By: EMAD KAYYAM Multidisciplinary Science Researcher

It was not until I find my self-searching about the Hydrogen Peroxide in the body, and what is the story it is very complicated!!! The heavy water "Hydrogen Peroxide" monopropellant fuel used to launch rockets almost has the same process of decomposition as a chemical reaction with that happen in the liver Cytosole by the enzyme Catalase which decompose Hydrogen Peroxide into water and Oxygen. "Hydrogen Peroxide" monopropellant takes advantage of the decomposition of 70–98+% concentration Hydrogen Peroxide into steam and oxygen. The propellant is pumped into a reaction chamber where a catalyst, usually a Silver or Platinum screen, triggers decomposition, producing steam at over 600 °C which is expelled through a nozzle, generating thrust. also the Hydrogen Peroxide heavy water which extracted from Hypochlorus as in one of the classic dramatized story that happen one day in the history of the German nuclear program in the second world war when a German scientist decide to bring thousands of gallons of Hypochlorus across borders of allies to Norway (Norsic Hydro) for a fake laundry facility project is already happened every day in our white blood cells as an important role of immune system when our white blood cell convert the very toxic Hypochlorus material into Hydrogen Peroxide after the phagocytosiss is taken place and the microbe has been killed by hypochlorus and then cell get ride of this toxic material by converting it to Hydrogen Peroxide by Myloperoxidase enzyme which also has an important connection with our liver which work as a model for nuclear reactor technology as we will see later!

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