Organization  is  globally  distributed  with  initiatives  and  operations  started  by   individual  groups.    People  lend  a  hand  where  they  have  capabilities  and  leaders   seem  to  be  both  naturally  selected  as  well  as  being  historically  connected  with  the   organization.    The  most  prominent  leaders  appear  to  be  old  school,  made  apparent   by  making  historical  references  pre  wikileaks.    There  is  also  a  group  that  is   represented  in  FB  that  has  an  equally  tight  coupling.    One  of  the  goals  is  to  tie  as   many  of  the  IRC  Nicks  to  FB  profiles  as  possible.     IRC  is  the  main  method  of  operational  communication.    It  is  through  IRC  that  most   people  that  participate  in  DDOS  get  their  commands.    Those  commands  are   communicated  through  twitter  and  FB  accounts  as  well.    FB  and  twitter  accounts  are   used  to  communicate  details  and  propaganda  of  the  operation.    There  are  a  group  of   people  who  are  skilled  in  graphic  design  and  video/audio  creation  that  help  with   production.     The  group  focuses  anonymity  on  hiding  IPs  and  hostnames.    While  there  are  some   references  that  are  made  to  not  providing  personal  details  in  IRC.    Some  of  the   apparent  leaders  that  have  FB  accounts  also  are  conscious  to  how  much  information   the  release,  even  amongst  friends.    Some  hide  their  friends  list  to  even  friends.     Anonymous  came  into  notoriety  in  2008  with  Operation  Chanology,  an  attack   against  the  church  of  Scientology.    Since  then  there  are  many  attacks  that  hav  been   attributed  to  the  group.    Their  activities  were  first  noted  in  2006  and  2007  in   opposition  to  some  policies  on  the  social  networking  site        

------ (taken down around Dec. 11th ) Jul. 12th FB GROUP Anonymous (12,782) created. Dec. 5th was registered (private registration). Dec. 6th Mastercard pulls plug on payments. Dec. 7th Julian Assange was arrested. Dec. 8th Paypal, Visa, and Mastercard were attacked. Dec. 8th @anonops created. There was an account @Anon_Operation but it was shut down. Twitter account was directing attacks through LOIC. Dec. 10th @Op_Payback was closed by twitter. Dec. 10th @Anon_Leakspin (1,436) was created. Dec. 10th @crowdleaks (3,593) was created and announced Dec. 10th was registered. Dec. 10th FB Page Operation Payback ITA (294) created @ 1:20am Dec. 10th FB Page Operation Leakspin (2,286) created @8:41am. Dec. 12th was created (private registration). Dec. 13th FB Page Operation Paperstorm (958) created @ 8:20pm. Dec. 13th was created.

Dec.  13th  FB  Page  Anonymous  News  Network  (7,081)  created  @  10:20pm   Dec.  14th  was  created  (private  registration).  
Dec. 14th FB Page Operation Darknet (259) created @ 12:17am. Dec. 15th was created.

Dec.  16th  FB  Page  Operation  Payback  (811)  created  @  
Dec. 18th was created (private registration). Dec. 18th @OfficialAnonOps (440) was created.

Dec.  22nd  FB  Group  Anonops  (2373)  created  @  
Dec. 26th FB Page Crowdleak (117) was created. Jan. 5th was registered (privateregistration).

Jan.  5th  FB  Group  WeAre  Legion   Jan.  5th  FB  Group  Anonymous  –  Operation  Tunisia  (  )  was  created  .  
Jan. 18th FB Page Operation Egypt was created.

Kygon Infraction Dec. Mizzy Links. 7th 2011 Anonops. Facelottery Italia. Rehruf Arthur . 10th 2010 @ 1:20am 294 Ciccio Bong Alexandru Oprea. Miguel Trejo. http://operationleakspin. 13th @ 8:20pm 956 Ciccio Bong Matthew Hebert. Quatermain Ulan.GROUPS Name Date Users Founder Early Adopters Heavy Users Twitter Website Comments Name Date Users Founder Early Adopters Heavy Users Twitter Website Comments Operation Payback ITA Operation Leakspin first message was about Operation: Leakspin. Gross Meister. Operation Paperstorm Dec. Shane Tarrant. 11th @anonops announces leakspin website.anonops-ita. Gianluca D’Agostini. became http://crowdleak. Jacopo Tumminello @anonops_ita (27) create Jan.blogspot.286 Ryan Bell. Mytril Aveloni Name Date Users Founder Early Adopters Heavy Users Twitter Website Comments Name Date Users Founder Early Adopters Dec. Steve Haycock. 10th 2010 @ 8:41am 11th 2010 386 Rehruf Arthur Karin Andersson. 11th @anonops announces leakspin website. Anonyswiss Dec. Confora Enzo. Dirk Thunig. Sue Verinity. Adrian Garcia.

Jeffrey Garten. Dani Fonda. Jeffrey Garten.  Pascal  Avot.  John  Q  Nagel. Guy Fawkes Heavy Users Twitter Website Comments   Name Date Users Founder Early Adopters Operation  Payback Dec. Ryan Bell. Emily Spahn. Andrew East. 13th @ 10:20pm 7. Rehruf Arthur. Ilkermn Ernesto. 14th @ 12:17am 259 Ciccio Bong Matthew Hebert. John Q Nagel.Heavy Users Twitter Website Comments Dec. Shane Tarrant. Name Date Users Founder Early Adopters Heavy Users Twitter Website Comments Name Date Users Founder Early Adopters Anonymous  News  Network Dec.081 Rehruf was created.  Francoic  Claudius  was  created   (private  registration). Fernando LeBlanc.  Robyn  Connell  Jackson   Operation Darknet Dec.  14th  http://www.  Dirk  Thunig.   Dec. Antje Krasu.operationpaperstorm. 15th http://operationpaperstorm.blogspot. John Q Nagel. Robert Tepnox. 16th @ 811 Ciccio Bong. Canfora Enzo Heavy Users Twitter Website Comments .

Pascal Lannoo. 18th 6.crowdleaks. Alex Bunyip Jan. Name Date Users Founder Early Adopters Heavy Users Twitter Website Comments Anonymous  –  Operation  Tunisia Jan. 5th @ Latifa Ben Amor. Site becomes the new home of leakspin. Name Date Users Founder Early Adopters Heavy Users Twitter Website Comments Operation  Egypt Jan.489 Allis Free Pascal Avot. Wholly Subersive. Site becomes the new home of leakspin. Miss Jane. Dani Fronda Jan. 5th http://www. Riadh was registered (privateregistration). was registered (privateregistration).org.Name Date Users Founder Early Adopters Heavy Users Twitter Website Comments Crowdleak was registered (privateregistration). 5th http://www. Daniel Ellen Matt Site becomes the new home of leakspin.crowdleaks. Sigfried Attednev. 26th @ 811 Ciccio Bong Steve Haycock. Luis Salvatierra. 5th http://www.

blogspot. Dec. Used very little. Billy  Wenge-­‐Murphy. Dec. 12th http://anonnews. Dec. 15th http://operationpaperstorm. Dec.   OpPayback  Youtube  account  created  on  Oct.28. 10th http://operationleakspin. Founder of the IRC is was registered (privateregistration). 5th Leakspin. 13th http://anonops. was registered.    Points  to  Anonops-­‐ Founder: Early Adopters: Denim  was  created  (private  registration).com was created.    Same  day  Youtube  account  was  created  AnonOps.  Joel  Dunsil.crowdleaks.WEBSITES Dec. Dec.  domain  under  whois  guard. 18th @OfficialAnonOps (440) was created. Dec.  14th  http://www. Luke was was created (private registration).blogspot. Omar  David  Sandoval  Sida.  2010. Main IRC communications and information was created (private registration).operationpaperstorm. 18th Anonops. 18th Anonops.   Dec. Nathan  Willits     Posting  on  Anonymous  page  had  operation  payback  listed  on  Dec.  8th  @   10:12pm. 5th was registered (private registration).   Anonops-­‐   . Antal  Mittendorff.    Created  14Dec2010. was created (private registration).  22nd  FB  Group  Anonops  (2373)  created  @     @anon_ops   http://twitter.

)   Amator  Phasma  (only  has  4  friends…looks  interesting). 2010 @mmxanonymous http://www.) Might be Philip Mellish one mutual friend. Guy  Fawkes  (not  accepting  my  requests. Share Group.PEOPLE Karin Andersson @athenianDemocra Benjamin B.    This  guy  is  active  and   technically  capable. Alias profile pretending to be a Marissa Stevens (blocked . Franklin (242) Slesh Dott (269) Old School.?) Started   . 26 and donated to wikileaks. 17th 2010. Anton Onszers (183 . Anonops Net ( ) Started Dec 9. Philip last posted on Dec.

Donald Myers. Wwdt4h@yahoo. Lane Jr. 1092 Hyde MD Mchigan Godbert .videotron. CA Brea. 1550 Bay Works at Wikileaks Controls bots Goes way back. NY Shitstorm ? Angela Marie Lane Dan Lane Donald Myers John Q Nagel Antona Legion Jok Monopol George Cantrell Joe Avila Allan Mitchell Brian Norris 86 122 155 UNK 348 151 30 German Ethical_hackers_lounge@yahoogr Johny Long. 312 San Francisco CA 94123 Graphics Design. Apt. CA San Francisco. GA Atlanta.hsd1. Lane Jr. CA California PLF Comman derX drag0n Los Angles California Comman derX? Mmxano n shitstorm Newer to Anonyymous Ashley Name Alexi Halloway FR 171 560 891 781 138 501 304 1553 899 Place Arcata. CA San Francisco. GA Donald G. Web IT. Donald G. CA Long Beach. Beth Noyes. WA heyguise voiceleaks. FL Columbus. CA t Host: mc. Did video for opEgypt New Nicks Comments Jeffrey Garten Ryan Bell Benjamin Spock de Vries Michael Larson Chris Fowler Ann Weasel O’Niemus Paul Jay Salerno Jules Manson weaselqueen@yahoo. anF268B25C. FL East Port Orchard. US Tampa. CA Highland.blogspot. NY Montana. CA @herrknochen Emily Spahn 92 Nanticoke.

com .com stillalive@whyweprotest. NY Pakigam FinnRiggins Anonym ous_198 4 Respues ta9? Revvor? Works as a freelance photographer Canada Name Brian ‘JA’ Collins (BrianAnon TheRoot) Blue Denim Joe Otf Roberts FR Place Nick Comments Goes way back in Angela Marie Lane Ann Weasel O’Niemus 752 323 Ellinville. RI New York.Texas HelperDr one civil Kevin Smith Jared Paul Ashley Kruger Kate Morrigan UNK 139 UNK 150 cl3m3nti ne M42 Prob west cost.crasher@yahoo. Just woke up at 9:55EST Texas c0s HelperDr anone Kate. 260 892 Vancuver Prince George Montreal LIbertyforEgypt? TheMind? TheMind anonlalo Acid empowered001@hotmail.morrigan@gmail. FL Boston. NY Los Angeles East Coast Florida Florida Nemo Nautilus John Penley 128 3684 Lincoln.pool. OR Houston. TX Cocoa Beach. MA HelperDr one? astrix.

07/2010 Anonswiss group Goes way back Goes way back. In a relationship with Karl Koch Karl Kot Jens Olschewski Daniela- UNK 696 725 Karlsruhe Hamburg . founder of Wikileaks Germany Page (12/07/10. 12/09/10. Michaela Fiend Q Bishop? 242 Hamburg Benjamin B. attends protests. Early Adopter 100000430798655 Goes way back. Goes way back. Says is female. 183 347 78 121 205 582 750 758 UNK Berlin Wismar Cologne Berlin Hamburg Sh4ri4 Unbeliever? davidfliegel@live. Doesn’t post much. Snet. 12/19/2010 @11:58 Stefan Boudar. Goes way back. Mia was an early adopter. Franklin Hans Meier Iznogood Anonops Quue Kopf Dirk Thunig Alexander Korn Antje Krasu Max Mustamaann Jens Olschewski David Fliegel Alexander Nicolosi Allis Free 488 114 Anonne W.Germany Name Kerlchen Vom Hof Quatermain Ulan Rehruf Arthur Karl Koch Abbie Schwarz Mia Keen FR 2335 UNK UNK Place Berlin Nick Comments Quartermain 12/03/10. Hamburg Goes way back. Likes to alexandernicolosi@hotmail. Friends with Francesco Garita.

it petervisconte1990@yahoo.Elisabeth Hardt Ion_blaster Bishop Q MGMX geraeusch Lucretia Krauser-Doyle Austria Name Maxx Anu Infobomber Louis de SaintSimon Holywood Doesn’t like FB Born in .enzo@fastwebnet. FR Place Nick Comments Scotland Name Kygon Infraction FR UNK Place Aberdeen Nick Comments Disinfo. For Restaurant Bhab Thai Kygon_infraction @hotmail. Alexander Nicolosi ‘AuRevoir’ Lidija Stojakovic Confora Enzo Victoria Vettori Guido la Vespa Alexander Oprea 727 Sciacca 298 174 247 Treviso Milan Venice Turin Wien From Poland Italy Name Ciccio Bong Taranto Operation Darknet Posted on anonswiss need for dev.

Controls bots Media Bernard Keane Switzerland Name Daniel Dusentrieb FR Place Nick phre Comments Operation Italy Netherlands Name Dani Fronda FR Place Amsterdam Nick Joepie91 shmoo Anonyx servitor Comments From Milan. IT Holland . Has homework FR 200 463 Place Brisbane Perth Nick Sc? K1tt1 sc switch Crikey Comments Works for leftist papers. Tipperary Nick Comments chesirecat phre Waydenz Smith United Kingdom Name Guy Fawkes Sally Davis UNK Dublin Guy Smith FR 43 560 Place London London Nick Comments av1n1t23 David ‘Magneto’ Allain Sam Jones Autralia Name Rodney Mayhew Alex Bunyip 281 50 Bracknell London Nonymous In relationship.Ireland Name Steve Haycock FR Place Ballysloe.

France Name Pascal Avot Rene Seignot Dylan Withoutname Francois Claudius Koenigstein Buckaroo Bonzai Florian Magnier FR 112 252 172 Place Paris Paris florian60540@gmail.09. FR .49 flo_mg@hotmail. FR FR 1062 40 Place Athens Sparta Nick Comments From Georgia Spain Name Anonim Espana Ilkermn Ernesto Ricardo Pardeza Portugal Name Anonimo Pessoa Tuga Anonimo Norway Name Ann Bj0g Dimmu Femanon Jeremiah Jenkem FR 165 251 Place Vigo Cadiz Nick Comments FR 219 227 Place Nick Comments elfreixo@gmail.21. Nomade 218 314 Anserville Electromagnetic Bomb Greece Name Gian Nico Wholly Subversive 361 +33 6. Rhone-Alpes Nick Frenchflair? Comments FR 96 98 85 Place Oslo Oslo Hell Nick hexred Comments dimmuthewolf@aol.

Macedonia Name Remon Ruben Sweden Name Be Aware Sasha Ulyanov FR 1082 Place Skopje Nick Comments FR 383 95 Place Stockholm Goteborg Nick Comments Johan Sonde poonkin Belgium Name Bram Langmans Lucian Petrescu FR 761 Place Antwerpen Gent Nick Comments .

shmoo.  #OpVenezuela. Bishop. and I know the reason but now sure who public that is. media said.siteground. Raided servers in https://flattr.peoplesliberationfront.  #payback.  #operationitaly. Coldblood was arrested because he was an attention whore Noms9k1: Jeroenz0r was not because of LOIC. PLF. TheMiNd. drag0n.  #DDOS.  #Wikileaks. av1n1t23.  #operationpayback     @anonops   started  on  8Dec2010     @crowdleaks   started  on  10Dec2010     @AnonymousIR     http://flattr. elChe Anons in Netherlands were arrested on attack on payola and liqpay.  #OpTunisia. nano. joepie91 (dutch). . Q.   #leakspin. joepie91: awinee or jeroenz0r PLF: Alexi Halloway benjamin spock de vries http://www.NOTES Twitter     @anonopsgr   @crowdleaks   @anonops   @wikileaks   @anony_ops   @anon_operations   @opsrc1   @anonymousirc   @anonyops   @blackxanonymous   @mmxanonymous   @officialanonops     #LOIC. www. AnonKymera: I think Jeroenz0r was hosting a server used for DDoS hexred: joepie91: bots.

ch ( – Quatermain Ulan. Vlad. mmxanon. New Zealand. Black[Off] c b Benjamin Spock de Vries M42 (just came online @ 6:21am. david magneto Allain. Chuck 77. Raslan. tasx. stomper.Bishop: Kerlchen Vom Hof. Hadi (made an Egypt video). chemseddine Ben Jemaa. b aware Hannah c b Antje Krasu heyguise c b Donald Myers Deimo$. mib_5dez9p anonlalo Alex Bunyip or maybe donald G Lane mib_giyrti. Michael Larson. Alex Bunyip. Switch joined 6:23am. kermie. clovis satiricon c b Guy Smith Nessuno834_ .233 (Russia) M42 67. AWW3 .228. Zaster. joloba c b Jok Monopol *Kaheil c b Robert Tepnox (both came and both left at same time).227.124. Dennis Runkel.thinking of making a video for this op ION Blaster . Karl koch Quarterman Ulan whitemouse_.just dropping in before work (6:43am – US) Serial killer c b nrm or whitemouse Remon Ruben. Be Aware Zippy. mmxanon. Quue Kopf AWW3 . mib_ehzbir. gretchen cud b wikiprotest gr bishop c b Kerlchen Vom Hof. Quue Kopf.makes flyers jill cud be marissa stevens or ???? visskiss may be marissa stevens.80.234 lhc. Peter Pan c b Twitterbot.host1. Black[Off}.113. Dimmu Femanon. nomade.130 Christchurch. Cud B Electromagnetic Bomb. Rasian.91. Cyberpolice c b Benjamin Spock de Vries hdd UK Q 202. *BlaCk[0n] is ryan bell *bishop is Kerlchen Vom Hof *warlockbr is Antje Krasu sc c b rodney mahew or Alex Bunny IP c!m3ntine c b Kate Morrigan shitstorm c b Quatermain Ulan. TX) Bishop (bnd. Hostname scott. Mizzy Links.

Johan Dunkelheit Liebert. ankit Kumar.Heyguise joined 6:56 c b guysmith. 2010/01/27 10:32 FB: Alex Bunyip. Dennis Runkel. Kerlchn Vom Hof is on (7:03am) Vlad and joepie are technical. Benjamin spock de vries. Steve Haycock. Karl Koch. Chemseddeine. Mmxanon (getting ready for work). Rene Seignot. flavius storm. . Emily Watson…. Tuga Anonimo. Anton Onzers Daniel Dusentrieb (swiss) Steve Haycock Avnish Singh Bram Langmans (swiss?) Sebastian Sweetness (swiss?) Stijn Huevinck (swiss?) Lidija Stojakovic Sabri Aydogan Mason Thehomo Hornibrook Stijn Heuvinck Alan L. Remon Ruben. edith lmes. vanish singh. (did video for opEgypt). Kate Morrigan. Stewart Roman Bigos Anonymous Soldier of Knowledge John Q Nagel Robert Tepnox Ciccio Bong Francois Claudius Koenigstein Samuel Hall Abby Schwarz Enrico Bartz . Vandetta Corleon (Franzi Kaa) Dirk Thunig I think does a lot of art work. Ozymandias Veidt. Marissa Stevens. max horsti romme (no Donald myer) Shmoo just joined 7:00am c b guy smith. donald myers. Mmxanon c b Michael Larson. Michael Larson. Dennis Runkel.shes in Texas I think. Joe Otf Roberts.

me/e87zxppxql Ellerich: Guys do’t forget to post a copy over at http://wikiop. Speedcorefag: if the footy is cancelled it must be revolution. Sp00fGh0s7: don’t forget to add articals to anonnews. likes to Ellerich: #wikiops we need more volunteers! Antje Krasu c b Sasha. or findow Moabdib c b Anonimo Pessoa Allis Free (says female) maybe lemondrop. not anonymized in UK.html HerpisDerpis maybe be Brit. Vlad: target down (very technical) BarretBrown: the guardian has asked me to do an op-ed regarding our Anons in UK who were arrested today. .hotfilament. BarretBrown c b Quue Kopf? http://typewith. Egyptwarrior. Heyguise (Donald myers online) Hatsheput (very technical) Petrus elChe UK folks arrested for mastercard last Wunsch Egal Stur Alexander Gschwend Franzi Kaa added Kerlchen Vom Hof Martin Hartung (tech) Samson Simon Eleazer Alexander Gschwend Marcel Dalbert speedcorefag: any news on the 5 arrested in UK proSI: we are composing it.

c b BunyIP 10:47pm Q. TheMind stil isdksid c b Donald G. Khaz c b Ozymandias Veidt Candi. Shitstorm. sammoog c b Dimmu Femanon AdolfJosef or hi7l c b Karl Koch Esc logged off at 10:20pm EST Xxkapan. owen. Marissa Stevens Shitstorm Haxor. Lane Look at BrianAnon TheRoot (Brian ‘JA’ Collins) Allis Free Ann Weasel Anonon Rivi Dave Lane Donald G. Tenuous c b Kerlchen Vom Hof Infanticide. x3n0s. webanon6941 c b Ankit Kumar PurifieR. Lane Gian Nico Hans Meier Karl Kot Kygon Infraction Louis de Saint-Simon Mia Keen Nozomi Hayase Paul Jay Salerno . esc gone. c b Bonnie Clyde Nightowl.10/27/10 06:08pm av1n1t23 TheMind CommanderX ArcoAnnon Q Joepie91 mmxanon 01/27/10 @ 9:40pm sasha c b Rene Seignot (no Anje) Edith Komes. Cheshirecat.

Shitstorm c b Jeffrey garten both came and left same time.   Can  you  correlate  times  of  posts?    IRC  they  talk  specifically  about  being  in  attacks.  then  maybe  the  person  is   the  alias.     LOIC.     Some type of hacker forums called ZM (the zeitgeistmovement).  before  or  after?     To  Figure  more  out  about  the  person  you  need  to  go  pre-­‐event. Anonymosaurus Kropotkine xPsycologik c b Alexandru Oprea Anonrivi c b neduisfame Shmoo c b Steve Haycock .   IRC/Forums/Blogs  combined  with  Facebook  and  Twitter  is  great.Quartermain Ulan Ryan Bell Slesh Dott Some  thoughts  for  analysis.  slowest.   Can  u  correlate  enough  the  time  they  are  in  IRC  and  the  time  they  are  online  in  FB?     At  what  point  in  an  event  was  a  friendship  made.    If  I  have  only   one  mutual  friend  with  a  person  and  the  friend  is  an  alias. VP (Venus Project). ED. CommanderX is Benjamin Spock de Vries. Mr[a] c b allis free Q c b Quatermain Ulan Who is Karl Koch? C b unbeliever? Sp00fGh0s7? Avenuit c b antje krasu Anonymonasarous is in my chat.  or  even  ping  them  from  the  command  prompt.     If  you  friend  enough  people  you  might  be  able  to  correlate  people  logging  into  chat   with  people  logging  in  to  Facebook.     As  I  get  more  friends  there  is  more  I  can  tell  about  the  group  quickly.  hping.  slowloris.

anonymous chat. #projectpm on building a darknet for Egypt Ito. Dorian – Georgia AWW3 c b Kerlchen Vom Hof eMKay – Switzerland WebAnon1308 – Australia – does flyers. networkinternal and untraceable. meeting tomoorrow in irc. anonymous web serving.Sh4ri4: sc: airport is closed…reimind u of something? Sc: P Kygon Infraction c b sc Rrefur Aurther TheMind = Joe Otf Roberts Sc = Kygon Infraction Shitstorm = Jeffrey Garten Heyguise = Donald Myers Quu off and no bishop. anonymous bittorrent. BarrettBrown : or | Bypass censorship now! WinRar is US. all out of the box. anoymous e-mail.blogspot. Baronets c b Bonnie Clyde Sp00fGh0s7 c b Alexandru Oprea Andreweltorkey is he alright.freenode. michiyo : if you Want to help yourself and others evade censorhip and state level monitoring? Install I2P! Anonymous irc. http://geti2p. . Nato = dc FunKKoma TW_adorno San Fran. 11:51 EST.

Lane. sleinad. Baal – American Mr_fribble.dynamic. .Raisin is net cologne. Anonon Rivi. Karl germany TheMind not Joe Otf Roberts Mmxanon (german IP) Mohawk DC (has military background) Noushka – Canada Bonnie clyde c b noushka. golga CommanderX – Bay Area. Alex BunyIP. Raisin – get a job and grad school…might get a trip paid for in the name of science Daniel Lazer (sweeden) Friends with: Paul Jay Salerno.amis. mobius was a (croatia) Dwaan – Australia Lsd – western samoa Smart – Romania Mmxanon – states…ghetto. Aerokes c b Victoria vettori Rangzen. Mia Lane. Donald G. bishop c b ryan bell Meinhof76 admin for OpEgypt page. Fancy Katt. Civil. Kevin Smith or Michael larson. Nonymous – US Evilworks . Consensus.

Revvor: I have the Mubarak response finished. Crikey. HugM0nkey Sharpie has to be AUS or EU . Beato.Anon1213 says hes from GA. AnonInfR c b Alex Bunyip Baal c b Alex Bunny IP Electromagnetic Gun c b Rarerray. holden. I recommend SwissVPN or Ipredator. master_anal PKE – west coast Dynaniouss c b David Fliegal Mizzy Links c b leaper. Cataract Michigan Sato c b Mia Keen Volvox c b vox pupuli Guy Clark c b German Sushi or aoskar Ion_Blaster is likely german Vladimir_Yurkov = Vlad c 0 s has 611 anon twitter followers esc in Europe.

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