Infernal I cannot draw a dream, Your face not made for paper I canâ t be sure, it seems, If you were

really there. And I wait in chill each night, My Lord, you may appearMy trembling in fright, Gives way to perverse fear. Too hard to visualise, The violet aura burning bright And those mesmerising eyes, From which I cannot look aside. Come here and strike me dumb, Let your malice never waverPour your venom down my lungs, That sweet elixir I will savour. ~ Another night, I lie in wait, I watch a candle burning out I lie cold and anticipate, But canâ t ignore the doubt. ~ A Cloud over the Moon My Eyelids Close. I Feel Cold Breath. The Pulse Quickens. I Want your Grace. I Want Destruction. I am Yours. The Shadow of Your Wingsâ ¦

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