Anzella, Sierra 109 Aouad, Abed AI Hamed 66 Aouad, Loay 45 Ariss, Wael 63 Arkle, Corey 126 Arkle, Jaime 53 Armour, Jullet 53 Armour, Ryan 165 Arnold, Carrie 184 Arnold, Eloise 147 Arnold, Jacquiline 69

Akhtar, Shahzaib 163 Akhtar, Viqas 45 Akhtar, Zamil 122 Akhter, Majed 35 Akhter, Saqeb 62 AI Ajlani, Dania 45 AI Ariss, Tarek 141 AI Atab, Lulwa 158 AI Dughaither, Abdulaziz 53 AI Dughaither, Nawaf 129 AI Harfi, Mohammad 116 AI Khatib, Zaid 112 AI Khawam, Lora 60,68 AI Mashal, Seif 143 AI Rashid, Faysel 112 AI Rashid, Salman 109 AI Saud, Abdul Mohsen 66 AI-Achi, Bilal 62 AI-Adel, Hazem 154 AI-Atab, Bassel 64 AI-Atab, Khalld 154 Al-Haj], Farah-Philip 45 Al-lbrahlm, Majid 124 AI-Ibrahim, Shariff 123 Al-Khatlb, Mahmoud 45 AI-Khatib,Outaibah 60,63 Al-Maeha'l, Rayah 66 AI-Mouhtasseb, Tarek 158 AI-Moumen, Manaf 169 AI-Moumen, Michel 169 AI-Moumen, Mohamed 169 AI-Oudsi, Asma 169 AI-Rashid, Ibrahim 45

Landscaping Team

Inside upper right: Narong Keatprichar (Supervisor of Landscaping and Maintena nce)

Arnold, Jennifer 53 Arnold, Jessica 184 Arnold, Ricky Arshad, Saaid 160 Asaad, Dania 69 Asad, Mahreen 146 Ashraf, Hira 146 Asikis, Catherine 68 Asikis, Victoria 125 Asian, Yigit 35 Asmal, Talha 125 Assad, Hadeel 53 Atkins, Georgina 113 Atkins, James 129 Aton, Karen 53 Attar, Nelly 139, 140 Attar, Rasha 64 Audeh, Rami 109 Audeh, Samer 35 Aunaruth, Mira 184 Ausat, Ahmad 149 Ausat, Ali 53 Ausat, Noveen 119 Austria, Troy 117 Awan, Saira 109 Awan, Sidra 151 Axelgard, Anne 35 Axelgard, Christian 53 Axeigard, Frederik 116 Ayass, Tariq 53 Ayass, Ziyad 122 Ayaz, Nabeela 45 Ayaz, Rima 53 Ayaz, Salman 110 Ayers, Mercedes 119 Ayers, Victor 35 Ayubi, Zahra 45 Azam, Abraham 35 Aziz Fahim, Emad 45,99 Aziz, Faisal 53 Aziz, Fawad 129 Aziz, Hlna 144

Custodial Team



Support Teams




B is for Mrs. Bergen protecting her eyes from the bright sunshine,

C is for courage.

Bachour, Reem 1BO Backman, Johanna 45 Bacon, Jessica 31,62 Bacon, Joshua 118 Badran, Miriam 110 Badran, Reina 169 Baek, Hyun-Joo 35 Bagnall, Julie 190 Baidon, Suzanne 53 Bak, Jung Hyun 128 Bak,So-Hyun 113 Baker, Carolina 121 Baker, Paul 110 Bakhshi, Faheem 53 Bakhshi, Nadeem 35 Bakshi, Nosheen 129 Balk, Ken 76 Baloch, Moh'd 168 Baloch, Sidra 68 Baloch, Umair 119 Banks-Holman, Elizabeth Banna, Kamal 137 Banna, Karim 65 Barakat, Mohamad

Beneke, Kyle 154 Benes, Jan 45,99 Benson, Jan 118 Benson, Raymond 53 Bergen, Brenda 33 Bergquist, Johan 53 Berry, Lacey 169 Biary, Nora 128 Biary, Rana 44,45 Bibeau, Jessica 127 Bingham, Patille 147 Bingham, Serouj 112 Birkebaek-Poulsen, Frederik 153 Bisson, Alexander 121 Bisson, Johnathan 67 Bisson, Sabrina 144 Bjorge, Dan 129 Bjornsdottir, Nina 113 Bjornsson, lvar 53 Black, Joshua 108 Black, Kristina 115 Black, Pat 73 Blackwell, Adrian 53 122 Blair, Matthew 54 Blair, Megan 140 Blair, Natalie 34, 35 Blair, Natalie, 98 Blalock, Bonnie 35 Bias, Debbie 127 Bias, Kristian 156 Blount, Anita 150 Boll, Mike 75 Boll, Lori 122 Bond, Jennifer 35 Bond, Matthew 54 Bongiovi, John 35 Bongiovi, Kathryn 45,98 Bookal, Simeonne 109 Bordenave, AI'jhaun 124 Boren, Daniel 137 Boren, Matthew 45 Boren, Patti 106 Bos, Jacob 35 Bosley, Alice 132

Bosley, Elisabeth 45 Bosley, Rachel 65 Bou Mansour, Mark 153 Bou-Ayash, Haneen 139 Boucher, Russell 45 Boudouris, Nicholas 150 Bourland, Eric 142 Bourland, Jessica 62 Boutros, Peter 156 Bouzanne, Donna 59 Bowen, Elizabeth 161 Braendeland, Kristoffer 45 Braun, Patti 1B1 Braye, Anais 54 Braye, Magali 122 Brennan, Jaclyn 122 Brennan, Karen 121 Brennan, Kelly 123 Brennan, Kyle 68 Brennan, Mitch 68, B8 Briiiantes, Adrian 132 Brott, Alex 110 Brown, Angie T7 Brown, Clifton 118 Brown, Heather 54, 98 Brown, Kavita 35 Brown, Travis 151 Bruce, George 35 Bruce, Jermaine 54 Brumley, Mark 86, 88 Brumley, Jennifer 128 Brunone, Chelena 54 Brunone, Marco 137 Bryson, Nicholas 132 Budran, Amanda 169 Bull, Linda 149 Bullough, Michelle 166 Bundeali, Mehdi 120 Burkett, Alice 72 Burkett, Susan 174 Burnham, Matthew 155 Burns, Marissa 142 Burns, Morley 156 Burr, Kathleen 117

Butz, Brendan 35,99 Butz, Dennis 72 Butz, Patty 191 Butz, Ryan 64

Cabral, Alexander 45 Cabral, Marcpaul 137 Callihan, Lana 63 Cannici, Nancy 184 Cappelen-Smith, Mikael 64 Cardenas, Lazaro 146 Carnes, Eleanor 145 Casarez, Erik 119 Casarez, Jessica 45 Casarez, Peg 106 Cassin, Alice 123 Cassin, Helen 45 Castro-Zolezzi, Daniela 146 Cathcart, Alexander 141 Cavano, Andrew 65 Cavano, Carolina 35,98 Cecchini, Shalott 169 Cedarlund, Dominick 164 Cedarlund, Jared 156 Cedarlund, Joyce 64 Cedarlund, Vern 76, 98 Celestin, Terrin 113 Celestin, Tristin 35 Chaarani, Dima 65 Chaarani, Mohammed 142 Chaia, Michael 162 Chang, Evelyn 165 Chang, Katrina 64 Chantziantoniou, Adonis 169 Chantziantoniou, Alexander 148 Chantziantoniou, Dimitra 35 Chantziantoniou, Dimitrios 125 Chatila, Nour 109


Chaudry, Ahmad 44,46, 50, 99 Chaudry, Maryam 54 Chavez, Aysia 54 Chavez, Berkeley 35,99 Chiarantona, Kathleen 44,46 Chiarantona, Richard 61 Chlouk, Adnan 190 Chlouk, Alice 46 Cho, Ho-Jung 34, 35 Cho, Jae-So 54 Cho, Sung 54 Cho, Sung Eun 130 Choi, Dong Ho 110 Christensen, Jessica 35,81,98 Chughtai, Shaina 114 Chughtai, Umair 46 Chughtai, Zunair 54 Chung, II-Young 54 Chung, Jae Yeon 114 Chung, Seung Yeon 122 Chung, So-Young 46 Clancy, Thomas 62 Clark, Jessica 35 Clark, Martin 151 Clausen, Alexander 158 Clem, John 46 Coburn, Josh 164 Coburn, Kristin 151 Cochran-Gramolini, Mary Ellen 135 Coello, Christina 111 Coetsee, Theron 164 Coler,Can 54 Collins, Jeannette 155 Collins, Louis 131 Collins, Melissa 115 Connor, Anne 166 Conroy, Cole 129 Conway, Claire 101 Cook, Dana 141 Crossman, Jamila 169 Cruz, Ralph 153 Cullen, Ryan 117 Cunningham, Matthew 46

Cunningham, Steven 69 Custer, Emily 121 Custer, Justine 150 Cypher, Barbara 116 Cypher, Healey 52, 54 Cypher, Ryan 126

Dabat, Dana 36 Dabat, Dema 110 Dabat, Maen 54,99 Dabbagh, Deema 137 Dabbagh, Jameel 158 Dabbagh, Noora 65 Daboul, Jessica 114 Daboul, Tania 36 Daboul, Ziyad 167 Dafler, Matthew 46 Dahl, Carson 132 Dahl, Parker 148 Dajani. Dana 120 Dajani, Heba 151 Daniel, Amy 142 Daniels, Jamel 61 Daoud, Amer 123 Darwiche, Had! 36 Darwiche, Jad 115 Darwiche, Ramsey 136 Darwiche, Sara 46 Dass, Manisha 36 Davidson, Trista 169 Davies, Bradley 141 Davis, Alexander 143 Davis, Ann 101 Davis, Joel 169 Davis, John C. 189 Davis, Justin-117 Davisson, Travis 169 de Boer, Duncan 119


De Boer, John 46 De Hart, Karen 143 De La Torre-Gonzalez, Oscar 143 De Masi, Mario 46 De Raikem, Justine 163 De Raikem, Pierre 149 De Raikem, Sarah 121 Debellefeuille, Matthew 46 Deeb, Einas 124 Deeb, Juana 145 Dela, Michael Cruz 54 Dela, Michelle Cruz 120 Deja, Mitchell Cruz 111 Delhaye, Guillaume 151 Delhaye, Sophie 156 Demarcq, Nicolas 64 Demarcq, Yannick 116 DeMasi, Rosaria 176 Demian, Diana 157 Demian, Maryam 141 Dersarkisian, Anthony 111 Dersarkisian, George 121 Desai, Jagrat 166 Desmarais-Michaud, Ariane 143 Desmarais-Michaud, David 158 Desmarais-Michaud, Magalie 162 Devine, Edward 54 Devol, Abdellatif 121 Dhruua, Aashana 166 DiBacco, Ralphael162 Di Salvo, Christopher 54 Diab, Bahaa 36 Diab, Wael 46 Dibacco, Dominique 137 Dionisio, Ashley 69 Dittrich, Christopher 149 Dittrich, Geoffrey 110 Dmytrenko, Eugenia 46 Dobler, Logan 164 Dobson, Samuel 131 Dobson, Sarah 164 Douglas, Debbie. 72,102 Douglas, Spencer l1B

Douglas IV,Lindsey 46 Down, Brenda 67 Down, Eric 160 Drabiak, Daniel 164 Drane, Amy 142 Dry, Alicia 136 Du Plessis, Jane 36 Du Plessis, Jean 69 Ducut, E!ysaf 169 Ducut, Michella 169 Dudley, Nathan 108 Dudley, Travis 54 Duggal, Shawn 36 Dunn, Courtney 151 Dunn, Jake 145 Dunn, Natalie 153 Dunn, Roderick 130 Dupont, Christine 84 Duvall, Desiree 149 Dwyer, Dennis 33 Dzimiri, Kudzai 16


Eason, Debra 146 Eason, Matthew 109 Eason, Megan 46 Eaton, Kimberly 36 Eid, Ghuyath 46 Eid, Hilal 110 Eid, Khaled 36 Eid, Ramy 54 EI Achi, Faysal 126 EI-Ahmadiyyah, Pam 65 EI Assir, Karim 62 E! Awad, Huda 128 EI EI El EI Dajani, Jamila 115 Hafl, Rana 54 Hindi, Donna 144 Hindi, Kareem 115

Barlag, Barbara 142 Barlag, Ted 174 Barry, Linda 191 Barry, Nigel 163 Bashour, Hani 53 Bashour, Ramzi 169 Bashour, Sami 169 Bayaa, Ahmad 119 Bayaa, Belal 35 Bayaa,Ousama 64 Baya'a, Tarek 53 Beawerwala, Juzer 61 Beawerwala, Mariam 142 Beck, Christian 63 Beecroft, Blythe 136 Beecroft, Warren 161


194 Index

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F is for fire hose.

EI Hindi, Tina 13B EI Ladki, Rasha 114 EI Ladki, Rashid 118 EI Masri, Tarell 54 EI Ramahi, Mayda 169 EI Ramah!, Meral 169 EI Ramah!, Merhan 70 EI Saghir, Leila 150 EI Saghir, Saeed 144 EI-Assir, Remy 124 EI-Dajani, Said 65 EI-Haf!, Layan 130 EI-Hafi, Mira 122 EI-Khatib, Noha 46 El-Khazen, Clovis 151 EI-Sheikh, Reem 139 EI-Sheikh, Sarah 154 Elawad, Ayman 136 Elawad, Dina 149 Elawad, Lubna 137 Elcioglu, Emine 46 Elcioglu, Zeynep 158 Eleissmvy, Haytham 127 Eleissawy, Susan 54 Elhammady, Mo 99 Elhammady, Mostafa 46 Ellwood, Jessica 54 Elmeligy, Raghda 142 Elnawasrah, Sarah 161 Engergard, Emilie 169 Engstrom, Monica 113 Erikson, Jennifer 47,85 Esin, Lara 156 Esparza, Maya 47 Esparza, Zye 126 Espinet, Adam 157 Espinet, Gregory 124 Evans, Cristina 122 Evans, Nicholas 165

Fakhri, Mark 36,99 Fakih, Faraaz 47 Fakih, Shajee 169 Fanous, George 144 Fanous, Joseph 161 Fanous, Melissa 131 Faqih, Adil 145 Faqih, Akram 155 Farah, Nabil 164 Farid, Fady 28,47 Farid, Sheri 155 Farooqi, Samia 54 Faruqi, Imran 116 Faurholdt, Anders 149 Faurholdt, Ida 157 Fayed, Marwa 36 Fayed, Rehab 36 Fedorak Geldart, Debbie 82 Felipe, Alfred 36,99,104 Felipe, Anthony 67 FeliX,Christina 13B Fernandez, Eloy 55 Fernandez, Simon 127 Fernandez, Talisha 108 Fernando, Marice 68 Feuchuk, Errol 116 Figures, Andre 47 Figures, Michael 47 Figures, Stephany 124 Filice, Carmine 66, 78 Filice, Elina 184 Filice, Simon 163 Fincannon, Conley 119 Fincannon, Donna 127 Fincannon, Lacy 55 Fincannon, Prentice 123 Finnie, Ashlyn 142 Finnie, Jeree 176 Finnie, Joshua 112 Fio Rito, Amanda 127 Fio Rita, Robert 141 Fischer, James 64 Fischer, Katharine 118 Fischer, Sean 149 Fisher, Michael 117 Fisher, Pat 52 Fisher, Patrick 55 Flannery, Brian 47 Flannery, Diane 110 Flannery, Gary 33 Flannery, Michael 47

Fontaine, Eric 55 Fontaine, Robert 47 Forgeron, Audrey B1 Forgeron, Darin 184 Forgeron, Kyle 184 Forgeron, Mark 77 Fors, Maria 36 Forsdyke, James 65 Fortin, Jihae 65 Fortin, Richard 36 Fox, Veronica 55 Frances Gay, Paula 55 Frangia!;5,Dennis 153 Frangia~, Mellissa 55 Frank, Wallace 36 Friedman, David 47 Friedman, Michelle 120 Fris, Robert 55 Frush, Amanda 108 Frush, Justin 128 Fulmer, Judith 179 Furbeck, Hannah 116 Furbeck, Rachel 69

Gemayel, Leslie 94 Ghandour, Feras 55 Ghandour, Naura 63 Ghandour, Salwa 28,47 Ghani, Rukhsana 157 Ghori, Hassan 113 Ghori, Sidra 55 Giansiracusa, Adam 143 Giansiracusa, Anisah 149 Giansiracusa, Leila 191 Giao,uinto, Gregory 122 Giaquinto, Natalie 143 Gilbertson, Caitlin 155 Girma, Benyam 55 Girma, Brook Tesfaye 145 Girma, Eden 36, 37 Gjermandsen, Mads 119 Glascow, Patrick 168 Glasgow, Rebecca 160 Godard, Arya 113 Godard, Layla 132 Godin, Melody 161 Gohar, Saba 160 Gohar, Sahr 153 Gohar, Sara 132 Gohar, Shan 142 Goncalves Nogueira, Maria 147 Gonzalez, Yon 55 Goossen, Levar 160 Gorgen, Shannon 47 Goshko, Caylee-Britt 110 Goshko, Ian 36,102 Gould, Sabrina 111 Gould, Victoria 64 Gouret, Dimitri 166 Gracias, Michael 138 Gramolini, Ashely 117 Gramolini, Jay 81, 98 Gramolini, Simonetta 137 Graves, Vincent 169 Gray, Hannah 55 Greaiy, Alicia 118 Grealy, Jacinta 137 Grealy, Rebecca 47 Grealy, Tamara 61 Greco, Kalen 119 Greco, Thomas 62 Green, Ashlee 109 Green, Chloe 138 Green, Hadley 145 Green, Ryan 113

Greenberg, Daniel 55 Greenberg, John 55 Grega, Matthew 55 Griffiths, Carla 184 Grigoleit, Christopher 47 Grigoleit, Vanessa 113 Grino, Enrico Byron 55 · Grino, Rico 99 • Gritz, Daniel 160 • Gruslin, Renzi 101 Gungor, Sevi 14B :.Gupta, Nikhil 160 ,Gupta, Nisha 131 '.Guthrie, Terry 74 ' Guthrie, Samantha 184

Hamdan, Hikmat 47 Hamdan, Hossam 115 Hamdan, Lea 168 Hamouda, Dina 113 Hamouda, Mohamed 191 Hamze, Maher 65 Handerhan, Eleanor 93 Handley, Mary 161 Hannigan-Piller, Megan 176 Hansen, Bjorn 151 Hansen, Mikkel 155 Hansson, lona 55, 98 Haq, Hameedul 62 Haq, Marya 131 Haq, Natasha 111 Haq, Nida 37 Haq, Sarah 109 Haridi, Mai 166 Harington, Amy 110 Harington, Holly 164 Harington, Sebastian 146 Hariry, Sharran 84 Harrington, Christopher 145 Harrington, Michael 143 Harrington, Ruth Anne 101 Harrington, Ryan 127 Hasnain, Zara 119 Hassanieh, Macram 108 Hassaniyeh, Houda 179 Hasund, Immi 146 Hasund, lngvild 164 Hatashita, Kimio 138 Hatashita, Makiko 62 Hatashita, Toshiko 55 Hauser, Marianne 175 Hawkins, Alison 37 Hellstrand, Dafni 152 Hellstrand, Marias 56 Hendrickx, Maximiliana 37 Henley, Matthew 143 Henry, Christine 130 Henry, Mary 23, 56 Herman, Jamie 47 Hermann, Jose Miguel 48 Hernaez, Maria 160 Herrmannsen, Jaydee 154 Hill, Raphael 163 Hinely, Laura 155 Hinely, Ryan 126 Hiser, Erin 56 Hiser, Ryan 122

Hoballah, Maryam 13B Hoballah, Muneira 111 Hoballah, Yusuf 56 Hobballah, Nader 121 Hobballah, Tala 150 Hobbs, Lauren 150 Hobbs, Ryan 124 Hobra-tschk, Kyle 125 Hobson, Sherry 164 Hoel, Kathy 168 Hoel, Per 69 Hoel, Thomas 136 Hoffecker, Margaret 56 Hoffecker, Thomas 111 Hofstetter, Erin 156 Hofstetter, Grady 168 Holden, Carolina 136 Holley, Sarah 158 Holly, Michael 169 Holmes, Deb 174 Holmes, Evan 56 Holmes, Jarett 52,56 Holt, Ryan 62 Hooton, Jessica 120 Hope, Shane 147 Hopkins-Balk, Saundra 175 Horak, Jessika 141 Horak, Lukas 146 Horan, Peter 48 Horowitz, Julie 61 Horowitz, Matthew 157 Hovda, Andre 138 Hovda, Ester 161 Hreiki, William 147 Huber, Joel 132 Humphrey, Jean 138 Humphries, Jennifer 169 Hunt, Carolena 136 Hunt, Priscilla 37 Husain, Aaftab 114 Husain, Adam 56 Hussain, Anushae 157 Hussain, Hussain, Hussain, Hussain, Hussain, Hussain, Hussain, Hussain, Hussain, Jawad 56 Nurah 146 Saira 37 Sukaina 66 Syed 34,37, 104 Syed Adnan 160 Syed Rehan 136 Tarek 56 Umar 4B

Hwang, Chia-Wen 56 Hyatt, Mary 184 Hyatt, William 167


37 Sooi"


•• Haas, Connie 181 •.Haas, Jason 36 •.Haas, Jonathan 140 · Habbal, Faisa! 141 Habib, Kareem 55 .... Habib, Mohamed 10B Haddad, Adam 66 Haddad, Anthony 55 Haddad, Carla 140 Rami 125 Shelly 191 Haddad, Ziad 47 ••. Hadid, Nour 152

Iacobucci, Denise 56 Iacobucci, Joseph 48 lani, David 124 lani, Marybeth 127 lani, Sarah 48 Ibis, Damla 116 Ibrahim, Fariha 108 Ibrahim,lmran 37 Ibrahim, Irfan 150 Ibrahim, Roukaya 61 Ibrahim, Zainub 56 Ijaz, Humaad 31,63 Ijaz, Mahawish 156 ljaz, Mushaal 131 !jaz, Zeeshan 4B Inati, Albert 128 Inati, Carmen 68 Inati, Jessica 165 Ingram, Hanna 125 Ingram, Sarah 56 Iqbal, Aadil 136 Iqbal, Afzaal 56 Iqbal, Anam 151 Iqbal, Ayyaz 62 Iqbal, Naazneen 61 Iqbal, Nawaz 147 Iskandarani, Michael 154 Islam, Alvi 168 Islam, Ayesha 129 Islam, Junaid 130 Islam, Naveed 129 Islam,Owais 37 Islam,Ozair 56 Islam, Sabeen 48 Isley, Carlie 1B4 Isley, Mark 74 Isley, Rhonda 93 Isley, Taylor 145 Ismail, Ahmed 63

Galal, Hana 117 Galal, Karim 166 Galal, Sami 67 Galles, Daniel 161 Gama Silva, Sara 169 Gandier, Kelsey 143 Ganley, Brian 149 Ganley, Christine 142 Garcia, Kathrina 132 Garcia, Kevin 36 Garcia, Korinna 137 Garner, Ambri 125 Garrison, Harriet 123 Gauna, Leslie Anne 47 Gauna, Resti 116 Gautan, Divya 109 Gay, Elizabeth 114 Gayer, Andrea 47,98 Gayer, Rebekah 52, 55 Geldart, Jack 73, 92 Geller, Cristen 117


~: .

Hosam 55 idar, idar, ider, ider, Maysaa 112 Samer 60, 61 Bilal 123 Sumrah 109

Fahmy, Mina 154 Fahs, Abrahim 136 Fahs, Roja 160 Fairweather, Harrison 16B Fairweather, Jack 136

ider, Syeda 55 ile, Mussie 37 ile, Winta 108 ian, Krikor 118 ian, Rose 52, 55 keem, Faisal 145


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Itani, Rami 56 Itani, Samer 56

Jaafar, Sara 169 Jabaji, Raed 113 Jabaji, Renad 37 Jabbour, Gabriel 119 Jabbour, Michael 161 Jabbour, Mirna 178 Jacquemin, Valerie 112 Jafry, Fizza 146 Jarry, Zain 37 Jafry, Zaki 56 Jarry, Zakir 111 Jalloul, Hiba 165 Jallu, Ilham 111 Jallu, Tawheed 139 Jamil, Seemi 68 Janeway, Jordan 166 Jangda, Hamza 116 Jangda, Huda 34,37 Jansson, Marie 44,48 Jarmakani, Jarmakani, Jarmakani, Haddy 151 Huda 56 Maha 110


Johansen, Tim 99 Johansen, Timothy 48 Johansson, Lisa 48, 98 Johansson, Petra 56,98 Johns, Pradeep Mathew 191 Johnson, larry 190 Johnson, Marianne 143 Johnstone, Cole 141 Johnstone, Sean 136 Jones, John 63 Jones, Paris 56 Joyner, Celia 37 Joyner, Kathy 172 Jrad, Hanna 136 Judge, Cory 169 Jung, Wook Jin 56 Justice, Gayle 147

Kattan, Alex 171 Kattan, Alexander 130 Kattan, Sami 137 Kattouf, Michael 142 Kauling, Priscilla 37 Kaur, Gunveen 64 Kaur, Jasveen 66 Kawmy, Elie 168 Kawmy, Marya 120 Kawmy, Susan 181 Kazmi, Imtiaz 127 Kazmi, Sameer 37 Keenan, Carol 181 Keenan, Elizabeth 159 Keenan, Jacqueline 141 Kegley, Andrew 142 Kegley, Heather 157 Keleshian, Armand 37 Keleshian, Mannig 190 Kellie, Petra 112 Kellie, Tyson 132,171 Kelly, Jack 151 Kennedy, Andrew 158 Kennedy, Emily 160 Kennedy, Jessica 143 Khalid, Hussain 141 Khalid, Khadieja 124 Khalid, Sufia 116 Khalil, Bassam 57 Khalil, Shereen 119 Khan, Amerah 120 Khan, Arnjad Ali 57 Khan, Ammar 124 Khan, Areej 57 Khan, Emily 168 Khan, Fawad 128 Khan, Jawad 69 Khan, Maheen 48 Khan, Maria 156 Khan, Mariam 110 Khan, Marya 115 Khan, Nader 115 Khan, Rija 166 Khan, Saad 111 Khan, Safia 181 Khan, Safiea 124 Khan, Sana 48 Khan, Shireen 48 Khan, Yaser 57 Khan, Zaher 150 Khan, Zahran 69

Khanani, Khanani, Khanna, Kharadi,

Komal 146 Zara 131 Sabina 122 Alexander 147

Kabbara,Omar 64 Kabbara, Rayan 111 Kabir, Fahad 124 Kabir, Faisal 56 Kaffes, Caterina 116 Kaffes, Irenie 132 Kagevi, Johanna 37 Kaissi, Khalid 167 Kaissi, Mohammed 115 Kakati, Lena 48 Kakati, Nora 122 Kakwan, Mohammad 37 Kalloghlian, Shaunt 52,57 Kamran, Amina 119 Kamran, Fatima 67 Kanaan, Nadia 64 Kanafani, Bilal 167 Kanafani, Taneh 131 Karademir, Saruhan 125 Karam, Aline 61 Kardes, Menekse 112 Karim, Mariya 57 Karim, Umair 144 Karjalainen, Timo 37, 99 Kashlan, Sara 139 Kastner, Wanda 32 Kattan, Adam 154 Kattan, Aisha 116

Khatoon, Azra 152 Khatri, Samantha 169 Khawaja, Ahmed 162 Khawaja, Nida 141 Khawaja, Raray 155 Khawaja, Zakariya 62 Khilji, Ahad 153 Khilji, Charmine 57 Khilji, Michelle 115 Khilji, Sofia 38,98 Khouri, Christine 38 Khouri, Joseph 111 Khoury, Nadine 154 Kidd, Andrea 142 Kidd, Samantha 155 Kielak, Klementyna 48 Kilpelainen, A-thina 145 Kim, Dae Keon 129 Kim, Hye-Jun 34 Kim, Hye-Yun 38 Kim, Jae-Hoon 112 Kim, Jee Hye 116 Kim, Kyeong-Won 48 Kim, Kyoung Ah 152 Kim, Miri 48 Kim, Seol-Hyoung Kim, Sin Ae 111 48


Koleilat, Abdulaziz 49 Koleilat, Amer 111 Koleilat, Rana 38 Kondokzadda, Hussam 139 Kondokzadda, Murad 152 Kotek, Anthony 147 Kotek, Benjamin 44, 49 Kotek, Mary 181 Kotek, Neil 110 Koujah, Rami 145 Krisht, Ayah 161 Krisht, Hassan 68 Krisht, Hiba 123 Kronley, Juanita 190 Kudla, James 125 Kumar, Abhay 114 Kumon, Kyoko 138 Kurttekin, Duygu 117 Kwiatkowski, Rose 129

Le, Kimberly 128 Le, Michelle 69 Leanox, Damon 129 LeBlanc, Don 135 LeBlanc, Hannah 184 LeBlanc, Isaac 145 LeBlanc, Sara 153 Ledstrup, Christian 145 Lee, Amy 49 Lee, Dong 57 Lee, Eun-Sook 49,98 Lee, Hae-Jung 38 Lee, Hae-Won 49 Lee, Jang-Hoon 118 Lee, Kil Hoon 25,38,88 Lee, Laura Brott 112 Lee, 500 Jin 128 Lee, Sung Hee 49 Lee, Woo 67 Lee, Young-Kwang 38 Lee,Sung Hee 99 Legaspi, David 61 Legaspi, Grace 38 Lelou, Angeliki 49 Lencl, Kyle 155 Lenjesson, Johan 38, 99 Lepham, Nicholas 52, 57 Leppajoki, Anna 34,38, 98 Lewis, laurence 60,64 Lewis, Melissa 63 Lewis, Randolph 49 L'Hermine, Gael 163 Liapitan, Victor 192 Lim, Tse-Mlan 62 Lindley, Amy 84 Lindley, Paul 88 Lindstrom, Kristian 109 Linehan, Amy 66 Linehan, Cory 108 Linehan, lorna 191 Lowe, Whitley 126 Lueck, Erin 108 Lueck, Cindy 152 Lueck, Tyler 145 Lund, Alexander 147 Lund, Marcus 113 Lund, Peter 130 Lundberg, Carl 153 Lundberg, Gustav 125 Lundstrom, David 49, 99 Lyall, Barbara 170

Lyall, Emily 52,57 Lyall, Jane 38 Lyall, Matthew 49

MacDonald, Julia 147 MacDonald, Ryan 145 Mackovick, Selena 169 Maclachlan, Brennan 57 Maclachlan, Mary 86 Mah, Sarah 169 Mahakian, Natalie 154 Maherali, Nur 121 Mahmood, Hasan 49 Mahmoud, Amr 152 Mahmud, Wayez 49 Maju, Taiseer 151 Majzoub, Maysa 67 Majzoub, Muhieddine 57 Makkawi, Hadi 132 Makkawi, Maya 57 Makkawi, Mazen 157 Malak, Amna 57 Malas, Nour 52,55,57, 98 Malas, Zein 38, 104 Malik, Fatima 163 Malik, Manal 118 Malki, Deema 129 Malki, Sarah 69 Manawar, Sana 57 Manawar, Tanzil 112 Manuel, Joseph 32 Manzoor, Irfan 146 Manzoor, Taimoor 140 Manzoor, Usman 160 Marcelino, Dan 114 Marchi, Samer 150 Maria, Ilona Righa 129 Maroulis, Madonna 155 Martel, Audrey 57 Martel, Stephanie 130 Marthinusen, Hilde 38 Marthinusen, Ivar 109 Martin, Ben 99 Martin, Bernard 57 Martin, Helen 119 Martin, Richard 57 Martin, Rita 115

Lacy, Rachel 140 • ladha, Gulrukh 114 Ladha, Saba 146 .' Ladki, Caleen 123 .••• Ladki, Nadeem 38 : Laffey, Gail 139 '. Lage, Iris 191 ••.• Lage, Jamie 153 , Laiq, Amal 138 .. Lake, Nancy 98 .•• ake, Pat 81, 100 L ..... lakhani, Rahul 156 (Lakhani, Ridhi 130 .Lamprou, Laura Anne 126 i., lamprou, Lisa 116 (.Landriault, Brigitte 110,186 • Landriault, Erik 44,49 J.•••. Landrus, Russ 38 Lane Bisson, Colombe 101 Langford, Amanda 126

Javaid, Lalarukh 131 Javed, Aamer 122 Javed, Sanwal 148 Javed, Wafa 65 Javier, Abigail 69 Jawhari, Luma 118 Jeanpierre, Devin 138 Jebeyli, Celine 150 Jebeyli, Stephanie 158 Jenney, Cathy 25, 75 Jenney, David 77 Jenney, Natalya 155 Jensen, Christian 142 Jensen, Mikkel 146 Jerles, Sumpun 48 Jodkowski, Jan 56 Jodkowski, Julius 123 Joe, Hyun Jae 108 Joe, Hyunwoo 48 Johansen, Tamara 157

Kim, Song-Jee 147 Kim, Tae Hoon 49 Kim, Tae-Hwan 38 Kim, Yoon Sun 117 Kim, Yoon-Jee 109 King, lucas 31,69 Kipp, Patricia 38 Knight, Sofiah 38 Knobloch, Alan 107 Knobloch, Eileen 107,135 Knowles, Jessica 141 Ko, Darae 49 Ko, Narae 49 Kobroussi, Nicolas 49 Koguchi, Eriko 111 Koguchi, Mariko Koivuniemi, Heidi Koivuniemi, Joni Koksal, Efe 140 Koksal, Oguzhan 49 113 138 49, 99

'i Langford, John Milton 108 {Langford, Rebecca 32 ,Larsen, Veronica 57 : Lawson, Gus 117 ••.... Lawson, Lynn 112
}Layous, Simon 142

Martin, Sarah 168 Matar, Basi! 38 Matar, Shereen 132 Matowe, Patti 32 Matowe, Ryan 145 Matowe, Shasily 161 McAdam III, James 63 McAdam, Tara 122 McAndrew, Brendan 117 McAndrew, Brigid 136 McCabe, Kathleen 124 McCabe, Margaret 189 McCabe, Maureen 121 McCleary, Ian 49 McCleary, Patrick 121 McConnell, Carl 69 McConnell, Gordon 138 McDill, Ashley 147 McDil!, Tracie 176 McDill, Zachary 137 McDivitt, Eric 50 McDivitt, Jeffrey 66 McDivitt, Lynn 163 McGehee, Madeline 50 McGehee, Michael 143 McKeen, Patara 160 McKinley, Kathleen 179 McMillen, Bruce 30, 33 McMillen, Emily 182 McNamara, Kathryn 158 McNamara, Patrick 121 McWilliams, Dacia 184 McWilliams, Diane 137 McWilliams, Don 91 Mehlo, Nada 153 Mekawi, Heidi 120 Mekawi, Yara 128 Memon, Benish 38 Memon, Faisal 61 Memon, Mohammed 127 Memon, Nisha 57 Merkel, Elyse 138 Merkel, Katlyn 68 Merkel, Thomas 129 Mervicker, Michael 146 Metzger, Andrew 113 Metzger, Katelyn 136 Mian, Taimur 50,99 Michael, Matthew 157 Michael, Sarah 140 Middleton, Luke 150



... ~P

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Middleton, Melissa 65 Middleton, Peter 57 Mikhael, Josiane 191 Mills, LaVonne 115 Mills, Randy 141 Milne, Matthew 160 Miltenberger, Mary 181 Minnes, Victoria 165 Mirchandani, Serena 152 Mirza, Ali 34, 39 Mirza, Sameer 121 Misner, Jim 91 Misner, Sue 189 Mitri, Haya 167 Moawad, Iman 50 Moawad, Sarah 127 Moffit, Dustin 146 Moffit, Megan 168 Mohamed, Khalid 136 Mohamed, Omer 67 Mohiuddin, Salman 39 Mohiuddin, Suhaylah 128 Moinuddin,Omer 169 Moncada, Gregory 41 Moncada, Seraphine 184 Moncada, Sharon 140 Monsholm, Ida 169 Monsur, Anid 117 Monsur, Danil 140 Monsur, Roma 187 Montgomery, Gillian 179 Montgomery, Graeme 74 Moore, Betty 137 Moore, Lindsey 39 Moore, Patricia 181 Moore, Richard 108 Moran~Dwyer, Gail 158 Moreau, Cathy 81 Morgan, Brandon 148 Morgan, Christy 57 Morgan, Wendy 110 Mori, Jonathan 146 Mori, Patrick 112 Morrical, Andrew 39 Morris, Amy 149 Morris, Molly 62 Morris, Pamela 32 Morris, William 57 Mosdossy, Anthony 140 Mosdossy, Krisztina 117 Mosdossy, Natasha 149

Moss, Brandon 160 Moss, Megan 39 Motan, Noumaan 39 Mougharbel, Hasan 57 Mougharbel, Hiba 62 Mougharbel, Mohammed 144 Mounir, Mohamed 166 Mourad, Adam 128 Mourad, Mariam 149 Mourad, Moustafa 52, 58 Mourad, Youssef 50 Muawad, Mohammad 143 Muawad, Noor 157 Munn, Amanda 169 Munn, Victoria 169 Murphy, Alison 126 Murphy, Sean 137 Murray, Merci 144 Murray, Rachel 148 Mustafa, Anas 67 Mustafa, Mohammad Mustafa, Rawan 132 Mustafa, Shaden 50 Mustafa, Yousef 112 Mustafa, Zaina 141 Myers, Caitlin 168 Myers, Robin 64 Myers, Tyler 148 Mykyten ko, Dmytro Myntti, Mikael 58 58

Namikas, Chelsea 128 Namikas, Matthew 156 Namoos, Khalid 127 Naoshy, Samer 39 Naoshy, Sarah 60, 65 Naqvi, Ailya 155 Naqvi, Farrah 123 Naqvi, Jafer 147 Naqvi, Ume 50 Naro, Heather 111 Naro, Justin 184 Naro, Mitch 76 Nash, Ellen 62 Nasr, Adam 63 Nasr, Amirah 140 Nasr, Tarek 126 Nasser, Mazen 67 Nathan, Kris 156 Nazzal, Joe 131 Nazzal, Natalie 157 Nedregard, Sindre 112 Nemr, Imad 58 Nemr, Micheal 118 Nerseth, Ole Jorgen 50 Nester, Hayden 126 Neufeldt, Amy 117 Neufeldt, Clayton 151 Newbery, Benjamin 58 Newell, Zachary 117 Nguyen, Khoa 169 Niaz, Mahwesh 127 Niaz, Sahar 68 Niazi, Anum 66 Niazi, Faraze 126 Niazi, Summer 124 Nichols, Derek 169 Niederkorn, Christina 86 Niederkorn, Dan 107 Nirmal, Rahul 111 Nirmal, Rohit 150 Nolan, Alek 157 Nordstrom, Hanna 132 Norikian, Serge 65 Nur, Lolla Mohammed 131 Nur, Sara Mohammed 147 Nusairat, Adam 108 Nusairat, Ashley 116 Nusairat, Cindy 186 Nusairat, Sarah 39

Obeid, Omar 139 O'Connell, Kay 172 O'Connor, Marion 181 O'Connor, Trevor 151 Ogaick, Tara 66 Ogoe, Babs 181 Ogoe, Reggie 126 Ogoe, Richard 125 O'Hagan, James 149 Ohl, Kim 81 Olofsson, Rakel 155 Olomi, Mustafa 58,89 O'Malley, Adam 115 O'Malley, Othman 58 O'Malley, Zachary 114 Or, Yasmin 125 Ordonez,lsabela 150 Ordonez, Supanika 67 Orphanou, Louisa 148 Ortiz, Dina 58 Ortiz, Jose 118 Ortiz~Ayers, Conchita 175 Oshalla, Mona 30,39 Osman, Dwaa 117 Osman, Farah 129 Osman, Noreen 58 Osuji, Ikenna 60,62 Osuji, Tochukwu 50 Osuji, Yagazie 118 Ouh, Min 39


Papacostas, Dimitrios 50 Papacostas, Georgianne 112 Papak, Darius 169 Papak, Ebony 169 Paramasivan, Arjun 128 Parhar, Gurpartap 127 Park, Da Eun 161 Park, Ja Eun 58 Park, Kyung 39 Park, Kyung~Hee 98 Park, Sa 50 Park, Sa Do 120 Park, Won Min 162 Parker, Ken 107 Parker, Virginia 113 Pascual, Ana Katrina


28, 50

Pasha, Taha 50 Pasquale, Carl 125 Pasquale, Jonatha 68 Pasquale, Nicholas 149 Patel, Sagar 168 Patel, Shukan 142 Patten, Kelsey 169 Patten, Kyle 169 Pearson, Aleksander Pearson, Anniina 112 Pearson, Dale 156 Peck, Daniel 131 Peck, Jonathan 113 Pennington, Cristina 85 Petersen, Jeffrey 64 Pettersson, Scott 114 Petzer, Franli 125 Petzer, Konstant 58,99 Phipps, David 127 Phipps, Julia 149 Pienaar, Hanneri 124 Pienaar, Willem 58 Pierce, Brittany 44,50,98 Pierce, Wesley 64 Piller, Keenan 143 Piller, Nathan 168 Pillmore, Benjamin 120 Pillmore, Maxwell 157 Pillmore, Wyatt 144 Pincock, Amy 39 Piotrowski, Alexandra Piper, Matt 109 Piper, Tricia 181 Pipkin, Aaron 50 Pipkin, Noel 119 126


Pirani, Imran 110 Pirani, Kamran 60,67 Pittle, Benjamin 161 Pittle, Daniel 117 Pittle, Eileen 181 Pittle, Philip 58 Pittmann, Judy 151 Placht, Daniel 117 Placht, Kathryn 95 Placht, Michael 58 Polcari, Maria 137 Polcari, Michael 110 Poonawala, Abdul Qadir 124 Poonawala, Ali Asghan 123 Poonawala, Mustafa 58 Poonawalla, Abid 50 Poonawalla, Ramlah 39 Powe, Andrew 116 Powe,Jane 173 Powe, Laura 68 Powell, Adam 114 Powell, Jordan 124 Prichard, Ashley 132 Prichard, Cortney 143 Prietos, Marvin 131 Prince, Peter 151 Prinsloo, Jacobus 50 Pritchard, Gail 75

Rabie, Tarik 113 Racaniello, Anthony 39 Racaniello, Jeffery 58 Rachdan, Samer 50 Rachdan, Susan 40 Raf!i, Dania 50 Rahman, Jafry 148 Rahman, Omar 40 Rahman, Sarah 114 Rahman, Sumayya 61 Rajagopal, Jeevika 118 Rastogi, Pratyush 115 Rastogi, Ritwik 40 Ratniece,llze 169 Raza, Irma 110 Raza, Sameen 58 Razvi, Fatima 62 Razvi, Syed 40 Reddad, Samir 132 Reddad, Tommy 150 Redwine, Laura 44 Redwine, Sarah 50 Ree, Won~Jae 40 Reed, Corrin 58 Reed, Starla 77 Rehman, Farah 52,58 Rehman, Feroz 63 Rehman, Sonia 144 Reinke, Alexander 58 Reks, Brandon 141 Reks, Kristopher 122 Reks, Travis 158 Renshaw, Adam 40 Renshaw, Karen 60, 69 Retenais, Liva 146 Reyes, Alexandre 148 Richard, Dallas 66 Richards, Alexander 130 Richards, Michael 166 Rifai, Basil 58 Rifai, Nour 40,41 Rifai, Ryan 31, 61 Righas, Andreas 157 Riman, Leedia 44,51 Riman, Rawad 130 Rizk, Ahmed 66

Rizk, Alia 120 Rizk, Hashem 148 Rizvi, Ammar 140 Rizvi, Fatima 150 Rizvi, Kiran 40 Rizvi, Shabih 51 Rizvi, Syed 165 Roberts, Cynthia 169 Robinson, Shelby 145 Rodrigues, Johann 58 Rodriguez, Rodney 138 Roof, Amanda 52, 58 Rooney, Daniele 140 Rooney, Margaret 164 Ross, Scott 58, 59 Roy~Filice, Lisette 126 Rubio, Jan Michael 130 Rubio, Roy 123 Rubio, Sherwin 40 Rue, Steven 68 Runte, Jennifer 34,40,81,98 Runte, Terry 167 Russell, Christina 109 Ryan, Chelsea 148 Ryan, Kim Cruz 150 Ryan, Michael 61 Ryan, Travis 163

Nabulsi, Dina 50, 98 Nabulsi, Zaid 67 Naccarati, Emily 118 Nagel, Erin 39,98 Naim, Lara 145 Naim, Reem 58 Naim, Wissam 39,99 Naizghi, Daniel 39 Naji, Areeb 137 Naji, Haaris 132 Naji, Zubia 25, 34, 39, 98 Najjar, Dana 167 Nakhal, Junaya 169 Nakhle, Daniel 144

Qadri, Syed 50 Quinn, Shana 55,58 Quinn, Tyler 58 Quintero, Dannielle 121 Quintero, Eric 50 Quintero, Kyle 138 Quintero, Lucas 155 Quintero, Lynette 134 Qureshi, Abuabbas 124 Qureshi, Abubakar 58 Qureshi, Emma 58 Qureshi, Fahad 50 Qureshi, Laraib 153

Pablo, Krystle 65 Palkar, Anuja 39, 98 Palmer, Andrew 121 Palmer, Jennifer 58 Palmer, Jesse 162 Palmer, Ryan 111 Palmeri, Benedict 39

Saab, Omar 140 Saab, Walid 40 Saadi, Imran 40 Sadat, Kareem 139 Sadat, Maya 141 Sadek, Ahmed 129 Sadek, Emir 51 Sadek, Mona 150 Sag her, Ani! 127 Sagher, Chaghla 116 Sahi, Assad 132 Sah!, Hassan 67 Sah!, Mohammad 148 Sahli, Ramsey 113 Sahli, Sami 140 Said, Lara 130 Said, Sarah 59






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