DUAS FOR WISHES, HOPES, DIFFICULTIES AND HAAJAT “ Bismillahir-Rahamanir-Raheem” (And when My servants ask thee

concerning Me, I am indeed close to them: I respond to the Duas (prayers) of very suppliant when they call on me – Qur’an 2; 186) Remember before starting and ending any dua you should read 3, 5,7,11, times of darood shareef, pray namaz five times daily and must be clean with ablution (Wazoo)
 FOR ANY WISH / HOPES: Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.) said the person who

recites the following aayat and then prays for his/her wishes/ haajat, insha Allah his/her wish will be fulfilled. The following aayat; “ Laa illaha illaa anta Subhanaka Inni Kunta Minal Zolimina”

 FOR ANY HOPES: Recite “ Yaa Allahu” 66 times daily at Asr ort the setting of the

sun or at the last part of the night, prayer will be granted and legitimate desires will be fulfilled starting and ending with 3 times darood.

 FOR HARD DIFFICULTY: Read at night “ Aayatul- Kursiyu ” 20 times then read

Ya Aliyu, Yaa Waliyu, Allahumma Yasir LanaaAmoorana 110 times after Ishai prayer. Insha Allah your hard difficulty will be fulfilled.

 FOR DESIRES: Read Sura “ Al Fatiha (Al hamdu) like this daily for a week

starting on Thursday:

• • • • •

After Fajr 21 times After Zuhr 22 times After Asr 23 times After Magrib 24 times After Ishai 10 times

 FOR REMOPVAL OF DIFFICULTY: Keep 3 days fast on Wednesday, Thursday

and Friday and recite daily “Sura Yasin” starting and ending 3 times darood and pray.


 FOR FULFILLMENT OF NEEDS: Keep fast for seven (7) days and every day

recite 115 times sura “Al Hamdu” (Fatiha) and 115 times darood shareef daily.

 FOR ANY HAAJAT : Recite on Friday before Jumah “Yaa Allahu” is recited 200

times on a Friday with ablution for any legitimate desire it will be fulfilled by Almighty Allah starting and ending 3 times darood and pray.


1. Read daily after prayer Sura “Al Qadr” and pray. 2. Read Sura “Al Qadr” (the Majesty) in the last part of Friday night. Reading

dua after it has been recommended.
3. For Hopes Read Sura “Al Qadr” 360 times and pray.

 FOR FULFILLMENTS: Read 10 times Sura “Al Kafiroon” at the time of rising


 FOR FULFILLMENTS DESIRES: Read on Thursday after rising sun read 2 rakats

of namaz and after that recite 500 times “Yaa Samio” and pray for fulfilment of desires.

 FOR ANY NEED; Read on Thursday night towards Qibla with ablution, read 66

times “Yaa Allahu” and pray for your needs. Read it deeply and heartily and not to cover your head with cup.

 FOR LEGITIMATE DESIRE: Read “Yaa Haseebu” 70 times for a week starting

from Thursday all his/her work will be completed nicely and legitimate desires fulfilled.

 FOR LEGITIMATE NEEDS: Read “Yaa Rabbu” 202 times daily.


 FOR NEEDS: Take a bath and read two (2) rakats of namaz with heartily and recite

“Yaa Lateefu” 100 times starting and ending with 3 darood shareef. Insha Allah your desires will be fulfilled.

 FOR FULFILLMENT NEEDS: If one reads Sura “Yassin” on Friday and begs

Allah for his needs, his needs will be fulfilled.

 FOR FULFILLMENT: Recite Suratul “Waaqi ’ah” after Salatul Fajr, facing Qibla

(7times). Your desires shall be rewarded with fulfilment.

Al-Baatin (The Hidden) If you recite this name of Allah 33 times daily, you will soon begin to perceive the deeper secrets of Allah and a strong bond of love and affection will form between you and Allah. If you recite (Huwal-Awwalu Wal-Aakhiru Wad-Dhaahiru Wal-Baatinu Wahuwa Alaa Kulli Shaiyyin Qadeer) continuously after offering 2 rakaat Salaah, all your needs will be fulfilled. Insha-Allah.

Al-Muqtadir (The Powerful) If you recite this name of Allah 20 times after waking up from sleep, Allah will ensure all your tasks are fulfilled efficiently. Insha-Allah.

Al-Kareem (The Generous) If you wish to be revered and honoured by the Ulama and pious people recite this name of Allah continually and fall asleep. Allah will fulfil your wish. Insha-Allah


Al-Muqeet (The Sustainer) If you recite this name of Allah 7 times and blow in a bowl of water and drink it yourself or allow someone else to drink from it or to take a deep breath from the bowl, Allah will fulfil all your desires soon. Insha-Allah.

Al-Khabeer (The All-Aware) If you recite this name of Allah continually for seven days, you will begin to perceive hidden secrets. If you have insatiable desire for pleasure, recite this name of Allah continually. Allah will free you from such base desires. Insha-Allah

 FOR ANY DESIRES / MARRIAGE Read Suraul “Yaseen” once, starting & ending with 100 times darood shareef (Best)

 FULFILLMENT OF DESIRES: Hazrat Muhammed (S.A.W) said the person who

reads 100 times darood shareef on Friday after Asar Allah will give him 70 Hajj sawab & fulfil hajat of the world at last.
 GENERAL PROBLEMS : According to Imam Jafar Sadiq (May Allah be

peased with him) If one recites the following names Allah Almighty (Yaa Ghafooru, Yaa Gaffaaru, Yaa Afuwwu) by their blessings every problem will be solved. These should be recited day and night as many as possible for at least 3 days. bed, sit on a clean cloth, say a salawat “Allahumma Salli Alaa Mohammadin Wa alaa aali Mohmmad Wa Salim” 3 times, then recite Suratul “Fatihah” 10 times saying the Basmala before each then recite the Sura “Ikhlaas” 11 times and then with his face facing Qibla, and his right hand under his chick, down on his right side and go to sleep. With the permission of Allahu ta alaa, he will dream of how his wish will come true.

 FOR A WISH: A person who has a wish should perform ablution before going to

Al-Qayyoom (The Self-Subsisting Sustainer of All) This name is the second greatest name of Allah known as Ismullahi- Azam. If the Name is repeated 267 times with a specific intention, Insha Allah, the outcome of it will be successful.

Al-Aakhir (The Last) Recite this name of Allah 1000 times daily; Allah will fulfil your wish. Insha-Allah


Al-Wahhaab (The Bestower) For particular need to be fulfilled, observe sajdah 3 times in the courtyard of the house or Masjid (Mosque) and then lift your hands (as in Du'a) and recite this name of Allah 100 times, Allah will fulfil your need. Insha-Allah.

 Yaa Mu-utiyu (The Giver/ Bestower): Whoever recites Yaa Mu-utiyu 161 times

and then table his request before Allah, Insha Allah, his request will be granted with dispatch.


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