The Neuron: Information Superhighway

Unit Two – Biology & Psychology
Please complete each of the following activities by referring to pages 54 through 61 of your textbook to gain a better understanding of the basic parts, functions, and processes of your nerve cells (neurons). 1a. In the space provided below, draw and label a detailed diagram of a neuron, including the axon, axon terminals, cell body (soma), dendrites, and myelin sheathing.

b. Now describe the basic functions of each part of a neuron. Axon – Axon terminal – Cell body – Dendrites – Myelin sheath – 2. Describe in great detail each step of a neural impulse in detail, beginning with when the surface of the neuron is stimulated by a neighboring neuron and ending with the refractory period.

3. Fill in the blanks on the left with the corresponding letter on diagram of a synapse on the right. ____ Axon Terminal ____ Synaptic Cleft ____ Dendrite or Cell Body ____ Neurotransmitters ____ Receptor Sites


4. Explain in great detail the role of neurotransmitters in communication between your body’s neurons (consider synaptic vesicles, receptor cites, reuptake, excitatory vs. inhibitory, etc).

5. Please identify the functions/effects of each of the following neurotransmitters: a. Acetylcholine

b. Dopamine

c. Norepinephrine

d. Serotonin

e. Gamma-Aminobutyric acid (GABA)

f. Endorphins

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